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The Admiral
9 January 2002, 04:06 PM
OK, I'm busy trying to get some worlds finished for the 'soon to be announced' preview section of TORIS' Vashell Sector website (My campaign environment, fifty world eek!)


This is one of the worlds, Rekk, and it's main point of interest is the 'Burning Ones who live there. Now, I'm trying to be concise, and there's this species here that's a little complicated. So I figured I'd post what I got here, and see if people get enough of the gist. So, thoughtful questions much appreciated, if I can explain it well enough to you lot, I'll know what to add in for the release. It's pretty much the species I'm interested in. Oh, and they'll be getting an illustration to show what they look like,,,

Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type 1
Hydrosphere: Dry
Gravity: 0.8
Terrain: Grasslands
Length of Day: 18 SH
Length of Year: 338 SD
Sapient Species: The Burning Ones
Starports: 4 Stellar 2 Imperial
Population: 1,348,000,000
Planet Function: Production
Government: Corporate Hierarchy
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Tech
Major Imports: Rawmat, food
Capital City: Gastra
Leader: Imperious Lord of All Dezdok Mariani
Weapons Code: 1

The homeworld of the enigmatic species who refer to themselves as the ‘Burning Ones’. This world has had a space faring culture for a thousand years, ever since the Taronsians made first contact. Since that time, the Burning Ones have established a functional trading empire. Burning One trade vessdels are endemic throughout the sector.
The Burning Ones (So named for their ‘glowing’ soul forms) Are a symbiotic species, having evolved with the Ch’dasshi (The Beast). Ch’dasshi originate from a dimension called ‘Underspace’. In real-space, they are formless, and whilst bound to a ‘Burning One’ completely invisible. They form a guiding force within a Pestitch. When the Pestitch dies, the Ch’dasshi is released, usually they simply fade away back to underspace. The Pestitch are VERY superstitious about their ‘soul-forms’. They are able to detect a Ch’dasshi, and associate a ‘free’ Ch’dasshi with death. Pestitch will not talk about the ‘souls’ at all. They consider it the worst kind of luck.
Force Sensitives will feel the presence of the ChDasshi spirit of a burning one, but since all Pestitch have them, will probably associate it as a peculiarity of the species. If a Pestitch dies, it’s Ch’Dasshi almost always fades away, to inhabit a new Pestitch elsewhere. If somehow a Ch’Dasshi is killed, but the Pestitch survive, the Pestitch will very quickly perish, their ‘souls’ gone, they have nothing to live for. Essentially, they simply lose the will to live, and die quickly.

The world itself is fairly banal, great plainslands sweeping down to warm, quiet oceans.

Name: Pestitch (Burning Ones)
Homeworld: Rekk
Average Lifespan: 120
Attribute Dice: 8D
Dex: 1D – 4D
Kno: 1D – 2D
Mec: 1D –2D
Per: 1D – 3D
Str: 2D – 4D
Tech: 1D – 2D

Special Abilities:
Ch’Dasshi Merging. The Pestitch will, at the point of birth, become melded to a Ch’Dasshi void being.

Skill Bonus: None

Move: 10-12

The Pestitch are, on their own, a relatively simple mammalian species who would not be worthy of particular note save for their bizzare symbiotic relationship with the Ch’Dasshi of the Void.

Notes: During character creation, the player initially creates their Pestitch host. Hero dice are saved until after the being has been merged. They then subsequently create their Ch’Dasshi Void self. After this is done, the player should take which ever stat is higher of the two, and use that as their attribute dice. Ch’Dasshi tend to pick hosts that compliment their skills. Once this is done, the hero dice may be added. (The 6D bonus Player Characters gain for character creation.) These dice may not take any stat higher than the species limit, for either Ch’Dasshi or Pestitch, which ever is used for the stat. Ch’Dasshi are a little larger than the Pestitch, and their ‘aura’ extendes roughly eight centimeters from the body of the Pestitch. The effects of a Pestitch touching another lifeform depends on the ‘mood’ of the Ch’Dasshi, since the Ch’Dasshi’s form will usually enter the form of whomever the Pestitch is touching.

Name: Ch’Dasshi (The Flame)
Homeworld: The Void
Average Lifespan: 5,000
Attribute Dice: 8D
Dex: 0D – 5D
Kno: 1D – 5D
Mec: 1D –2D
Per: 1D – 2D
Str: 0D
Tech: 0D – 1D

Special Abilities:
Intangible: In real-space, Ch’Dasshi cannot be directly harmed by attacks. It’s form will disappear if caused enough ‘damage’ but this is mainly psychological; the Ch’Dasshi will believe it has died. It takes 1D6 hours to regain its strength, and re-appear.
Penetrating blow: In real space, if the Ch’Dasshi ‘body’ passes through a character, it will do 4D damage. (Force users suffer 6D) This damage will go through armour.

11 January 2002, 02:20 AM
This is really good: i love weird things, and this is among the weirdest.
Congratulations sir.
Now for the questions: the 'penetrating blow' ability would seem to indicate that the Ch'Dasshi can, at least temporarily, separate from their Pestitch host and travel independantly. Is this just me imagining things?

Also, could you detail the relationship a bit more: i get the impression of something like the set-up in the StarGate TV serial (the Good ones, i can't remember what they're called right now); is this the case, or is it just me imagining things again?

Keep up the weirdness sir!

11 January 2002, 06:55 AM
In all likelihood, this will be a completely useless statement, but the prior poster took my words right out of my mouth.

Troy Henist
11 January 2002, 07:43 AM
Could you elaborate more on why these two species have a symbiotic relationship. Was it for common survival? Or is it another reason?

What is this "Underspace" could you elaborate.

One idea got from this is the Ch'dasshi is the name given to the souls of the dead. A bit like the Minbari soulds from B5. They are born into the next generation of Minbari. Could be idea why the Ch'dasshi choose Pestitch hosts that compliment their skills. So the knowledge and wisdom is passed on through the generations.

Just idea though.

The Admiral
11 January 2002, 08:30 AM
Ah, the penetrating blow can be used whener a Burning One hits anyone else, because the Ch'Dasshi form is larger than the Pestitch. Basically, if you picture the Ch'Dasshi as an aura, it's influence extends some 4 inchs or so beyond the skin of the Pestitch, so if a Pestitchs hand is on someone else's skin (as in a punch) the Ch'Dasshi aura would extend inside the other persons body, and 'Penetrating Blow' can be used.

As to the symbiosis itself, basically the idea was that the Ch'Dasshi started it, by bonding to the Pestitch host, they are able to percieve the world of real space, to a degree. The Ch'Dasshi are somewhat fascinated by the real world, as it works in a completely different way to how things are in underspace. Since Ch'Dasshi live for thousands of years, they essentially take these symbiotic states as a kind of spiritual quest of understanding. Pestitch are perfectly capable of surviving without a Ch'Dasshi host, there have been occasions where the Ch'Dasshi has died, leaving a Pestitch host alone. However, this relationship has been going on for such a long time, the Pestitch evolved sapience whilst this relationship was still in place. Being a host is the normal way for them, they don't know any different. The species attribute reflect that the Pestitch never really developed certain areas, relying instead on the guarenteed bonding with a Ch'Dasshi.

The Ch'Dasshi are so strange that real communication with them would be near impossible, they form the 'silent partner' of the symbiosis. The Burning One is very much an individual, so they are unlike the Goa'uld or the Tok'ra of Stargate. The mind of the Pestitch supported by the Ch'Dasshi's abilities.

As to the nature of underspace, it's just another dimension. This one's unusual in that real space is usually thought of as the bottom run, with hyperspace 'above' and otherspace 'above' hyperspace. As to how it behaves, underspace has hardly any of the laws of physics that real space has. The concept of time works very differently, there is no constraint on location. No planets etc. The Ch'Dasshi in their own environment merely exist, they are formless, sapient but without most of the keying elements that make a species understandable. One of the reasons they merge with the Pestitch is that they find the way you're confined to one location, and have to physically move almost intoxicatingly mind-blowing.

To an extent, Troy, you're on the money with the Mimbari analogue. Ch'dasshi do go on to other hosts, though the majority of the Ch'Dasshi are not symbiotically linked at any one time. (They greatly out-number the Pestitch, and live a lot longer.) They don't pass on knowledge through generatioons, mainly because communication between the two is virtually impossible. Some Burning One's may find they are able to perform certain tasks with unusual ease (Their Ch'Dasshi picked up something with a previous host) but that's rare.
Certainly, the Pestitch are very superstitious about the Ch'Dasshi 'spirits' a Pestitch without a Ch'Dasshi is as good as dead, in their eyes. They VERY strongly avoid contact with Ch'Dasshi manifesting without a Pestitch host. (Burning Ones detect Ch'Dasshi via their Ch'Dasshi symbiote; the Ch'Dasshi themselves are imperceptible, though they do manifest in the Force,,,)

Hmm, OK, looks like this thread worked as intended, ie, pointed out some glaring omissions from the write up. This is obviously good to know :-)

Incidentally, these are the species that were at the heart of the 'Errant Dreamer' adventure, which I expanded in another thread,,,

11 January 2002, 10:29 AM
I remember that one.
You've come a long way from there. Good stuff!
That thread can be found at this link:

12 January 2002, 07:42 AM
Okay, this is the second time i've tried posting this, but the first time it failed. So here goes again.

If i've understood this right, the Ch'Dasshi personality has no effect on the Burning One as a PC. The Pestitch can merely use the abilities and skills of it's partner. Is that correct? Also, can the player increase the skill level of either set of stats? Or is one of them 'locked'?

Now for the big bit: what about force sensitive Burning Ones? Can only one of the pair be force sensitive? If so, can (for example) a non-FS Pestitch use the abilities of it's FS Ch'Dasshi partner? Similarly, are FPs, CPs and DSPs shared?

Something else i just noticed: it seems that a Burning One can't have more than 2D Tec. This seems a bit low for a species with 'vessels endemic throughout the sector'... (no offense meant, it just seemed a bit incongruous).

Well, that's that for today. Keep it up, sir!

The Admiral
12 January 2002, 08:52 AM
Burning Ones and the Force. Hmm. OK, right, either can be Force Sensitive. It's not neccesary for both to be. If either is sensitive, both parts would 'feel' it. As for Force skills, I can't actually think of any Force Skill that a Ch'Dasshi would be able to use, their perception of the universe is SO bizarre. So, if a Pestitch is Force Sensitive, they can learn Force Powers, if it's the Ch'Dasshi, they can't.

As for the Tech stat, Burning One's technology I was planning on detailing in another section. Essentially, they use a different tech to most other species. Burning Ones ships are very simple things. They've picked up a lot of VITEL technology since first contact, but prior to that, they were in archaic ship styles. They use an Underspace drive (The technology for that originating in Pestitch attempts to understand the Ch'Dasshi millenia ago). The ships are endemic because they've had thousands of years to build up a fleet of low tech starships. Their low Tech attribute slowed their progress, but countering that is a very very long history,,,