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10 January 2002, 11:15 AM
I'm just starting a SWd20 campaign and we've decided to play in what I'm calling "The Old Republic" era - aka the Tales of the Jedi era from the Dark Horse comics.

One of my major stumbling blocks is that names, not so much planets as flavor names like corporations, companies, organizations, etc are a bit light. I've got the D6 companion book from WEG and have a bunch of stuff from the web. Anything else along these lines would help.

We've got characters rolled up and I've been looking around for a canned adventure to start things off until I develop a good longer range campaign idea. Unfortunately most of what I've found is targetted toward characters 4th to 6th level. Does anyone know where I might find a few adventures for starting (1-2L) characters?


10 January 2002, 11:26 AM
The adventure in the CORE Rulebook could be easily modified to this era, just change the names of the NPCs and the timeline. It is geared for 1-2 lvl characters. As for adventure ideas, here is how I am starting my campaign.

The heroes spot at at floating city to get repairs on their ship they are riding in (all 3 pcs are Jedi). As they stay there people dissappear and they investigate it, only to find a hidden slave camp below on the surface, which they must thwart (ala Indy and the Temple of Doom.) The slave runners will be low level thugs, easy to take out. As for other adventures, I am still working in that myself.

Durian Keldrona
10 January 2002, 12:03 PM
You might look into getting the Criminal Organizations book from WEG also look for the Han Solo in the Corperate Sector. these should give you company names. there is also in issue 3 of SW gamer several Companies.

Emperor Xanderich II
10 January 2002, 01:20 PM
Here are some companies from the corp sec book, as to whether they existed at that time, well I guess that's up to you.

The Tagge Company- mining and heavy manufacturing
Merr-Sonn Mil/Sci- heavy weapons, armour, siege gear etc
Ayelixe/Krongbing Textiles- makes textiles (never) and uniforms
Millennium Entertainments- have a guess... :)
Bank of the Core-mints currency and bing bank
Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company
Kuat Drive Yards- neb-b etc
Rendili StarDrive- VSD
Cybot Galactica- droids
The Karbo Corporation- heavy mining ect
Duct Unlimited- manufactures starship support systems
zZip Product Concepts Ltd.- supplies the wealthy of the galaxy
Lerrimore Contracting Co.- household stuff
Corellian Engineering Corp.- well, who knows?
Plexgrove Combine- financing
Trigdale Matallurgy- raw mineral processing
Arcon Multinode Agricorp- farming and food processing
Schaum/Yfarg/Welbig/Fabrico and Associates- twi'lex advertising and public relations firm
Kroeskin Fabrications- ceramisteel vehicle hulls
Novaplex- hotels etc
Dweomilis Advisory Foundation- 'defense system think tank'
Industrial Automaton- high precision droids
Starshipwrights and Aerospace Engineers Incorporated- starshpi mods
Santhe/Sienar Technologies- in a word TIEs!
Red Star Shipping Lanes- haulers
LeisureMech Enterprises- automated machinery
Consolidated Learning Systems- consumer electronics and computer systems
Ulqib MacroTronics- programming house
Serv-O-Droid- droids (recent company I think)
Ubrikkian Transports- speeders and swoops
Vauftau Processing Industries- urban construction
MerenData- security of all types in droids
Galaxy Tours- tour company
Eleven Star Marketing- advertising
Galaxy Publishing- where Tim Zahn worked for when he wrote Heir to the Empire
VargeCorp- manufacturing and sales
IntelStar Co.- hyperdrive components
DefenStar Ltd.- planetary shield and orbital defense
Morgath Industries- food processing
SoroSuub Corporation- allsorts.

Hope that helps! :)