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10 January 2002, 12:21 PM
I designed this droid to assist patrols in an area the players were attempting to infiltrate. The sensors and communications arrays were particularly bothersome to the players since they were constantly having to avoid sensor sweeps and since being detected meant the entire base being alert. In all, it made an excelling roaming obstacle for the players to avoid.

Model Order Arms 4NK Artillery droid.
The 4NK Artillery Droid was designed to provide a mobile artillery piece for ground patrol smaller than the AT-AT, and capable of passing through difficult terrain. The design is reminiscent of a large metal dewback.

Scale: Speeder
Height: 2.2m Length: 6m Width At Shoulders: 1.8m
Move: 8 (walking) 30 (hovering)
DEX 1D Blaster Artillery 6D, Missile Weapons 5D (S) Projectile Artillery 7D
KNOW 2D Survival 4D
MECH 2D, Communications 4D, Sensors 5D, Repulsorlift Ops 5D
PER 1D Search 4D
STR 2D Lift 4D, Climb 4D
TECH 2D Security 4D

Standard Equipment:

Four Legs.

Repulsorlift Engine alt max 1.5m (operates for up to 3 hour before overheat, requires 5 minutes of cooling time for every 30 minutes of operation move 30)

Retractable Heavy Blaster Cannon (Planted in 'mouth' which must be open to use, cannot use in repulsor mode) 5D Speeder scale damage Range 10-20/1.2/3km

Projectile Launcher (Retractable into back) Range 20-80/300/600 (arc)

Video, Audio, and Olfactory receptors (human range)

Communications Array -- Powerful enough to contact ships in high orbit around the planet. Encryption capable.

Sensory Array (+3D to search using sensors, can detect heat motion energy sources and life forms) attached to head.

Speech Vocabulator. (Default language basic)

Storage Compartments. (100 kg on each side, used for ammo and gear)
Can carry up to 5 human adult sized passengers on back when projectile launcher not extended.

10 January 2002, 09:33 PM
Interesting design. Looks pretty good.
Is their a price tag for this droid, or is it sold only to the Empire?
Thanks for sharing, too.

11 January 2002, 10:07 AM
I hadn't considered price, because it isn't the sort of thing a player is likely to carry with them as it doesn't fit conveniently into most ships or vehicles, and it's really pretty slow as means of transportation go. Since it's a droid designed to kill, owning one is, of course, illegal. However, legality is not something a determined player considers when purchasing equipment. So, due to limited availability and procurement difficulties, I'd probably say you could pick one up on the black market for no less than 30,000 credits Imperial.

11 January 2002, 11:48 AM
hmm nice!!
now I have something to team up with the Ulban arms defense droid(AJ#10 pg:150) boy are my players infiltrator group gonna be surprised..he.he.he