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11 January 2002, 11:26 AM
Personally, I believe that it is better to be very harsh when it comes to giving away DSPs . . . and be very lax when it comes to giving away FPs.

I think this creates more tension in the game and also lets the players feel as if their characters are being more heroic.

I give away DSPs anytime any of the following happen:
1. A player uses a Dark-Side Skill.
2. A player commits an act that I, the GM, deem evil.
3. A character calls on the Dark Side when using a FP.
4. A character uses a Force skill to initiate an attack or to attack when it is obviously overkill.

The 4th option is something I take from the classic Yoda line - "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack."

So . . . let me know you're opinions! :)

Donovan Morningfire
11 January 2002, 11:34 AM
Funny, I don't recall Yoda ever saying anything about an airport. Oh, wait, you meant option 4 in your post about getting DSPs :o (Sorry, the meds are working a little too well :p )

Going by those guidelines, then I'd have to say I'm pretty harsh. But to each GM their own, and each has to find their own way of handling the DSP question. Again referring to those guidelines, I'd call that a bit more towards middle of the road with strong leanings to harsh, as most of it is suggested by the rules. But that's just my two bullets' worth.

So-Var Leet
11 January 2002, 11:37 AM
Here's what our GM is like:

So-Var: I'm going to go use the restroom.
GM: I wouldn't do that.
So-Var: Why not?
GM: It's an evil act, you know ...
So-Var: *odd expression on face* WTF are you talking about?
GM: The sheer relief you feel while using the restroom is an agent of the dark side. Use it, and you get DSP.
So-Var: Okay, fine. I'm going to make the Wookiee go to the restroom for me.
GM: Works for me.
So-Var: Aren't you going to give me a DSP for shunting the evil act off to my Wookiee minion?
GM: No.

Okay, so he's not THAT harsh, but it seems like it some times.

Wade Trenor
12 January 2002, 05:47 AM
Our GM has been giving DSP based on the rules from the Core Rulebook. All the stuff we've got DSP for so far are outright evil acts. There hasn't been need for deliberation yet.
Regarding Force Points, we've played only 14 games (though close to 30 sessions), and only two players (one being me, thankfully), have been awarded them. No matter what we do, its not heroic enough, or not at the right time for the dramatic situation! :mad:

Rigil Kent
12 January 2002, 07:54 AM
As much as I'd like to think that I'm a cold-hearted SOB who hands out DSPs at the drop of a hat, I can be pretty lax at times (depending upn the moment) so I voted for the happy medium. There have been instances where the Jedi PCs complained (what? I get a DSP 'cause I didn't stop my Soldier buddy from stabbing the helpless prisoner in the chest? I thought Tom (Soldier player) was joking!) and times where I could have given them out but chose not to.

In the campaign I'm getting ready to run, however, I will be extremely harsh. Of course, I've got 1 Force-Sensitive PC and we're still not 100% if he's even going to be present for the first couple of sessions...

14 January 2002, 11:45 AM
Our current campaign is a Dark side campaign whose main character is a DSM. It seems to me that in a Dark campaign you could hand out DSPs like candy so I've been pretty lax. Killing innocent/unarmed beings, calling on the Dark Side, using DS skills, and various other actions get DSPs. For example our beloved DSM wiped out an entire village of men, women, and children and I gave him 1 DSP (I know, everyone wants in my game, right?). But had a Jedi or non-DS character done the same thing I'd have given a DSP for every innocent killed, in this case roughly 26 DSPs.

The reasoning is obvious - if you're Charles Manson killing 20 people does virtually nothing to you. But if you're an average guy - it has a profound affect. A Dark Side campaign needs to be more lenient. After all - how many people has Darth Vader Force Gripped over the years? And only 16 DSPs? Yeah right...

15 January 2002, 12:28 PM
I think Dark Side points should be in a way easy to come by and light side aka FP difficult to get. The reason the Dark Side should be easy is that the Dark Side is always tempting force useres and others. The GM should also be very strict in their guidlines for what actions get one a DSP and not. Since many try to squeeze evil actions by with various lame reasons. ie: I was a stormtrooper so is ok if I kill the people, even if I am suposed to be a good guy. It was ok when I was a Stormtrooper. In my opinion this kinda thing should earn a DSP atleast. I usually follow the rules in the Dark Side book and my own best instinct taking from the comics etc for inspiration as to what would get a DSP. IF you ask my players I'm a big time Dark Side advocate, mainly through the temptation aspect.

16 January 2002, 11:10 PM
Hmmmmm... DSPs.... I want to think I can be pretty harsh, but so far, I have not given 1 darn DSP to anybody!!! We've been playing since before Summer already. Well, the logical explanation is that I am the Jedi character as well as the GM in our group (I recall someone mentioning a while back how everybody wanted to be Jedi in his campaign, well, isn't this ironical enough?). No, it's not so much favoritisism... :D I guess I just know what not to do in order to avoid DSP, + I have the advantage of knowing the storyline (I wrote it :p ).

I almost had to kill (well, be killed by would be more accurate in this case) our soldier character because he said he was going to keep fighting when our opponents were down for the count and defenseless. Fortunately, he changed his mind (I did have to ask him a few times "are you sure you want to do that? They're almost dead already you know"). I guess he got the hint. ;)

Anyway, in this mission I'm preparing for Saturday, there is a young Force user, level 1, who is mostly a confused little thing and is following the wrong people but not really doing any harm (yet, anyway). They're supposed to find her alone waiting for her new mentor to pick her up, but our 2 Force user characters are level 2 and 3, so I am hoping they'll try to capture her and not kill her since she's much less powerful than they are and has less abilities. If they kill her right out without giving it a thought, I'll more than likely give them DSPs. Incidentally, how many DSPs can one get at one time? Does anyone have a chart of bad things that could warrant DSps and how many DSPs each would get? I know it varies a lot from GM to GM, but i'm trying to get an idea...

Oh, yeah, there are 2 Force Users now in our campaign (I almost forgot! Unforgettable for a GM!!!). My jedi is one and there is a FU my husband had a while back when he was GM (we switched because I know more about this SW stuff than he does, and it was easier for me to keep adventures flowing). I asked him if he could handle another character and he said sure. I'm preparing the team for a future campaign in which some Dark Forces are going to arise (well, they're hiding, preparing and training).

Anyway, this is not the subject of the thread, sorry... I'll stop here

17 January 2002, 05:31 AM
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17 January 2002, 07:16 AM
As for DSPs, I am certain if there are rules or not for giving out more than one DSP at once. I have always given them out one at a time, no matter how dastardly the deed was.

However, if you want to make a rule that in your game to give out more than one at once you can do that, but i would be careful -- unless you want to have a Darksider campaign.

17 January 2002, 08:53 AM
Harsh or Lax?

It depends on the charcater and their affinity with the force.

Non-FS wookiee rips arms and legs off Trandoshan assassin - no DSP.
FS-wookiee rips arms and legs off Trandoshan assassin - no DSP unless attack was totally meaningless, but I'd give a warning first.
Jedi wookiee pulls arms and legs off Trandoshan assassin - DSP!

I also take into account if the character already has DSPs. Characters already on the dark path are more likely to get more DSPs.

17 January 2002, 11:30 AM
I'm pretty harsh, FS or not. I just do not like evil acts done by my good guys. However I rarely have to hand them out, and so far no character has aquired more than two. I am very up front about my judgement: If I say it was evil-it was evil. If you don't like it find another game. I little bit of weakness is great for charcter building, I do not condemn a player for aquiring a DSP or two. However much more than that and I will seize the character a little bit at a time.

Non-FS get a little break, but normal people can become easily too.

Talonne Hauk
20 January 2002, 07:39 PM
I have a few force-users in my campaign, and I have them quaking in their boots over whether they'll receive DSP's because I've told them I will be actively tempting them to go to the dark side. I'm not really trying that hard, but what they don't know only makes the campaign more amusing to me.:)
But I feel that a GM must be strict with force-sensitive characters, especially if they follow a benevolent philosophy. But even if you play in a dark side campaign, you should be handing out DSP's for each and every evil act, and my reasoning is this; the more DSP's a character racks up, the worse the corrupting effect on their body. After awhile, an evil character should stop and reflect over whether or not he wants to get his hands dirty, or whether it would be better to send a flunky off to do the dirty work.
Non force-sensitives should be susceptible to receiving DSP's, too. My rule of thumb is to place myself in that situation. If it would be evil for me to do that act, it's evil for whoever did it, also.

21 January 2002, 07:35 AM
Originally posted by Sithspawn
Harsh or Lax?

It depends on the charcater and their affinity with the force.

Non-FS wookiee rips arms and legs off Trandoshan assassin - no DSP.
FS-wookiee rips arms and legs off Trandoshan assassin - no DSP unless attack was totally meaningless, but I'd give a warning first.
Jedi wookiee pulls arms and legs off Trandoshan assassin - DSP!

I also take into account if the character already has DSPs. Characters already on the dark path are more likely to get more DSPs.

This way is almost EXACTLY how I operate the handing out of Dark Side Points!

In regards to Force Points, I'm very picky when it comes to giving those out. Of course, it also depends on the character and their affinity with the Force. ;) If a person is Non-FS, then they have to do something amazingly fantastic in order to get an additional Force Point. If a character is Force Sensative, then your standard "above average" good deed done might get the character a Force Point. Note that this even applies to Jedi. Of course, people in the "good guy" business tend to do a good amount of "above average good deeds", thus explaining why the good guys normally have a few Force Points to work with.