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The Admiral
12 January 2002, 12:30 PM
Righto, here's my minor problemette. Had a new character get rolled up for last night's game. He picked a Meris. No problem. He decided on 4D+1 Technical. No problem. He picked 1D for First Aid. Again, no problem. That raised his First Aid skill to 5D+1, so he spent the maximum of 2D on (A) Medicine. No problem. A Meris' special ability added 2D to that, so he's starting with 4D Medicine. No problem there either.Finally, he also added a First Aid Specialisation: Field Trauma. No problemo with that per se either. (The Party REALLY need a good medic, on a field trauma, he's rolling 10D+1)

The problem is, essentially, that I can't for the life of me track down the difficulty guidelines for using Medicine. I know the difficulties for using a Bacta Tank with Medicine. I know you can add Medicine to any First Aid roll. That's fine. But what on Earth are the rules for using Medecine WITHOUT a Bacta Tank?! ARE there any official rules? I think this must be the first time I've had a PC with the skill, because it COMPLETELY stumped me, was reading through both 2nd Ed and 2nd Ed R&E for like half an hour in the middle of the game, couldn't find ANYTHING,,,

12 January 2002, 01:27 PM
You're right, the skill description says nothing about the difficulties. Fortunately, it says a little bit about what the skill is used for ("complex medical procedures such as surgery, operation of bacta tanks, and the installation of cybernetic replacements and enhancements"). Working from that, I'd suggest the following (I know you're looking for official rules, but I couldn't find any either :rolleyes: ).

Very Easy: General illness diagnosis and treatment. Common ailments caused by a virus or bacteria can be cured in a matter of hours.

Easy: Basic surgery. Anything a skilled and specialized doctor could do today, the PC will be able to do fairly easily. Also, poison treatment.

Moderate: Complicated surgery. Anything beyond what doctors are capable of today. Field trauma cases when the PC is away from a full hospital (i.e. when a medpac doesn't cut it).

Difficult: Diagnosis and treatment of exotic/unknown diseases.

Very Difficult: Cybernetics.

The Admiral
12 January 2002, 01:35 PM
Sounds good to me!

(The Admiral Cuts 'n' Pastes)

Always interested in other ideas too of course!

12 January 2002, 04:51 PM
I also could find no set difficulty numbers for Medicine (A). I also couldn't see the point of having cybernetic replacements. The tech in SW can just grow another limb from your DNA, right? So I decided that cybernetic surgery was easier and that's why it was more commonly used.

I then made the following chart so that the different GMs of the group had something solid to work from.

Injury; Heal Wound difficulty; Cyborg operation difficulty
Hand/Arm Injury; Very Easy; Very Easy
Leg Injury; Easy; Easy
Punctured organ; Moderate; Easy
Head Trauma; Moderate-Difficult; Moderate
Severe mortal wound; V.Diff - Heroic; Difficult - Very Difficult