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Lord Byss
14 January 2002, 06:42 AM
Just a suggestion but perhaps you might want to review some of the SW Gamers? Just asking because I live in England and everybody is on about this sexy new combat system. Well my copy is on its way from the dragons trove but it might take a while. I could do with reading something about it to quench my thirst. Sometimes you put out "mini reviews" on your front page anyway, just flesh it out a bit and jobs a good un'. Or you can tell me to shut up and you have enought to do already...
(a pointer in the direction of more info on SW G 8 would be nice, I caught some of it on these boards, but it died off as soon as everyone recieved theirs):(

Armage Bedar
14 January 2002, 10:59 AM
We tend to review them in groups of four or so - but you're right, we're due for another set.