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18 January 2002, 09:18 PM
I refer, of course, to the WEG RPG book entitled D6, in which the point was to be make your own game worlds and/or systems to play with, always using D6. Has anybody ever made anything cool with this? Anything that wasn't just cookie-cutter fare? I made a few interesting ones, a fantasy and sci-fi/post-acopylipse. Just curious, or am I the only one who saw fit to actually spend time with this book?

18 January 2002, 09:28 PM
There's a really cool and (thankfully) free RPG based on The Matrix (http://thematrixfreerpg.tripod.com/) that I find really cool. Check it out.

19 January 2002, 10:24 AM
Well, depends on what you consider "cookie cutter" fare?

I've used the book fairly extensively to create a conversion of D&D to D6, and I'm currently working on making a new space-based RPG with the D6 system. This "outer space" one is a substantial project, not something based on a game previously released. All new ships, weapons, defenses, races...everything. I'm even being so bold as to try and make a ship construction manual (though I am stealing the idea from SOTG, as my first attempt at it sucked majorly!) that the players can use to design their own ships for construction.

All in all, though, I find the D6 sourcebook quite helpful in offering ideas/alternatives to the ubiquitous Star Wars parameters.