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19 January 2002, 11:37 PM
mine was B.I.P. which are his initals for one of many aliases he was a smuggler . prided him self on being the best pilot he could be and took every chance to better his skills he once trained for 2 months with two elite jedi pilots his lessons were almost 24/7. he shared a ship with 2 jedi (not the same two that trained him) a wookie who's fovoright weapon was bodys . and a rodian who had a nact for getting in trouble .and slowly but surly all the original party (and part owners of the ship he called his) died off and not by his hands strangly enough but he did get a jedi drunk striped him and left him in the capable hands of a female wookie who liked it ruff . the last suriving owner other that him self he was able to buy out after bootleging music datacards over a course of 9 years(in game time) and making a multi million credit record company / talent agency, named Impire records!

20 January 2002, 04:57 AM
Well of all my PCs I have several favourites. If I had to choose just one then there is no contest really. Doctor Ugavine. He's a member of the Nosferartau race (home brew, and NOT Nosferatu). His race are basically high tech Ugnaughts. Dr.Ugavine himself once aided the Jedi, then the Rebels and was the Nosferartau Chief until he was killed. He then petitioned against his death, won his appeal and was cloned and given back his memories. However, clones are not permitted to hold the position of Chief (Chief is really just a figurehead and ambassador as the nosferartau have a True Democracy). Ugavine has since become a time travelling mercenary of sorts. He's not good on combat is a darn good Tech (Technical 5D).

Ugavine's personality is a combination of several sources from David Rappaport as Randal in Time Bandits, Pat Troughton's 2nd Doctor, Bilbo Baggins and myself. Dr.Ugavine was one of my first PCs (back in '88), and I still use him frequently.

Donovan Morningfire
20 January 2002, 06:16 AM
Ya know, I so wish I could narrow it down to one favorite character :D

My fave characters that I've played are (in no particular order):

- Psifire, a telepath/telekinetic; part of a New Mutants type of game (we were students at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters). It was run under DC Heroes, and while the game only lasted a few sessions, he was still a lot of fun. Turns out I was probably the most powerful character in the group just due to the versatility of my powers (that and a killer mental attack dubbed the "Mind Fry" that left a major baddie catatonic; the GM said the most fascinating thing to happen to said baddie for several weeks were spit bubbles :D)

- Derrick Winters, played in White Wolf. Started out as a street-level rockerboy, was brutally murdered by a bunch of vampires, and returned as a Crow to dish out some major vengeance. Playing as a Crow nearly qualified as a religious experience :)

- Ryu Morningfire, the first character I ever played in Star Wars d6. Started out as a largely inept Young Jedi, but through perseverence (and a whole ton of dumb luck) grew to become a (somewhat) respected Jedi Master. In that particular game universe, was noted as perhaps the foremost expert on the Jedi fighting styles, especially when it came to the lightsaber. That and the guy had a pair of grapefruits made of solid brass (how many other guys would give the Emperor the Stone Cold Salute ... to his wrinkled old face no less, and live to tell the tale) :D

- Donovan Morningfire, my first Star Wars d20 character. Competent from the get go, but started very shy and quiet, and is slowly coming out of his shell. Force ability is nothing to sneeze at, and his style of fighting is heavily influenced by the wire-fu of Hong Kong martial arts flicks. (While the last names are similar, there is no relation between Ryu and Donovan. I just like the name Morningfire)

Well, there you have 'em. My top four fave characters of all time.

20 January 2002, 10:11 PM
1st there was Jubei Solo, in a small game called Adventure Quest. He was a Ronin, what they called, Priest of Tor (Justice). He saw personally to the destruction of the 8 Demons of Kimon.

2nd there was the Tithe Collector. He was my cybered-out vigilante in Shadowrun 2nd ED. He was the last resort to call if you needed help!

3rd is my first character in the SW d20 system, Kobayashi Maru. Currently a level 9 Jedi Guardian I will soo be moving to the Jeid Investigator PrC!!!!

Jan Tolbara
20 January 2002, 10:14 PM
Is this for favorite Star Wars character or just any character played, regardless of game system?

Blaze Ashara
20 January 2002, 11:45 PM
I've only had two Star Wars characters and I can't choose which I like more.

Draxx- A Lepi scoundrel with blue fur and a love of strong drinks. He was sort of the losser version of what Han Solo would have become had he not met Leia. He was always drinking, it was a major problem and a constant annoyance to the other PCs. But it was so fun to role play! It got to the point where the group would try to avoid bars at all times just so he wouldn't start a major brawl when some smart mouth spacer called him a "bunny." Eventually though he grew into a valuable member of the group, after some personal losses he started living life with much more caution.... but he never did get over his drinking problems! :)

Blitz the Wizard- A Hoojib force adept who believes himself to be the subject of an evil spell. According to him he was once a powerful human wizard who was captured by an evil mage and turned into a Hoojib. Blitz is sort of delusional, he "talks" in old english. His abbility to pass himself off as a creature always comes in handy though, as does his energy draining. He prefers to ride atop the head of our cerean scout and, due to his high initiative, always begins a battle by force pushing the enemies to the floor where they are easily picked off or captured. The other PCs love him and see him as a harmless old mascot. What they don't know is (and I've worked this out with the GM) that Blitz was actually a human wizard at one time who really was turned into a Hoojib by an evil mage. I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they discover that and help him battle his enemy! :)

Capt Murphy
21 January 2002, 12:25 AM
My all time most beloved PC in Star Wars was called Murphy. He started in the D6 era, way back in the earliest days.

He was a great pilot, sneaky smuggler and one of the best con men in the galaxy (he once flew into an Imperial base and requisitioned a top of the line hyperdrive while dressed in street clothes, then had the Imperials install it for him).

At the time he had a partner in crime called Kain and they were both kicked out of the Rebel Alliance after pretending to be busking Stormtroopers outside a Rebel recreation hall for a laugh (Our GM didn't appreciate our attampt to lift morale and we were attacked by the Rebels - he could never take a joke)

Capt M

21 January 2002, 09:00 PM
My all time favorite character was Loki...he was a young brash smuggler whom later learned of his ability to sense the force. After a long time of playing he died at the hands of Dark Lord of the Sith, but in doing so he allowed his compainions to strike down the evil Sith Lord. This was in D6.

Leeder Krenon
22 January 2002, 02:24 AM
My favorite Star Wars character is the Scoundrel turned Jedi I take my screen name from. My favorite character ever was an Elven Swordmaster from the EarthDawn system but that's a different story.

I've always wanted to have a go at being a Jedi and now I am ;) With an unhealthy interest in the Sith and an understanding GM, I'm a trainee Jedi in the Rebellion Era (long story :)), with ranks in Sith Lore, and the read/write & speak Sith skills ("But you have to know your enemies to understand them......").

I don't know what the future holdsfor Krenon but with 3 DSPs at character Level 7 it's already starting to get interesting. Perhaps a Dark Empires type allusion to the Dark Side beckons, who knows? One thing is for certain and that is that I'm going to enjoy finding out!!

It makes me realise that the key to enjoying roleplay is not sticking to "Canon" storylines or doing what is right for the Universe but having fun wherever it takes you!

Edited to correct appalling grammar sorry! :D

Tony J Case, Super Genius
22 January 2002, 01:58 PM
I've had so many characters in so many systems, it's hard to pick just one. I guess of everything I've done, it would probably have to be Ren Jones - who started out as an NPC MacGuffin for my group of smugglers at the time. She was a natural talent with the Force - not in that Skywalker 'Son-of-the-Chosen-One' way, but just one die of alter skill. She was more able to bend spoons than was capable of waving a lightsaber.

She eventually was shipped off to alliance boot camp when she nearly killed the team's Jedi in a fit of irresponsible-ness. It was somewhere in here where I took over playing her as a real characters than a bit player. She graduated from boot camp, served several tours of duty in the Marines, rounded out her Force ability and became quite good with a lightsaber (not all that proficient in the Force - but had the raw saber talent to beat out most Knights). Eventually she wound up serving as a ambassador to the Republic for a long lost colony as a favor to her best friend.

She was the most diverse and entertaining character I've had in a long, long time.

22 January 2002, 06:31 PM

22 January 2002, 06:49 PM
Oh, this is going to bring back some memories.

1. My very first Star Wars character, Vorth Craven. He was a Bounty Hunter/Adventurer. Wound up in all kinds of wacky adventures, courtesy of a wacky GM :) Hi Donovan

2. Lance 'Deathlok' Youngblood. He was my cyborged mercenary/soldier/smuggler/whatever. At 7'4", and weighing just shy of 825 lbs (cybernetic enhancements were most of the weight)

3. Michael Cravin, son of Vorth Craven. This character was a blast, a self-entrepreneur specializing in erotic art and photography. painted his first masterpiece at the age of 7 titled 'The Tree'.

4. My current character, Fallon Corsair. I've yet to add some definite flair to his personality. He's a soldier/Weapon's Craftsman.

Jan Tolbara
23 January 2002, 12:25 PM

In THAT case, I have a few characters I really enjoyed playing.

1) Jan Tolbara, the character I take my handle from: Starting off as the son of a repulsorlift technician on Ord Mantell, he was discovered by an old Jedi during the final stages of the Purge (a couple of years after Yavin) and began training as a Jedi. A few years down the line, the old Jedi was killed with Jan's training far from complete. With his parents killed in the same attack for harboring the Jedi, Jan set out to find his older brother. After searching for a few years, he found him working as an officer for the New Republic and joined the New Republic himself. While serving the NR, he encountered Luke Skywalker and completed his training as a Jedi before the academy was built.

2) Ryu Hayabusa, ninja: This character was an NPC in a 2nd ed. AD&D campaign I ran for about 9 years. He was awesome, and the players loved him. He was probably one of the coolest characters I had the pleasure of running.

3) John Doe, generic fighter: Beginning as more of a joke, this character was rolled up as a generic character, complete with generic equipment (all white with UPC codes imprinted on them). I thought he was a riot.

23 January 2002, 01:16 PM
1. Betten in AD&D. Betten was an achoholic thief that the party had to always sober up before a fight but he was a hell of a fighter. Always had some alcholic beverage on him and drank anything he found. He was more of a joke character because I was bored the night I came up with him. He walked into trees and knocked himself out and when he woke up he demanded his fortune told by a gypsy. When last I left him the group wanted him to sober up but also thought it'd be funny to get him real drunk and let him piss on a haunted tree so they could burn it down.

2. Any of my Vampire characters who have a pention for being set on fire and coming out crispy critters. My last character got burned then got up and was shot in the back and later shot in the chest on purpose by a comrade. He finally went into toper after that.

3. Tem Starrunner who after many years of playing was discovered to be a clone of his father. His wife left him after she was forced to kill a clone of him (it was planned because the girl that was playing her was leaving). And he was forced to raise his daughter on his own. Tem was a loyal supporter of the Rebellion and NR serving in the military until his wife left him. He's a Jedi Knight and the last time I played him he was running from Vong forces in the Rim while searching for his father.

4. Ceryl Starrunner (the daughter of Tem) who I played in two complete different versions of. In one version she was a schizophrenic NR SpecForce member during the Vong invasion who eventially when completely nuts and killed her squad and went on the run. The second version was as a Jedi Knight that discovered that she had been cloned and the clone was tarnishing her name. Eventially they met in a lightsaber dual and the clone, completely consumed by the Dark was defeated.

p.s. In our SW campaign the Clone Keepers/Masters from the Clone Wars weren't all destroyed and they've been running amuck for decades even trying to clone the Palpatine before Endor.

23 January 2002, 05:13 PM
For a while now i have been playing the White-Wolf games with some friends once a week in an after school club, we play the ultamit mishmash of all white-woolf games, from wraith to wearwolf, if white wolf made it we used it.......

my favorite charactor so far has been Zeek Stone, the average recruite in the NWO (aka men in black) in the technocratic union. he eventualy met up with my wearwolf charachtor after being in the shootout from hell with my two friends bastet (wear-cat) and mage (magitian). Zeek has since then been at ground zero of a quintecense bomb (quintecense = the pure energy of the univers aka knoss, nova, enlightenment, "the force", etc) and becomeing a nova (nova = just think justice leauge on crack :D ) he is curently fighting an antidiluviant in mexico city with the help of the above mentioned charactors and a few DM charactors (for those that don't play White-wolf games, an antidiluviant is the bad ass of all vampires, it can cause the same sort of effects that the phantoms in "final fantasy" the movie cause, it touches you, you die.......)

(boy im really spewing info for just recently starting rpg's :o )

i haven't started playing the star wars d20 system yet because i don't really have enough time to. i've made two charachtars though, one is a jedi gaurdian that i'm probably just gona scrap and start over, but the other is a solder/piolet that i really love and can't wait to play :D

FlipDog 2000
24 January 2002, 07:05 AM
I don't know...in the short amount of time that I have RP-ed. All of my characters have been fun. Not necessarily great, but fun. I'd have to say that my character right now is the best that I've played. He's just mean and is turing to the DS and has WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too many lightsabers.

Donovan Morningfire
25 January 2002, 12:16 PM
I know I already piped in on this one, but I do have a couple others that I had a blast playing.

From 7th Seas (AEG's Fantasy/Swashbuckler game) comes Alejandro Ramirez de Aldana del Castillo, a dashing young swordsman with a love of adventure, a flair for the dramatic, and a weakness for a lovely senorita :) The game only lasted a month, but even though the GM was a total loser, I still had a blast playing the character. (My dice rolls allowed me to succeed despite whatever the GM threw at me. Even Syrenth demons could not stop the blade of Alejendro Ramirez de Aldana :D)

From Deadlands (classic) comes Christopher Deschain, a young gunslinger who's learned to call upon the manitous (i.e. minor demons) to enhance his gunfighting skills. Despite what might be thought, he wasn't super confident (though he did have a fair amount of knowledge of what was going on with all the wierdness), and didn't look anywheres near as deadly as he was. Carried two silvered Colt Dragoons of high-quality make in the cross-draw style, and was faster than all get out.

Rigil Kent
25 January 2002, 02:30 PM
I've got two, only one of which is Star Wars.

Kai-El Tyrees, a Jedi Padawan in a TotJ campaign who was affectionately referred to as "Big MacLargeHuge" by the other PCs. We were playing D6 and I knew the system better than everyone else and seeing as to how they were all ignoring their Strength and Dexterity stats for Force attributes, I pumped up my STR & DEX to 4D and had a habit of surviving the nasty firefights that dropped the other Padawans. I was also the most Jedi like but that isn't much of a surprise...

Wulfric, son of Denewulf, is a Fighter I'm currently playing in D&D who is on his way to becoming a Warmaster (think Commander of Troops or some such.) My original (2nd edition) stats were absurd, with an 18/97 Strength, 18 Dex and Con, a 17 Charisma and an 8 Intelligence. Seeing as to how the group originally had me, a Thief and a Mage, the Gm encouraged him. I started playing him as a medieval Tick and recall one session where he was running around asking everyone he ran into "Do you love Justice?" Converting to 3E meant a loss of Strength (wouldn't let me have a 22. :( ) but an increase in Intelligence (to a 10). He's lost a little appeal (being smarter than original) but has gained immense roleplay appeal with the goal of becoming a Knight.

25 January 2002, 08:01 PM
My favorite character would have been Ruune, a Dug messenger from Mantooine. His armory included an HBP modded out to add 1D+2 to his skill, two M-16s, and a wrist laser. He always wore Light Combat Armor once he got caught up in the Chronan Revolution (#jedi-academy..those were the days...). I freaked out when I almost lost him in a raid on some political figure's house.

My second favorite character would have been D'Aren of Kuat. Directly related to the late Kuat of Kuat, he had an unbelievable amount of money at his disposal, but wanted none of it. His only weapon was a Blaster Pike (the thing from Stargate), for he felt blasters were dishonorable. He also always wore amber sunglasses. The Chronan sun was always just a little bright for his delicate Kuati eyes...

Darth Bile
26 January 2002, 06:02 AM
i have several favorite characters, but i'll tell ya my favorite star wars ones first.
A) Nevyn, a noghri jedi who was raised by han and leia solo
B )a jedi who got control of an interdictor cruiser and eventually tried to find a way from the galaxy
C)Prince Vachon Qel Droma, colonel in the rebellion, who joined my genetic sith lord and then turned on him
D)and finally, for one of my most favorite ones, Loghrin, the ultimate warrior, able to take out a few squads of stormtroopers by himself without using any weapons, just his hands and feet.

1)Blackhawk: drow thief/mage, now a god in my own world
2)K'treva: fighter/mage(bladesinger kit) in the forgotten realms
3)Oloth, a fighter/mage/priest/ninja pirate king with delusions of godhood

26 January 2002, 09:07 AM
Hmmm....well first there is Dirk Greystoke, the character I have now, who is a first level Jedi Consular. I have waited a long time to make this character. He is a padawan learner from the planet Alderaan in the TOTJ era. I plan to have him flirt with the dark side a bit as he tries to solve the galaxy's problems all on his own. After he becomes a sith lord for a while, my friends are going to try and rescue him. We'll see what happens.

I am also impartial to the last star wars character I had, Gabriel. He finished as a Solider6/Intruder 8. He was a soldier in a campaign 300 years after ROTJ. He comes from a planet called Uruk, which is the home of the Ketari society, lying in another galaxy. He had the ability to change into a creature form (as did all his people.) He spent his time helping the Republic fight its enemies and search for seven lost treasures stolen from his world. He eventually accomplished both missions after six years of playing. The only bad thing about this guy is that I had to convert him from d6 to d20.

One more, I am kinda favorable to my very first star wars character. His name was Erican Halleck, and I used the Minor Jedi template from WEG first edition to construct him. He started out as kinda a clone of Luke, but as time went on, he came into is own. He ended up causing the Empire a considerable amount of trouble in what we now call the Rebellion Era. I also used him in cameo roles as an NPC Jedi master in the New Republic days.

27 January 2002, 10:06 PM
I'd have to say my current favorite is Amanda Wentworth - a character I'm currently playing in a horror/conspiracy game who is based off of Laura Croft (altho a bit less butch/more sophisticated). The reason she's interesting is that she is the first female character I have ever played. I had noticed a tendancy that when male players played female characters, they were either A: man-hating prudes or B: total sluts. I never saw what I considered a realistic portrayal, so I decided to try my hand at it...

Other favorites: Bombaatu - a large Nubian barbarian warrior/priest; Bennie Kravitz, a one-handed, jazz-lovin' Boston cabbie who seems to know everybody; Fletcher Dunn, a gnome Illusionist/Thief (AD&D 1st Ed.) and Halden Nev, a hotshot scoundrel bent on revenge (SW/Sci-Fi).

28 January 2002, 09:14 AM
Obviously my favriote character who in an all the time whenever we could leveled into a JEDI MASTER you may know the name.

BUT my all time fav character was a Paladin in D&D (both 2nd and 3rd) named Leon De Rouchaun he was a prince on a quest originally but there have been many incarnations.

Emperor Xanderich II
30 January 2002, 03:13 AM
It would have to be Commander Khel Arunsun (yep, named after that famous wizard from waterdeep). Intelligence division commander for Isis Base, Rebel Alliance, bearer of four medals.

Lets see, famous deeds done: single handedly destroying a scout walker (that was in an early adventure just after Lord Vader had probed him- his mind that is...). Being one of the best Trianii patrol ship pilots in the galaxy and shaving the Maw cluster closer than anyone else; using his infamous riotgun Spitfire to great effect against stormstroopers; killing Lirra Wessex; winning a drinking competition against a wookie; surviving 'piper's fort'- as scenario very much like Rork's Drift.

He's done countless other things which I can't remember off hand, but he used to be an Imp!

Darth Bile
30 January 2002, 05:35 AM
and i forgot to mention Glorfindel( gold haired horror) from the MERP system of games, awesome system, also one of the most deadly i know of, hehehe

2 February 2002, 07:52 PM
hey if any of you like this thread do me a favor and vote for me!:D

2 February 2002, 07:53 PM
hey if any of you like this thread do me a favor and vote for me!:D

Donovan Morningfire
3 February 2002, 06:26 AM
Actually Darth Bile, MERP is Rolemaster Lite. While they get a lot of the basic concepts from Rolemaster, MERP is much nicer when it comes to crit charts, both for fumble and success. And while they are funny to read, it's never fun to be on the recieving end. (Especially the "worst move seen in ages" :D)

Darth Bile
3 February 2002, 09:47 AM
i know, ran merp, had one person make up a total of three characters in one night cause he kept dying, and this was from an adventure in the main book, they were fighting a golem, so i know that system is deadly, but i've never played the rolemaster system actually, so wouldn't know the differenct between the two, might try it someday when i get the money to buy it, want to run a game where noone but me knows the creatures or the rules, so they can't argue with me bout what can be done or can't be done, hate people like that, have a few friends who do that and it annoys the heck out of me, and i refuse to run a system that someone knows better than me, what's the sense in that when they can bend the rules to favor themselves and screw the other players over, that's no fun for anyone. And until i play the rolemaster system, i still think Merp is the deadliest system i've played to date.

4 February 2002, 09:36 AM
first would have to be Joren, all jedi, all evil, all the time. a dark side minor jedi from the good ol' d6 WEG star wars. he worked for a time with the rebellion and always seemed to be able to avoid luke (our GM loved letting us get close to some of the heroes from the movies)...moved on and worked in the employ of two different crimelords (as our allegiance shifted from Rebel to Fringe) and eventually met his end at the hands of a whiny quixotic jedi with a big blaster and a penchant for attacking from behind.

the second would have to be Ramon, a Lasombra Antitribu in Bombay. Something about stealing a 5th generation Tzimisce's mercedes and then driving it off a cliff says hutzpah..or stupid..either way he was a reformed infernalist with a penchant for doing stupid things.

the third would have to be my most recent smuggler, a human named Kiiryn Zye who ended up joining the party after finding out that the strange old soldier in the group was his father. He was a noted ship thief and smuggler with a strong preference to not get involved with the galactic struggle, especially when there was money to be made and fame to be had (and since Han Solo is out of the smuggling biz and into the hero biz the title of best smuggler going is up for grabs...).

Danan Valos
7 November 2002, 11:45 AM
I'd have to say I had two favorite characters I have played so far in the Star Wars Universe.

The first one is Jenos Idanian. He was a level 3 Scoundrel/2 Force Adept Human. I had him for a month or two, and he was absolutely great. He had a 8.5 kg sniper rifle (slugthrower) with a 50 round clip, an infrared scope, and a bipod. You could say he came in handy in a battle. With multi-fire and quickshot abilites, he was reasonably powerful. Unfortunately, he died when my friend accidentally blew his starfighter out of the sky with a volley of concussion missiles. He mistook me for somebody else.

My character after that, which I still have know, is a level 5 Force Adept hoojib named Danan Valos. Where Jenos was powerful in strength, Danan was powerful in defense. Hoojibs get a +4 species bonus to defense because of their natural dexterity, a +4 size bonus of their tiny size. This combined with a +5 class bonus and a +4 Dex bonus gave me a Defense of 27. Most enemies had to get a critical roll just to hit me! I'd have to say it was pretty interesting with a small rodent who couldn't attack well (besides draining energy from living organisms) but could almost never be hit.

7 November 2002, 12:48 PM
Well, I'd have to say my favorite character was a cyborg mercenary girl named Treph Wolsa. All too young, and very mysterious, with an even more mysterious past, she didn't have much regard for authority, or alliances, just the ever-powerful credit.

Her weapons of choice were vibro-claws that snapped out of her fingers, and a Magna-caster; a type of silent slugthrower more akin to a hand-held rail gun than anything else. It was refreshing to vent many of my frustrations through this character, and consequently I found her turning out to be very psychotic. "More machine now than [wo]man..." We had some very interesting gameplay.

(Leans back and reminisces...)

Yep, Treph Wolsa is definitely my favorite character!

Talon Razor 'GM'
7 November 2002, 02:07 PM
I don't have near the game time racked up like most of you but my most favoruite NPC I have played was Dle'acon Treek, a Force Adept Ithorian with a sense of humor. He bordered on the Dark Side but the PCs loved em, even though he started quiet a few fights :D. Tried to choke one of 4 heavy, very heavy, armed Bounty Hunter Quarrens that, unkown to everyone else, had two Rodian outlaws as back up outside. Nearly killed everyone in the massive firefight that followed...It was in a tiny diner to boot.

Aww... that was one of the better fights we've had!

8 November 2002, 04:16 AM
I have two favorites...

Ryo X, son of the late Jedi X. Stronger than his father, and every bit as skilled. Young, handsome, overly-adventurous (maybe even downright crazy at times), loves to give the Empire a hard time. It's no wonder they hate him so much.

Jon Woo, the mutant Jawa. He's completely out of his mind, stronger than a Wookiee, and can shoot a flea off a bantha's hide from 100 meters. Unfortunately for the bantha, most of Jon's weapons would more than like roast the hide off along with the flea. He's pretty high on the Empire's Most Wanted list (the higher reward is for dead, oddly), and he finds it funny.

Sgt. B'Klaevkhar
8 November 2002, 08:15 AM
My favorite Character is my current one, W.O. B'Klaevkhar.
A hard-core military man who served as a Sargeant for many years. What makes him even more hard-core is the fact that he's a sniper.

He was contracted out to the Republic as a merc before his military would open diplomacy with the Republic. We went dimension hoping and happened to have skiped out on 48 years of history(my GM didnt want to go through Ep. III as to not f*ck with the time line).

When he was finaly identified as B'Klaevkhar upon returning, the rest of the group then joind his military and train, thus giving my char a promotion and a bigger pay-check:D

So far, he has 13D+1 in (s)Sniper Rifles under Blaster(9D), and with all his abilities and equipment he gets up to 12D in bonus to hit after 2 rounds of setting up and aiming. He also can use a Force Pike at above 8D and can bargain a great deal on blasters and armor.

Lord Darth Ane
8 November 2002, 08:48 AM
I've never gotten to play a character in SW (I've always run the games) but my favorite GM character (other than the BBEG, of course) was a guy named Ormeth.

Ormeth was a 4th level scoundrel who looked like a very small, very sick Steve Buscemi (and such was his nickname among the players). He was the right hand man of a local crime lord. He took no from anyone, even under blaster point, and routinely nixed my player's plans in the bud, personally. He also, as with all good villains, made extensive use of underlings to cause mayhem as well.

He even died in one of the most memorable ways I've come across in my SW gaming. He had a dumpster dropped on him, traumatically amputating his legs, then while in the hospital, one of his own underlings, a scout/scoundrel assassin did him in with a vibrodagger before he could be questioned by the heros. Thus ensued a sweet chase through the hospital.

Favorite character from any game? Well, this has a Star Wars tie-in at least. He was a Jawa-like creature (well, he LOOKED like a Jawa anyways) with wild magical talent. He was telepathic and the only word he could speak out loud was "Utinni!" I had a lot of fun with him.

Jim Williams
8 November 2002, 09:55 AM
(Sigh) This thread has made me realize that by and large I GM waaay to often. My favorite character is an ex-Imperial Commando named Soloman Dreiz, and he died (?) fighting an Imperial Inquisitor in a rock 'em, sock 'em, no holds barred Battle Royal. I told my GM I wanted Soloman to take a squad of commandos and neutralize this dude, and he said, "That's dangerous, you know." We agreed to let the dice lay as they came up, double blind rolls, and let the best/luckiest PC win. Soloman lost, but nary a character point or Force point was left on either side.

That being said, the best characters I ever GMed for have always been my favorites and hold a place in my heart...
Thrunn---Dark Troll male Priestess (don't ask) of Kyger Litor, a troll who never compromised with spawns of chaos. Ever.
Slarrus---male Dark Troll and Rune Lord of Kyger Litor who frequently went berserk in combat. One time he jumped off a Giant's cradle and counterattacked an army of 2,000 Lunar soldiers trying to board. He came to his senses and jumped back to safety After killing nine soldiers!
Rillo---Rune Lord of Orlanth who simply desired freedom from the Lunar Empire dominating his people. He compromised with chaos when he needed to.

These guys were in a RuneQuest campaign where the coolest monster they ever fought was an Allosaurus broo. They had their little 25mm miniatures down and I put down an old dinosaur toy from my childhood that dwarfed their minis. "This comes charging out of the treeline. What do you do?"

Ahhh, that was a good campaign.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
8 November 2002, 12:09 PM
Favorite char played.... dang.. tough call... lemme think...

[minutes, hours, days of pondering passes by......]

Well, It would have to be that cute aqua skinned twi'lek named Nileeta. She's a wild and free-spirit at heart, happy go lucky in attitude. She's got the looks and the moves of a skilled exotic dancer. She's quite a sneak when the situation calls for it. She is really fun to play, hands down!

Second runner up would be my namesake, just because its me in a sw setting!

8 November 2002, 12:47 PM
My favorite character...

i've been a GM for so many years that it wasn't until recently i was able to play in a different group-

Raydian Or'Jaimi- JTessier3 was kind enough to portrait him at SWAG and no one yet has gotten the joke about his name. They keep calling him Raydian or Rayd (think about the name...) Raydian is a self proclaimed marxist philosopher who supports the empire and agrees with all of its rulings, since it is in line with his philsophy about the dangers of capitalism... only problem is, he's really a trained jedi (though he's finally understood why he can do all these neat things) living during the Empire era and trying to bring the 'last remains' of his master back to a coruscant apartment. My GM is constantly trying to 'let the cat out of the bag' by having people recognize his robes (more arabic than anything) or spotting his lightsaber (a meditation tool). thus, Rayd does a lot of hand waving and verbal sparring- "What did you call me? I'm a philosopher" (waves hand)

8 November 2002, 04:10 PM
My favorite character, to date, has been Bruk Nazes. Originally from my days as a D6er, he was a corellian Jedi Battle Master. He was p[retty slick with his two lightsabers and could fly a starship pretty well. He started to train an apprentice, but then I lost his sheet somewhere. It was a shame too, he was really cool.

When D20 came out, I revived him. He's nowa JG/JWM with a different apprentice, but he's stil lsick with the double lightsabers. He's ability to fly ships has gone down, but he's a more centered Jedi.. so it's all good.

9 November 2002, 05:48 AM
Hmmm... I've had quite a few characters , but I still love my first non-GM character I ran in a couple of adventures with my friend as a GM. He was "Doc" Andro Ghast, and his name described him perfectly. He loved androids, yet had a ghastly social life (just kind of a weird guy). He also had a knack for ripping the life protection units out of droids and setting them free! 8o (which proved to be a mistake later on...).

Darth Bile
9 November 2002, 11:18 AM
ravager of worlds, let me guess, ya took the name of raydan from mortal combat and oriental mythology and used it as a character, didn't ya, hehehe, cool, like it, heheheh, VWEG

9 November 2002, 11:28 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Danan Valos
[B]I'd have to say I had two favorite characters I have played so far in the Star Wars Universe.

The first one is Jenos Idanian.

Jenos Idanian = Indiana Jones spelled crooked, I like that :D

My favourite Star Wars was my first character a brash pilot named Lincoln Shear. He was the brother of our Minor Jedi. He decided he had to follow his little brother into the big bad universe to watch out for him and protect him. But of course being your typical fighter jock type his brother was always bailing him out of trouble.
The other character in our party was a bounty hunter who was a family friend sent by Lincoln's parents to keep HIM out of trouble. Lincoln was an expert at getting everyone in way over their heads.

My current character who has only been on one adventure is a failed jedi alcoholic. He has a lot of potential to be a fun character. The force has so many more possibilities when you don't have to follow the jedi code ;)

10 November 2002, 06:47 AM
I have 2:
1. Ugor, a half orc barbarian who is chaotic evil. I only played him during a mini-adventure that was just for laughs, but it was one of the most fun experiences I have had. We never ended up getting anything accomplished because everytime the group was close to getting someone to tell us an important plot detail, Ugor would get impatient and yell "UGOR KILL!" as he chopped the guy's head off. Other highlights of Ugor's career included:
Killing the Queen when Ugor broke down the door, and she was right behind it.
Killing a tavern full of patrons when Ugor's jumping up and down on the second story caused the first story ceiling to collapse.
Killing the rest of the party when they refused to let him touch the shiny object(a cursed stone which would release a demon if touched). Typically, Ugor forgot about the stone and left it for an innocent villager to find.

2. RX-590, a droid who was incredible in the pilot, repair, and computer use skills. He once had both legs and an arm blasted off, but still managed to destroy the assasin droid sent to kill a person he was protecting. His greatest accomplishment was flying a Lamba-class shuttle through a giant metal tube with 6 operational fans.

12 November 2002, 11:36 AM
ravager of worlds, let me guess, ya took the name of raydan from mortal combat and oriental mythology and used it as a character, didn't ya, hehehe, cool, like it, heheheh, VWEG -darth bile

In actuality Darth Bile, the name comes from the mathematical term Radian; a line that is tangent to a circle. i just respelled it; :) I chose the name because the character concept worked on a skewed logic- instead of seeing the circle everyone else was interested in, he was the radian, and missed the circle completely, though he started out there. If you caught the pun, he also responds to Jamie, though no one has caught on in the group... even the GM and she's smarter than your average bear.

13 November 2002, 10:30 AM
Fortunately I've had the opportunity to play many characters, because they either die, go off alone on some "d*** fool adventure" or I want to try something new.

My absolute favorite was a human scoundrel saboteur turned apprentice to a Jedi Weapon Master in the Rebellion era. Unfortunately those wacky inquisitors came after him. The interesting side story was that his mother was a saboteur for Black Sun, and his father secretly worked for Vader.

I also have a rebel SpecOps soldier running around. He's basically like Clint Eastwood's character from Heartbreak Ridge in Star Wars. He smokes too much and is severly lacking in social skills. With a taste for Twi'Lek brothels, and a habit of being court-martialed for starting fist fights with his superiors he was one of the more interesting characters to play. Eventually he cleaned up his act and went on to become a Commander (Elite Trooper in d20) leading a group of commandos who specialize in impersonating storm troopers.

Currently I am garneriing my first experience as a GM, we are in the 2nd act of Tempest Feud. I use one of my own PCs as an NPC pilot for the group. He is a Bothan Scoundrel/Soldier with a quick tongue, an even quicker blaster, and flying ability to rival Han Solo's.

14 November 2002, 10:39 AM
I'll start with my favorite Star Wars character:

R2D4 - Astromech/Pilot - Built by Industrial Automaton and sold to the Empire, D4 was an astromech on an unassuming Corellian Corvette when the rest of our player group invaded it after a battle. The crew was all dead after an explosive decompression and found D4 in the engineering spaces, wondering what to do. They brought him along in their adventures, adding a vocoder box so he could communicate. This led to a large number of misunderstandings where D4 would curse a random NPC and that NPC would look at another PC. D4 would answer with a hearty "beep boop beep beep, I say" (pronounced as opposed to intoned), and then the fighting started. :D He was a master pilot, having a higher starship and capital ship piloting skill than anyone else. When combat started, he would hide somewhere or place a strategic blast of firefighting foam in the path of marauding bad guys. He was also from the R2D2 school of slicing and could pretty much break into any computer system he had a mind to.

My favorite D&D character:

Dack Blackhawk - FIghter/Mage - Dack was my second PC ever (from 1983) who started life as a young fighter of a tender 15 years of age. Over the years he met some good friends and adventured in all the classic places (Hommlet, Giant series, Drow Series, White Plume Mountain). Rose to 13th level as a fighter and player Heward's Mystical Organ. This changed his life completely. He was turned into a mage as a result of messing with the artifact (nothing like the old 1st edition DMG artifact tables) So he advanced as a mage, surpassing his fighter levels (I hate dual classing!) and got into some pretty hairy adventures (Isle of the ape, summoning Glasya to seal a contract, and other equally disastrous things.) He is now an active NPC in 3E with his own little tower and a little nest of apprentices. He is a nice old man of 74 years of age (all played out in game time - whew!) with a family all grown up and (hopefully) grandchildren on the way. He's not getting any younger...

14 November 2002, 09:54 PM
My favorite non-Star Wars characters include Roland Paladinson, the 6th generation Ventrue who went medieval on people with his holy bastard sword. ;) From Vampire: The Dark Ages.

Jackson Rogress, the Australian Bagheera who spent most of his time in panther form. From WoD (general -- it was a mixed campaign).

My favorite Star Wars character in terms of pure fun would have to be Ray (yes, just Ray, as in the Ray you see on a mechanic's jumpsuit) the Outlaw Tech, from the D6 campaigns. With his 6D+1 heavy blaster pistol, and his insane array of Tech skills (including 8D+2 security), Ray was the man for every job. ;)

However, in terms of overall most endearing character, by far Dayen Solaris. The progression of the character, in terms of growth and personality, has been really, really amazing. Started D6 and recreated him for the d20 campaigns. The D6 incarnation was pretty insane, boasting 36D odd for lightsaber combat -- he got retired. He's still pretty powerful in the d20 campaigns, but more reasonably so, IMHO.

15 November 2002, 08:32 AM
Mine would definently have to be Garin Sava. A jedi turned darkside when the Empire came about. he was a Zabrak that turned human due to extensive gene alterations, sit alchemy, and the like. HE is constantly struggling with the two sides of the force, and his feelings for certain people. He tries to show his good sides, but always ends up giving into rage and the darkside in general.

Craig Feely
15 November 2002, 08:21 PM
The favortie character I have ever played was actually one that I used as a GM's character. He was a New Republic X-wing pilot that was a mix of Pete Mitchell off Top Gun and myself. (A most psychotic combination I know!!) :D

His bio can be found here. (http://sworpg.hypermart.net/membersarea/playercharacters/MaverickFox.html)

Let me know what you think!!!

FlipDog 2000
16 November 2002, 07:03 PM
WOW! Talk about keeping a thread alive forever! Thats so kewl! I was looking back and saw my old character from January.

Most of my charaters have been equally fun, but my group is playing an online message board campaign and my character is definately up there. He is a Ubese Mercinary working for the Jedi Order afer the YV have been repelled out of the galaxy. He's not really a merc, but most people think he is.

23 November 2002, 03:57 AM
Well since I haven't added my 2 cents worth, let's see my current favourite characters are:

Charles Stackpole the 2nd a diletante I'm playing in Call of Cthulu in the day of the beast campaign, he started as just a race car driver but has gone back to University and is our partys secondry historian and archeologist.

Cole Ryennsen A scoundrel and rogue who works for the rebel alliance in our campaign set just before the battle of Endor he's a hell of a pilot and the squadron leader for Barrage squadron our B Wing squad, he was awfully disappointed when his suggestion for the squad name of "We kill **** dead" squadron was turned down.

and of course Kal Myadon who I haven't played in about a year the alcohol swigging special forces soldier I played for about three years in d6 star wars.


23 November 2002, 07:15 AM
Since I've almost ALWAYS been a GM, here are my Favorite NPCs to run:

1. All the NPCs in our Online Campaign, it's Star Wars set 75 years after the Yuuzhan Vong were repulsed ... so I can mess with history and the timeline a bit, and change things to fit my storyline needs ... if you want ... you can see these character's backgrounds and sheets here (http://people.nnu.edu/~awgentry/rpg/swpbmb/chars.html) and here (http://people.nnu.edu/~awgentry/rpg/swpbmb/npcs.html).

2. I also absolutely loved (as did my players) a lovable Ogre barbarian who was the core of our party during an epic D&D Forgotten Realms campaign. He was an NPC and when he died, it really lit a fire under the party's PCs to complete the campaign.

As I said, I have had very little experience running PCs, so these ones were my favorites ... though not because of they were great ... but because I have little to choose from!!:

1. This last Haloween, a friend of mine, on my suggestion, ran JD Wiker's "Six Teens Go Camping", and I ran a beautiful screaming half-drunk slutty dumb blonde ... who managed to douse a burning Deadite with beer before succumbing to the call of the Deadite herself ... it was alot of fun!

2. A low level sorceror who managed to stay alive amongst a group of elven and dwarven fighters who were charging into battle all the time ... scarry and fun ... *snickers*

3. A human male barbarian that used a greatsword. It has been so long since I've played him, I really can't remember much, but I do remember it being fun to be able to play.

4. Even older than the barbarian above, was a Shadowrun character ... a guy who remote-controlled machines - two droid-like sentry dogs with mounted machine guns and other weapons on them ...

5. The oldest character I have ever played ... a AD&D fighter who I cannot even remember what kind of fighter he was ... but this character was my first experience with RPGs ... so he has a little space in my heart ... :)

Anikka Nesson
24 November 2002, 10:35 PM
This is such a facinateing thread, It's so cool to hear about the characters hat other people are playing and the things hat they have come up with. here are mine:

JoLee, short for Jowlanna, a wookie, cute, powerful, with a lot of potental, but our GM moved so she didn't go much of anywhere. :(

Drewa, a Toriador, lots of fun, gave me a chance to air my girlyness, but she got boring when the Hunters showed up.Good for caniveing and manipulation, not fighting The Halos. (Vampire)

My current PC: Anikka Nesson, a young, newly orphaned girl from an Exalted game. She is a Dawn Solar and likes to throw things, like knives. My first warrior and an expierience in of herself. In our party right now we have two Lunars, three Solars (two Dawn) and one Dragon Blooded. It will prove to be interesting in the least.

As a side note I named Anikka, well, Anikka 'cause it was the first name that came to mind. Until my GM left I had a planned on making Anikka my only Jedi, and I still do, once I am once again playing SW. until then :rolleyes:

Alex Mann
27 November 2002, 12:03 PM
I have to say my favorite character has been Alex Mann.

Alex Mann is a hoverboarder. A damn good one. He boards in extreme no-holds-barred every man for him self ladders. After leaving his commando unit "Umorij Protectorate" he picked up his old hobby. After a few bad runs he hired on a gnome by the name of Zook A. Boom the demolitions "artist" as his wrench. Things were fine untill things hit the fan and he was forced to go undergound and joined a criminal organization lead by the infamaous Yuroke, a man that would wind up to be Alex's nemisis for years...

A few notable things that has happend to this Mann...
-Became a Juicer(not willingly)
-killed Yuoke
-went through 3 systems of SW (d6,d20, and revised)
-Became unjucied 2 weeks before burn out.
-killed 23 men in a bar fight by himself.
-charged the physical mannifestation of Exar-Cun unarmed
-has had 3 parades for him on Corescant
-killed 2 20th level dark jedi/Sith by himself (@ 14 level)
-was put into a Matrix-esque thing for 25 years with the rest of the party(die Brian) that efectively made all last items not happen.grrr.
-Is one of 2 characters from the orginal party.(Zook being the other)
-Has been through 3 GM's
-adventured with 14 other PC's

He stands about 5'9" in urban camo pants, a green fleese, black dread-locks and a bright green serpent tattoo running down his face.He usually caries 10 or so pistols a vibrodagger and a mag-whip.

He fights with 2 pistols or with some random melee weapon or goes toe-to-toe unarmed with his commando style martial arts(knokdowns,trips,disarms,etc.) One of his favorite tactics is to charge some dark jedi disarm him, trip him, and beat him down with whats at hand(occasionally his new lightsaber from said enemy.

27 November 2002, 12:50 PM
My favorite characters of all time:

1.) Primolus del Gallat, an alien from Star Wars d6. His race communicated mostly by telling long anecdotes about their ancestors, often in the form of song. So when things got hairy, there he would be, singing and telling these long stories while everyone screamed at him to get to the point. His race was also utterly incapable of lying, which the rest of the party found out after they were captured by Imperials and Primolus, without hesitation, gave up the ghost on everything he knew. He also happened to look very vicious, but wasn't particularly, so when others encouraged him to "intimidate" people, it never went well.

2.) Nostra, a Cyberpunk netrunner. His big thing was to take a job, play both sides against the middle, screw everyone, then hightail it out of town, while the whole time maintaining his innocence. He always seemed to be puzzled as to why the Mafia, the Yakuza, the Triads, the FBI, and various mercenaries were after him pretty much every hour of the day. He was a blast to play, though I'm stunned he survived as long as he did.

3.) Cairus Domus, a character from a homebrew Vampire-like game a friend ran. He was the big dog, in charge of the entire coterie of vampires. During his illustrious career, he got to fight demons, thwart the Masons, die and be reborn a la Sheridan from Babylon 5, duke it out with angels, orchestrate a war, and all sorts of other fun stuff. He was the most powerful character I ever played, but thankfully it managed never to be twinkish (although it may not sound that way from the previous description). When the GM moved to a new city and restarted his game there, I got letters to "Cairus" from other players asking for my advice! How cool is that?

4.) St. Louis Mick, the Brujah from Brooklyn. This is a weird story. There was this long-running Vampire game here in town that was extraordinarily lame. Everyone was a twink and no one knew how to roleplay. So my group decided to "crash" the game one night, all of us playing very over-the-top characters. One was Jean-Baptiste, an effete European in a sharkskin suit. Another spoke only in Japanese. And I was the St. Louis Mick, a Brooklyn vampire in a backwards baseball cap who kept asking for cans of Gangrel-B Gone and slapping the female vampires on their behinds (I worked this out with them ahead of time to keep from getting socked in the jaw.)

We got quite a few players to break character and crack up with laughter that night. It was fun.

5.) Finally, there was Seamus McDougal O'Dain, a traveling minstrel and bard. Imagine him a bit like "Baldric" from Black Adder, only quicker of wit and able to sing. He basically went from town to town, singing songs, getting in massive amounts of trouble, and usually fleeing for his life. Later, a friend became his traveling companion, Hieronymous Theophrastus Bombastus Lord Palfrey, and basically the two of us would just riff and go off on huge, hilarious tangents. Many of the "quotable quotes" from that period come from those two characters.

Sadly, our poor GM finally forced us to play different characters, because we kept derailing the plot with our crazy hijinks. Essentially, we caused far too much chaos. We still hope one day to sucker some poor GM into letting us play that dynamic duo again.

27 November 2002, 03:02 PM
As a note, I'm the GM of the party that Alex Mann ( see above ) is involved in.
My favorite character is probably one of the characters from the same party. Right before our party was stuck unconscious and shoved into the matrix...I was playing this thief called Harris Mattson...everyone in the party was fooled into believing he died, but he actually had escaped being put into the matrix and got frozen in carbonite, so 25 yrs. later (cause I wanted to do NJO ) they awoke and found him frozen. He is wanted in about 300 systems for petty theft, so the party demanded that I adda d20 to his reputation...I rolled a 20. So he is a bad ass thief with a huge reputation. He's 6 levels soldier, 6 levels scoundral and 1 level in a prestige I mad that is comparable to the Thief-Acrobat from the Song and Sileice D&D book.
I'm also playing in a D&D/Star Wars party set 1000 years after the NJO. I'm playing a 2nd level force adept, 2nd level psion, and 3rd level sorceror. He's the son of two gods and ahs three hunting him. Just an extra thought.

3 December 2002, 02:28 PM
My favorite Character is Malord Jeskan, a fearsome Bounty Hunter with an amzing arsonal of weapons. And a three million credit space Transport named "Longshot"(named because of its Double Turbolaser cannons, Heavy Ion Cannons, and Turbolaser)

3 December 2002, 05:00 PM
one of my favourite characters that I ran was an NPC based on Star Trek: Voyager's EMH (the Emergency Medical Hologram, for those of you that don't know), although instead of a holographic doctor, he was a medical droid, and if anyone is interested in his stats, I will look for them, or, at least for his model, because the Doctor (that's right B)), was one of a kind.

Another good NPC I ran was another droid, and he was also based on a TV character.

this one was not my creation, but someone else's, and if you recognize your work, please PM or email me, and I will mention due credit. (I did not alter this from the original creation, so if anyone decides to run this, alter him to your desires)

Created from recycled beer cans by Mom's Friendly Robot Company in the state of Mexico (in the United States on Earth) Bender Unit #22 is a cleptomaniac who drinks and smokes constantly. The alcohol is to keep his fuel cells charged--the cigars just make him look cool. Bender's most secret desires are to become a folk singer and to "kill all humans".

When exposed to magnets or magnetic fields, he begins to sing Bob Dylan songs uncontrollably. The desire to "kill all humans" is probably a side effect of his original funtion, bending girders for suicide booth construction on Earth.

Walking bender robot
Scoundrel 3
Init: +2(Dex)
Def: 17 (+2 Dex, +5 class)
Spd: 10m
Vp/Wp: 13/17
Atk: +2 melee (1d6, hand)
SV F: +4; R: +5; W: +2
SQ: Alcohol fuel (see below)
Rep: 0
Str: 20
Dex: 15
Con: 17
Int: 11
Wis: 13
Cha: 14

Special Qualities: Alcohol fuel. Bender requires alcohol to recharge his fuel cells. He smokes cigars too, but he says thats just because "They make me look cool." Bender can vent the excess alcohol from his system once per day dealing 2d6 fire damage in combat.

Skills: Bluff +6 (+8), Computer Use +6 (+7), Disable Device +6 (+7), Escape Artist +6 (+8), Forgery +6 (+7), Knowledge (All My Circuits soap opera) +3 (+4), Move Silently +3 (+5), Profession (girder bending) +6 (+7), Sleight of hand +6 (+8).

Feats: Trustworthy, Gearhead (literally)

Poof's Padawan
3 December 2002, 05:30 PM
My favorite thing I ever played was my Adavanced Battle droid character. The reason he was so cool is because if you know what you're doing he can be quite powerful. At 7th level he took down somthing that was challenge code "I". He was hard to play (water is a problem: aka sinking) but his equipment was cool. He had a rocket launcher: 4d8, Flamerthrower: 3d6, Hvy Blaster Rifle, and magnetic feet, and a pet kowakian monkey lizard (the little guy in Jabba's place that laughs a lot).

Corr Terek
3 December 2002, 06:04 PM
My favorite characters? Well, let's see...

I have 3, 2 from Sw, one from an online PBeM game I am running based off the Phantasy Star series of games.

1) Corr Terek, my namesake. Corr refers to himself as a Jedi Knight, but his more accurate description would be "Knight of the Circle" a Force-using sect that intertwines several Force traditions besides that of a Jedi Knight. He also worked briefly as a bounty hunter. He's 21 years old, was married to his Twi'lek girlfriend Natalya Derrosk, and they're expecting a kid. He's also adopted a Ryn girl named Tyra, aged 14. You can read about the adventures of a somewhat younger Corr & Natalya over in the Roleplaying forum in the "Time of Turmoil" thread.

Some of his more memorable exploits?

Fighting battles with over 4 Dark Jedi -- and winning most
Didn't lose an appendage during said battles
Turned one of those Dark Jedi toward the light
Killed his first enemy when only 10 years old
Commanded a Rebel fighter squadron at age 16
Lead the Carnosian space fleet to victory against an Imperial fleet

2) Darren Nalto. This guy was perhaps my first PC character. I played him in a PBeM called "Echo Squadron". Darren flew as Echo 4, and caused quite some damage to the Empire during his stint in the Rebellion. Darren was 19 years old with fiery red hair and a temper to match. He was also one of the best slicers in Echo Squadron. His childhood friend Anya Kirra was Force-Sensitive (she was distantly related to Corr Terek), and she learned the use of a lightsaber quite well.

Major accomplishments:

Reprogramming an ancient Krath war droid to serve as a bodyguard
Rebuilding a remote, giving it advanced AI and better weaponry
Ramming his X-Wing into the hangar bay of an Interdictor -- and surviving
Rushing into an enemy base to rescue Anya -- by himself. He succeeded.
Creating a device that could assume control of other ships by broadcasting commands thru commlink (he had a LOT of fun w/ it)

3) My third favorite character was Mieu, a Numan-like creature from Phantasy Star. For those who don't know, Numans are a near-human species that have been genetically altered. They have large pointed ears almost like a cross between a cat and a rabbit's. Numans also have cat-like agility and reflexes. Mieu is 4 years old, but in mind and body is as mature as an adult. She is compassionate, and very capable in combat.

Major accomplishments:

Fighting an army of monsters for nearly five days and surviving -- long enough for the other PCs to rescue her
Semi-coaxing my other PC from his depression at losing a childhood friend
More to come...

Bounty Hunter
4 December 2002, 03:04 PM
My favorite character is my Aleena scoundrel, The Dark Whisp. He was a 5th level scoundrel multiclasses into the Master Theif prestige class (seen elsewhere on this site.) He had a lightsaber fighting claw on one hand and a lightsaber whip(seen in one of the novels) in the other.