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Paul Klein
21 January 2002, 02:24 AM
Has anyone ran a campaign run, say 500 years (give or take a few hundred) after the Battle of Yavin?

If so, I'm interested in what sort of place the galaxy is in your campaign. What's happaned, what's happening, and what sort of technological advancments have occured in your campaign.

I'm thinking about setting my next campaign 500 years after Yavin, but realiaze that setting the galaxy for the players will be a LOT of work. Any suggestions will really help.


21 January 2002, 06:29 AM
Given that there have already been several attempts at intergalactic communication/travel over some 70 years of SW history (failed or sabotaged, like the Outbound Flight Project early in Palpatine's reign; and successfull, like the Yuuzhan Vong invasion some 25 years after the battle of Yavin), I think that realistically either other galaxies will become involved, or another technological dark age hits the SW galaxy (again ... though this does not stop incursions from other galaxies, only to them).

It's a pity we don't know anything about the surroundings of the SW galaxy (like we do of our own, with the Small & Large Magellan clouds as close relatives, and the Andromeda Galaxy M31 as our nearest "true" galactic neighbour, and about 30 galaxies making up our neighbourhood, the Local Group). Then again, that's what sets Space Opera apart from Science Fiction ...

21 January 2002, 10:45 AM
Four the last six years i have run two campaigns set 300 yrs after ROTJ, send me a more specific message about what you need and ill gladly send them to you. I have all the stats and plotlines you could ever want. But here is the jist of it.

A few years after the battle of Endor Luke Skywalker
was going thru some of Palpatines things on Coruscant and found and ancient Jedi manuscript. Luke went out to the edge of the known galaxy to investigate this and unknowingly released a Sith lord who had been imprisoned for over a milennia. This evil Jedi wrote some of the dark secrets the Palpatine studied in his rise to power and embracing of the dark side. The "essence" of this Jedi was released and it took over the body of a young Jedi who accompanied Luke. For 300 yrs this evil Jedi (whom we named Erdicor) has been in slumber and now has begun his attack on the Republic. In our campaign he crushed the Republic in only a matter of months. Now are characters are fighting with the remnants of the Republic to stop this new dark menace from establishing a dicatotorship worse than anyting Palpatine could have imagined.

As far as blasters go in the future, technology has advanced. Weapons have become more lethal as the use of tibanna gas has been perfected. Now every blaster rifle has different settings that do different damage. I'll use the standard blaster rifle as an example. According to the core rulebook it does 3d8 damage. In the future there are different settings -- single shot (fires on shot every time you squeeze the trigger which does 3d8 damage) , three shot (fires three shots every time you pull the trigger which does 4d8 dmg), and full auto (continuous every time you pull the trigger and does 5d8 damage/) So on the character sheets it looks something like this.

blaster rifle 3d8/4d8/5d8
{Or if you guys are West End Gamers
blaster rifle 5D/6D/7D }

The same principal applies to starship weapons as well. Republic ships also have proton torpedoes that split into three smaller torpedoes when fired and can be be used to attack multiple targets.

This is how the story has unfolded in our two campaigns. The story arc is centered around three major battles.
The first one takes place relatively early, when the characters are 4th or 5th level (or have stats no higher than 5D+2 in WEG). This is the first major counterstrike by the resistance against Erdicor and his forces. This consists of a sneak attack agianst the future equivalent of a Super Star Destroyer, which is one of Eridcor's flagships. The ship passes through a nebula where the resistance fighters are hiding in. They then sneak up on it and blast a hole in its side and fly inside part of the superstructure and destoy the ion drives - causing a chain reaction to destroy the ship.
The second battle takes place a couple of years (of game time) later, when the characters are 8th level (or have 8D stats in WEG.) After the resistance forces get established, they create a huge base just outside the outer rim. They hollow out several asteroids and make it their command center. They call this base Asteroid Omega. In the second major battle, a spy tips of Eridcor and his forces about the location of this base and invade it. The heroes must help as many of their companions as they can escape.
The final battle takes place when the heroes are 11th or 12th level (of have 10D+2 or higher WEG stats.) This is the final confrontation between the resistance and Erdicor and his forces. Technology has progressed and Erdicor's scientists have developed a weapon powerful enough to cause a star to go critical. He uses this to destroy several systems and the resistance has no choice but to act. The way this final battle played out was different in my two campaigns. Some of the characters piloted starfighters in the space battle, while others infiltrated the ship and disabled vital systems (shields, sensors, etc.) and we had a Jedi character fight Erdicor and his apprentice Darth Khadris. After this battle the Republic is restored and the campaign is essentially over.

As for Jedi, we didn't change anything major about the them. All the rules in the WEG and Wotc versions for Jedi remained in effect. As far as other modifications for the "Future Star Wars Campaign," most of them came in the area of starships. For instance, we assumed that hyperdrives had become more efficient and faster. In the time of Luke Skywalker a 0.5 hyperdrive is the fastest there is. In the future this is average. So a X4 hyperdrive in the future is the equivalent to the 0.5 hyperdrive in the "classic" timeline. So one can travel to planets much faster. Thus communications also travels faster. Because of this new speices from other galaxies have began to show up, the society has grown considerably. Tatooine is no longer a backwater world, but highly civilized and a lot closer to the "bright spot in the universe."

Starship weapons are more advanced as well. This follows the same principles as the blasters above but a bit more complicated. First of all, we ran into a problem because we wanted to use the Star Warriors map and counters for space battles so we had to make simplifications. One example is the T-83 X-Wing Fighter, the mainstay of the resistance fleet. It has four blaster cannons like its predecessor. For simplicity purposes, we didn't change the damage done on starship weapons because we assumed that hull design had advanced in a similar manner so it equaled out. However, the technology surrounding the weapons is different. First of all each starfighter is equipped with an automatic tracking system. This allows the pilot or gunner a +5 (Wotc) or +1D (WEG) on all rolls made agianst that enemy vessel. Only one ship can be locked on to at one time. So if you attack two ships, the bonus only counts on the first ship you shoot at. This lock rule applies to turbolasers as well on capital ships, but large ships such as these can only lock onto ships that are one size category smaller than the vessel they are mounted on. So a capital ship can't lock its turbolaser onto a starfighter. Proton torpedoes have also advanced as i also alluded to earlier. They can be fired in two ways. They can be fired as a single torpedo, where they do the regular amount of damage (the lock rule applies here as well -- A PILOT OR GUNNER CAN HAVE A LOCK WITH A LASER AND WITH A TORPEDO AT THE SAME TIME, THEY ARE SEPARATE SYSTEMS, A SKILLED PILOT CAN LOCK A LASER AND A TORPEDO ON SEPARATE TARGETS) or he can use the spread option. If this event he fires the torpedo and then its splits into three smaller torpedoes. Each torpedo does half damage of a normal torpedo. If a pilot does this he can lock onto three separate targets and get a +5 agianst all three targets ( he rolls the attack once and the same roll counts for all three targets). The pilot must declare what option he is using before he fires his proton torpedo. Once fired he cannot change his mind. Finally shields have improved as well. On a starfighter the shields automatically regenerate at a rate of 10 shiled points every five rounds. This occurs until his shield generator(s) are destroyed or overloaded.

I did forget one important thing about the storyline. None of the EU novels ever happened.
Here is the story on the Jedi of the campaign. When Erdicor first crushed the Republic forces he became bored. He is a brilliant Sith master but he is also totally insane because of his many years serving the dark side. Erdicor became bored because, as he saw it, he did not have a worthy adversary. He knew that some Jedi had escaped his invasion, but he could not find all of them. So he developed a plan to find them as well as create a worthy opponent for him to fight against. He personally trained 10 of the most force sensitive people he could find. He then controlled their breeding unitl one couple had a child who was very high in midi-chlorian count. He let this child out into the galaxy as an infant. This boy grew up on a planet named Trafalgar, and became an expert technician and starship pilot. Erdicor then sent agents to kill the boy and let the resistance know about it -- since he knew they would rescue him. The boy was rescued and became a soldier in the resistance -- gradually becoming aware of his force powers. He starts training as a Jedi on his own the best he can. The Jedi in hiding now take notice of him and secretly approach him and offer to train him as a Jedi. In our current campaign the boy is being trained by Luke Skywalker himself (at the honorable age of 327.) Erdicor lets Skywalker and the other Jedi train the boy so the boy and his apprentice Darth Khadris, can duel each other to the death. Whoever wins this battle will become his true apprentice and help him cruch the remaining Jedi. This will also be and entertianing war to fight. This is the precedence for the campaign, except that we hope the boy (along with help of other Jedi who will come out of hiding) will defeat both of the evil Sith in the last adventure and foil Erdicor's plot.

In the end thankfully the characters succeeded and all was well in the Galaxy again. I know this is a lot to read, but I hope it helps and you have as much fun in the future as we did. Good luck.

21 January 2002, 01:58 PM
If you want a backstory for 500 years after RotJ, check out this (excellent) fanfic, The Sands of Time: 500 Years After RotJ (http://fanfic.theforce.net/fanfic.asp?action=view&ID=192).

Paul Klein
21 January 2002, 02:27 PM
Woot! Thanks guys, I appreaciate it.

Jan Tolbara
21 January 2002, 05:37 PM
I actually had plans to have a campaign set not 500 years after Yavin, but 5000 years afterward.

In that campaign, a race that was discovered by the party and introduced to the galaxy joined the New Republic. Unfortunately, the party did not know that this new race was very innovative. Soon afterward while flying back to Coruscant, the party was forced to get into cryonic capsules when a hull breach in deep space destroyed the most major systems on their ship, including life support. Their ship floated unpowered in deep space and was never found by the New Republic.

After about 500-600 years, this new race slowly gained enough power and influence to challenge the New Republic. They declared independence, took a number of prominent worlds with them and started a civil war. During this war, they were able to eliminate the Jedi order, defeat the New Republic and take over the galaxy. Once they have taken power, this race's true agenda came to light, and they began genetically altering the population of the galaxy to slowly become one race: their race.

Four and a half millenia later, the original party (the ones that discovered the race) is found in deep space and revived by a small group that is part of a covert rebellion aimed at removing this race from power and restoring freedom to the galaxy. Unfortunately for the rebellion, they are failing and need assistance to survive and succeed.

Due to this race taking power, technological advances are very slow, and the technology level is very similar to current SW timeline. However, new ship designs would be available, and planet ecologies and settings would change as well. Regarding the ship designs, current ship stats could be used but given different looks and names. Planets may be a different story, depending on what you want to do with them. Tatooine could become the headquarters for the new rebellion, or it could be a deserted world. When I set this campaign up, Coruscant was destroyed (like Alderaan) as a show of force by this new race.

I was really looking forward to running this campaign but never got the chance to do so.