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21 January 2002, 02:12 PM
After passing around plenty of characters for each other to use as NPCs and so on, I thought I'd start up a different take on it.
There were two things I hated when I started playing ADnD way back when...[list=1]
too many adventures started with the King summoning a group of low-level pukes to save the kingdom from the big nasty threat, and
that so often the big nasty threat was the evil magic user raising an undead/monster/whatever army.[/list=1]
What I'd like to see is a list of the collective HoloNet's biggest bad guys. I'm looking for the head honcho that the PCs will ultimately face. The guy in the background. The big boss.

If the PCs are goodnicks, then we want to see some bad guys. But in fairness to all the Dark Side campaigns out there, the glorious heroes the dark siders are trying to defeat are also welcome here.

Sure, there will be some big bad Sith nasties, and that's great. But let's also try to include the pirates, smugglers, crimelords, mercenaries and so on that also make the galaxy go around. Feel free to include any notable staff/henchman/lieutenants that complete the picture if need be, too.

One last thing. I put this in the General forum to keep stats out of it. This was more of an 'idea mill' than a request for completed NPCs. Concept, a bit of background, maybe a short explanation - should be all we need. If somebody wants specific stats they can always PM or email the poster.

Looking forward to it.



21 January 2002, 04:58 PM
In my campaign the villian of villians is a Twi'Lek Crimelord named Tarq Vil'Cara. He may seem like you typical sleazy NPC but he is running a huge system spanning black market and pirating ring with help from certain Republic Senators. His base of operations is located beneath Rahne's Dune Sea Outfitters (modified from SW Gamer #7) in Mos Eisley in an underground cavern city I call Junktown built in secret below Mos Eisley. He's not content with running guns and selling slaves, he's about to organize a crime war against Jabba the Hutt himself in a bid to take over his fringe territory with my players caught in the middle. He's a little insane, a little paranoid but a damn resourceful fellow. My players have yet to see how much power he wields and who exactly is pulling his strings in the background but it ought to be fairly interesting. Tarq vs. Jabba ought to make for some interesting fireworks on the planet and I'm curious to see what side the players decide to align themselves with. ** Insert Evil GM laugh here *** B)

Jan Tolbara
21 January 2002, 06:02 PM
I have a few suggestions that are on the Characters page of Star Wars: The Forgotten Tales.

1) Senna - former Imperial Royal Guard turned bounty hunter. This character favors the Empire over the New Republic but is known to befriend NR agents to covertly sabotage their work and help gain support for the Empire. Secretly, she wants to bring back the glory of the Empire and become its next ruler. (Senna used to be a PC in my old campaign.)


2) The Xyber Corps - mercenary organization. This is a group of six characters that are basically warriors-for-hire, but the fact that they have a Sith-trained Dark Jedi in their ranks make them formidable opponents. They can be found in the New Republic era. (The Xyber Corps were briefly introduced in my old campaign and are in the process of returning in my current PBeM game.)


3) Darth Ti'Ran and Darth Malice - new Sith master and apprentice. Darth Ti'Ran came from 800 years before Yavin but was suspended until about 20 years after Yavin. He was revived by the woman that became Darth Malice, former Witch of Dathomir. (I never used them in either of my campaigns but would not hesitate to do so.)


Talonne Hauk
21 January 2002, 07:36 PM
My bad guy is an Imperial Major named Kal Vallix. I'm playing in the early Rebellion era, (approximately 5 years before A New Hope) and the goal is to have this character grow with my players, so he'll be a constant threat. I have a few force-sensitives in my party, so I made him force-sensitive, too. He's in the Imperial Army, but he's crossed into Imperial Intelligence, because I eventually want him to become an Inquisitor.
I have others, but they're not as fleshed out yet, and I don't want to spill the beans in case my players are reading this. (Those sneaky bastards!)

Jan Tolbara
21 January 2002, 08:15 PM
This is a character that I don't have any stats for, but I was planning on using him in my old campaign.

Admiral Majint - Imperial admiral in command of the ISD Indomitable. This Imperial officer was in command of several ships that were assigned to defend Coruscant. When the New Republic attacked the system, the Indomitable fought in the battle to defend the system from the "Rebels". After suffering heavy damage, the Indomitable fled from the battle and limped into a drydock still under Imperial control. Once repairs were completed, Admiral Majint convinced the crew of several other ships in the Imperial fleet to follow his lead to start rebuilding the Empire. Currently (six to seven years after RotJ), Admiral Majint has approximately 10 ships under his command and is at large somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories.

Admiral Majint is ruthless and strict. He commands with a firm grip and expects perfection from his crew. He is also known to be creative with his strategies and has taken many New Republic and independent ships by surprise with unorthodox or previously unknown, but effective, strategies.

Capt Murphy
22 January 2002, 01:25 AM
I am currently running a campaign set 30 years after Endor, using my own timeline (no Vong at the moment) and I have a crimelord that the PC's are into big that they really hate.

She's a Cerean who was a former member of New Republic Intelligence. She's a twisted little greedy little thing who decided to use her position in the NR to pass on information to criminals for money.

She soon made enough credits to buy her own ice moon in Hutt Space and left the NR. It wasn't until she had left that the NR realised how much she had passed on the the underworld.

She is called Madamme Zsar Zsar (Madame ZZ to her cohorts).

These are some of her minions :

- 2 Noghri (male & female) who are 100% loyal to her. One, the male, is her Major Domo, the female is her enforcer/assassin.

- A Rodian gunslinger with a very short temper. His name is Prevaro Void.

- 3 Quarren bodyguards known only as 1,2 and yes you guessed it, 3

She has links to the Hutts and owns several bars on Nar Shadda.

Finally, she is quite the flirt. I had her focus her attentions on one of my PCs who dare not reject her affections of he may end up 6ft under.

Capt M

Darth Bile
22 January 2002, 06:02 AM
I have a noghri who hunts the son of mon mothma(in our campaign at least) who abandoned him in space when he ejected before his ship blew up, now, due to that and his rescue by a sith lord who's trained him in the use of the lightsaber he stole from a jedi cause he thought they were cool for cutting open metal doors and stuff, he now has a cybernetic eye that lets him see into all the different spectrums of light, a masking ring to make him invisible to the force, a heavily, and i mean heavily modified star fighter/space transport. He's one of the sneakiest, sliest SOB's the party can encounter, he's been known to take on 10 stormtroopers as a beginning character and win, and after playing him for a few years, you can imagine what he is capable of doing, plus not counting the way he steal stuff or blow stuff up, he's on of my major villians.

22 January 2002, 11:54 AM
Worst bad-guy ever wasn't a 'guy' . . .

Darth Vixen of Venus - A genetically engineered secret Sith Lord. Her DNA was formed by combining the DNA of a handful of ancient Sith as well as Exar Kun, Lord Henthir, Darth Vader, Del Korrot, Darth Maul, Gethzerion, Azrakel, and even Emperor Palpatine himself. This was the only other large project on the Emperor's mind in the weeks before the Emperor's death. His pet project was to make an ultimate young wife for himself so that he could produce a true heir to the Imperial throne.

One month before the production of the Second Death Star was started, the Emperor began Project Venus, with newly named Grand Admiral Thrawn as it's project leader. He led the team of scientists who began to gather and wade through the huge array of genetic samples the Emperor provided.

(Skipping alot so that I don't spoil guts of the story which I will eventually put in the Fan Fiction section of this website)

In the aftermath of the destruction of the Death Star and the Emperor's death . . . a young blonde baby girl was born. The master geneticist who created her had heard the news of the Emperor's death and that Thrawn wished to take the baby into hiding . . . but the geneticist had other plans. He stole the child and destroyed the facility. But not before taking a Sith Holocron the Emperor had left in his care in order for him to learn to use the special alchemical equipment to create the child. Escaping in a fast transport, he left clues that the facility had been destroyed by Rebel forces and all aboard were dead.

He took the child to Dantooine and raised her as his own. He named her Mari, after his mother. By the time she was twelve, her powers in the force were overpowering. And the evil bred into her genes was monsterous. She often killed small animals by shoving them with the force off of cliffs or off tree limbs. She derived such pleasure from these activities that it frightened her surrogate father.

Eventually, the child found the holocron and began to learn from it . . . training herself in the dark arts . . . and eventually becoming a Sith Lord all on her own by the age of 15. She called herself Darth Vixen of Venus, including the Project Name from whence she was created. When news that the Emperor had resurfaced came . . . she began plans to travel and see him, one of her Father's. . . the one who had created her - in her mind.

But unfortunately, she was sidetracked along the voyage by a group of do-gooder adventurers . . . which she managed to defeat . . . but with her delay, she learned the Emperor had once again been killed.

It was then she learned of the first death of the Emperor. How her father and brother Vader and Luke had killed him, and how Luke and Leia, her sister, were involved once again in the death of her 'father'.

She seemed with anger . . . but repressed the rage into a fiery fuel that would lead her towards her ultimate revenge . . .

Ok . . . so her background is rather . . . um . . . evil. But, so what!? I needed a villian that was more evil than the Emperor . . . and I am guessing that someday I will write her story up here on the holonet . . . but I'll probably do it in parts.

Donovan Morningfire
22 January 2002, 01:10 PM
Very cool Vixen. I've dug through my archives of Star Wars RPG villains past and present, and here are the best three.

First off, Mali'kai (pronounced Ma-lee-kai). An ancient dark side sorcerer with some ties to the ancient, ancinet Sith (from about 15,000 years ago). Had almost total mastery of the arts of death and resurrection, to the point he could almost instantly claim a living body as his own, sending the host's soul into oblivion. At times cool and calculationg, though always underlined with maniacal madness. Considered Palpatine little more than a lucky amatuer. Became so incensed with the PCs (they not only foiled his plans, they humiliated him at the same time) that all of Mali'kai's plans for galatic domination were put on the back burner. Most of the adventures dealing with him took place after the Thrawn Trilogy, and included little of the EU that occured afterwards. Mali'kai was about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the noggin; he used his powers to terrify others, and was especially fond of Force Lightning. His final fate was to be destroyed at the hands of an uber-powerful Jedi child, who was able to channel the Force into blasts of raw energy.

Second, a villainous mastermind by the name of Claria Navia, a Sith Sorceress. Again post-Thrawn, she was always more than she appeared. Claria made her debut as an acolyte of Mali'kai, though it was quickly found that she played all sides against each other for her own benefit. She used her feminine wiles as well as blackmail and gross intimidation to forward her plans, which were rarely revealed until the very end, and often only averted by random happenstance.
Claria's flirtateous actions made several PCs quite uncomfortable, since she was anything but subtle in such actions. Preferred style of dress looked as though she only shopped out of a Frederick's of Hollywood's more risque section. As far as abilities, while she could more than hold her own in a fight, she preferred cunning and trickery, only fighting face-to-face when she had no other choice. Her Force skills were nothing to sneeze at, as she was quite good at altering the minds of others as well as providing fine light shows via Force Lightning, not mention her preferred method of execution was telekinetically crushing the victim's heart (especially during ... intimate moments). She eventually set up her own little base of power, but was forced to abandon it when a totally deranged Mali'kai came calling for revenge. She ultimately came to realize that the Dark Side was fickle in its favor, and was redeemed, eventually becoming a Jedi Master of no small ability. Sometimes walked the razor's edge between light and dark, but in the end was more often on the side of the angels.

The third was known only as Sebastion, and was one of the Emperor's Dark Side Adepts. Totally and completely insane, though somehow managed to gain command of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Known for killing random people on the street because the wind blew a certain direction, especially using Telekinetic Kill. Though he never did the simple neck choke or heart squeeze. He used the old Kids in the Hall gag of "I squish your head!" Sebastion made the gesture, and the target's head would go squishy (he had obnoxious Alter dice). Again, not one for being subtle. His little reign of chaos and terror came to an end via a proton torpedo enema. (Taking explosive diarrhea to a whole new level. :D)

22 January 2002, 04:06 PM
Here are a few of the bad guys I've used over the years. most are still knocking around my Star Wars Universe.

Kaal'Kray'tais the Bloody
A af'harl (dishonoured) Coynite Bounty Hunter. The players know not to get too close when this guy turns up. He's a killer, plain & simple. Though not too bright.

Lord Insideous Vile
Looks amazingly like Darth Maul but I created him before TPM. A Dark Lord of the Sith in the time of the TOTJ. I used to run two RPG groups, and in the one Vile is still a menace. In the disbanded UNIT (and I've told this story on the boards before), Vile was killed. Vile was duelling with two Jedi, and he had them beat. The Jedi collapse, but before Vile can drop the killing blow a 'powerhouse' friend of the Jedi, another PC, turned up hit the Tombstone Piledriver (need to watch old WWF Undertaker) on Vile, Killing him!

Captain Caligula
The guy was a loon. Total insane and obsessed with one of the PC's, a cyborged clone named DAX (Dreadtech Android eXterminator). Caligula was an Imperial Captain who would often force his lieutenats to join him for afternoon tea with frozen bantha steaks & custard on the (compulsory) menu.

Jed Wakanna
Twi'lek loan shark who bugged the players for many months in their early RPG days. Wakanna wasn't really developing and the PCs were soon well above his league. Wakanna eventually got blown out of an airlock without a spacesuit.

King Bloodaxe
On the world of Gar King Bloodaxe killed the King & Queen Darkhammer in an attempt to claim their land and fortune. Bloodaxe failed to foresee the heir to the Darkhammer throne, Ivan Darkhammer (PC) along with his own daughter, Tetris Bloodaxe (another PC), return to Gar to fight him (Ivan & Tetris were aiding the rebellion). Bloodaxe was defeated several times, then the true King of Bloodaxe, the Imperial Grand Moff Ravikk (name taken from Otherspace adventure) returned to Gar. Ravikk was successful in defeating Darkhammer for a while. However, Ravikk was arrested by ISB for using Imperial funds to fight his own war on Gar. King Bloodaxe tried to rally what troops were left but Tetris with an army to command revolted against her father and declared herself Queen Bloodaxe. King Bloodaxe currently resides in a dungeon deep below the cold and murky Castle Bloodaxe.

24 January 2002, 12:45 PM
If you want to read the first part of my story . . . I just posted it . . . you can read it here (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=62242#post62242)

Darth Bile
25 January 2002, 06:04 AM
Another major baddie i have is a genetic compilation of a sith lord. he has the best of various different species in him and he's the current sith lord in my campaign, and his base is in the unknown regions. He's able to do things with the force that the players are only able to dream about, due to his possession of palpatines collection of force artifacts and his own possession of force artifacts, including the Kaiburr crystal, which he uses when he needs to manipulate the force or his minions.

25 January 2002, 07:23 PM
Intresting. My biggewst and baddest bad-guy, was a normal run of the mill human, who due to a tqist of fate (GM's decidion), was force dead.
he was the robert deniro of starwars. Cool, colect, and twisted in his own rihgt.

26 January 2002, 09:43 AM
Commandore Durlo: Commander of the 2134th Battle Squadron stationed in the Frax sector. He is also the commander of one of Empire's Imperial Star Carrierrs, the Deathwind. Durlo was a starfighter ace at the end of the Clone Wars and is one of the few Imperial starship commanders that has a grasp on starfighter combat. While he had no respect for rebels, he did have a sense of honor and over time gave a gruding respect for the team.

26 January 2002, 03:27 PM
my PC's in my newly starting rebellion era campaign include 2 force sensitives, who will no doubt become Jedi and a force Adept...

my villan response to this.. Inquisitor Triamalt Trangt, taken from the Jedi Temple as a Child dureing the Jedi purge and traned frokm Birth to Hunt Jedi. He has his own Imperial (or Victory I haven't yet decided:) Class Star Destroyer and commands CONSIDERABLE power. He has yet to be introduced but once he is, hunting my PC's will become an obsession :)

Kas'ir Faywind
26 January 2002, 04:34 PM
I am Gm'ing a pre-rebellion era campaign where the pc's are gonna help organize the alliance.

They dont know who the main bad guy is and they are kinda frustrated. They do know that he/she has sent an assasin to kill them. Leaving them in the dark on who is their adversary has made some of them quite cautious. They have narrowed it down to a former NPC they forgot to rescue, an Imperial Officer, A crimeloard on Starforge station, and Xixor.

Actually not showing who the antangonist is from the begining seems the best that i could have done. But i guess that is do to the fact that there ultimate goal is not to defeat him (it would be wise for them to do so). but as to organize an actual fighting force for a greater cause