View Full Version : Press Release: Star Wars Gamer's Light Side / Dark Side axed.

Sherman Shipyards
23 January 2002, 11:39 PM
Light Side / Dark Side (LS/DS) has been given the axe. According to Aaron Williams, the creator of LS/DS and Nodwick series in Dragon Magazine, Star Wars Gamer recently pulled the cartoon.

"It wasn't the editorial staff's decision (they'd tell me if it was, since I worked with them at Dragon), and Lucasfilm approved it, so I dunno, " said Williams. His work will continue to appear as one-panel cartoons.

Williams will post the last of LS/DS Cartoons tomorrow on his website, Nodwick.com. He says that he hopes Lucasfilm will allow him to post some new one panel cartoons on his site, but has not asked permission yet. "They usually say yes," he said, "so I think the fans can look forward to some more cartoons from a galaxy far, far away."

Byron Sherry
ShermanShipyards.com - webmaster

P.S. If you want to kept Light Side / Dark Side in Star Wars Gamer, then E-mail like crazy. Their e-mail address is . If you what to link to this press release the URL is swgamer@wizards.com . http://www.shermanshipyarde.com/LSDS_press.html

Aaron B'Aviv
24 January 2002, 08:48 AM
Wow... that kinda sucks. LS/DS isn't an integral part of Gamer, but it's typically amusing. And I like amusing things, especially Star Wars related amusing things.

24 January 2002, 10:25 AM
I sent em an email . . . I love LS/DS