View Full Version : Players wanted for a PbEM game.

25 January 2002, 05:54 AM
Well, its been a while :) but I have returned, however briefly.

Ah, but this isn't all fun and games ;) I'm here on buisness.

Anyway, I'm looking for players to participate in an E-mail RPG. You will be playing a member of a mercenary group trying to make a tidy proffit by selling their services in a Rebellion Era Timeframe :D

This Involves no rules etc but is more like what you would find played on a forum (much like the spork, if anyone remembers, or if it is, in fact, still going.)

Sort of like a collective storywriting session :D

However, There are two restrictions
1. You must be over 18
2. Jedi need not apply, We tried it once and it sort of fell through and ruined the sim.

Hopefully at least one fo you will be interested in the idea, if so give me a yell at:

Anyway, have fun.

And remember, the secret is to bang the rocks together guys!