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25 January 2002, 07:22 PM
anyone got some ideas on how much to charge the party for insurance on their ship?

Chris Curtis
25 January 2002, 08:07 PM
Well, to start with I'd think it ought to be based off what their ship is worth. That means modifications will probably increase the value (at least, if they're useful mods... ;) ), and the value would also depend on age or how well maintained the ship is.

Off the top of my head, maybe something like 0.5% or 1% of the value of the ship per month. This is probably slightly higher than the equivalent car insurance here, but at the same time the PCs probably also have more disposable income than most of us real people do... :D

Also, don't forget that it would probably be difficult or impossible to get insurance for ships that carry certain weapons or break other regulations (too fast sublight drive, etc). In fact, it would be interesting if your PCs tried to get insurance for a ship and the insurance agent didn't give them any problems. In reality, though, the agent immediately went and reported them to the authorities for weapons (or whatever) violations.

25 January 2002, 10:13 PM
Or for a variation on that theme -

Let them purchase insurance. Let them make payments.

When the time comes for them to make a claim from an accident, pirate attack, or whatever... they find out that in the very very very small print of their contract, having certain weapons on board, or powerful hyperdrive, or whatever you want, invalidates coverage... 8o



26 January 2002, 01:22 AM
thanx ppl

1% of ship value per month was what i was thinking - but limiting them to major patrolled routes in near the core

26 January 2002, 05:16 AM
Ship Insurance? Bad GM, bad GM. 2 DSPs for you. one for having the idea, and a second for actually doing it.

26 January 2002, 09:17 AM
So the whole of A New Hope, letting the Rebels get the Death Star plans witha a convinient weakness, and the whole blowing up of the Death Star, was really one of the Emperors Insurance scams :D

I think one thing that any Insurance company would ask would be the characters ADDRESS. What are they going to say? Tierfon Base, but sorry the address is secret. B)

And what if it goes to the courts. The Imperial Courts I might add.
Insurance Lawyer: Calling Lord Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. Lord Vader, do you admit to willfully ordering the destruction of the Rebel Alliance base in the Hoth System.
Darth Vader: That is correct.
Insurace Lawyer: And in doing so destroyed the Lantillian Short Hauler, the Pride of Gar.
Darth Vader: They were part of the Rebel Alliance and traitors. Perhaps the representative of Galactic Insurance believes I was acting unfairly. Perhaps I should give an example of the POWER of the DARK SIDE.
Insurance Lawyer: Ah! Well as you put it that way my client drops his case.

26 January 2002, 03:19 PM
first off, it wasnt my idea - one of the characters asked about it cause he was investing in a freighter to do cargo runs

second, not all of the party characters work for the new republic

not everyone in the galaxy runs around adventuring, so insurance would still exist, and since they asked, i thought i would do some research - the odd of them actually getting it is not very high tho :)

The Admiral
27 January 2002, 12:19 AM
Hmm, insurance. Insurance. In sewer ants.

Righto, off the top of my head;

1: BoSS would almost certainly be either the provider or the agent for insurers. They are starship bureaucracy.

2: As to pricing it, basing it on the price of the ship is the easiest way, but not the most the way insurers would work.
Insurers have to asses the probability of having a claim made, and charge an amount that will cover their expenditure, and make a profit. A 1% rate on a freighter would be fine, but if they accidentally crashed into the starboard engine of a Star Destroyer, forcing an extensive dry dock repair costing millions, well, that'd be a real problem. This is the 'third party' bit in vehicle insurance.
To figure the numbers out will require some arbitrary number crunching, hence, I will indulge, this will assume we're talking about a stock light frieghter.

A: Third Party. An insurer will assess on a yearly basis the total paid out in insurance where an insured craft has caused damage to something else. Another ship, starport, warehouses etc.
Bear in mind that it is irrelevant to third party what the state of the insured vessel is.
Freighters are working vessels, so let us say that 50% of freighters have a claim made against them every year for minor damage, averaging 2,000 credits. (Landing on a starport droid, denting a spaceport airlock, reactor feedback into charging ports etc) Therefore, all SLFI (Stock light frieghter insurance) will carry a minimum of 1,000 per year.
Lets us say that 20% of freighters are involved in moderate damage, averaging 5,000 credits. (Blowing starport doors off with the ion drive, personal injuries, writing off a navsat). Therefore, all SLFI will carry another 1,000 per year.
Let us further say that 5% of SLFs are involved in major incidents, averaging 20,000 credits. (Incidental deaths, total destruction of facilities, major crashes) Again, this works out to 1,000 per year.

B: 'Fire' Or accidental damage. This can be worked out against the value of the craft. Factoring in the total loss of starships as about 1.5%, then a figure of 8.5% of the value of the ship per year is about right. That covers everything from total loss down to petty damage.

C: 'Theft' Let us guess that 4% of SLFs are stolen each year. Since unlike 'Fire' 'Theft' is an either or, then that 4% can be carried straight over to the insurance bill. However, this bit would also cover things like piracy. Since one can't make a claim on a pirates insurance, the costs are incurred by the legitimate SLFs. Cargo would be insured seperately. Damage to the ship itself let's say about 1%. Personal injury insurance would probably figure at about 100 credits per year per crew member.

Now, that's should give you the base figure for the ship (3,000 + 13.5% of ship's value +100 per crew)

Then insurers typically weigh the amount paid based on other factors.

Captains experience;
Novice = +20%
Inexperienced = +10%
Average = +0%
Experienced = -10%
Veteran = -20%

Ship is;
Very fast = +20%
Fast = +10%
Average = +0%
Slow = -10%
Very Slow = -20%

Ship has;
Minimum security = +10%
Low security = +5%
Average security = +0%
Good Security = -5%
Excellent Security = -10%

Ship operates mostly in;
Core -5%
Colonies -0%
Inner Rim +5%
Mid Rim +7.5%
Outer Rim +10%

There are some final previsios to mention;
Insurers would require a given level of security on the ship.
If the insurance needs to cover other pilots (even co-pilots) add +10% per person. If a ship was being operated by someone not on the docket, then the claim is made moot.
Insurers would require that under pirate attack, the ship immediately surrenders completely. (This would run counter to most cargo insurance, which would say 'run like a Bolarian Surf Tiger')

And finally, for every claim made on the vessel, the insurance is increased by 5%

Right, factor in all that, then add 5% to the insurance figure for profit, and shabang. Insurance is VERY PRICY. :-)

27 January 2002, 12:43 AM
thanx admiral - very detailed and could be useful

i decided however, that for what the party uses their ship for, the fact that they have no fixed address and their past record, that no insurance company would touch them