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The Admiral
27 January 2002, 03:08 AM
VITEL MainFrame

Type: Mega-Processing Mainframe
Model: VITEL Vantis 3440
Avail: 4, R
Cost: 8,750,000

The Vantis 3440 is one of the most powerful computer systems available anywhere in the galaxy. Each unit measures 7.5 meters in width, and 2.6 meters in height, featuring sixteen operator consoles. The heart of the unit consists of sixteen ChePat Type 6 mega-processors capable of processing 10^18 meta-data functions per second. These are networked to each other, and 108 HiBaka Quantum H-Space Data Storage nodes, each capable of holding 140,000 MBz of data.
Almost always found as the central computer system for large facilities, there are places where more than one of these units have been installed. The VITEL Corporate University on Yovogano, for example, has eight units. These are theoretically capable of cross-linking to form a giant system. Yovogano University has yet to test this theory, citing the potential ill-health of the Dean of Data and the Chancellor.
The power drain of the unit can reach 268 GEUs at maximum capacity, with a minimum draw of 124 GEU. This huge draw is usually obtained from dedicated fusion generators.

The Computer Programming roll bonus depends on how many of the ChePat Type 6’s are available to the user.
Use the combined actions rules as found on page 82-83 of the SWRB 2nd Ed R&E to determine the programming bonus. The difficulty is twice the number of Type 6’s being combined.
(Note: If one is using a networked set of Type 6’s to successfully link other units to it, the difficulty is +10. Also, if the roll fails, then all of the Type 6’s cease being combined.)
Example: Kzikku the Annoying decides to link 10 Type 6 units together. The difficulty is 20. He rolls 28, and succeeds. Using combined actions rules, he has at his disposal +8D of computing power. With this, he decides to add an extra 20 units. The difficulty for this roll is 70 (30 units x2 plus 10 for using the first ten units). Fortunately for the galaxy at large, he only rolls a 54, and therefore, all 30 units are once again separate.

Oh, the image is a map I created of the university, hence it's small size. Top bit is the plan view, below that the side view.

27 January 2002, 09:18 AM
Very powerful and (thus) very expensive! ;) Are they already available used or on the black market to safe money? I don't think any scientist already menaged to build a knock-off...

The Admiral
27 January 2002, 12:13 PM
Used, black market, hurm. Well, there wouldn't be enough of these things out there for there to be any kind of blackmarket for them. There'd certainly be no more than 100 of them. And for them to be available, they'd have had to have been stolen. These things woud NOT be easy to steal. Add to that, they'd be pretty easy to track. Anything transporting one would have to be able to load a 7.5 meter diameter unit, which would make it a large bulk freighter.

Anyway, these things are up to any GM. Certainly any resourceful party would stand a good chance of stealing one, especially if you tell 'em it can't be done.

As for used, I'll edit the post just as soon as someone in my campaign has a good reason to sell one ;-)

1 February 2002, 01:04 PM
Very cool write up. Unfortunately, the only possible use I can think of for it in a campaign I would run is to smash it to piss off whoever owns it. :D

3 February 2002, 12:40 PM
I don't know a large mainframe could have it's uses in a game. Store information on, which the group needs. Mabye they need to steal it. Any number of things u could do with it. Mabye have a really smart AI. The kind of AI that's running a city, police, hospitals, ect. Would hate for that to develop a little hal complex :D

The Admiral
3 February 2002, 02:54 PM
Predictably enough, when they saw these puppies, their eyes lit up. Conversations stated along the lines of
Owen (As Kzikku): "Oooh, oh we gotta get one!"
James (As Loki): "They need a fusion core."
Owen (As Kzikku): "Well, some on the roof, there are?"
James (As Loki): "Yeah, but they're FUSION COREs you can' just unplug 'em, and sling them in your backpack."
Owen (As Kzikku): "Details, details."
James (As Loki): "Besides which, it's the COMPUTER we want."
Owen (As Kzikku): "What good a computer is with no power?"
James (As Loki): "Exactly!"
Owen (As Kzikku): "So, after we stolen the fusion core from roof, we get a REALLY big ship, and steal computer!"
James (As Loki): "It's thirty foot wide!"
Owen (As Kzikku): "We get a ship with a BIG DOOR!"
James (As Loki): "It's on the twenty third floor!"
Owen (As Kzikku): "So we blow big holes in the top three floors, and dig it out!"
James (As Loki): "You don't think people will notice us demolishing the top three floors of a building?!"
Owen (As Kzikku): "We do it QUIETLY!"
James (As Loki): "HOW?!"
Owen (As Owen): "Um, is there such a thing as silenced explosives in Star Wars, Ben?"
Me, as GM: "NO."
Owen (As Kzikku): "Right, well, we do it very quickly!"
James (As Loki): “Oh, fine. We’ll talk about that later. What would we DO with one anyway?”
Owen (As Kzikku): ”We’ll make it the main computer of the ship!”
Owen (As Kzikku): ”Uh huh, that’s why we need a new ship! A bigger one!”
James (As Loki): “Oh, no,,,”
Owen (As Kzikku): ”So, after we stolen fusion core, then stolen big ship, and then stolen computer, we’ll make it run our ship! It’ll be GREAT!
James (as James: “Have you ever SEEN 2001?!”
Owen (As Owen): “Exactly! It’ll be GREAT!”

Unfortunately for Kzikku's new project, all eight mainframes were slagged when the ISD Chastener flattened the building. (See 'OK, get out of THIS one' for more details,,,

3 February 2002, 06:39 PM
LOL! Yeah that sounds about right. My intail though when i saw that was. Jee i bet that puppy would run Unreal Tornement really nicely :D :p