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27 January 2002, 12:25 PM
I'm looking to put together a group of players to play some Star Wars
RPG by e-mail. I've already found four excellent players and am looking for just a few more.
The campaign I want to run is not your average every day kind of Star
Wars game.
Mix a bucketful of the first Mission Impossible movie, a handlful of
James Bond, a dollop of murder mystery, pour into the Star Wars universe and simmer for ten years.
I've run bits and pieces of this campaign for about ten years now, and
I'm looking for a few good players who would like to try it out.
The entire campaign is based on one planet. All characters will start at level one with no weapons. (Yes, no weapons. They're illegal on this planet. Of course acquiring weapons is possible.)
The campaign occurs just after the battle of Yavin. (So no Jedi
characters to start. There could be opportunity to develop one though.) The Characters will all have joined the rebellion to save the Galaxy. (Good type characters only need apply. I will be using a modified system of dark side points from WEG's system. A roll 1d10 every time you gain a darkside point. If I roll under the number you have your Character turns to the dark side and becomes an NPC under my control, and that would really mess up your fellow players!)
The campaign will begin with plenty of sneaking, skuldudgery, and
investigating type stuff. It will end in a massive battle which could affect
the outcome of the history of the galaxy. (At least it could end that way,
it could end a whole lot less spectacularly if the Players get caught!)

Should you be interested in giving this campaign a try please e-mail me at:

Please include a detailed resume of your gaming experiences so that I can decide if you will suit this campaign.

Alex van Donkersgoed

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