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27 January 2002, 08:08 PM
I just got done searching the general forum, after realising that i had one fighter post missing from here. Well here it is again (with the changes of it now has sensors and ranges for the munition types....)This ship was mothballed many centuries ago on the planet dubleraik, way out on the border of wild space. When the Vong hit, the empire decided to make a grab for it. In the interceeding months since, there has been a sizable rebel uprising, and many of these were taken out of 'dust gathering'...

Heptal 4d-XX24y atmospheric superiority fighter/bomber
Type: Hurian atmospheric fighter, archaic
scale: starfighter
length: 23M Wing span 18M
skill: Archaic atmospheric craft piloting.
Crew: 2, gunners 1 skel 2/+5
Passengers: none
Cargo: weapon pod space for 36,000 LB of ordinance
Engine system: 4 Duat-maxiozin sure life fission engines, 3800lb thrust
Consumables: 28 hours
Cost: 350,000
Atmospheric speed: 400, 1250kph
manuverability: 2D
Hull: 5D
Shields: what the heck are they??
Passive 1d/6
scan 1d+2/18
search 2d+1/36
focus 4d/3
6 Hard points for variable munitions
2 nose mounted Arricl-vulcus 20mm Chain guns
arc fwd
scale Speeder
crew 1
f.cont 3D
Rof 6
range: 600m/1.4km/2.2km
Damage: each burst 5D+2 continuous fire 7D

The onboard cargo bay contains enough ammo for both guns to fire continuously for 12 straight rounds or for 24 bursts.

Maveric heat seakers (f.cont 4D/dam 4D)
Range 50m-2km/4km/8km
Sidewinders (fcont 5D/dam 3D+1)
Range 250m-4km/8km/12km
Tommohawks (f.cont 2D+1/6D)
Range 200m-2.5km/5km/10km
Piledriver bombs (f.cont 1D/dam 6d/4d/3d/2d 5/7/10/14ft)
Range 20m-1km/2km/4km,
fravv bombs (f.cont 2D/4d ion damage)
Same as piledriver

Well, what's the verdict.