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29 January 2002, 06:53 PM
Ok I just finished Dark Journey and have learned many new things. I would like to rant and rave about a few in paticular.

Firstly, Anakin is still dead....boooo. This I was not too happy with because he was my favorite character, but I am also pleased because it he were to revived somehow it would have been kinda phony. Also at his funeral Kyp Durron of all people nailed it on how Anakin still will have an effect on the Jedi. I was very pleased by that but somewhat suprised to see it come from the Jedi Master whom many Jedi despise.

Secondly, is Jaina. As the obvious protaganist I think she was portrayed well and expected to see her fall completely to the Dark Side, this however was not the case. Towards the end her return to the lightside seems inveviatble and her future no longer seems as hazy. Except for the romantic future. As Leia said there are too many dark haired green eyed boys in her orbit. Before Dark Journey I never thought that her and Kyp stood a chance of becoming a couple, but that path seems quite possible now.

Thirdly, I was very mad that we did not see Jacen in this book. While he was mentioned frequently we never gained the slightest inkling of his state of condition(although it seems that is will be pretty poor) while I must admit he most of the times annoys me I found that I missed his arguments.

I have more to say, but am kinda tired since i just read the book cover to cover I am going to stop rambling now. Feel free to comment.

Devin Wren
2 February 2002, 11:51 PM
I too have just finished reading Dark Journey, and what can I say!? It was great. I liked how Mrs. Cunningham was able to write a short story ("The Apprentice") and sorta throw it into Dark Journey without doing it. Jaina's turbulent battle with her own dark side was well written, and while it seems this book was more....personal than past books of this series, Jaina taking on the role of Trickster was great, and now the Yuuzhan Vong have more problems.

I think Jacen is still alive, because although the rest of the Jedi felt his agony and torment, Leia didn't feel him die, like she had felt Anakin. So, Jacen and Jaina roles are still being defined, which is great. Anakin will still affect things, even though not physically there. I'd love to see Anakins spirit helping guide his brother and sister. That'd be cool, since we haven't really read or seen anything like that since Obi-Wan with Luke (and possibly Qui Gon with Obi-Wan).

Kyp's going to start to live up to being a Master. Jaina and him will make an interesting duo as Master and apprentice. I wouldn't mind seeing Jaina and Jag getting together either. Help make her journey towards the light alittle easier. The Jedi Council will most likely see the light of day, since the main problem was that the Jedi were on two sides...Lukes or Kyps. Now, they're both aiming for the same goal.

So, if the council gets going, who will be on the main seats? Of course, I see Luke and Mara, Kyp and Kam. Vergere? We'll see. :)

-Devin Wren-

Nova Spice
3 February 2002, 03:33 PM
You can bet that Jaina will have to chose between Jag and Kyp. That was made obvious in this recent book. I believe we have also seen the last of Tenel Ka for a while as well, now that she is Queen Mother of Hapes.

The New Jedi Council is something I look forward too. The council will be made up of the following I'm sure:
Luke Skywalker
Mara Jade Skywalker
Kyp Durron
Kam Solusar
Corran Horn (How can you forget about him? :) )

If there are any other masters, I can't seem to think of them as of now. The book was great though, was it not? I thought it was very interesting and I wouldn't give up on Jaina just becoming a light Jedi again. Her struggles are not over, not even close.

3 February 2002, 03:59 PM
I am sure as well that we will begin to see some relationship with Jaina, whether it be with Kyp or Jag. I however dont think that Tenal's role will decline, in fact I feel it might grow. Since it seems like the Hapan Consortium will be the next invasion sector I think we will see much more of the Queen Jedi and her people.

I agree with the list for the Jedi Council though and think that they will all be on it, except Kyp might take a bit longer to get on it because of the animosity between him and many Jedi.

Rigil Kent
4 February 2002, 10:57 AM
I felt that Dark Journey was kind of...blah. Jaina's decline into the Dark Side and the complete LACK of action by her fellow Jedi to stop her really bothered me. What's the point of the Code if these losers don't even try to stop a so-called friend from descending into darkness?

As often as Jaina used Force Lightning in the last two books (SbS & DJ), she is full-on Dark Side according to either the WotC or the WEG rules. And her sudden decision to turn back was poorly done, far too reminescent of Durron's sudden return to the Light. Come on, people, it should be DIFFICULT to abandon the Dark Side. Maybe they should tune into this season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and watch Willow's struggle to not use magic for a clue...

Jacen's absence wasn't necessarily missed by me, although if he shows up in the near future and has had a shift of worldview thanks to Anakin's death I may actually be able to tolerate him. I really thought they whacked the wrong Solo but will be willing to wait it out and see what is going to happen.

Any thoughts on Tahiri? Wouldn't it be amusing if she followed in the path of Shmi Skywalker and had a child born of the Force?

I'm not familiar with the Young Jedi stuff so I take it the majority of these characters spring from there? It was the same with that two-book Anakin thing with a bunch of characters I didn't know. Ah well...

When's the next one due out, anyway? Did Cunningham write it too?

25 February 2002, 10:55 AM
Personally Rigil, I'd like to see Tahiri have had an "oops" result from some "quality time" spent with Anakin prior to Star By Star. Just my thoughts. Oh, and Jaina only used Force Lightening a few times, not enough to go Dark Side, close but not quite.

Lord Kjeran
12 March 2002, 08:49 AM

Actually, I think Jaina and Kyp might go deeper into the DS. There is a thought Jaina has near the end where she thinks that Jedi should be willing to give their life up for others. does it not not follow that she should be willing to go into the dark side to save the Galaxy?

Don't know...just a thought or 2...


Nova Spice
12 March 2002, 06:18 PM
Aaran Allston is writing the next two novels called Rebel Dream and Rebel Stand. Rebel Dream is due out this month at the end of March and Rebel Stand is due out in early August or late July (dunno why so late?)
The story as far as I know focuses a bit on Wedge, Luke, Mara, Corran, and the pilots of Rogue and Wraith squadron. And of course Jaina and Jacen. I've heard rumors of an appearance by Admiral Ackbar, but that is just a rumor.
I believe that Jaina didn't just magically turn back to the Light side. She is still a fallen or tainted Jedi Knight. BTW, Kyp is no where near a Light side Jedi. He freakin destroyed Carida for Pete's sake! That's only what, a thousand DSPs!
I have the same opinion on the NJO as I had with TPM when fans were ranting and raving about how "childish" the movie was. The NJO authors have a plan for this epic and many things have not been made clear, so don't get too critical before the dust clears.

12 March 2002, 09:46 PM
Now that I finished reading Dark Journey I can finally look at what other's think of the book.

I agree with a quite a few points people raised here. It was a "slower" book as far as action goes. It spent more time on character development, which is important in an extended series. If you don't feel like the characters are growing/changing/learning you end up with a totally different set of arguments. Sometimes it DOES take a book dedicated to character development to do it justice.

I do feel this book was partially rushed. Don't get me wrong, Ms. Cunningham's writing of Jaina's fall was EXCELLENT! I just feel it should have spanned more than just this one story. The same with her climb back to the light. IMO once you give in to the Dark Side it always haunts you and tries to lure you back. As Yoda said to Luke: "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny."

Unfortunately I feel it was rushed, along with her realization and the start of her climb back toward the Light.

Why didn't her friends help her? I feel they tried. Every time one of them brought up her "darker" actions, she would verbally shove them away, ingnoring their words of caution. After a point they realized she was going to have to fight this battle alone.

Watching her interactions with Kyp in the upcoming books is going to be interesting. I really feel the series is taking shape nicely, even with the variety of different authors involved. I look forward to the next book and what new threads will be weaved into the puzzle. Do I feel our heros will be victorious in the end, yes; it's still Star Wars afterall. I think it will be an interesting ride until the end of the series. I just hope they don't "rush" it's wrap up.

13 March 2002, 01:38 PM
Well said Iris, well said. I too have thoroughly enjoyed the NJO books, even Vector Prime, and thought that Ms. Cunningham did a beautiful job portraying Jaina. I'm still curious how they're going to bring Jacen back into the story and what they'll do with Tahiri. Personally, I'd like to see her left with a legacy of sorts by Anakin as a result of some "youthful experimentation" that may have occured befor their mission to Myrkyr. She may be a little too young, however, both she and Anakin were known to be impulsive and it would be nice for Anakin to have a legacy.

Just my thoughts.

Dan Kyrinov
13 March 2002, 09:31 PM
I can remember four times Jaina used Force Lightning:
Twice during Star by Star, frying Yuuzhan Vong
Once to hurl attacking Hapans from her path
Once (ineffectively) on Kyp Durron. She may be light side yet.

I'm more worried about how she can use the feat Force Lightning if she's ninth level? She's gotta get to twelfth to pick the feat up!

But anyway, back to Dark Journey. I greatly enjoyed it, due to both character development and the Chiss showing up. The respective futures of Jacen and Tahiri? Hazy. Jacen may not be be dead, but he's in the hands of a psycho Jedi master from before the Empire as well as Tsavong Lah himself! I look forwards to Jacen's return to the books. His philosophy may be hard to get along with, but the storyline they're setting for him is going to be riveting. As for Tahiri... I see her becoming a character further from the limelight, like Alema and Tesar are likely to be. I hope this isn't the case, I like all three, but I suspect it's so.

And oh, I am looking forward to the Aaron Allston duology. (Just thought I'd throw that in.)