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2 February 2002, 12:43 PM
What if your pc is brainwashed and is commanded to do hideous (dsp derserving) deeds????????
How might you handle the DSP?
How might you handle the aftermath if he snaps out of it??

I know this is cheesey but I caught an episode of the Superman cartoon where he was captured by Darksied and brainwased into leadding Darksied's armies in an invasion of Earth. Like I said "cheesey" but me and my GM were watching it and began discussing "if that were a Jedi, what might the reprecussions be?" So I thought I would post the brainwased idea here and see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't burn me for watching Superman :D !!

2 February 2002, 12:54 PM
I handle all forms of mind control the same way:
The one in control is the one who takes responsibility. So, not only can you expect a DSP for removing someone else's free will, you can also expect a DSP for anything evil you make them do while under your influence. When it comes down to it, if you're not in control of your decisions, you cannot be held accountable for them.

As for the effect on the character, I imagine it would be very traumatic. Not only have they been robbed of control, but they have also been forced to commit actions that they probably wouldn't have considered otherwise. They would probably blame themselves, even in the face of the fact that they are not at fault, particularly if they retain any memory of their actions while being controlled.

darth maim
2 February 2002, 05:09 PM
Let's also not forget that if they did anything illegal or immoral there would be other repurcussions as well. Such as the father of the child he murdered for effect being out for blood. Law enforcement looking for them, an angry mob boss that was somehow crossed. It is more fun when doing things like this if the character either has no recollection of the actions or simply sees the actions vividly and no other details (faces, places, etc). This way they wouldn't know to avoid certain planets, cities, or sectors....

Makes for a good idea generator. I did this once and had the time under mind control take place between sessions... when we next gamed I gave him new visions of his actions each time he meditated or stopped and took a break.... he ended up playing his character as broken and he found that he was highly feared in many cities of a planet for being a badass. (This was more funny because he was a pacifist) and then came the man who had survived one of his attacks and was left for dead. Suddenly he was sitting in a cantina and he was attacked by a man screaming about his slaughtered wife and children... all the attempts made by the jedi to calm him through words just fueled his rage further...

2 February 2002, 08:48 PM
I'd avoid brainwashing of PC's.. being a PC means you have control over your enviroment useally. being brainwashed doesn't allow that.

that being said, brainwashing can be a GREAT plot device.. Lusyanka anyone?:)

2 February 2002, 09:33 PM
My GM is fairly new and when he wants big epic/moral adventures, where he wants certain things to happen and the party be ok with it, he turns to me. So I as the player have helped in some games by knowing sometimes ahead of time the coarse of action to emphasize the drama of the story arc. Kinda like if you play a "movie" adventure, its like recognizing the story and enviroment and following script!

Personally I don't know about brainwash or mind control. I am not sure if my character is ready for the reprocussions of that. In the episode Supes had lost Earth's trust! I'm sure for me it would be alot more thatn a kiddie cartoon!

But I think it can be a good plot device if used properly and with permission:D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!