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Rigil Kent
4 February 2002, 10:27 AM
So I was watching Andromeda the other day and they played an episode entitle Ouroborus (for the snake eating his tail). Atrociously bad character redesigns aside, the episode was fairly decent and got me to thinking, how would a rip in space/time work in Star Wars. Obviously, I'd want to avoid any of the Star Trek cliches (go back in time, etc.) but could such an incident work in SW? This is what I'm thinking:

The characters are part of a NR taskforce into the Unknown Regions (sort of like the DarkStryder thing) when they encounter a stellar anomaly (damn those pesky anomalies!). The Commander of the ship (probably a corvette or so) choses to investigate said anomaly and that's when things start getting...dicey. One PC exits his quarters but instead appears on the deck of an unfamilar starship (in his future); another opens the door in the galley and is suddenly facing vacuum and a hull breach in the middle of the ship - after this is dealt with by closing the door, it opens again and another PC appears, surprised 'cause this isn't the gym or showers.

Now the PC who is on the ship in the future runs into his future self (although Future Self may conceal his identity or not) who passes on the info that they are trapped in a sort of temporal rip and must get out. Additional information could be passed on here to sort of foreshadow where the GM wants to go with the story, and the Old Self returns to his time/space. Now the PCs must work together to get the ship out of the rip.

Another thing I was thinking would be for an important NPC to disappear completely and be thought of as dead but then appear in the time of Future Self, totally lost and not knowing what the heck is going on.

Seeing as to how my upcoming campaign is going to be more Bab5/Farscape like, I think this would fit pretty well in the middle of a bunch of weirdness.


4 February 2002, 01:17 PM
that just sounds to blasted star trekish... it'd work best in a trek RPG. star wars tends to be more fantasy based then sci-tech based...(the tech is just a back drop, when you look at the story it has more in commen with stuff like D&D then ST) temperoal anomalies don't seem to fit. that being said... you wanna shoot em to the future another way... rather then a temperoal anyomaly how about an odd force inspired dream where they walk around like ghosts in the future for a bit or something

4 February 2002, 05:59 PM
If you like humor as much as I do, you've gotta have a running gag. A good one is to have someone who doesn't really care which time zone they are in try to find the refresher. Being evil, you will also make it impossible to find one.

4 February 2002, 06:57 PM
Maybe you could have an ancient artifact that could make a tear in the time and space. That tear could lead to some "darkside" dimension; all real time and space begin getting sucked into it. The darksider and party members being closest (probably) to the tear would be sucked thru to another reality, one that the darksider is MORE powerful than ever in. The party has to defeat the darksider and seal the tear, maybe with the force and the artifact used to open the tear.

Everything else I thought up sounded Trek!!!!!!

Rigil Kent
4 February 2002, 08:00 PM
Well the way I was initially imagining this was that the tear in space-time is actually a natural occurence and the ship the PCs are attached to gets a little too close to it in the course of their investigations. I want to avoid being too Trekish, but since I'm shooting for a more Farscape feel, such an adventure seemed like it would work.

I'm wanting to stay away from too many Darksiders although the idea that the rip is artificial isn't a bad one. The Force-inspired dream won't work 'cause only one PC is Force-sensitive (and I'm not 100% if he's actually going to play anyway.)

I was actually planning on something like that, Sabre, with one of the characters going into the showers in nothing but a towel around his waist but emerging in the galley instead. Naturally, I'll make it a point of him wandering around the entire adventure in a towel. :)

As to the jump forward, it will only be a single PC who does so and he will be cautioned by his FutureSelf to keep his jaunt forward a secret from everyone else. Think of it as an attempt to do Bab5-like foreshadowing. :)

5 February 2002, 07:56 AM
The closest i have ever come to thinking of using a temporarl rift (or any rift) was when i was planning on having the hcaracters get shlacked outside of the SW galaxy, and into the Vong's home galaxy. This was for a game set roughly 1.5 years ago. Got shot down by the players as being farscapish/startrekish

5 February 2002, 02:11 PM
I did something similar to this a few years ago, and to be honest it was a huge nightmare. We literally had to stop playing and after a few hours we came up with a solution and continued the game. This can be fun just be cautious. Scenarios like this can drive players into insanity.

Talonne Hauk
6 February 2002, 12:34 PM
I'm running a campaign that predates A New Hope by about 5 years. I'm planning on building my players to be movers and shakers in the Rebellion, and they are inexplicably lost, adding new weight to the aforementioned title. I was thinking that they would hit a patch of hyperspace "ice" that would freeze them in time, and would reappear in the New Jedi Order. Obviously, I've been waiting for the NJO sourcebook before really building to this. But I read somewhere that hyperspace isn't really understood, so you could do anything you want in regards to hyperspace, and it shouldn't be too Trekky.

Matt Richard
6 February 2002, 02:35 PM
I had been planning something earlier, just not something that happens to the players.

The players are sent to investigate something that has mistyriously appeared on scanners. The players go to this Republic cruiser and discover a ghost ship, Unfortunately, the description holds true, as several ghosts want to kill the players.

So the players have a couple of jobs:
Save themselves
Kill the ghosts
Find out where this ship came from
And why the ghosts are there.

It's based on System Shock (I think 2) and Lost in Space (the movie).
Of course, I never actually came up with an ending, since it never left the idea rack.

Wade Trenor
6 February 2002, 03:20 PM
I like the sound of this adventure. My suggestion is that when one of your PC's mucks up an Astrogation check, and there is a hyperspace mishap, begin this game.

You could add a bit of mystery when the PC meets his future self who tells him how to fix the rip, have him with a wedding ring, or a scar/cybernetics on his face. Perhaps have him drop a warning against another of the PCs if one of them is mentioned, or give a foreshadowing of what their next adventure (or the adventure after that) may be.

Use Sabre's idea as well. It might cheer the players from what may be a very disconcerting mission. At any rate good luck! ;)

Rigil Kent
6 February 2002, 05:14 PM
Originally posted by Wade Trenor
[BYou could add a bit of mystery when the PC meets his future self who tells him how to fix the rip, have him with a wedding ring, or a scar/cybernetics on his face. Perhaps have him drop a warning against another of the PCs if one of them is mentioned, or give a foreshadowing of what their next adventure (or the adventure after that) may be.[/B]

This is remarkably close to what I thought about doing. The FutureSelf PC (TM) is planning on being an officer (and eventually getting access to the Naval Officer or regular Officer class(es)) so I wanted to mess with him. Way on down the road, I'm planning on introducing a living ship (think Talyn from Farscape, but looks like the White Star from B5) and I'm hoping to get this guy to eventually become the living Pilot.

As to the warning, got that covered too, although I'm hoping to use a little misdirection here. One of the PCs is planning on becoming a Jedi (he's the only one who is Force-sensitive) and I thought it would be amusing to have FutureSelf tell PastSelf "keep an eye on Bob the Jedi; he has different...priorities than you." Given my past history as GM, everyone will assume that I mean Bob the Jedi (not his actual name) will go Dark. :)

Thanks for the ideas guys. Keep 'em coming...