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Reverend Strone
4 February 2002, 07:54 PM
As a new subscriber, I was curious to know what kind of campaigns other Star wars Gamers are engaged in (forgive me if this is the kind of thing people ask frequently).

What kinds of adventures are people playing, and in what eras? What flavours and combinations of characters are you guys playing or GMing?

For example:

I'm currently running a ongoing campaign set in the early Rebellion Era days, round four years before ANH. Exclusively set on Tatooine, it follows the exploits of a bunch of young characters looking to carve out a place for themselves in the harsh wilderness of the desert and the even harsher wilderness of Tatooine's underworld. Set against the backdrop of a simmering fued between Jabba the hutt and young upstart Hutt Crimelord named Nago, and the increasing influence of the Empire in the Outer-Rim, the PCs must navigate a course through these turbulent times inventing their own code of right and wrong as they go.

My PC's include:

Jos Wence-- a Human male Fringer and crack-shot with a long-barrelled slug-rifle.
Ellis Cema-- a Duros male Scout. he's Mr Fixit and a master tracker.
Anima Setaris-- a Human female who conforms closely to the Dilletante Archetype but with some latent force abilities that may develop as she progresses.
Som Heath-- a Human male Force Adept with his own unique religious take on the nature of the Force.
'Mac'-- a Dug male Scoundrel. A loud-mouthed braggart with gunslinging tendencies.

So what are ya'll playing?

Rigil Kent
4 February 2002, 08:09 PM
Nothing as of right now but my new campaign is planned to kick off in the near future (two to three weeks, I think.) Set in my own timeline (I deviated from the EU in a major way post-Thrawn Trilogy) but about New Republic era, it will center around a group of PCs assigned to a military/NRI taskforce who are attempting to track down and apprehend the murderers of Luke Skywalker.

(Of course, he isn't dead, but everyone thinks he is and Leia is falling to the Dark Side and other nifty stuff...)

The hunt for these base villains (who were previous PCs) will take the characters into the Uncharted Territories (aka Unknown Regions) where they will eventually become involved in a war that could reshape the Known Galaxy. Because the Shadows are coming...

Yeah, I'm influenced by B5 and Farscape. :)

PCs: (Only two have been created but most of the others are firm in concept)

Human Noble (Officer in charge, pilot)
Human Scout (XO, also pilot)
Human Scout (planning on becoming a Sniper)
Rodian Soldier (Heavy Weapons guy, think Vasquez or Frost from Aliens)
Twi'lek Scoundel (Ground driver, planning on becoming a martial artist)
Human Fringer (planning on becoming a Jedi Guardian)

It's going to be a long strange trip for them...

4 February 2002, 08:10 PM
I am currently a player in a campaign set a year or so prior to the NJO series. My character is Kam Hayner and he is a young jedi trainee. Currenlty we are on Batryns Landing trying to hunt down a Fallen Jedi called the Padawan.

ok so that was a weak description, but its been a long day.

4 February 2002, 08:57 PM
my game is a rebellion era fringe campaign. the characters have no ties to the rebels or the empire, though that may change as one of the recent additions will be playing a jedi in the near future. there are several interesting plot twists that abound, the npc that has been helping them is actually a dark jedi that has them going places and doing things to draw attention away from his own actions AND he has sensed the force in the new player.

i typically run my game in chapters and the players have not yet gotten through the first chapter in a five chapter campaign (that is all i have projected for the game and will have me busy writing and scalping adventures for sometime yet).

and we do something i have noticed a real lack of in this age of computer communication. we play at a house once a week with dice and paper like in the old days. (doesn't help that often we hike our pants around our armpits and complain about the weather and these "new roleplaying kids").

4 February 2002, 10:03 PM
It all started with the Battle at Naboo, went into a Flail investigation after my character foiled an assassination attempt. We found the Flail using Xenomorphs so it slid into a Xenomrph game for awhile. Eventually including Predators. We came out of it finding my sister, a jedi, stealing the sith destiny sword for another dark jedi. Just Sunday (3rd) I retrieved the sword stopped the dark jedi Jade Yue but may of lost my sister to the dark side. The whole time the rest of the party makes a living on the racing circuit, scams and smuggling; most of it on the racing circuit. Its been a busy 6 years in game!!!!!!!!

Ghost In The Holocron
4 February 2002, 10:04 PM

I'll be starting my campaign called Star Wars: DARK INFINITY in a few days (this weekend!) . It takes place a little after the Clone Wars, maybe around 10 or so years before Ep IV.

It's loosely centered around the Jedi Purge and the early seeds of the rebel alliance. I'm planning to kick off somewhere in the Colonies/Expansion Region with a House Pelagia vs. House Mecetti/Mecrosa Order) angle I've managed to come up with from the few Lords of the Expanse crumbs I could scrounge around the web (-- I don't have any of the old WEG sources).

The Empire is on an unstoppable rise and the Jedi have fallen from grace in a big way. Palpatine, together with his Moffs, move to consolidate power across the galaxy. Vader is on the hunt (aided by the Imperial Inquisitors). The typical galactic citizen sees all these as a grand victory for the galactic community -- which a good number of sentients still identify with, since the Empire has brought succor from the chaos of the Clone Wars (as far as public knowledge goes). However, word of the Empire's atrocities are beginning to spread through underground networks. In the meantime, all the confusion means that the crimelords are having a ball.

Right now, most of my players are fiddling with the manuals, trying to come up with good characters for the setting: a female human jedi guardian/noble has checked in, as well as a wookiee spacer and a human sector ranger with anti-Imperial sentiments. I might be getting a couple of Bothan spies. My current troupe is about 6-8 people (with maybe two more helping develop the background during downtime via e-mail).

Have fun with your campaigns, folks!

4 February 2002, 10:18 PM
We are allowing Sideous to break the rule of two. We assume thier is Darth Tyranus out there. We also have another Darth and his disciple along with 3 hands that work together! Eventhough we are playing in Old Rebublic/Rise Empire we still use IMp InQ and Emp Hands for NPC's.
The goal is that the party will wreck enough havok on his plans , but not so much he can't cover up/take care of, and it will be the down fall of his many disciples. In the case of the Hand's it'll be them knowing of each other. Sideous will still come out on top but learn a lesson on why there is only two, a master and an apprentice.

I thought maybe Sideous doesn't see a need anymore for the rule of two as long as there is only one master. Or even forgotten the lessen!!!
Anyway it just a neat idea of behind the scenes actions and reactions (mainly for those who know its going on, GM).

Donovan Morningfire
5 February 2002, 04:43 AM
Like Rigil, I too am inbetween running campaigns. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be starting up a Rebellion Era game. Not overly sure where it's going to go as of yet, but the PCs will probably have ties to the Rebellion. Haven't sat down with a all the players to figure out what everyone wants to play, and one guy is still deciding between ideas. The only confirmed right now is a Force Adept Healer (no PrC needed, this guys does it with just Treat Injury and Heal Another :D)

My other campaign, which is currently in hiatus while everyone works on getting back into the swing of things, is Rise of the Empire. I've already posted the PCs in another thread, so here's the names and 'jobs' of them

Donovan Morningfire - Male Human Jedi Knight
'Jasmine' - Female Twi'lek Smuggler
Alexis Sato - Female Human Techie
Darr Navia - Male Cybernetically-enhanced Human Bounty Hunter
Sakura - Female Padawan Learner to Donovan Morningfire
Fallen Corsair - Male blaster-shootin' psycho :D
Zeth Frost - Male gunslinger (currently MIA)

5 February 2002, 04:58 AM
I am running a starfighter campaighn in the NJO with simular plot designs as thw wraith sqaudron books

they are the first multi galaxtic group put togehther to fight the peace brgade/yuuzhan vong (new republic, Smugglers ect)

on there travels they found a planet called naboo where the peace brigade have set up shop and started making bug ships(there own navy)

in realty the peace brigade commanders are being controlled by Madam issards and palpatines son, king jomak islab(jg6/nob4/sl8)

Its the usualy sort of stuff hes got his fathers addiction to big guns (I think palpatine was trying to compansate for his libdo) And its the players job to stop him. His genral job list is super weapons,t-virus,killing the jedi oh yeah and the subjgation of the gungans

My pcs a currently as follows

sulstan solider6/starfighter ace3

human(correlion)scoundrel6/antarian ranger3

Human(kuat)noble4/scoundrel4/blockade runner1

Gungan jedi guardian9 (hey i didnt choose wait til you see the ewok)

Trodosh solider6/scoundrel3

Chiss solider8/Gundam Ace1 (See one of Donovan Morningfire posts)

Ewok jedi counsiler6/jedi heal3

notable events so far

R2 unit crashing there only transport of planter

Laser bolt tennis with lightsabers

playing catch with the force the ball just happend to be a thermol detonator

Residant evil(the title explanins it all)

The destuction of a torpedo sphere

vicstar killed in the first combat round(they were ultra agressive in a very hard little ship)

Lots more but cant think about them

5 February 2002, 07:55 AM
I'm running a rebellion era campaign, it's really just started out and I'm just getting away from the whole easy adventure package for the ANH setting found in the rebellion source book. but anyway the party includes:

Jorgan Blackstar: a sorce sensitive farmboy cropduster(Fringer) from a world in the outerrim. he's the co-pilot of the Fixed Dice, the groups YT-2000 (the Pilot is Larissa Icewind of Alderran, a NPC who is also force sensitive)
Jessica: a force adept from a nearly unknown world in the outrim, her world was invaded by the empire's jedi hunters and she barely escaped
Sirrin: a Human Soldier and mercenary.
Kameron: a Human scout.. all of 16 years old
Nien: a Sullestian repair man. (scoundral)
ohh finally I have Larissa Icewind who I mentioned earlier, she's an NPC but she's fairly important, force sensitive smuggler from Alderran. Intrestingly eneugh her mother was from a branch of the Qel-Droma family
right now the group is just running the odd mission for the alliance and exploreing the base (they found the ruins of a sith temple last session, long abanonded etc, but they got a creepy feeling as they set the demo charges;) (maybe it's just me but I fail to see why EVERY abandoned sith temple should have a but load of evil undead spirits in it)
little do they know that the empire has found the base and are sending an Armada under the command of Lord Tramel Tranget one of the Emperors Dark Jedi (an Imperial Inquisitor) to ensure the base is destroyed.. since Jorgan and Larissa have just begun Jedi training (they haven't taken a jedi level yet mind you) the real campaign is just about to start (the other stuff having been little more then a prologue.

5 February 2002, 02:23 PM
Just started a new campaign set a millenia before the events in The Phantom Menace. It is about the Sith and their origins. We are basing nothing on the EU, only the few pages from the TPM novelization. Our main characters are three young Jedi Knights, who will rise to stop the original Sith and {hopefully} save the Republic. The only problem is that my character's Jedi Master is one of the those original Sith Lords. My character is also dangerously close to falling to the dark side, so things are getting a bit complicated....


Dirk Greystoke, human male Jedi Consular from Alderaan

Glamdrin Pendarryn, Ardannan male Jedi Guardian from Helios 7

Ishiel, male Jedi Guardian from the planet Mithryl

Cheeba T. Ewok
5 February 2002, 02:53 PM
Right now I'm running a campaign I like to think is pretty original. Set in the Old Republic about 6 months (currently) before AThe Phantom Menace, the characters are all students attending the Republic academy on Coruscant. They have been chosen for their skills by Chancellor Vallorum to act as 'secret police' and preserve the Republic, taking on many roles; from infantry to spaceship pilots, diplomats to spies in terrorist organizations. They consist of:

Drayson "Jett" Blade, Scoundrel: Natural ace fighter pilot, Jett is the son of a Corellian senator and is attending the academy on a flight schollarship.
Xalem 'XS' Silver, Jedi Guardian: An Elomin Jedi who began training after being exiled from his home town, Xalem is dually training as a Jedi and attending the academy.
Drifter Reeve, Fringer: A human, this character's background has yet to be fleshed out. He's attending the academy on some sort of dramatic schollarship.

Now, this campaign is deep and involved, but by no means serious. The three have chosen to name their task force the "Afterburners", and called their ship (a hulking box-shaped piece of junk Star Cab, hundreds of years older than any of them) the Juice Box. This sense of humor has been deeply instilled by the Big Easy (http://bigeasy.vze.com) a site we often look to for humor and inspiration.

And for a little self promotion, the adventures are being chronicled on a website, The Afterburners (http://afterburners.fateback.com/main.htm) . There is barely anything up yet, but we're trying to keep it current and nothing much has HAPPENED yet, so please bear with us.

6 February 2002, 11:06 AM
This is my current setting. I am playing two different campaigns in it at the same time (one D6 and the other D20). Neither party has met up yet.

Covenant Sector... An outer rim sector that is a morass of political and corporate maneuvering. Nobody is exactly what they seem, but friends as well as enemies lie around any corner. The sector has had little official scouting, and will need to explored in order to find the root of the evil that threatens to destroy the New Republic if it survives the far away Vong (who have yet to be officially discovered). This is a true test for the Republic that is in danger of war, corruption, and economic ruin.

Galactic History:

This campaign is set in the time period of the New Jedi Order, roughly 25 years after the battle of Yavin IV. Thrawn has been over thrown and the Empire has been reduced to just a few remaining remnants of the old regime. A few years ago the last of the remaining Moffs officially declared peace with the "Rebellion" and recognized the New Republic. In return the Empire has been granted about a million acres on one of the core worlds and is allowed to exist in peace. The center of the New Republic and location of the Counsel is Coruscant, as the politicians attempt to bring back the glory of the Old Republic. In the years since the victory and Endor the role of President of the NR has passed through some grand hands into a questionable present. Mon Mothma was unanimously elected President immediately after the Empire fled from Endor. She remained steady and reliable through many of the trials to come, holding together feuding factions and fighting off each new foe. When she finally succumbed to the rigor of age she chose her most trusted advisor, Lea Organa-Solo, as her successor. After some years as President, when Lea felt that fair elections would take place, she stepped down. The resulting election, however, fell victim to politics. A Bothan named Borsk Fey’yla, who was responsible for some questionable politics in the early days of the New Republic, is elected to the President.

The New Republic has been successful in establishing control over most of the Core, Colonies, and Inner Rim planets (roughly 80% of the known galaxy). The economy is beginning to slump a bit and, the Republic is worried about it’s ability to maintain it’s control. Commerce has flourished at the edges of the Expansion Region and Outer Rim Territories as a result of a new wave of "Corporate Governments". The Corporations that have mined and set up markets in these areas are so large that they wield much more power than any single planet or governmental union. They have their own Militaries and "Corporate Guidelines", which are stronger, in some cases, than the laws of the member planets. The Corporations for the most part have been friendly and helpful to the New Republic. The Republic symbolizes the stability and legitimacy that the Corporations need, not to mention fat military contracts. The Republic, for it’s part is courting the corporations intensely right now in order to gain their assistance to reverse the slumping economy.

Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade-Skywalker have, after many dark encounters, succeeded in rekindling the flame of the Jedi. They have built an Academy on Yavin IV, which they have since converted to the Padawan Temple, and a new Academy on Coruscant. In an attempt to bring back the glory days of the Old Republic Master Skywalker debating whether he should form a new Jedi Counsel. As training for the potential counsel members, and to validate the reputation of the Jedi he has sent his best students from the academy to most of the planets in the New Republic territory. They act as advisors, mediators, and judges for local people and governments. The Jedi Magistrates hold no official power, but the reputations of the Jedi have given them much influence over the progress of the new development. In the beginning the people trusted and looked up to the Jedi, and the criminals feared them. After a series of terrible errors of judgment, and one rogue Jedi, some of the former supporters of the Jedi have begun to view their new political aspirations with suspicion. The anti-Jedi attitude has been voiced by some, though few, of the members Republic Council, and President Fey’yla has never been a great supporter of any of the Skywalkers.

The Game:

You will begin your adventure as part of an unofficial scouting team penetrating into Covenant Sector. You will need all your wits about you in order to map out the unkown regions, and to ferret out the truth about the mapped regions. With no official recognition of the team you will have to operate carefully and secretly. While movement in the unknown regions is not forbidden or illegal, GeoReCon (the corporation that controls the sector) as scads of legal loop holes that can snare the team. You will find out quickly that variety is the secret to success. Variety of skills, personalities, and equipment. Not to mention creative thinking.

The current characters Are:
-Jodicus Hartel a very young Mon Cal who fell in with Karrde's people by accident. He has a knack for fixing stuff, and an almost equal knack for taking stuff apart and forgeting to put it back together.
-Berkna Kaeg is a Force Adept from a primitave world. He uses a quarter staff, but has not been able to explore his character as he has been stuck on a ship.
-Tibiarro Abraxis is a young noble turn scout from the outer rim. He is Force sensitive but doesn't know it yet.
-Kerton Zam is a new player who is a Feirreo (I don't know if I spelled that right) who has escaped salvery and now just wants to get on with his life.
-Luke Taer,another new player, is a human fighter pilot that want to escape his family legace of service to the Republic.

On the D6 side:
-Nordnecol is a Wookie who escaped from mine and refinery work and has lived in a alien jungle honing his skills with a Ryyk.
-Seigler is an escaped slaver Droid from Kessel. He was reprogrammed by a virus that was slipped to him by Kip Durron just before he was rescued by Han Solo. Forgotten about Seigler escaped on his own and is trying to make his way in a galaxy full of Organics.
-Dusty is the town drunk and best guide in Covenant Sector. He is unreliable and brilliant. Moody and heroic. All and all the unlikely good guy who's wekness could pull him to evil.

6 February 2002, 01:09 PM
I have three Star Wars campaigns running right now, and one Big Eyes Small Mouth.
The first campaign revolves around one player who made up a background with great story hooks, and who has a well developed personality that he actually plays. He's a Force user who doesn't want to get involved in galactic conflict, and doesn't want to play hero, but everywhere he goes he finds people in need, and regardless of their side he puts aside his own troubles and political preferrences to help them. It's true that the two other people who play in this game take second chair as far as story goes, but they knew that when they signed on, and they enjoy the freedom of being able to move in and out of the story with different characters as they feel the urge.

The second campaign is one based on the group of Jedi Hunters I created a looong while ago, whose info I used to have on my page back when I still had one in the era of free web hosting. I started the characters out at a very advanced level, so they're constantly doing things that amaze even them. They're currently fixing Luke Skywalker's mistakes in the Jedi Academy era, keeping the galaxy safe from the likes of Kyp 'Killer' Durron, who gets knighted for blowing up stars. The draw of this game is, I think, playing characters who aren't exactly good or nice, but who have a definite purpose, and meddling with some of the SW chronology behind the scenes.

The third campaign I'm running is sort of like SWRPG the RPG. Normal people who happen to be SW fans open a portal to the SW universe and immediately begin wreacking havoc on the events of the movies, which they're finding aren't quite like they remember. Meanwhile they're pursued by LFL agents with orders to Cease and Desist with extreme prejudice, dead or alive. It has a more comic tone to it than I usually run, but the challenge of playing normal people as well as the fun feel have turned this one into one of the more popular games that I am running.

It's a lot of work to keep juggling these four games, but as long as I'm having fun and the players are having fun, I think it's all worth it.

Reverend Strone
6 February 2002, 01:44 PM
Wow, sounds like there are some really interesting and varied games in play out there.

Blitzkreig, sounds like you and I are thinking along similar lines- I too have a mysterious Dark Jedi type character in my said campaign (called Star Wars- The Fateful Sands), although not quite a simple Dark Jedi, he's more a fringe Jedi, one of only a handful of trained Jedi to survive the great purge. His master was one of the lost twenty who went their own way from the Jedi before the Clone wars. He's developed his own quasi-fundamentalist-doomsday religious version of the Jedi code, drawing on the beleifs of countless alien religions.

He's hiding out in the wastes of Tatooine, keeping his abilities on a low burn, and ends up becoming a kind of master to the two Force-users in my PCs' party. Only when they figure out he's on the cusp of fully going to the Dark side, I'm thinking there's going to be a students take on the master kind of deal. Most folks call him the Reverend and regard him as some kind of wierd old preacher nutball. His full name is Azrael Strone (hence my user name).

I can relate to your last paragraph too. My apologies if I'm reading you wrong, but it sounds like you're a role-playing old boy like myself. Heck, I'm the youngest role-player in my campaign at 27. I think the average age of my players must be 30.

Good luck in yours oldman, it sounds enthralling.

Moose my gentlemanly friend, so nice to run into you again in the chats too.

Sabre, I must say that third campaign has to be the most original and hilarious RPG notion I've ever heard. Ever considered a novelisation? I reckon people would pay money to read that stuff if it's half as fun as the premise sounds.

Well, thanks all for your great responces (and sifting through my non-US English spelling). It's always great to share ideas and there are some fantastic settings in that thread.

Best of luck to you all- may your dice always roll 20s,


Jake Sunspot
6 February 2002, 02:07 PM
I am running a Rebellion Era campaign set about a year before Episode IV. I am using the D20 system and have been running the game for almost a year. The party started out at 4th level and now averages about 6th. The characters started out as smugglers and are now doing freelance work for the fledgling Alliance. Their most recent major endeavor was stealing 5 starship engineers and 2 X-wing prototypes from Incom and dropping them off at Tierfon. The Campaign is run more like an ongoing comic book than a movie. The party has just finished the first of 3 major story arcs, and is in the opening pages of the second. Although the party has had a revolving lineup the Core group has consisted of 3 very uinque and interesting characeters, and 2 recent additions have rounded out the group nicely.

The Party

Azmo Danakar : A Devaronian Scout 4/Scoundrel 2/Force Adept 1. Azmo was a scout working for Belialtek a company bassed out of the city of Montellian Serat. One day the reserved lonely traveler returned home to find his home city in ruins and himself persued by 2 TIE Fighters. Since that time he has been on a downward spiral of alcoholism and depression and has tread dangerously close to The Dark Side.
Macz Blith : A Human Scoundrel 2/Soldier 4/Gunslinger 1. Macz started out as a petty criminal on the streets of Coruscant, and somehow managed to get himself into the Imperial Military Academy at Carida. He made it through Stormtrooper training only to dicover that it was the last place he wanted to be. After helping a Colonel in the Imperial Army defect to the Alliance, Macz has found himself working with Danakar. As of late he has been comming into his own and displaying some skill as a Tactician and Leader.
Chumba : A Wookiee Soldier 6/Scoundrel 1. Chumba was trained in the arts of combat and charged with protecting his noble people. He was captured and enslaved when the Empire conquered Kashyyyk. He escaped from slavery and found himself a Mercenary for the Twi'lek Crimelord Lok'laria. Since he won his own ship in Lok'laria's gladiator pits he has been seeking to free his people from Imperial Tyranny.
Kakba : A Mon Calamari Technician (http://www.swrpgnetwork.com/entry.php?s=&id=1071) 5. A recent addition to the party Kakba was part of the Design team that made the Incom T-65 X-Wing Starfighter happen.
Char A Bothan Scout 3/Scoundrel 2. Another recent addition Char is a member of the Bothan Spynet. He was brought in to assist the party with their recent theft of the X-Wing prototypes. He is currently assisting them in their work for the Alliance.

The First Chapter of the Trilogy saw the group develop a dynamic all their own. Several other player characters traveled with them on some of their adventures. Durring the first chapter they also befrended a Brother and Sister Jedi (Connor and Gael Brin-Quay) who are on the run from a former student who now serves the Inquisition. Connor and Gael have attempted to stop Azmo on his decent into darkness, but he has been resistant to their attempts. The first chapter ended with the Death of Gael at the hands of the Inquisitor Azael. This effected both Azmo and Connor deeply, and will either drive them together or tear them both apart. Things are gonna get worse in chapter two as The Dark Side is only going to get more persistant in its attempts to consume Azmo Danakar.

Jake Sunspot
6 February 2002, 02:20 PM
I just realized that I posted a link for the Technician Class, but not for the Gunslinger (http://conversions.swrpgnetwork.com/entry.php?s=&id=941) Prestige Class. We are using the version of the Gunslinger originally posted with the Skill Requirements:

Intimidate 6+, Sense Motive 6+, Spot 6+.

I feel that it makes sense for someone who is a pistol duelist to have some sense motive.

6 February 2002, 04:26 PM
I am running a Rebellion campaign during ESB and ROTJ. My cousins, brother and friends are my PCs. They are an elite Rebel Cell that performs one or two session missions. They have broken up a crime ring and rescued high-ranking rebels.
Valgas- an Elve (D&D conversion) that comes from a backwater planet
Fallengavan- a Zeltron priestess who works for the Rebels
Guurr- a Togorian warrior who provides heavy support
Hekkh- a mute Jawa Scout
Bail- a Human soldier
That's it

6 February 2002, 04:45 PM
I'm currently wrapping up the Angry Army campaign, (basically described at the link below). The players are ex-freedom fighters post-RotJ, who helped liberate a planet and have since fought a war against the Hutts. Our last adventure will probably be this weekend, when they attack Nar Shadda itself, after that, we'll probably put the characters aside and start anew. This was sort of a power-gaming campaign, with entire armies under the player's command, but they worked through dozens of adventures for it, and always threw themselves into the middle of the action, (all this can be found on my page). I also screwed around with post-RotJ history a lot, since the amount of crap which has been written about this era has removed the possibility of anything being seen as canon.
It was definitely the most fun I've ever had GMing.

7 February 2002, 04:43 AM
I'm currently running a campaign based in the Rebellion Era. The basic idea was taken from the book Wraith Squadron, with the exception of the fact that each character is not a washout pilot.

Each character in the campaign was chosen not only for their piloting abilities, but for skills that could be put to use as a member of a special forces X-Wing squadron.

I don't want to give away too much as some players read this board.

The characters involved:
- Kern Salisi (NPC): Human Soldier 4/Noble 2. The leader of the squadron.
- Firith Oota: Twi’lek Noble 3. The diplomatic character of the group, usually handling all matters where non-combat matters are involved.
- Arani Werr (NPC): Human female Scout 3.
- Tall Dakar: Human Fringer 2/Jedi Guardian 1. Jedi who adheres fiercely to the Jedi code and the teachings of his now-dead master.
- Jace Wanti: Human Scoundrel 2/Noble 1. Former smuggler and information gatherer, Han Solo-type character.
- Dack Reylin: Human Scoundrel 3. A sniper and loner. Keeps to himself and only speaks when he deems it necessary.
- Sia-Lan Farn (NPC): Human female Fringer 3.
- Rann Gailek: Human Scout 3. A capable Scout and a fledgling techie. Highly excitable and thrilled by adventure.
- Navik Kandoorni: Rodian Fringer 3. Outstanding pilot.
- Garm Lonta: Human Soldier 3. Warrior and demolitions expert keen to follow in the footsteps of his father, a key Alliance figure.
- Orran Kes (NPC): Human Soldier 3.
- Vor’en Kurn: Human Scoundrel 3. A very egotistical slicer and communications expert.


Jak Knife
7 February 2002, 10:00 AM
Currently running one adventure and getting ready to start a second.

The first started right before ANH, but has progressed up to the destruction of Alderaan. It revolves around bad people trying to do the right thing. The party is deeply involved in the criminal element and has connection to the rebellion. Three of the party are nickname "The Gun Brothers" and are made up of two soldiers and one scoundrel. One is a Ewok named Tee-Bo who has a tendency to pick pockets and race around on a custumized swoop. The last regular was a tech aiming to be a slicer but quit the party because of it's violent tendences to be replaced with a force adept (yes I know not a great choice for the situation, but thats what the player wanted). The tech was recruited by a NPC and will be come a recuring NPC contact. Finally a non regular scoundrel aiming to be a frelancer (from the archtype in Gamer 4 I believe).

The game getting ready to start is based around te Sector Rangers. The players will be low level members of the Rangers attempting to advance throught the ranks. The sector I have choosen to use is the Rignal Sector from the WEG "Far Orbit Project" sourcebook. I intend to have the game start off with the final phase of their training of becoming Rangers. It will consist of the party planetside attemting to track down a minor criminal under a controlled/monitor enviroment. The results of their efforts will determine their first assignment, whether it will be planetside or on a ship (of course a ship is more prestigious). Depending on the outcome there, will determine the direction I take it.

The first one tends to be more shoot them up and the second I will attempt to make it more role playing.

7 February 2002, 10:44 PM
Hey there. Welp in my campaign that I GM I wanted to do some thing almost totally orginal. (Keyword Almost). My campaign circles around 22 solar systems. I might raise it to 25. Havn't decided. And two of those systems are nebula systems so they don't have any planets just asteroids and a sun or two. But any ways the idea I got for this was way off the wall but it kept my game to a easier to control enviroment. Like I said I wanted almost evey thing orginal so I've created and I'm still creating all NPC's in my campaign. Stats, back ground, every thing. Which I try to flesh every thing out as much as possible. Well the systems are encircled by a huge huge sphere. I got the idea off a Star Trek The Next Generation Episode where Scotty comes back. And him and Laforge help each other to get the Enterprise out of this huge Sphere that surrounds a solar system. Well I just enhanced it. And made the Sphere surround 22 systems. An unknown race at the moment created the sphere. And also very few people know that a sphere even surrounds all the systems. Very dangerous gases surround the outer reaches of the sphere so no one as of yet has been able to reach or even see the sphere itself. Any ways my two, possibly a third, player works for themselves mostly but frequently works for the most powerful Crimelord around. Named Regent The Hutt. In my campaign the Empire and Allaince are very powerful and fight one anotherall the time. But both are about evenly matched. The Empire has fewer than 50 Dark Jedi / Sith on their side. The head Sith is named The High Lord. But he's not a prominent character in my campaign. His second in command. Also of the whole empire is Maelstrom. He's been a main bad guy in a couple adventures. He is a very honorable Sith Lord if that's possible. :) And also his two right hand men which were also his apprentices "Will" be a prominent problem for the P.C.'s. Also the Alliance has roughly a 100 Jedi's on their side. Right now the P.C.'s main problem is a ex PC (male Svivreni named Novar) that betrayed them and now is trying to hunt them down for another Crime Lord by the name of Bogga The Hutt. Which Bogga is based on the same desert planet that the P.C.'s base is on. Novar flies around in a Marauder Corvette with a very dangerous crew. My players hate him with a passion. :D Now onto what my player characters are and their mission.

1. Higher skilled Near Human male Jedi - Bishop "Napalm" Voltare
Main mission in life at the moment is to find where the Empire has
taken his brother (Which his brother has turned to the Darkside but
Napalm doesn't know that yet) and then bring him back to their home
planet to a village on a small island called Shi'ayr.
2. Lower skilled Human male Jedi - Dynamite
Main mission in life at the moment is to find out what happened to his
Uncle after his disappearence five years ago. (His Uncle is a Jedi
and has been placed in carbonite. He is in the hands of Bogga The
Hutt) Also he wants to find his Aunt (which is the sister to his Uncle)
which his mother told him about before she died. His Aunt is the twin
sister of his mother. (She's a Dark Jedi working for the Empire.)
3. Human female Theif - Allura
Main mission in life at the moment is to become rich beyond her
wildest dreams and to find out about her past. She can't remember
any thing before she met the rest of the P.C.'s.
4. Weequay male Pilot / Mechanic / Enforcer - Weequay (His name)
Pretty much to protect his companions at all costs. The only person
he trusts is his best friend Napalm.
5. R2 Unit Droid - R2-X7
He belongs to Dynamite and want's to do any thing he possibly can
to help.
6. Possible player Wookiee male Merc - Lokar
Unknown as of this moment.

Lord Diggori
8 February 2002, 07:50 AM
For the past year I've been running my first d20 campaign Star Wars: Dark Genesis. Takes place a century before Episode I. Its set up in chapters being one adventure and those composing this the first book of the trilogy.

Some mysterious group, Project Locust, is using hyper-advanced bio-technology ( nope, not the Vong B) ) to de-evolve certain sentient aliens into telepathically controlled beasts that are hunting Jedi acolytes (pre-padawans). The party is led by a padawan whose contraversial master was killed in the first such attack. The Council will decide based on her performance if her training will continue. They've finally traced the technology to Corellia and arrive in the midst of a terrorist attack (3 planetoids were hyper-jumped into each other just outside of the planets gravity well!!!). Tomorrow I'm running the last part of chapter 10, the last chapter.

After a few months I'll start the second book which will be set 10 years after book one. The PCs will raise by 3-6 levels depending on the backgrounds they write regarding the gap.

8 February 2002, 01:22 PM
Currently we are playing a campaign that takes place during the New Jedi Order series. The PCs are on a mission to a remote section of the Uncharted Regions with a Jedi Master historian. A primary goal of their mission is to find out if there is anything of the old Jedi Order that survived Palpatine's purge - documents, holocrons, Jedi, anything - that can help guide Skywalker's Jedi during the Yuuzhan Vong conflict.

The Bimm Jedi Master, Xaca Sinje, has recently revealed to the PCs in confidence that there is another reason for their departure - with so many losses in the Yuuzhan Vong conflict, Skywalker has sent Xaca Sinje away with a pair of apprentices so that no matter what happens, the Jedi Order will survive. Anything they can find to help the New Republic in general is a bonus, as well.

The PCs are two apprentices of the Jedi Master and her 'research assistant' - a data slicer provided by Lando Calrissian. They began their journey at a seedy spaceport at the edge of an uncivilized system near the core, where Sinje was to meet with a smuggler reputed to travel in the Uncharted Regions. He was going to provide them with hyperspace coordinates deep inside the UR where they could begin their search, but he sold Sinje out to the Peace Brigade. Through stealth, sabotage and careful manipulation of the local authorities the PCs were able to rescue their Master from the Peace Brigaders and evade the Yuuzhan Vong ship that they were going to deliver her to.

Upon arrival in the Uncharted Regions on a borrowed private Hapan vessel, the Ascendant Gale, the PCs found themselves in a system that was more or less a stellar nursery, but there were clear hyperspace routes to several unexplored systems. From one of these systems, there was a garbled and ancient distress call from what appears to be an old Republic colony. Before they could decide to investigate they discovered that they were being scanned by a nearby sensor platform and a member of their hired crew named Thawoo Bagoo attempted to take over the ship. He was an agent of the Hutts, sent to infiltrate the Jedi mission and locate an exiled Hutt named Togru in the Uncharted Regions and get this Hutt to help his race which is dying at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong.

The sensor platform apparently used Hutt syndicate communications protocols and its discovery triggered Bagoo's memory of his 'real mission' - a post-hypnotic suggestion to deliver the Hutt's message to Togru the Hutt. They managed to fight off the traitorous Duro and regain control of the heavily sabotaged ship. As the PC data slicer hurried around repairing systems and locking out escape routes, the Jedi cornered Thawoo and subdued him despite the fact that the heavily armed Duro was using Ysalamiri.

Not trusting the distress call or believing there could be survivors after all these years, and not prepared to confront the exiled Togru the Hutt, the PCs instead decided to start a systematic search of the local systems. They discovered a race called the Ignaci. The Ignaci had destroyed all mammilian life on their world through biological weapons nearly 500 years ago in a series of violent wars, but were able to transfer their consciousness into computers. They inhabit droid bodies to interact with the world. Xaca Sinje and the PCs have agreed to help the Ignaci deal with internal conflicts in the hopes that these artificial life-based aliens could be allies against the Yuuzhan Vong. The Ignaci were also able to inform the PCs of some of their previous visitors, including more information on the operations of Togru the Hutt and his agents, and a warlike race called the Asazani whose priests reportedly wore lightsabers just like the Ignaci's current Jedi visitors.

At the start of the session this weekend, the PCs are providing a distraction for their Master while she investigates the Ignaci's problems. They have sent the Ascendant Gale back to New Republic space with Ignaci representatives who are interested in helping out against the conflict with the machine-hating Vong. Xaca is paying for a new, smaller and more covert ship in which they can continue to explore the Uncharted Regions. While it is built, they will try to help the Ignaci on 'droidworld' and convince them to help fight the Vong or lend the use of their massive droid-building facilities to the New Republic.

That's the general idea... the campaign started following the events of Edge of Victory. The PCs are Jarrid Hondren the Corellian data slicer and employee of Lando Calrissian, S'oma the twi'lek Jedi Guardian, a youngster evacuated from Yavin IV that Xaca has accepted as apprentice and... an ewok. The Jedi Master discovered the Ewok on a recent scouting mission to Endor. Highly intelligent and strong in the Force, this Ewok (Aisha) wanted to learn the "magic" of the visiting Jedi Master. As a female in a tribal society, it was unlikely she would be allowed to use her gifts as anything more than a healer/shaman's assistant and midwife or as a bearer to male children who might one day become shamen. Not satisfied with this, the Force Adept convinced Xaca Sinje to take her and train her as a Jedi. We might be getting a fourth PC this weekend. I'm hoping it is a pilot, a hyperdrive malfunction on his starfighter would be an easy way to introduce him to the plot in the far reaches of the Uncharted Regions.

I basically run the sessions by having a general idea of what is going on in each of the unexplored star systems and what is happening in the rest of the galaxy, along with a lot of details on NPCs they will meet. I keep track of it all in an encyclopedia-like binder. Then they make the choices that create the actual 'adventures'. I present them with hard choices and a few general goals (ie, try to find anything about the old Jedi Order, stay alive and out of the war so that the Jedi Order will survive if the conflict with Vong goes poorly, try to find allies or information that will help the New Republic), then let them work it all out. It's going really well.

They are seperate from the actual story going on the books, so no book characters will overshadow them, but they can feel like they are doing something very important to the conflict. And if I don't like what happens in the books following EoV, I can change things and just describe what the galaxy is like if and when they return.

I try to keep things fast-paced and fun. I even included a small experience point bonus for players that can work movie quotes into the story that apply to their situation to get the quieter players talking. Finding ways to get the PCs to shine on their own with a Jedi Master around is a fun challenge for me, as well, without turning every session into 'rescue your Jedi Master'. The distraction they are providing at the start of the next session is also designed to get the players talking - it's a sort of diplomatic 'press conference' where the PCs are questioned about who they are, the parts of the galaxy they are from, etc. by the heads of the Ignaci factions (including the leader of the small faction behind the Ignaci's problems). From there, they will no doubt find trouble before they can rendevous with Xaca Sinje.

10 February 2002, 09:40 AM
I'm running a d20 pbem game set in d6....

That is, I'm using source material from a WEG adventure book but the game mechanics, characters, and so on are d20.

The campaign will eventually be "Secrets of the Sisar Run" but that game calls for a successful group of smugglers. And the character concepts I got were anything but cohesive. So I lumped them together and gave them a job as a prelude to the adventure itself. If they succeed, they'll get noticed and can begin their adventures running the Sisar.

The cast:
Schyler Ironside (Scout) - A human pilot who's a little too straight-laced to have been a tramp spacer for very long. He's an ex-Imp TIE pilot who witnessed atrocities... yadda yadda. But instead of defecting to the Rebels, he's hiding out in the fringe.

Taryn (Scoundrel) - A Trianii male cub with a knack for fixing things and an obsession for talking about swoops and swoop racing. Parents were Trianni rangers, his parents and all siblings were lost in a conflict with the Corporate Sector Authority. Functions as the ship's engineer.

Phinneas Dekker (Scoundrel) - A human freelance, ahem, computer software engineer... He's a slicer, a Scoundrel, you'd like him.

Daylanah Artraetese (Fringer) - A human female spacer who loves to flirt almost as much as she loves to fly. Ship's copilot. Write this down - somebody's actually playing a FRINGER!!!

Vito Vorn (Scoundrel) - This seedy human's lived out on the Fringe since he was born. Vito's the jack of all trades in the group. He doesn't have a well-defined role, but he's incredibly useful.

Suroc (Soldier) - The man with the big guns and a mysterious past. Every good crew needs someone like him. Human. Imperial Science experiment gone WAY bad...

Caile (Scoundrel/Soldier) - Blue-skinned man with a plan for everything. A Chiss who fancies himself and up and coming assassin.

All characters are currently second level (Caile's first level in each class). They're all still trying to figure each other out, since there hasn't been much opportunity to share old war stories. And since everybody wants to have some deep dark secret....

Lord Byss
11 February 2002, 01:53 AM
My game is set during the Rebellion Era but I have heavily adapted the Darkstryder pack for play within the Rebellion era. I plan to change over to d20 when I get a chance to review the new rulebook and when the Darkstryder campaign is over. The group is large with 4-5 core players and up to another 5-6 who turn up whenever they can (difficulties of real life jobs). So far the campaign has been going on for 3-4 years and is still going strong. If you want to know more about the campaign then I'll save space here (its a very long story and I havent even finished it yet), read it here:


Emperor Xanderich II
11 February 2002, 02:42 AM
Our (d6) campaign has been running for 3 years now (although we haven't played much recently with Ronin in Japan!

We've completed 40isg adventures now I think, and our characters are quitr tough (well mine is anyway!):)

The campaign is set around Isis Base, where two of the characters now control the Intelligence Division there. The base commander is Commodore Crobakk, long serving Mon Calamari and good friend of the characters. They don't get on so well with Colonel Twoflex, however, as he's rather incompetant, but still outranks the characters! The source of much amusment, though.

We all GM and have characters, taking turns to GM- though it must be said that Ronin has ran far more adventures than Habuth or myself. The characters are:

Commander Khel Arunsun, ace pilot, fighter and mechanic

Lt. Colonel Amen Rakh Habuth, Jedi Padowan, fighter and know-all.

Jarex Kadnessar- Jedi Knight and person-who-keeps-others-out-of-trouble!

Wedge in Red2
17 September 2002, 07:19 AM
Thought I'd re-animate this thread, see if anyone new wants to chip in or if peoples campaigns have changed much...

For my campaign:

Set in the New Republic Era, the Campaign has tentatively been called "The Jedi Files". It takes some of its inspiration from the X-files, where the party's main mission is to go around and uncover information on the Jedi order that was destroyed or hidden during the pruge. The mission has the support of the New Republic, and most the characters are on the NR payroll. The current timeframe is just after the Jedi Academy trilogy.

The groups first adventure took them to Ord Mantell, where they were meant to be on a cushy mission to recover what they thought was a Jedi Holocron. What ensued was a chase as the item they were after was taken by a Dark Jedi.

Their second adventure took the group into the Imperial sector of Yaga Minor to the planet Questal. On a mission for the New Republic, they were investigating some strage goings on, including the disappearnace of a friend of theirs, a spy called Tiree.

The characters are:

Aylo Bess - 3rd level Male Human Jedi Consular. Aylo comes from a planet calle Mirasong where his people are a pacifistic culture. Aylo spends a lot of his time patching up the other members of the group.

Dirk Bartarr - 2nd level Scout/1st level Jedi Guardian Male Duros. Dirk was the groups pilot until his recent discovery that he is sensitive to the Force. He has recently begun his training at the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.

Alan Chance - 3rd level Male Human Soldier. Alan is ex-Imperial and manages to do a bit of everything, from piloting and repair to demolitions and generally shooting people up.

Mayoni Mhulan - 3rd level Female Human Soldier. Mayoni, like Aylo, comes from the planet Mirasong, although she is from the militaristic culture that dominates the planet (the two cultures are like China and Tibet). The product of a strong line of warriors, Mayoni has suffered during recent missions and her fear has begun to lead her towards the Dark Side.

Protox Hubble - 3rd level Scoundrel. Protox is the expert in all things electronic. An ex-Imperial repair man, he got caught selling off spare parts on the black market. Rescued by the New Republic, he now does his best to keep the groups ship, the Velker, in top order.

B2B - 1st level Soldier/1st level Fringer Super Battle Droid. An old Droid that has somehow withstood the ravages of time (although not that well), B2B was reporgrammed to do a certain amount of piloting and repair work. Acquired by the group during their adventure to Ord Mantell.

So, that's my campaign. It's still early on in the piece, and there's plenty onthe horizon, but unfortunately it's on hold at the moment as I'm overseas. Still, I'm planning away, and once I get back it'll be all go again...


17 September 2002, 10:53 AM
My campaign is set about 4-5 yrs. after TPM in the Cularin system from the Living Force Campaign Guide , though I do my own stuff mostly, using the published LF materials for background.

My 4 "core' pc's are:
-Lon Blackstone (Human male JG3). He has a strong interest in investigation, stealth & other subtleties--plus pranks. All of this combines to exasperate his npc Master, the straightforward (& seemingly straightlaced) Z'Rissa Organa (my user-namesake;) )
-Duke(Human Scout 3) & Phred (Human Scoundrel 3) Flystalker--yes they're aliases! Their family once ran a military training academy until it ended up on the wrong side of some nasty politics, a few generations ago. The brothers are in the system looking for thier kid sister. Little do they know she's taken up with the main villain:D
-Lady Meree' AsReel (Twi'lek female Noble) She's "hanging out with," shall we say, Duke. She's a fairly stereotypical Twi'lek gal--except for her take on clothes. Meree' is of the "Cover it up--thinly--so they gotta use their imaginations & you'll drive 'em beyond wild!" school.

There are 3 other "sometime" pc's:
-Leda Sequoia (Human female Noble 1). She is a staffer in the Cularin Senator's local (in-system) office--she makes the Sen. look good by helping constituents with gov't problems like the Republic Revenue Service has been sitting on your tax refund for 6 standard months.
-2 level 4 soldiers, who like bounty hunting.

The Major Villain is a self-styled & -trained Sithlord, who often hires "scum & villainy" to raid for Sith artifacts. His goal is to emulate the LF historical figure Darth Rivan & rule Cularin & nearby systems. A side goal is to get back at npc Master Organa (& another Knight) by corrupting or at least killing their padawans. Hopefully Lon will find this out , but not the hard way...

The 4 core pc's are currently trying to locate a MedCorps vessel they were supposed to escort into the system.

17 September 2002, 11:37 AM
Neat, the thread sure predates my entry into the Holonet, me still being a relative newcomer.

Rebellion Era: Began a few months after the Battle of Yavin. Have progressed through to 6 months after the Battle of Hoth. My PCs tend to work for the alliance part of the time, but as freelancers. They are now a group of wandering Bounty Hunters. 9th level and just now beginning the Tempest Feud camapign. After that, I plan on running them on Tatooine :)

Right now the players consist of :

"Owen Redburn"; Human, Jedi Guardian 5/Scoundrel 4- An aspiring weapon master, with ancient records and the spirit of his dead master to guide him. Hides in an undercover alieas as a bounty hunter.

"Dwor Kahn"; Kel Dor, Tech Specialist 5/Soldier 4- Wanted by a Hutt crimelord and now working as part of the rebel alliance as a special ops member. Have joined his old group of friends as part of his ongoing mission.

"Efree"; Human Cyborg, Expert 2/Tech Specialist 8 (cyborg)- still searching for her erased past she remains with the useful, though at times overly "violent" group of bounty hunters. She is both computer slicing expert and surgeon to the group.

"Sroasha" Rodian, Scoundrel 1/Soldier 6/Bounty Hunter 2- a gunman for hire, a bounty hunter with a reputation to uphold. He works for a small time crimelord who gave him his start and put him together with this other bounty hunter group. Great things are afoot, there's new bounty competition now...

17 September 2002, 04:43 PM
Well, this seems kind of bland compared to every one elses great sounding adventures, but I just began a Bounty Hunter campaign 2 weeks ago, and our first adventure was pretty fun. Here is the roster

Gannik (Gan): the strong, silent, atractive Wookie scout
Lenox Poslem: The irritable, independent infamous Twi'lek Fringer
Koth Teb'lon: The sneaky team coomander and wity Bothan Scoundrel
Terace Tog: The power-machine (+4 Dex and +3 Str! 8o !) Kel Dor sort of new guy (the Player is new to RP's) Tech Specialist with a natural afinity for repairing things

Anyways, everyone is busy weekends, and we are having trouble getting our campaign completely off the ground, but we keep on hoping.

Nova Spice
17 September 2002, 04:54 PM
Well I just started GMing a new campaign in the NJO. Taking a lesson from Rigil Kent (our Submissions Master :D ) I've broken the campaign up into episodes. The first episode, Episode I: Vector Prime, is coming to a close. I've stayed away from the Vong thus far and have just gotten to the Rhommamool-Osarian conflict.

The four PCs are a diverse group:

-Kuag: Male Coynite Jedi Guardian from Coyn. Standing 2.0 meters tall, this character is intimidating, quiet, and soft-spoken. He backs up his words (when he speaks at all) with force. Full of his proud Coynite heritage, despite being rejected by Coynite society, Kuag still has much to learn from the masters at Luke Skywalker's Praxeum. Being only a level 4 Jedi Guardian, Kuag has yet to abandon his pride and learn to obey the Force and not his own wishes.

-Lo'Ploon: Male Kel Dor Jedi Guardian from Telos. Standing about the same height as his Kel Dor partner, this character is equally intimidating. Though he often speaks his mind, studies others, and distributes swift justice to those that do wrongdoing, he is full of raw emotion and a bitter hatred for Rodians. A group of Rodian thugs brutally attacked and paralyzed his father, creating a dark side tendency that has surfaced more and more of late. His background prior to joining the Jedi Academy, consisted of peddling bacta in a privately owned business with his father and brother on Telos (located not far from Yavin IV). Being closer to level 5 than his Coynite partner, Lo has yet to control his emotions and has recently undertaken rash actions that have resulted in scorn from his master, Kirana Ti, and the injury of former Wraith-turned Jedi, Tyria Sarkin.

-Dewtharr: Male Wookiee Scout from Kashyyyk. Standing a good foot taller than the Jedi, this Wookiee has a sad heritage that he has chosen to uphold. During the subjugation of Kashyyyk by the Empire, Dewtharr or Dewie (as he is called by his friends), and his father were forced to flee or be enslaved. Dewtharr's father joined up with the Rebel Alliance, becoming a fighter pilot (specifically a B-wing pilot of Blue Squadron). When Dewie's father was killed ten years after Endor in the Kothlis System by a group of pirates (Dackran's Daggers), Dewie swore to avenge his father's death and honor him by joining the New Republic Starfighter Corps. Currently a member in Green Squadron and assigned to the Mon Calamari Cruiser Freedom Diver, Dewie has shown he has skills that only come natural to very few pilots. Though his record has been impressive so far, the coming invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong will foretell how good he really is despite being nearly a level 5 Scout.

-Zuti: Male Chadra-Fan Tech Specialist from Chad III. Standing less than a meter tall, this character may be the odd-ball of the group. Coming from a rich family, Zuti attended the prestigious Blackhorn Academy on Obroa-skai, learning how to create firing mechanisms for planetary security forces. His skills were so impressive, the New Republic Special Operations Corps hand-picked him to begin working on a top-secret project designed to assist local planetary forces in quelling riots. When the project flopped, Zuti eventually joined the New Republic Medical Corps, crafting cybernetic replacements for a living. A recent freak accident involving Dackran's Daggers resulted in the transformation of Zuti into a half-cyborg. Being only a level 4 Tech Specialist, Zuti hardly understands how to reverse the process; in fact, Zuti has been having peculiar thought patterns of late resulting in the feral desire to maim or wound someone.

That's my group and campaign thus far. I'm slowly moving from a pirate vs. New Republic campaign to the Yuuzhan Vong war rapidly approaching. The Jedi are currently on Yavin training, while the Wookiee has been re-assigned to Ord Mantell, and the Chadra-Fan has returned to Obroa-skai with Piggy saBinring (of Wraith Squadron) to see if the professors there can assist in reversing the transformation.

Rigil Kent
17 September 2002, 06:01 PM
Originally posted by Nova Spice
Taking a lesson from Rigil Kent (our Submissions Master :D ) I've broken the campaign up into episodes.

Glad I could help out, Nova, but Uncle George did use it before me. :D

Jett Darkstar
17 September 2002, 06:14 PM
Counting the campaigns that are on hiatus, I'm playing in one TotJ Dark Side game and one Rebellion Era game as well as GM'ing one Rebellion Era game [sadly, the Dark-side campaign that has been most enjoyable is in limbo due to present scheduling (work for one player, college for GM) conflicts]. :(

Hopefully, we'll be able to start that one up again, it's the best one yet! :D

17 September 2002, 09:27 PM
Well, we're finally nearing completion of the Rebellion/ New Republic Era campaign. We've been playing it since the first D20 Core Rule Book came out, and have had some players come and go, but we've kept the three core characters (including my own.)

Caran Querent (originally Luna): Correllian human female who started as a Pilot in the Rebellion to becoming one of the founders of the Saffari Adventures business (a front for New Republic Spec Force Operations.) Now, while running the business end of the Saffari Adventures and completing missions for the New Republic, she is raising her daughter as well as learning about her Jedi heritage.

Kras Querent: Male Gand who was also a pilot for the Rebellion. Now is in charage of security for Saffari Adventures. He is also learning more about his abilities with the force.

Shruuk: Male Trandoshan who is incharge of plannning some of the nature adventures for the Saffari Adventures and star of the Krocky the Trandoshan Hunter children's holonet program. Was originally a Scout for the Rebellion armies before he was assinged to the Spec Ops group. Probably the only Trandoshan who legitamitely owns a bowcaster as well as most likely the only Trandoshan allowed on Kashykk.

We've kinda of gone through periods of few players and other times with too many players. Right now, we thankfully have a balanced number of people. Hopefully, it will stay that way until we reach 20th level.

Wedge in Red2
18 September 2002, 07:22 AM
Originally posted by LiquidSaber
"Where did you dig up that old fossil?"
Neat, the thread sure predates my entry into the Holonet, me still being a relative newcomer.

Yeah, you and me both! I found this thread while using the search function to try and find some info on another subject. The only reason I started reading it was 'cause it was started by my fellow Kiwi Reverend Strone, and then I decided "dash it all, this thread needs to be re-animated"...or words to that effect :D.

Nice stuff folks, keep it going!


Jim Williams
18 September 2002, 11:47 AM
I have a co-GM and we share a universe currently set just after the Battle of Endor.

My PC that I usually play Solo is Kir-Da-Res, a symbiote that has lived in nine separate human hosts. Kir is Force-Sensitive and each time he transfers to a new body (voluntarily, always to someone mortally injured or terminally ill), he loses most of his strength in the Force. So he's basically a 4th level Jedi with the experience of ten lifetimes, but his memory isn't perfect. In most of his former lives he's progressed to Jedi Master status, but he has not trained a padawan ever. He and Luke Skywalker are attempting to reform the Jedi Order and corral all the half-trained Jedi sprouting up all over the place. Kir just recently crushed an Imperial operation run by Emperor's Hands and Guardsmen to abduct Force-Sensitive beings and experiment on them.

The group I GM for is a diverse lot. They are one of the New Republic's most formidable special operations groups, and they report directly to General Rieekan. They excel at mayhem, breaking and entering, and abductions.

Commander Doja Laote,Team Leader. Human. Ace X-wing pilot and trained in martial arts since childhood. She's a Fringer 1/Soldier 6, Starfighter Ace 1 with more coming...Played by my wife.

Osira Novan. Human. Beautiful. Ex-Gambler turned fledgling Jedi training under a holocron Master named Qom Riyd, a Gand. She's a Noble 2, Scoundrel 2, JG 4 with more coming...Played by old friend.

Captain Jaryl Idlewise. Human. Ex-investigator who joined Alliance Infiltrators. Joined the SpecOps team after an Alliance General sent him on an assassination mission. Now training as a Jedi with Osira. He's a Fringer 1, Soldier 6, JG 1 with more coming...Played by new friend.

Sergeant Rikk Hazen. Human. Ex-SpaceOps Marine with a nasty streak. Deadliest
member of the team due to skill and attitiude! He's a Soldier 6/Elite Trooper 2, not sure where he's heading...Played by my son.

Mysterious New Guy. Human. Veteran Alliance Special Operative ordered by Rieekan to join the team (Doja has a lot of pull due to her mission success rate). He can break into any place and blow it up, disable it, or steal it. He's a Scoundrel 1, Soldier 3, Intelligence Operative 4; not sure where he's heading...Played by an old friend of mine.

My end of the campaign is going to be dealing with liberating Doja's home planet, eliminating a Grand Admiral commanding a local sector, wrecking the Brak Sector Imperial Shipyard, and eventually dealing with a veiled dark side threat from Osira's home planet. And in the meanwhile see if Doja kills or converts one or both of her older brothers flying TIEs for the Empire...

Reverend Strone
18 September 2002, 12:07 PM
Originally posted by LiquidSaber
"Where did you dig up that old fossil?"

I'll try not to take that personally.;)

Great to see this old thing getting a dust off. It was my first thread after joining the holonet.

Some great campaigns here guys.

Just a really quick up date on my own Tatooine saga- that is still running strong.

Life in the harsh widerness continues to grew more arduous and more complicated for the hardy band of misfit travellers. Originally striking out from the backwater town of Stains, young farm-lads Jos the Human sharpshooter; Mac the mouthy Dug; and Som the enigmatic religious accolyte, set out to guide a rusty old ore barge south to Mos espa through hundreds of miles of hostile desert wilderness and rough frontier towns.

Not two days in to their journey the barge broke down, causing them to have to borrow two Banthas to tug the thing at a snail's pace, leaving them at the mercy of aggressive outback thugs, trophy-hungry Tusken war parties, lonely in-bred Bantha rustlers, predatory wildlife, dusty bar-room brawlers, xeno-phobic backwater locals, thieves and overzealous rural militia.

To further complicate things, when the party was joined by pretty Human dilletante Anima; her trusty Duros tracker and companion Ellis; and the slick and streetwise Falleen carouser Beezel, all fugitives from the vengeful Hutt Crimelord Nago, they also picked up a few bounty-hunters and mercenaries on their trail as well.

In an effort to shake their numerous pursuers, they went bush, crashing out across the deep desert, hooking up with the cryptic old travelling preacher Azrael "Reverend" Strone and Cerean Clone-Wars veteran Goro Bot-shi and finding themselves on an errand of mercy to help save a small Twi'lek community from raids by Sandpeople.

Along the way they managed to cross a dangerous slaver network, uncover dark secrets long buried beneath the sands of the desert, unlock powers within themselves they never knew they had, and discover the cargo they haul is not just a load of simple and worthless ore, but beneath which hides a stash of high grade spice.

The danger has only just begun...

Check out the campaign poster by following the link below, if you haven't already.

20 September 2002, 05:48 AM
That sounds like a pretty sweet campaign Rev! Can't wait to hear more about it! And maybe some of the details...

20 September 2002, 08:15 AM
I'm in the process of reviving and revamping an old campaign from my D6 days. The premise was this: the Emperor died consumed by his own Force Storm above Da Soocha. Executor Sedriss became obsessed with finding a way to revive the Empire under the Sith and resorted to a last desparate measure. Sedriss had located one of the Emperor's treasure troves (a la Mount Tantiss) and arranged to have a special clone of Darth Vader made. This Vader, since his memory tapes were not even remotely intact or up to date, much less being a true life essence transfer, had to be carefully constructed. The new Darth Vader had no traces of Anakin Skywalker within him, and had loyalty to the Empire practically hard-wired into him. What Sedriss did not realize was that loyalty to the Empire did not mean loyalty to Sedriss. Vader killed Sedriss and took over the dying Empire.

Vader was wise enough to see that even he could not restore the Empire single-handledly and went on a expedition across the galaxy to locate more of the Emperor's storehouses, all the while, slowly harassing the New Republic. After months of searching (in which he was being harassed and hindered by the PCs), he found his goal, the Hand of Thrawn. Vader revived the nascent clone of the Grand Admiral, and put him in charge of the re-united Imperial Navy.

The New Republic found itself harried on all fronts, most shocking of all, was a lightning raid on Coruscant itself by Vader & Thrawn. The obvious goal was to let Vader loot his old castle for some lost Sith artifacts, while Thrawn had Admiral Ackbar adbucted & replaced with a special clone. This cloned Ackbar then proceeded to subtly undermine the New Republic. The PCs made this plan work better than hoped, when two of them, both Jedi Knights as well as officers in the Republican Navy, "borrowed" the Imperial Star Destroyer they served on, to go to Byss to confront Vader. When they returned, Ackbar had them up on charges of mutiny and sedition, the penalty for which was death.

The two Jedi PCs, were liberated by Master Skywalker and told to law low until the matter was settled. "Ackbar" made them Most Wanted, and had Master Skywalker placed under house arrest on Coruscant. Luke submitted, to keep an eye on things there. Between him and Councilor Fey'lya's manipulations to gain more power from this, the Republic found itself polarized. The last straw came, when several ships of the Republican Navy, mainly those crewed mostly by veterans of the Rebellion who held the Jedi in reverence, mutinied and left the New Republic. This started a chain of events that began a Republican Civil War, centered around the Jedi. Thrawn used this opportunity to expand the Empire, and in the intervening months, the Galaxy was divided almost eveny between the reborn Empire, and the New Republic, with the New Republic mired in its own internal problems.

The campaign ended there, I'm sad to say. I'm getting some new players and plan to pick back up, with the old PCs as NPCs.

20 September 2002, 09:13 AM
That sounds like a very interesting campaign as well.. Would you mind writing something up for it?

20 September 2002, 10:00 AM
which campaign are you referring to? If you're referring to mine, I'd be happy to. Been tempted to do a NetBook on it for my new campaign players will know whats going on since I dont' want to redo the whole opening parts again.

20 September 2002, 10:20 AM
Yeah, I'm talking about yours Darien! That would be great if you could right something up for me. Get as detailed as you can. It sounds like a great idea for a campaign.

Reel 2/Dialogue 2
27 September 2002, 02:33 AM
My still-new first-ever d20 campaign is somewhat strictly based on a certain manga series (that shall remain unnamed... and no, it ain't "Akira") and deals with PCs during the Rebellion (after A New Hope) who are sent on a mission to ascertain the possibility of an Imperial superweapon, only to find out that far more is going on. Sorry to say, MFalls, but I also came up with the "sphere" concept for my campaign (though I didn't catch that episdoe of Star Trek, go figure) just to keep the PCs confined in-system. This sphere, simply called "The Barrier", was created by the destruction of the system's largest and outermost world, due to a fierce clash between two extremely powerful as-of-yet unknown sources, and now consists of large, densely-crowded asteroids constantly careening in a spherical manner around the system (maintained by the unknown sources), that is keeping both Imperial and Rebel forces out of the system. Since the system happens to be a vital hyperspace route to the Core Worlds, Rebel Intelligence is interested in freeing that path, allowing secret agents to infiltrate the heart of the Empire, so the PCs were sent to intercept and retrieve the only operating Rebel cell inside, with the help of none other than Han Solo and his Millennium Falcon. However, due to the extreme difficulty of navigating through the barrier, and perpetual barrages from out-system TIE patrols, the Falcon barely escaped intact before jettisoning the PCs, via escape pod, into the system. Now the PCs have to find the Rebel cell and discover the real reason behind what the Empire is up to before the sector Moff can breach the Barrier with his contingent of Star Destroyers. With this setting, I'm hoping to keep the moral dilemma and dramatic pathos to a maximum, and the lightsaber fights to a minimum (it's even theme-based!).

I'm also planning a campaign about delusional "Jedi Knights" who battle the undead in the Old Republic, and another with Imperial PCs racing against time to kill a gargantuan beast, born from hyperspace, before it devours Coruscant. One of these days, I might actually get to read all those NJO books I bought that are now just sitting around, so I can get a campaign set in that time too!

PS: Sabre, that's gotta be the kookiest idea for a campaign I've heard in a long while! Worthy of a Mel Brooks-esque spoof (or even something I'd like to animate).

27 September 2002, 09:50 AM
Man! No Fair! I have a Dyson Sphere in my game too. I hate it when that happens!

27 September 2002, 01:32 PM
Really, I used the concept for the Dyson Sphere (though mine was called The Venture Sphere), but I used mine as a system wide kinda thing. A big sun in the center with planets rotating around it. Sheesh....:D

27 September 2002, 02:10 PM
I'm currectly running a campaing in he old republic (10 years before Ep 1).
The characters are
- Human Jedi Guardian, with two lightsabers
- Muman Jedi Consular, with more NPC interaction skill
- Human Scoundrel, a la Solo
(actually not very original characters, but it's still the first campagin)
Main NPC:
- Human senator; kidnapped, they must rescue him. some years later he will become a darksider and a good opponent behind the scenes
- Sullustan scoundrel: the tech guy; also the PCs main contact
- Human Scoundrel: a spy for hire. A recurring character but I don't know its aim

The characters work for the Senate Intelligence Service (I don't think it exists in SW; anyway I created it :p ) and now are trying to find the senator, bring him back to coruscant and then find the "mind" behind this kidnapping.

Daedis Ko
1 October 2002, 09:48 AM
I'm running a campaign set 15 years after the battle of Endor. The Republic has reaserted itself, the Jedi Order has returned and reconsecrated the Jedi temple on Coruscant and is slowly rebuilding itself. The Republic is once again the dominant political power in the galaxy.

The Imperial Remnant is still a major powerbroker because it controls at least a thousand or so systems. There is currently an armistice between the Republic and the Imperial Remnant, essentially a state of coldwar.

The characters have currently taken possession of the old Rebel base on Yavin IV after liberating it from a few pirates who built a spice processing lab there. Their current goal is to rennovate the base and keep control.

I have essentially thrown out the entire Expanded Universe and use only a few rough ideas from it.


1st Level Human Soldier/2nd level Jedi Guardian
3rd Level Human Scoundrel
3rd Level Dug Tech Specialist
3rd Level Zabrak Soldier
2nd Level Human Soldier/1st Level Force Adept (NPC)

1 October 2002, 10:13 AM
Finishing up our D&D campaign now to coincide with the D20 Modern book release ... so about 4-6 more D&D sessions ...

The d20 Modern campaign will be a 101st Airborne WWII campaign ... which should be fun for me (history major with an emphasis in WWII). And they're gonna start working on Backgrounds here pretty quickly.

Then we are also starting an PBe-Mail NJO campaign that is set 75 years after the Yuuzhan Vong have been repulsed ... Luke and Mara are dead which leaves no connection to the original Jedi Order ... and very venerable Jacen Solo is the head of the current Order.

The Order has grown much more complacent and 'scholarly' in the past 75 years, and so the Jedi Guardian class won't be available as a starting class ... it should be good for PBE because usally those games can be much more in-depth and intreguing.

Anyhoo ... thats what we're up to now!

Jim Williams
1 October 2002, 07:24 PM
Jedi Guardians unavailable as a starting class...now THAT is interesting!
Is part of the focus of your game going to be the Jedi getting off it's butts and doing something?

7 October 2002, 04:13 PM
I'm running a campaign starting a week before Vector Prime (i.e.-New Jedi Order). My characters are going to counteract the invasion of the Vong while completely screwing up the official version of the future.
One of my PCs, a human jedi pretending to be a non-force-user, has claimed he is a descendent of a family who escaped from Alderaan. His plan is to round up all the descendents of families from Alderaan to vote for him as their leader. After an amazing amount of support he can become the leader of Alderaan. The advantage of this is he can legally amass a fleet and attack the Yuuzhan Vong every time they attack/conquer a world that has at least one Alderaanian on.
My PC's are the following:
-2nd-level Human Jedi Guardian-The one whose plans are mentioned above.
-2nd-level Tech Specialist-Demolitons expert and Musician, makes the groups explosives, and pyrotechnics for his own concerts.
-2nd-level Ewok Jedi Guardian-Crazy little Ewok who currently has Blorash Jelly stuck to him, he moves 3m a round.
-2nd level Wookie Psionic-In case your Psionics are from D&D. This one's claim to fame: Pyrokinesis. Kwahahahahahahahaha!
-2nd level Twi'lek Dilettante-Plans on becoming a Crimelord to fight the Vong his own way.
-Undecided (hasn't started)
-Undecided (hasn't started)

Teal Tan Mudds
8 October 2002, 05:46 AM
Does anybody of you play in the post rebellion era ? Wanna say in the new republican time ?

We started in this very era and have some serious alien problem.. yeah i do not mean aliens like me and you.. i mean REAL aliens - so strange you even won`t know their race or where they come from.

In our campaign the sent some hidden invader to naboo, infecting our watery world with strange bacteria which causes serious problems in our ecosystem - fishes die in masses and the maxi biggo monsters of the kernel come up from their deep holes aggressively destroing everything they meet.. before they die as well.

Can you imagine our despair ? Well i exspecially speak for the gungans amongst usn.. Fortunately them scientist finally worked out a strategy against the bacteria.. but those aliens are still a great danger to all of us, for they have the ability to .. i don`t know how.. look like one of us. It`s horrible but we won`t give up !

9 October 2002, 06:21 AM
My current (D20) campaign, which is possibly ending soon, involves the Dark Side Sourcebook. My character breakdown was as follows:

1. A human scoundrel / force adept, the pilot.
2. A human force adept / soldier / Sith Warrior addicted to Ryll Spice, Acolyte of the Holy Orders.
3. A human soldier (the only non-Force sensitive), mercenary for hire.
4. A twi'lek scoundrel / force adept also addicted to Ryll, general troubleshooter and swoop racer.

The party began as a group of mercenaries serving a planetary ruler in Wildspace. The ruler was the head of a Force Adept tradition, as well as a collector of arcane relics. The early adventures of the party involved searching for artifacts at the behest of their patron. (This actually led to the comment that they had been in more dungeons here than in my current D&D campaign). The party managed to acquire a small collection of copied Sith scrolls that they began to study.

After some encounters with Imperial Inquisitors that led the Empire to their homeworld, they managed to kill their boss while convincing the rest of the ruler's organization that he had gone into hiding (a combination of good roleplaying and an AMAZING 29 on a Bluff roll). After this, the party began studying the Dark Side and the Sith.

I am just in the process of the Grand Tour of the Sith, beginning at Dxun, the moving to Korriban (the Sith Tomb World) and eventually leading to Yavin IV. They should arrive at Yavin around the same time as the first Death Star.

What has made the game so enjoyable is the dynamic between the players. The pilot and the mercenary don't trust the twi'lek and the Sith warrior. The Twi'lek doesn't like the pilot because of his blatant disdain for non-humans. The mercenary doesn't trust the Sith because the bomb that killed their boss was originally set up to kill him. The game is really playing on the paranoia of the party.

9 October 2002, 07:15 AM
Since this thread sems to have some life to it, I thought I'd go ahead and share my home game.

Called Shadows of the Rebellion, it is an Infinities-style game set in a universe where Darth Vader captured Luke on Cloud City and turned him to the Dark Side. Vader then tried to kill the Emperor, but failed. Leia heard Luke's mental call for aid and had the Falcon draw up under Cloud City, but only Luke's hand and lightsaber fell into her waiting arms. She later felt drawn to Degobah, where she was trained by Yoda. She now trains a new generation of Jedi to help the Rebel Alliance win the three-way or more fight for the galaxy.

Below are some of the early notes I passed out to players.


It has been 5 years since the Battle of Yavin, and 2 years since the Bespin Incident. It is once again a dark time for the Rebel Alliance, for they have lost many of their greatest heroes. Luke Skywalker, fell to the dark side after an encounter with Darth Vader in Cloud City. Han Solo has been frozen in carbonite since that same day. Kyle Katarn and Wedge Antilles were killed in an effort to rescue Han and bring down Jabba the Hutt. The Yavin and Hoth bases had to be abandoned, leaving the Rebel Fleet with no single port to house and maintain it. Only Leia Organa, Jedi Knight, and her constant guard Chewbacca still remain of the famous rebels of Yavin, and she is forced to split her time between training new Jedi and desperately seeking new allies for her Alliance.
If the Empire were untied, it surely would have crushed the rebel Alliance. But not all is well within the Empire, for once Darth Vader had turned his son to him, he rebelled against his former master as well. With the most powerful Super Star Destroyer in existence and a cadre of troops fiercely loyal to him Vader led a coup against the Emperor and attempted to take Coruscant. His effort failed, but both Vader and his new apprentice Tyran Rath (once Luke) survived the effort. Vader fell back to contingency plans, taking refuge in the Corporate Sector and laying claim to the Tarkin, a space station used to build the first test version of the super laser built into the Death Star. Though the Tarkin has never fired in combat, and no one knows if its 1/4 sized super laser can truly destroy a world, it is a powerful asset in Vader’s fleet. Even if the Tarkin is never used, its mere existence forces worlds to take Vader and his allies seriously.
Further, Vader has the close support of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild and the Techno Union as well as the Corporate Sector Authority. All these forces fear the Empire will do away with them in time due to its strong policies against any race but humans, and see Vader as their best bet for defeating the Empire without losing their own power bases. Vader has abandoned the old rule of Two, declaring himself the new head of the Sith, and has trained a new legion of Sith warriors while his son runs an academy for dark Jedi. These two forces are slowly spreading throughout the galaxy, further strengthening Vader’s hold.
Vader’s act of open rebellion encouraged others to do the same, and numerous Imperial governors and commanders went rogue. Most claimed only a single world, and assumed their place in the outskirts of the galaxy would prevent the emperor from taking notice, but Grand Admiral Zsinj claimed entire systems. He is now the undisputed ruler of a thousand worlds, including Bastion, Muulilinst and Yaga Minor, and lays claim to a thousand more including Agamar, Bimmiel, Dantooine, Dathmoir, Dubrillion, and Garqi. Zsinj has now built his own Super Star Destroyer, the Iron Fist, though he has nothing to compare to the Tarkin.
But the Empire is far from defeated. Most of the galaxy gives at least lip service to the Emperor, who still rules the most powerful armada in history. The Empire must play a waiting game, however. It cannot send its fleet to crush either Vader or Zsinj, for doing so would leave the core worlds, and Coruscant in particular, open to an attack. The Emperor can ill afford to lose another world, and must seem strong to prevent further rebellion. The threat of the Tarkin in particular forces the empire to keep most of its ships in defensive positions.
The Emperor has made allies of his own, however, including Prince Xizor head of the Black Sun crime syndicate and the alien Chiss from the unknown regions. The Emperor has two detached fleets seeking to capture enemy ships outside their home systems - the Death’s Head Squadron run by Admiral Daala and the Imperial Will Squadron commander by Grand Admiral Thrawn, each commanded by a cut-down Super Star Destroyer. The Emperor also knows he must not allow Force users free reign in the galaxy, and uses his three Force-trained groups to prevent this – Dark Prophets to foresee them, Imperial Inquisitors to hunt them down, and Imperial Crimson Guard to kill them. Unable to afford a second Death Star, the Emperor has also begun construction of two new ships - the Sovereign (a ship to dwarf even a Super Star Destroyer) and the Darksaber (to house another super laser and offset the Tarkin). Even so, the Empire’s control is total only within the Deep Core, Core Worlds, and most of the Colonies.
Fortunately Leia’s diplomatic efforts have not been in vain. By promising herself in marriage, she has gained the support of the Hapan Consortium, giving the rebellion access to the relative safety of the Hapes Cluster. Further, she has made many shady deals with the vile gangsters of Hutt Space, allowing the alliance to access many underworld ports and resources. The worlds of Mon Calamari and Sluis Van have declared their open alliance to the rebellion and have enough ships to defend themselves, but dare not send any of their fleets elsewhere, for fear of imperial retaliation, or the arrival of the Tarkin. The Bothans have rebelled from the Empire and claim Bothan Space, but are only arms-reach allies with the Rebel Alliance.
Leia has also undertaken to train a new generation of Jedi, which she hopes will become symbols of justice and freedom. Though her own training at the hands of Yoda was far briefer than she would have hoped, Leia has begun to pass on her knowledge to every force sensitive student she can gather. This new force of Jedi is outmatched and outnumbered, but it represents the Alliance’s best hope to spur yet more systems to resist the tyrants of the galaxy and fight with the Rebellion.

“We are a contradiction.
We are keepers of the law, yet we aid a rebellion. We are advocates of peace, yet we work daily to escalate a war. We are trained to respect all life by the same masters who show us how to kill. We are an order with a 10,000 year tradition, but not one of us knows how our order began.
The Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy before the dark times. Before the coming of the Empire. They were unable to stop the flow of evil that engulfed first Coruscant, then the galaxy, and ultimately the lives of every man, woman and child of Alderaan. The Jedi were neutralized, hunted down, and exterminated. To many citizens of the Empire, it’s as if the Jedi never existed. They failed. They lost.
And now, they are our only hope.
I am Jedi, as was my father before me. I learned at the feet of Master Yoda, last master of the order, last survivor of the terrible purges. I have dedicated my life to rebuilding the Jedi Knights, not in the shadow of its failure but guided by the light of its cause. Jedi are not godlike supermen. They are not infallible. As I know all too well, they are not incorruptible. Jedi are in tune with the Force, but that gives them easy access to darkness as well as light. I know that many of my new students will fail. Most will die. Some will turn on me. And yet I seek to restore this flawed order.
In the end, I don’t know how to avoid the pitfalls that destroyed the Jedi that came before us. All I know is that without a symbol to rally the galaxy, darkness in one form or another wins. We can not seek fame, but we must become famous. We have no hope of overcoming our enemies through force, but we must forcibly oppose them. We must give ourselves over to defending the value of every life, even if that means killing thousands in the process. This is the crux of the Jedi today, and it can be a thin line between us and those we seek to overthrow.
I don’t know what rules the old Jedi order followed. I don’t have the wisdom of thirty generations to call upon. I demand from you only this – Let the Force guide you. Never draw upon it in anger, fear, pain or hate. Place the welfare of others always before your own. Never allow evil to go unchecked.
Do this, and you shall be Jedi.”

Mistress Leia Organa, to the first twelve students of the Jedi Lyceum

9 October 2002, 07:27 AM
OStephens, that sounds like a bad-a$$ campaign! I really like the detail that you put into that post. It really offers others the chance to use that setting for their own campaign. Thank you a lot!

9 October 2002, 11:10 AM
My pleasure.

The thing that has worked well for me with this game is that the big heroes are out of the picture (Luke is dark, Han is a popsicle, Wedge is gone, Leia is busy and Chewie is guarding her), but there are lots of bad guys (includig people like Boba Fett and Jabba), and there's a 3-way or more fight for the galaxy (allowing for complex games plots). Also, everyone can play a Jedi (my players' favortie classes), since there's a new academy, but still (mostly) be in the Rebellion era (my players' favorite era).

I still require all characters to start with a non-Jedi level, but I also started the game at 2nd level. The initial characters were a Human Soldier/Jedi Guardian (with some dark side leanings), a human Tech Specialist/Jedi Consular (who may neveer take another Fedi level), a falleen Noble/Jedi Consular, and a Force Adept (Kilian Ranger)/Jedi Guardian.

Despite everyone ebing a Jedi, all the characters were very different.

Paul Klein
9 October 2002, 02:17 PM
Oooh, heh I've wanted to run an Infinites campaign for a while now.