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Matt Richard
6 February 2002, 01:53 PM
Well, I posted my site on here, hoping for comments, but I got none, so Ive decided to take a poll on what you think about my site. Post comments as necessary.

Thank you.

Chris Curtis
6 February 2002, 04:40 PM
Well, considering that it's a very new site, you're not doing too bad. Here are my comments/suggestions:

1) More content. There's really not that much on the site right now - just a few articles and some links for the most part. It doesn't have to be stats, either. Things like new locations, organizations, etc. are all useful.

2) Make your navigation more prominent. Currently, you just have small text links below your updates. On most browsers, the user won't even see them without scrolling. Move them to the right or left of the site updates and make the links bigger/more prominent.

3) Lose the scrolling info in the status bar. That kind of thing annoys me only slightly less than coming to a site that has MIDI music playing. It doesn't really serve a purpose that couldn't be accomplished better with a blurb on the main page.

4) Fix the broken image at the top of the page. The "cartelbanner03.jpg" image isn't loading and makes the page look bad since it's right at the top.

Hope that helps!

Rigil Kent
6 February 2002, 05:25 PM
Listen to Chris; he knows of what he speaks (even if he is an Aggie. :D )

I'd recommend hitting the Reviewed Sites (under Chris's sig) to check out a couple really good sites; not to toot my own horn, but I think I've got a pretty squared away site for someone who has had to teach himself FrontPage. :)


1. Navigation is a bit clunky. I'd create a frame window or something to make the miscellaneous locations more prominent.
2. Content is minimal but you are just starting out; as long as you don't forget about your site for a couple of months (like I did 'cause College Algebra and Conversational German I kicked my butt!), you can only increase this.
3. The scrolling bar doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bug Chris but it does serve little purpose. Hmmm, maybe you could change it to a countdown for Episode II? :D

Welcome to the unexciting world of amateur web-design! :)

Matt Richard
6 February 2002, 06:06 PM
OK, I knew something was wrong with the banner when it didnt load on my screen so Ill go fix it.

The articles will come in soon (I hope); and I wont forget the site, I HATE IT when webmasters forget to update their site.

With the scrolling thing, Ill take it off. It serves no purpose anyway.

About the navigation. You'll notice the layout is VERY BASIC, because I havn't quite mastered HTML, and all those table codes really confuse me (if anyone has an explanation on how to make those pesky tables PLEASE tell me). Ill get to work on that.

Thanks for your sugustions (more are not only welcome, but wanted. I dont care if you say my sight sucks, just be honest so I can make it better).

Thank you.

6 February 2002, 08:26 PM
hmm, nice looking start to the site... though I must admit the name had me beliving it had something to do with the Bacta Cartel on Thryferra:) might you that may just be because I'm in the middle of the Bacta war;)

Matt Richard
8 February 2002, 03:05 PM
Thank you to whoever voted on the poll that said some major improvements were needed, I appreciate the honesty (hey, if it sucks, it sucks).

BUT... I cant fix the problems unless you specify what they are, so please, whoever said major improvements were needed, tell me what they are, or else I wont be able to fix the problems.

Thanks in advance.

11 February 2002, 07:32 AM
Ok, so I was the one who voted for Needs some major improvements but so much for being anonymous. I didn't mean it like your page is horrid or anything like that, but I do think that it does need to be improved (I should know, my 1st page was the cross between Bambo-Shoots under the fingernails and a Root-Canal, with a sprinkling of a frontal lobotomy :D. No one gave me any comments or hinted that it was so bad until my wife said "you really need to do something about it"). Nothing personal, but if you want suggestions and comments here you go.

* It looks like there are a couple of pages, but just by glancing at the page it doesn't look like there's much there. (Personally I'd move the nav links to either the top of the page, or build some frames and put them off to the side.) The first time I viewed the page it took me a little while to figure out there was more on the site.

* I like the articles. I think it might serve you better to build some tables to control the layout. With the titles and short descriptions you're not really making full use of the screen and it looks like everything is pushed towards the left. (Same goes for the stats page).

* I don't like the tripod things that appear on top of all your pages (I understand they're there becuase its on the tripod site, but I'm always found them highly annoying and tend to stay away from pages that are on geocities or tripod since they usually have more windows and banners that popup then people who hate JarJar. I also understand that those sites also have a rather nice price tag: free.)

* Some things are just personal perference. (I don't really like the horizontal bars, but that's just me, :) and some people don't like tables, but I happen to like them).

* I do like your color scheme :) (Actually you've got the same background and like colors that I have.)

Now that's that is said, I do think you need some big improvements, but I do think your site has good potential. (Also my site needed big improvements, as in it was Hidious with a capital 'H', I'd like to I got over them but I only suspect I've solved some of them). Hope this clearifies things, and didn't mean to get you upset.


Matt Richard
11 February 2002, 08:56 AM
Well, I appreciate the critiquing. But I should tell you all what I told Ryan Matheny in an email.

I plan to stop The Cartel, because:
1.) I suck at HTML.
2.) It's not fun anymore, its more of a hassle.
3.) I enjoy submitting to DLOS more than I do having to worry about codes and tables and my panties being in a bind (j/k).
4.) I also enjoy posting things on the HoloNet more than my site.
5.) I don't know how to fix half the problems you guys have said to fix (but thanks for the advice, nonetheless).

So, if you like my articles, youll probably be seeing them on DLOS. Ill also continue to work on some supplements (similar to the Sarkosa Sector Errata and Revisions Supplement).

It was a fun and educational experience (the moral being dont start anything you cant do).

11 February 2002, 09:19 AM
Sorry, I hope I didn't scare you away. I really don't know that much HTML either. I use FrontPage (Chris uses Dreamweaver, and if you're a student you can get these really cheap from the book store, :) I mean all of Visual Studio Pro costs $250, if you had to buy it without a discount $1300+, ouch! If I had to spend the full price that would have meant I would never have created the Character, Droid or Starship Geneator programs, that everone seems to enjoy :(). The better editors do not require you to know any codes or anything, they make it like editing a Word Document.

Well if you not going to have a sit, see you on the boards and please keep up the sbumissions. :)

Matt Richard
11 February 2002, 12:16 PM
No, you didnt scare me away, I had sent the email to Ryan Matheny before you responded, but I will continue with the boards. Even if I used Front Page or Dreamweaver, I still wouldnt enjoy it, I still rather enjoy submitting, then letting someone else take care of how it looks on the site.

I guess it would be all right to tell you that one of the DLOS projects Im going to work on is a Podracing Supplement, which is already in its seventh page.