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6 February 2002, 10:56 PM
I have an idea of module, but I'm in need of some help to fully develop it.
In the short words: planetary govenor and his closest advisors just ran off, leaving PC in the charge of entire planet in the eve of Crisis(tm). Fortunately, cavalry already on the way and will come in a few hours, but until rescue team arrives, PC should support at least visibility of normally functioning government (othervise panic will be widespread).

Problem is: what are typical tasks and problems for planetary government to perform and solve?

Lord Byss
7 February 2002, 02:14 AM
Have them make difficult decesions about resource allocation (eg. a population of 6 million and only enough vaccine for 100,000; they have to ration out food because there is not enough etc). Perhaps because all hell is breaking lose that riots are occuring and people aren't going to work - the city breaks down. No public transport, no fuel, no bread etc. Depends how grim a picture you want to paint...

7 February 2002, 02:40 AM
just one small idea...

how about having the characters come up with excuse after excuse to keep all the reporters and media folks happy...
they'd have to be very carefull at what to say... and organize regular press conferences etc.. etc... and make sure not one reporter finds out the thruth...

Random Axe
7 February 2002, 06:46 AM
Man, this is a great idea for a quicky. My suggestion would be to watch the TV show WEST WING for ideas on what kind of crises to throw at the temporary rulers.

Maybe the public gets a rumor that the reason the Imperial governors bugged out is that they were planning on bombarding the planet. Maybe the rumor is true!

Or if the original governors weren't Imperial, then the rumor is that the Empire is on its way to declare marial law and the public is demanding justice from the PC rulers.

Or there is a crime lord on the planet that has had the former governor in his back pocket. Now that the governor is gone, the crime boss shows up to try to perpetuate that relationship with the new rulers.

Or some wacko out there gets it in his scrambled brain that he wants to assassinate the governor. But never realized or heard that the governor "has left the building". So now he's coming for the next person in line!

8 February 2002, 09:05 AM
...Dealing with a natural disaster. Depending on the size of the disaster and the size of the "community" in question, the PC's might find themselves co-ordinating massive food and shelter drops all over the planet, or the PC's may find themselves getting dirty while helping to sandbag a river. :D

8 February 2002, 02:10 PM
How about a radical militia group that is fed up with the local government? They could hold up a bank or something...better yet try to take over the capital building the PCs are in. You could even make it that the person who left the characters in charge acutally screwed these guys over...putting the PCs in a moral dillema. Will they back their friend or investigate the allogations against him?

Talonne Hauk
9 February 2002, 09:16 PM
A rival looking to exploit the power vaccuum in some way would be good. Or a young Imperial garrison commander becoming totally overwhelmed because of the situation and going crazy. Or perhaps the fleeing governor created a diversion at the spaceport that has knotted up traffic. (If you've ever been in Chicago, think of O'Hare at rush hour.) Or a flunky who is always second guessing the PC, just to look good to whomever will be taking over later. Local business people demanding to know what the devil is going on. Non-creative bureacrats who are clueless as to what to do because the chain of command has been disrupted. Local sports team has won the big game, so the populace is rioting. Perhaps the fleeing governor left on the heels of a scandal, so the populace is rioting because of the injustice. I hope these help.