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7 February 2002, 02:02 AM
So the complete question is

What is the largest thing on this list that youre group has owned or controlled in a swrp game (wether privately owned or in a military context)

and with "youre group" i mean... any player in youre group.. whether you're gm or player... in youre entire swrpg career...

I'm just asking to get an idea of on what scale the average rpg player sets his adventure

Chris Curtis
7 February 2002, 06:09 AM
I voted for "Small Fleet", but that's really a bit misleading in our case.

Our PCs have been (until the last couple of sessions, in fact) the sole Rebellion/New Republic personnel in oursector of operations and thus we're pretty much completely on our own. As such, we started a business to use for both income and cover for our operations. So far our business does shipping (4 various capital-scale cargo ships), escort services (1 corellian gunship, 3 skiprays), and asteroid mining (1 large mining ship). So while we technically control all these things, they're really more just a backstory/background thing.

Our non-business assets include a couple of squadrons of starfighters (various models), a couple of skiprays, several shuttles and light freighters, a large capital-scale "Mobile Repair Facility" (designed to be able to go out and repair large capital-scale ships and smaller), and a few other odds-n-ends.

So as far as military forces that we can field go, it's mostly starfighter or very light capital-scale.

Random Axe
7 February 2002, 06:32 AM
Our group has (or had) several ships under its collective wing. Two light freighters (until one got blowed up real good), a scout vessel, and what is essentially a heavy freighter, but is capital-class. We are currently scouting out prospects for another light freighter to replace the YT-2400 that got disintegrated.

Random Axe
7 February 2002, 06:37 AM
One thing I forgot to add is that twice this same group has been involved in the leadership of a Rebel Attack fleet against the Imperials, and --


-- in our current adventure they may be destined to do so again....

7 February 2002, 11:53 AM

In one game we had my characters (a smuggler, and his co-pilot) with a Modified Light freighter, a bounty hunter with a modified light freighter, and a Starfighter pilot with an X-Wing.

You might call that a really small fleet, but most of the time we were not all in our respective ships.

7 February 2002, 09:21 PM
The main game: The two possibly three players I GM for has a modified X-Wing and a modified YT-2400. A lower skilled human male Jedi and R2 unit fly the X-Wing. A female human thief, a higher skilled human male Jedi, a male Weequay pilot / mechanic, and now possibly a male either Wookiee or Noghri merc fly the YT-2400. Not sure which on the last character because the guy just started last adventure. And well I don't really want a Wookiee player. For reasons in my game design.

The smaller game: For one of my players I have a smaller campaign. He plays a male Jawa (Doesn't really have a class). Which I know this doesn't count for any thing in the poll but he has a two wheeled cart with a Dewback pulling it around. :D

8 February 2002, 12:36 AM
It depands on what you mean. My pcs fly aroud in a defiant replica (one of my pcs ideas) but because they are a miltary unit they have taken part in large fleet actions (about 18 ships in total never again) were i took control of 6 yuuzhan vong cruisers and my pcs cantrolled at least a ship each most had 2

also when they are not in the stars birth(defiant) they are an offical star fighter unit so u can get a fair number of ships that way too (about 10 - 20 )

But on the whole i genraly try to keep it small cause big space combat can go on for ages

8 February 2002, 08:13 AM
voted freighter, though one other member has an x-wing in a modified cargo hold on the freighter (when the ship's owner learned about the modification he turned several impressive shades of red). the funny part is that his character 'remembers' he is mad about the mod every time the x-wing launches (which is frequently). it is because of that the freighter captain never wants to work for the rebels again...

8 February 2002, 02:13 PM
Capital ship. Once in one of our adventures the Alliance put our PCs in charge of a capital ship for one battle. The players hated it so I never had them do it again.

9 February 2002, 09:05 AM
The largest we have ever had in any game i have ran or played in was a crusier analogue (it was a slave/prisoner transport, with a 20000 person capacity).
We had to break out and steal some AT-ST/AT-AP prototypes, but said to hell with that, and took over the ship, and left the planet. We then released all the prisoners/slaves, let the imps go, and gave over the ship to the rebels. It earned everyone involved a 20,000 credit bounty.

Dragon Fox 3
9 February 2002, 09:29 AM
I voted Frighter, but I did let my players be in charge of a Star Destoryer, that is, until the Empire took it back. After that, I gave them a YV-545 frighter, namely the one that appears in RESB. B)