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7 February 2002, 05:24 AM
Has anyone ever worked up a quick and dirty set of rules to cover races? I don't mean the ins and outs of the race itself but things like the entrance fees and potential prizes.

I'm looking at having some swoop races running on a planet the PCs will be visiting, there likely to want to take part. I'm looking at having about four bikes in a race and am wondering what sort of entrance fees and prize money would be at stake.

Any rules about betting on the races would be a help as well.



The Admiral
7 February 2002, 11:18 AM
Quick 'n' dirty hmm? Ok, how's this;

Expected number of audience rounded down to the nearest 5,000 is the prize money.

The racers pay;
prize money / (number of racers +1)
rounded up to the nearest 500.

SO, the Burning Bantha Sweepstakes, which attracts an audience of 37,000 would have a prize of 35,000. If there are 8 racers, they would each pay 4,000 entry fee.

Is that quick and dirty enough?

7 February 2002, 06:23 PM
One of our players plays a racer!!!!!!
The entry fee has been 1000-5000 credits or trugets.
The prize is usually 5x-10x entry fee. That may sound high prize but the GM makes the upkeep and repairs of the speeders expensive.

Hell, one of the prizes was a bounty!!! It was a Hutt race and the Hutt had paid her to lose but she took i,t won the race took the winnings and ran. That's when she ran into one of my characters named Jaek Lohgun but thats another story.

If you get the Secrets of Tattooine it has some set up for pod racing that you maight be able to use for example for other races!!!!!!!!!!!