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7 February 2002, 05:32 AM
Answering a post earlier today has made me wonder. Without some kind of proper education force sensitives are very liable to falling to the Dark Side of the force. If this happened how would society view those force sensitives?

In Warhammer 40k (at least in the original Rogue Trader rules) they have telepathic humans, Psykers, emerging across their empire. Weaker people are liable to act as gateways of a kind to entities that live in another dimension, they can be possessed or act as literal entrances to our universe.

The solution in WH40k, as far as the Emperor is concerned, is to find and test and psykers. Strong ones are put into Imperial Service and weak ones either imprisoned to be put to death or killed immediately if they resist. Harsh this may be but it's percieved to be the only way in which their universe can be safe guarded.

Now applying that to Star Wars what do people think of the idea that on certain planets (or sectors in the past or future of the SW timeline) test for force sensitives and execute those that they find as being potential threats to the rest of the world/galaxy? We'd have force sensitives in hiding (both the good and the bad) and visiting Jedi would be in for a hard time.

In the Alien Source book it describes a planet where twins are locked up as it's feared that one of them will turn psychotic and become a mass murderer. As such the concept of proactive punishment is kind of a part of the Star Wars EU anyhow, I'm just taking it a bit further.




7 February 2002, 07:42 AM
*shrugs* if you wanted to have something like that in SW just run a Rebellion era campaign :)

Donovan Morningfire
7 February 2002, 09:28 AM
That's not a bad idea for a story Oly. Have the group come across this planet that is in the galatic backwater, where those that are Force-Sensitive are put to death at birth. Reason for this is that long in the past a Force-Sensitive person grew up to become the most diabolical tyrant that world had ever seen.

If the group has more than a few Force-users, then it becomes even more interesting. Suddenly, what seemed a boon is now a curse. This planet probably has ways to track down Force-sensitive beings, and now the PCs are the subject of a planet-wide manhunt. If they use their powers, or Jedi draw their weapons, it only furthers the populace's belief that all Force-users are dangerous and must be destroyed (witch hunt mentality). Even the non Force-Sensitives are being hunted, since they must obviously be tainted. To keep them on planet, their ship was damaged and this was the closest place to set down for repairs.

Where you go from there is your call, but it could make the players take a second look at what it means to be in tune to the Force. Or at the very least, make them very paranoid about landing on a not-so-well known world :)

7 February 2002, 11:40 AM
It's very easy to imagine Force Sensitives in any era being widely distrusted. In the Old Republic the Jedi are a prominent organization that only partially answers the the galactic authority, and who also seem to meddle in the affairs of galactic politics. Imagine the UN having an elite group of soliders with superhuman abilities at their disposal, but these soldiers pull back on the strings that pull them until it's impossible to say who's the puppet and who's the puppeteer. How would you feel knowing these people were running around stealing babies to enhance their ranks and promoting their own social agendas which might or might not benefit you? I think a lot of people would be more than a little resentful, if not outright paranoid.

During the Imperial era, Jedi have been vilified, and all but forgotten. People know the rumors of Jedi and of their destructive nature, and some might even remember the elite soldier force that promoted their own agenda back in the days of the corrupt Republic. Not hard to pin the corruption in the republic on them, I imagine. Not hard at all. So Force users even in the galaxy at large and not just on backwater planets nobody has been to are likely to be turned in to the Empire, who probably offers some sort of reward. From there, I'd agree with you that the Emperor makes them an offer that they can't refuse.

During the rise of the New Republic, the Jedi are just establishing themselves again, but if you count the events of the books in your campaigns, and allow the general populace to hear something about those events, you have Kyp Durron becoming a Jedi knight after destroying Cardia. You have Luke's pupils telling him what to do. You have the whole academy nearly wiped out by various things. Plus, they're sort of the government's secret weapon under development. Leia (who is a high-ranking high-profile political figure) has her own BROTHER running the show. Who's agenda are THEY going to be promoting? People are gonna nod and wink at that one. If one of them happened to be meddling in your neck of space, you and a few other locals might decide you didn't like it, and might just see if you couldn't get rid of one of these government meddler's quietly. Accidents happen, after all.

And THEN you come to NJO. From reading books there you get the general impression that the Jedi have NOT made themselves popular with the people.

So, in any era, Force Sensitives are going to be associated with 'Jedi' and everyone knows Jedi means trouble.

7 February 2002, 12:08 PM
This sounds like some great Wheel of Time stuff. I am currently running a campaign (NJO) in which the players have to watch as the trust of the Jedi dissappears and the people begin hunting them. A group called the Brothers of Titus mounting a two prong attack:
1) encouraging and exacerbating public distrust of the Jedi and any force user.
2) Once the distrust turns to hate then they will begin hunting them down with their Vornskyr like hounds.

Adding to all of this the Sith are lurking hidden in the sector and are just as eager to knock off the Force Hunters as the Jedi are. Will the players allie themselves with the Sith in order to defeat a mutual enemy?

I think I may encorporate some of these ideas into the campaign. Perhaps the Republic could vote to take control of the Jedi Academy and put it's own patsys in charge. Anyone who wants to leagally be able to use the force must apply through the government and follow it'e strict rules, otherwise they would be hunted down.

11 February 2002, 01:41 AM
Originally posted by BrianDavion
*shrugs* if you wanted to have something like that in SW just run a Rebellion era campaign :)

I see a big difference between what I put forward and the situation during the Rebellion.

In the Rebellion force users are hunted by the bad guys for bad reasons. Fighting back against them is the obvious thing for the good guys to do.

With what I put forward the force users are being hunted and controlled by the good guys for fundamentally good reasons. Rather then being controlled because of the fear that they will free the area (galaxy, system, planet or whatever) from tyranny they're being controlled because of the fear that they will put the area under tyranny.

The difference between the two comes down to one of morals and motivations.



11 February 2002, 02:02 AM
Thinking some more of this and considering what others have said I can see two ways that I may use this.

1) Take Donovan's example of the isolated planet with controls on force users in place for historical reaons and coupled with an unnaturaly high number of force sensitives. This batch of adventures would be kept in stock for a time when then PC's really mess up an astrogation roll or take a blind jump to escape something. The group can either lay low until their ship is fixed or try and resolve the situation. As posted above the people doing the restricting and possibly detaining the force user in the group are good guys not bad guys, wading in with blasters drawn would not be a good idea. Of course there will be villains who want the controls lifted for their own aims.

2) Run with something akin to Sabres post. I'm running my own take on the Darth Gadrel campaign. If my players can make it through and do take a major role then they'll kind of expect the Jedi to be ressurected in the new Republic. Will be a bit of a shock when Force Users are controlled in an even tougher fashion than they were under the Empire. The New Republic might feel uncomfortable with its actions but given what happend to the Galaxy under the rule of Force Users it might be obliged and forced to do so by it's member systems. Once again there will be the villains who also want the controls removed.