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7 February 2002, 12:28 PM
Ok this is far from the scope of the web site, but I wanted to get you opinions.

I am lookingto buy a Portable/Recordable Digital Media player of some kind and I am curious if y'all have any experience with them? My first thought is to get a MD player, beacuse it records in full spectrum with no loss of quality from compression. On the otherhand transfer of data to an MP3 player is faster and some can store alot of data.

Now I could get a CDR burner but I really don't see that as an option. My computer could not support a burner that would be acceptable as far as data or music transfer is concerned. Stereo units are cool but run in the $300.00 range and I am lookng to spend 100 to 150.

I want to be able to put my MP3's on something and mix them with tracks from my favorite CD's and be able to yoink it along with me (in the car via adapter, at school...).

So anyone care to give an opinion?

10 February 2002, 10:16 AM
computer won't support a burner means you might have to go with a pro-grade system. i hear that the cd to cd (only) can currently run into the 200 range. i included one in my home studio and quickly got rid of it because of its limited capacity.

the technology is there to do this cheaply, you might try minidisc (though that means cutting off from the mainstream medium and having to convert your hardware to something that will accept a minidisk format) though it has greater limitations than cd to cd recording.

good advice would be to watch your local retailer of professional grade equipment (or a guitar center with pro-audio gear) for the price to begin dropping. once it gets to a reasonable level you would buy, or you could wait until stores like guitar center have their green tag sale, 80% off on some stuff isn't too shabby. the best advice i can give you though is to make sure you learn as much about the piece of gear BEFORE you buy it and make sure that the equipment you purchase is able to interface with your existing equipment (your computer) and ask a lot of questions to the salesman. i picked up a cd to cd/midi to cd dedicated burner for just under 400 dollars recently, expensive toy, but i figure after i burn 20 or 30 cd's it will have more than paid for itself in the money i saved