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7 February 2002, 04:38 PM
The chiss use starfighters know as clawcraft
In Dark Journey the clawcraft are said to be advanced versions(something along the lines of a TIE Defender)
The Chiss have 28 Household Phalanxes and a force known as the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet.
The Chiss defeated the Ssi-ruuk

If the Chiss Household Phalanxes are made up of solely starfighter how could the chiss have defeated the Ssi-ruuk who's droid vessels would have outnumbered them by the thousands?
I have heard that the Chiss have capital ships but that there are none larger than frigates, is this true?
If the above is true it would stand to reason that these ships are very capable and can take craft many times their size, this would go along with the image of the Chiss being very advanced.
Are there any esimates of the strength and the numbers of these rumored capital ships?

8 February 2002, 06:31 AM
I think it was in the Hand of Thrawn trilogy where they say that the Chiss defeated the Empire's fleet that was set to destroy the outbound project. I think it said they used less than eight frigate analogs. I'm sure the Chiss have larger things now since they've had a large influx of Imperial technology from Thrawn, and then from Fel and Parrack. As to the exact number have no idea, but judging my the military traditions they have instilled its doesn't bother me about them defeating the Ssi-ruuk. And well as we've seen from the movies (and through out real history fighters can be quite effective against capital ships).

8 February 2002, 11:04 PM
Yes, it does mention the Chiss had capital ships when they were first discovered. And it stands to reason that they would learn much from the Empire.

15 February 2002, 05:26 AM
Nazgul is right the sheer amount of space that the chiss are revealed to control in vison of the futre would call for bigger ships to keep it under control. plus if they have lots of star fighters they need bigger motherships to carry them

I think

15 February 2002, 08:09 AM
There is one thing you forget about. When the Chiss took out the Ssi-ruuk they had Thrawn to command them. At the time was in possession of Star Destroyer at the time and he left it in Chiss hands.

With Thrawn's tactical genius leading the Chiss they were bound to succeed. But also remember at the same time the Chiss were driving for the Ssi-ruuk homeworld so was the New Republic. The Ssi-ruuk had to split the forces weakening them. And lastly the Ssi-ruuk were terrorfied of die away from their homeworld there own fears set them up to fail.

Those Chiss fighters always looked to me like they could be fitted with exterinal weapons racks (heavy missiles, space bombs, mines, esc).

Enlightened Bystander
24 February 2002, 03:59 AM
Also remember that the Ssi-Ruuk were running out of life energy- that was why they attacked Bakura in the first place.

Axis Kast
24 February 2002, 03:26 PM
You've got to remember that _Dark Journey_ is really the first time that we see the Chiss "in their own element". In most cases beforehand - with Stackpole's _Dark Tide II: Ruin_ for instance -, the Chiss are seen more as the last, best extension of an ailing Imperial Remnant than as an entity all their own.

While we are under the impression that Voss Parrack, Baron Fel, and others - I'm forgetting an older, deceased Imperial captain regulated to the Unknown Regions - fight specifically alongside the Chiss, they are more or less there because of their dedication to the Empire. Or rather dedication to Thrawn's embodiment of that Empire.

The d20 magazine - Issue #5 - suggests that the Chiss possess few more than five dozen frigates or patrol vessels. They likewise suggest poorer weaponary and inferrior technology as compared to the Empire I believe, the Charric being a pistol that, while ingenious, is somewhat under-powered. The Chiss excel in their tactical evaluations and their penchant for determining the exact "ins and outs" of a given situation.

We do know that thousands of forward Imperial garrisons remain. They theorized that eight large-scale shipyards at least were scattered about the Unknown Regions awaiting the Imperial Remnant's summons. The Empire invested considerable - if minor compared to other sectors - resources into the development of far-flung listening posts, security points, and military bases in those areas at first, and then gradually abandoned them. The Remnant is little better off, scraping togeather men and ships despite the fact that Bastion and Yaga Minor are both reputed to be of susbtantial strength defensively. Muunilist is the economic strongpoint of the area.

In _Dark Journey_, it gives vauge "living" qualities to the "tendrils" of the clawcraft. I concur that they are likely comparable to the TIE Defender rather than the TIE Interceptors. They do carry proton torpedoes and perhaps concussion missiles. Yet I doubt the Chiss possess more than frigate analogs. They are not a "militant" species in the "conquerors" sense. More a logical species very gifted in combat assessment.