View Full Version : A new D20 RPG

Matt Richard
9 February 2002, 10:29 AM
Im planning a SWRPG campaign to GM. How many would be interested in playing?

It will be a D6 campaign.
It will not be a PBEM, but rather a PBP (play-by-post) via the Roleplaying Forum on the HoloNet.

Here is my idea:

Soon after the Battle of Yavin, the players are given an assignment by the Rebellion to infiltrate Imperial Intelligence, and discover everything they can about the soon-to-come invasion of Yavin by the Empire. The player's are too late, but they discover that the Empire has more to worry about than the Rebellion, a plot to assasinate the Emperor and Mon Mothma is at hand, and the players must stop it.
But the shock isnt the fact that Mon Mothma's on someone's hit list, but the fact of WHO is behind the plot.

So if you are interested (trust me, this is just a vague discription of what the game will be), reply, and if you have any suggestions, well post that one too. Keep in mind that this is somewhat of an Infinities game, considering the fact that if the players fail, the Emperor and Mon Mothma both die.

I originally posted that it would be a D20 game, but after careful consideration, I decided that D6 would be best. We will play by the 2nd edition, revised and expanded, and will vote on house rules (plus the optional rules given in the book) as needed.

Any takers?