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Frobi-Wan Kenobi
11 February 2002, 03:40 PM
I know that we are not allowed to start any SW vs ST threads and that is not my intention with this Rant.

In Star Trek they have something called the "Prime Directive." This is a standing order that the Captains of starship crusing around the galaxy looking for trouble to get in to aren't supposed to interfere with any civilization that has yet to reach faster than light travel were not to be interfered with (I believe that one of the newer movies had this as a major plotline).

My Rant is pretty much: where is this school of thought in the Star Wars Galaxy? The Alien Anthology had a First Contact Specalist PrC. The number of primative species abound in the galaxy. Some of these species a can understand why they were contacted; while most examples in that catagory are from either the Empire, the Hutts and even the Sith "empolying" them. The ones that I cannot understand are the ones that were contacted prior to the Rise of Palpatine. Wouldn't have the OLD senate have drafted legislation in order to protect budding civilizations.

11 February 2002, 05:09 PM
Well that is a good question. I won't bring up the good/bad points of the ST Prime Directive (again not to start anything, but the PD and the UFP do have issues) but in SW I don't believe that their any real protection for developing civilzations. An example of this are the Ubeese and I belive the old WEG game mentioned a couple of civilizations that were 'co-opted' by the mega corps.

12 February 2002, 03:59 PM
My guess is that the Republic, before Palpatine came to power, probably had some kind of protocals for first contact. I would assume that these rules were abondoned in the time of the Empire, taking Endor as an example. It looks like the Ewoks are far from becoming an advanced society, but the planet suited the Empire's needs so they took it over.

12 February 2002, 06:27 PM
Well, I'm going to have to disagree with any sort of "prime directive" for Star Wars. I will use some examples to back up my claim.

1. It is widely accepted that the Empire cut out most forms of exploration of the galaxy. For what reason, no one can say for sure...perhaps to concentrate more on conquering the known areas. Regardless of why, if the Empire *did* lessen it's exploration, it's safe to assume that most of it was done during the Old Republic or before. If this IS the case then:

2. Aliens such as Wookies, Gamorreans, Jawas, etc. would not be seen in the movies, as they possess no "current" technology that isn't borrowed. The Mon Calamari were a spacefaring capable race, therefore it makes sense to see them on other planets or in spacecraft. Wookies, however, are tree dwellers and do not have technology to allow them to take to the stars on their own. Wookies, however, have proven that they can adapt and learn this "new" technology. Gamorreans don't favor technology, preferring brute strength or show of force over advancing their racial tech level. They are still seen out side of their homeworld, however, so it is safe to assume that their planet has been visited by "advanced" spacefaring races and the Gamorreans caught a ride. Jawas are scavangers and have shown that they only use technology that they can scrounge. Without the advanced spacefaring races visiting Tatooine (way back when), the Jawas would still probably be nomadic tribes with rudimentary weapons. As it is, they've adapted and now have technology.

All of this, in my mind, shows that people from other worlds visited and somehow exploited these planets, allowing the newly found races to tag along if they could manage. Whether the scout who found the planet only wanted fame, or whether he wanted fortune and power, I think there were a great many planets who weren't of the same technology as the Old Republic when they were "discovered".

3. In WEG's "Scouts" sourcebook, it has fairly extensive rules about going out to "undiscovered" star systems and laying claim to them...collecting money for them, and gaining fame for them. There isn't any mention in the book in terms of "leaving them alone if they aren't equal in technology".

So, all in all, I think that the Prime Directive is strictly a Star Trek (Federation only) sort of ideal. Different mentalities of the ruling powers, and a completely different galaxy in terms of political make-up are huge contributing factors to the "scout and exploit" type of mentality in Star Wars. That, and it's a lot easier on players to simply act, rather than sit and dwell on the reciprocal acts, in Star Wars.

I hope that wasn't too confusing.

12 February 2002, 07:00 PM
fact is in star wars you hear plenty of contact with civilizations before they acehived space flight, in fact I dare say the majority of civilizations where about eqaul to 20th century earth when contact was made