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Matt Richard
13 February 2002, 09:45 PM
Due to the overwhelming success of the GM Convention, I bring to you the Player Convention. Like the GM Convention, this will hopefully help new players that seek advice. I plan on arranging what is said here and submitting it as a mini-supplement to DLOS:D .

The question for the first Player Convention: What is the best move (in terms of the game; or the best disision) you have made as a player?

Unfortunately, I have never had the joy of actually playing the game (Ive always been a GM), so respond what you want to say.

Again, what is the best move or disision that you have made as a player?


Random Axe
14 February 2002, 06:41 AM
It was during a long adventure, I was playing a smuggler (had my own ship). I had three or four Force Points, and during what I thought was the last battle, decided NOT to spend my last Force Point, because I figured "you never knew"...:D

One of our party, a Jedi, snuck onto an Imperial shuttle as it took off, he eliminated the entire shuttle crew, but couldn't fly the ship, and there was no way for us to control it remotely. So he put it on autopilot, and I had to fly up there in my freighter and pick him up in a mid-air transfer!

And it went all horribly wrong. He blew his DEX roll and fell out the airlock, we were about two miles up in the air. At that point I yelled, "I KNEW I was saving my last Force point for something!" Spent the Force point in my piloting roll, flew under the plummeting Jedi and allowed him to land gently on the upper hull, where he could grab on and crawl into our hatch (or hang on until we landed, can't remember which we did).

But hang onto that last Force Point!

Jak Knife
14 February 2002, 06:55 AM
The best move I ever made, was not retireing a character because of dramatic change in that character. So I guess it is actual the best move I never made. While playing under the d6 rules I was using a bounty hunter templete. My intentions with this character was to make him into the fastest, deadliest gunfighter in the galaxy, so he tended to be rather ruthless. Being part of a group of bad people doing good things didn't help.
The event which changes his direction was through game play he became force sensitive (a WEG module). At the time, playing a darkside character was not an option so I either had to change his behavior from killing anyone who stood in his way or retire him. I continued to play him and worked out the tranceision from cold-blooded killer to a respected rebellion officer and later on to a teacher and redeemer of others. During the tranceision, there were many a times I wonder why I was doing it cause the character wasn't fun any more, he wasn't the character I wanted to play. But fortunately I stuck with it and turned him into something that was more then ever would have been before.

I never consider him a Jedi and under the D20 rules he would have been consider a force adept.

Reader Digest version: I took an event I hated and turned it in to the funnest I have ever had. To this day he is my favorite character of all games all because I didn't take the easy way out.

14 February 2002, 10:46 AM
Picking up the Martial Arts skill. My character now has the ability to 1)block weapons in a melee attack, 2)instantly wound a character, 3) disarm a character 4) fight if blinded 5) instantly stand should i ever get knocked down ...it has to be the single best combat skill a non-force using player can have. Not to mention if you pick it up as a specialization you can increase your ability for half of the charcter points.

Last game session I took down 3 Trandoshans without breaking a sweat...with nothing but my bare hands.(The second time I've actually acomplished this particular feat...man they REALLY dont like me now).:D

14 February 2002, 12:49 PM
The best move, was in an AD&D game. The GM just announced he was gonna be using the Martial arts from oriental adventures, and i decided to take Judo. Later in the final fight, we were getting our collective butts whouped by a rakshaza (which required +4 weapons to even damage him), and we were all out of clerics. So i asked a simple question, and received an answer. And if it was not for me having judo, we wouild have all (most likely) died.

(PM me if you wish to know what the question and answer were)

14 February 2002, 05:19 PM
My best move .. hmm .. lets see...

My best move was when I had the job of slowing down a shuttle that was flying on autopilot. The thing is, the only way I could get into the shuttle was by jumping onto it from another shuttle ! (This was because it was like heat of the battle kinda stuf).

I decided to do this .. a rolled a 20 on the die ... it was great. I landed perfectly.

Although this was my best move .. it actually was of no consequence coz I failed the roll to slow down the shuttle .. then failed the roll to jump off the shuttle and ended up falling 15m to the ground. Two shuttles then plowed into the Supreme Chancellor's Main Chambers.

My other moves:
1. Fighting in hand to hand combat (and losing) with a Barabel in a sewer .. manged to trap the Barabel under a gush of water and drown him. :D

2. While trying to take off from a docking bay on Kuat after Trenor had managed to kill a few officials at the docking bay .. I managed to dodge mounted laser turret that was aimed at our ship and was trying to stop us taking off .. the turrent was all of 10 - 20m away from the ship when it fired. :D B)

14 February 2002, 06:35 PM
Playing as an R2 droid, this one consequently without an outer shell and a raspy sounding vocabulator (sounds like someone with a trachyotomy, funny sessions believe me). We were attacked by battle droids, we were out of ammo and hiding inside a warehouse. The final attacker was approaching the door when I decided to use a Computer Use check to shut the door.

With the droid in the doorway.

I love the sound of metal on metal in the morning!

14 February 2002, 06:47 PM
sorry, double post

14 February 2002, 08:22 PM
I'd have to say that several of my most shining moments happened in an old d6 campaign. I was playing a low-mid level-ish Jedi type.

The best move was taking two blasts from an E-Web at point plank range right in the chest, and walking away to tell about it.

We were headed back to the ship after doing something sneaky to the Imperial orbital station. When we got to the bay there was a crew finishing their assembly of the E-Web, and we had about a round before they opened fire. The ship was too far away to make it inside before they could shoot at us. So I sent the team running for the ship, and I followed for a bit, then stopped and swung my blaster rifle in their direction and opened fire. I think I declared so many actions that round that I only had 1D left for each shot... but I definitely got their attention.

Next round was the doosey. I spent a Force Point and doubled my (maxed out human) Strength of 4D to 8D, which is coincidentally the damage code of an E-Web. So we were dead even.

The GM rolled damage, I rolled to resist. I rolled better. :) In that round I got shot twice by an E-Web and still managed to shoot two of the Imps and my buddy got the third from the ramp of the ship.

Heh, the GM was a bit disappointed. :)

Talonne Hauk
15 February 2002, 10:51 PM
I think the best move I ever had with my old character was when he was trying to take off from a planet and his landing gear wouldn't retract. It wouldn't have been a problem to land again and fix it, but his landing bay was quickly filling up with stormtroopers, eagerly trying to blast his ship down. Quickly noting how many stormtroopers were standing directly underneath my ship (a YT-1300), I quickly cut the repulsorlifts, and fell like a rock for the 30 meters, collapsing my landing gear and nearly the entire garrison of troopers at the same time. I turned the 'lifts back on, and happily let the atmosphere burn off the armor clinging to my hull, whilst I charted in a quick hop to my favorite orbital outlaw shipyayds. Talonne Hauk and the Stratocaster lived another day!