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Jak Knife
15 February 2002, 08:00 AM
I wanted to ask for a few unbiased opinions about the results of an andventure I ran last night.
The situation: the characters just coming to the end of indoctrenation for the Sector Rangers. Their last test is a field appraisal on how they track down and take in custody a possible informant. They are turned loose in the city and give standard equipment, 500 cr each, two comlinks with a panic button and a vehicle. The only information they have his rap sheet, some of his know associate, his normal base of operation and of course a picture.
First thing the players do is go to the Drifter's Inn (his normal hangout) and get a room. One player (Mec) hangs out in the bar/lounge and starts obseving the people in there. He spots what looks like a group of spacers talking to a local and sets up to overhear their conversation. After finding out that they are talking about some kind of deal, he aproaches the local as he starts to leave. He completely blows his bluff check and the local see right through he and stays very non commital. Seeing defeat, Mac heads back to the Bar when his partner comes down (Tuu) and starts talking to the bartender. After slipping the bartender a couple of CR. he gets a appointment with the local deal maker (the very same one that Mac just met).
From that meeting the party learns that a swoop gang is also looking for guy (Equa) and has a hefty reward on him for some un named reason. So they head out and to make contact with gang at their hang out. Through negotiations they came to the deal that if the party member bring Equa to Sharkie, the gang leader will then continue negotiation to let Equa go with them in return for a favor later on. If they don't then they will suffer the same ends as what Sharkie is planning for Equa.
They continue on and find a few more clues including a statement from Equa's sister that he would be hiding in the last place you would think of looking for him. Finally at this point, they contact local authorities and get a better run down about Equa including some of his other known associates (which at no time did they ever try to contact). From there, they headed back to the Drifter's Inn and started really looking at the patrons. Low and behold on guy starts to get real nervous and tries to flee. After a long and extremely funny chase, they final catch and unmask him. Afew minutes later of talking to him and getting their breath back they find they have a visitor by the name of Sharkie. Behind the scenes Sharkie had planted a tracking devise and was watching them ( they never checked). This sparked a chase through the streets that ended as they player chrased the gates at the starport and caught the attention of a lot of port authorities.

So my question is, if you were grading this what would the grade be?

15 February 2002, 09:36 AM
A grade? Like A, B, C and so on? Or Excellent, Fair, Average, Below Average...?

For each, I give them:

B- : They weren't really inventive doing what they did, but they essentially got it done. Using the rather meager clues and help they had, they were able to make the best of a flubbed situation, negotiate a deal (even though they were set up) and find a person (though I'm still vague on whether they found Equa or Sharkie in disguise:?) that was trying to hide. It doesn't sound like they got into too much trouble (gate crashing happens all the time in games, so that doesn't count;))

Average : They probably should have checked out a couple of other clues, but you can't expect players to take ALL of the things you toss their direction. If there was a reason for them to be more alert, they probably should have checked for bugs or tracers or something after talking with the gang. To their credit, they didn't get into any unnecessary fights, they didn't lose composure when the first player flubbed the roll and didn't get the information. It sounds like players helped players...which is a good thing to see (considering I see a lot of actions to the contrary in games). Again, they weren't overly inventive. Visit a bar (woo.) Bribe a bartender for info (how clever.) and chase a guy who bolts from the bar (good thing they didn't have someone waiting outside. :rolleyes: )

Just curious....how did YOU grade them?

15 February 2002, 11:15 AM
I'd proably fail them.. from the sounds of it other then look at the faces of thebar patrons and make an unnesscary deal with criminal elements (which later came and bit em in the rump). they also didn't really do much in the way of investigating this guy (it sounds like they spent the majority of their time investigating the swoop gang. inititive is good but best simply to report em and let someone else deal with em rather then risk blowing their cover) as it is they found the guy more by luck then anything.

I'd eaither fail em or give em a "just pass"

anyway thats my read on the situation but the exact situation isn't TOTATLY clear...

in the end I'd go with your gut instinct, did they perform up to your expetations?

if yes, then pass em

if no, fail em.

16 February 2002, 08:54 AM
Well, when I rate games {I rarely rate players} I ask myself two questions....

1. Did everyone have fun?
2. Was the story interesting?

I also take into account how experienced the players are. As a GM it is always easy to see what the players did not. You mention that they did not find the tracking device aboard their vehicle, but maybe they were more concerned with the swoop gang or catching the criminal? If everyone had fun, plus they also got the job done, then I would give them a good grade.

The only way I would ever hand out a bad grade would be in the players did something out of character. {I once had a bounty hunter try to help an old lady across the street just to try to atone for a DSP.} So if everyone had a good time, and as far as you can tell it would have looked cool as a star wars TV episode or movie, then A for everyone.

16 February 2002, 09:11 AM
I think when he asks for opinions he's asking us to judge them as if it was a test.
he's wondering if the academy should let em become sector rangers or not:)

Jak Knife
18 February 2002, 04:08 AM
Originally posted by BrianDavion
I think when he asks for opinions he's asking us to judge them as if it was a test.
he's wondering if the academy should let em become sector rangers or not:)
Exactly, sorry if I wasn't clearer on that point. To answer some of the questions.

1. Did everyone have fun? Yes, especialy me because the players did so much Role interaction.
2. though I'm still vague on whether they found Equa or Sharkie in disguise. They found Equa and shortly after Sharkie found them with Equa. At this point they took off instead of keeping with the deal Sharkie enforced on them.
3. Just curious....how did YOU grade them? I graded them and "A" for staying in character and over all play as Players (but that is beside the point). We all had fun. For there action as characters and relating back to their test for the Rangers, I gave them a "B" for remaining calm and not panicing with their dealings with the gang, but a "C-" for their actual investigation. Overall I gave them a "B-" because remaining calm showed character but investigation skills gan be learned. But I wanted to get some other opinions, so thanks to all who have offered.