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16 February 2002, 11:08 AM
<p align=justify>Hello all!

Once I looked through the WEG <i>Gamemaster Handbook</i>, I found a small piece of an image, showing an unknown vehicle. Thanks to <b>The Admiral</b> we now have the entire image; he drew the image you can see below! I now created the background and stats for the vehicle. Enjoy!</p>
<h2><font face="impact">Scent Hound Scouting Platform</font></h2><p align=justify>The <i>ScentHound</i> is one of the very few vehicle designs of Kuat Drive Yards, besides the infamous <i>Juggernaut</i> Assault vehicles. KDY intended to enter the niche of scouting vehicles with the <i>ScentHound</i>. They combined an assault vehicle with an exploration craft which resulted in this scouting truck. The truck is not only used by the Empire; it is also purchased by many scouting corporations and planetary governments in their scout forces, where it is often used as base of operations of the scouting missions.

The vehicle itslef is quite large, having enough space for up to two metric tons of exploraion equipment and two squads of Stormtrooper Scouts or other scouting personeel. The crew consists of 5 members; one pilot, co-pilot, and sensor operator, as well as two gunners who operate the two Double-Blaster Cannons, the vehicle's only weapons. Weapons are important, no doubt, but the vehicle's strength lies in its snesor system. Other than most vehicles, the <i>ScentHound</i> features a large sensor array, enabling the crew to search and spot for life forms, threats etc. at a long distance. The truck also features a small vehicle bay, which carries four speeder bikes for either enlarging the search fields or to support some flank cover, although the truck is very fast (but this also depends on the terrain). The vehicle bay also stores two M38 scouting droids, which can be send to areas, where sending troops would be too dangerous.</p><p align=center><img src="http://www.highadmiral.de/sis/vehicles/scenthound.gif">
<font size=1>by <u>The Admiral</u></font></p>
<h3>D6 Stats</h3><dl><b>Craft:</b> Kuat Drive Yards' <i>ScentHound</i> Scouting Truck
<b>Type:</b> Heavy Scouting Platform
<b>Scale:</b> Walker
<b>Length:</b> 21.6 meters
<b>Skill:</b> Ground vehicle operation
<b>Crew:</b> 3, gunners: 2, skeleton: 2/+5
<b>Crew Skill:</b> Ground vehicle operations 4D+2, vehicle blasters 4D+2, sensors 5D
<b>Passengers:</b> 16 (troops or scouting experts)
<b>Cargo Capacity:</b> 2 metric tons
<b>Cover:</b> Full
<b>Altitude Range:</b> Tracked
<b>Cost:</b> Not available for sale
<b>Maneuverability:</b> 0D
<b>Move:</b> 80; 230 kmh, slows down to 14; 40 kmh when turning
<b>Body Strength:</b> 4D+2
<dd><i>Passive:</i> 4 km/1D</dd>
<dd><i>Scan:</i> 8 km/2D</dd>
<dd><i>Search:</i> 16 km/3D</dd>
<dd><i>Focus:</i> 1/4D</dd>
<dd><dl><dt><b>2 Double Blaster Cannons</b></dt>
<dd><i>Fire Arc:</i> 1 front/left/back, 1 front/right/back</dd>
<dd><i>Crew:</i> 1</dd>
<dd><i>Skill:</i> Vehicle Blasters</dd>
<dd><i>Fire Control:</i> 2D</dd>
<dd><i>Range:</i> 50-500/1/2 km</dd>
<dd><i>Damage:</i> 5D</dd>

<dt><b>Speeder/Droid Complement:</b></dt>
<dd>4 typical speeder bikes</dd>
<dd>2 M38 exploraion droids</dd>
<h3>d20 Stats</h3><dl><dt><b>Craft:</b> Kuat Drive Yards' <i>ScentHound</i> Heavy Scouting Platform</dt>
<dt><b>Class:</b> Ground (Walker)</dt>
<dt><b>Cost:</b> Not avialable for sale</dt>
<dt><b>Size:</b> Colossal (21.6 m long)</dt>
<dt><b>Crew:</b> Skilled +4 (Maximum 3, minimum 2, gunners 2)</dt>
<dt><b>Initiative:</b> -4 (-8 size, +4 crew)</dt>
<dt><b>Passengers:</b> 16 (troops or scouting personnel)</dt>
<dt><b>Cargo Capacity:</b> 2 metric tons</dt>
<dt><b>Speed:</b> 80 m (max. speed 230 km/h), slows down to 14 m (40 km/h) when turning</dt>
<dt><b>Maneuvers:</b> -4 (-8 size, +4 crew)</dt>
<dt><b>Sensors:</b> +10 to computer use, search and spot</dt>
<dt><b>Defense:</b> 12 (-8 size, +10 armor)</dt>
<dt><b>Hull Points:</b> 150</dt>
<dd><b>DR:</b> 15</dd>
<dt><b>Weapon:</b> Double Blaster Cannons (2)</dt>
<dd><b>Fire Arc:</b> 1 front/left/back, 1 front/right/back</dd>
<dd><b>Attack Bonus:</b> 0 (-8 size, +4 crew, +4 fire conrol)</dd>
<dd><b>Damage:</b> 5d10</dd>
<dd><b>Range:</b> 200 m</dd>

<dt><b>Speeder/Droid Complement:</b></dt>
<dd>4 typical speeder bikes</dd>
<dd>2 M38 exploraion droids</dd></dl>

Chris Curtis
16 February 2002, 07:02 PM
Looks pretty good, Deck. It's always good to see something that isn't purely military. ;)

One idea that you might want to implement is to include some other types of sensors. You could give it things like Seismic, Sonic, Low-Light, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Electromagnetic or any other type of sensors. That would help make this more of a real scouting vehicle instead of simply a vehicle with a really good sensor system. Just a suggestion.

17 February 2002, 04:57 PM
is this suposed to be somthing from out of the books movies etc, or is this just somthing you guys came up with?:raised:

Chris Curtis
17 February 2002, 07:17 PM
As Deck explained at the beginning of his post, he simply made up stats and a description for a picture that was included in the Gamemaster Handbook by WEG.

The vehicle (well, the image) wasn't featured in any of the books or movies and the description and stats are all original by Deck.

17 February 2002, 11:35 PM
Thank you for the support, <b>Chris</b>. :)

It's inderectly from a book, from a RPG book, WEG to be more specific. But the piece of image shown there was rather tiny. <b>The Admiral</b> then drew the entire image which you can see above.

There were no details given in the book, just that piece of image. Background and stats are all fully hombrewed. I hope this cleared things up. :)

I included a complement of special sensors in the final version which should be in the update of my site, this night. :)