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17 February 2002, 10:30 AM
the rebellion era source book lists the dark trooper phase 3 as being capable of being used an an exoskellaton..
if the droid was used as armor would would it's stats be?

I've got an intresting little plot for my PCs that involved matching dakr side marauders with dark trooper phase 3 armor:)

17 February 2002, 11:26 AM
ok, now obiously (at least to me) you woundn't go adding the dark trooper stats abilities to wearers. how i think i would hand'l it, is i would take the ability modifyers (that you use for the saves and attack bonuses etc, and add those to a whearers abilities.

say the person inside of it has a strength of 14, once in the dark trooper he would have a stregth of 16 (his own 14 +2 for the dark troopers strength modifyer).
so esentialy i would have the abbbbilities go up like this

str: +3
dex: +1
con:+2 (note that i would NOT have the new constatution modifyer add any more to a charachtors wound points)
Int:+0 (the armor would not make the user more enteligent)
wis:+0 (the armor would not the user wiser)
cha: +1

for defence i would treat the dark trooper like a set of power armor since it has a +8 armor i would get rid of any other armor bonuses the charachtor had (theres no way you would fit in this thing with other armor on)

initiative you would find out useing your new temporary dex and anything else like feats

there is one more part that i'm haveing trouble figuring out is this...... would the armor add to skills, use the users skills, use it's skills, or do nothing about them at all. i think it should still keep all its feats (it just cowordinates during far shot, automaticly knows how to fire the missles etc)
ok here goes..........to figure out how it efects skills, you need to find how many RANKS it has in a skill, not it skill modifyer. You can do this by takeing the skill mod it gives you in the book (+7 climb), subtract it's original ability mod from be fore it became "armor" (+3), so you would take the skill mod (7) subrtact the ability mod (3) to get what you would add to the users skill ranks (7 - 3 = 4).

so for all the skills that the dark trooper has, add these #'s to the users skill ranks.....

climb: +4
comp use:+3
intimidate:+13 (!WOW!)
move silently:+5
speak basic: i could only see it helping if the user didn't speak basic but spoke binary (droid)

the reason a person would get all these bonuses to skills is because the dark trooper and the user would "check" each others work. like on a spot check, if the darktrooper doesn't see somthing there is still a person inside that would get a chanceto try. You wouldn't add the darktroopers ability mods because esentialy the user and dark trooper are now the same in body and there for have the same abilities now, but not in mind. (if ya get what i'm saying)

well, now that i've writen a small book and spent half the after noon figuring this out, ENJOY! :D

17 February 2002, 06:02 PM
thank you *rubs hands with glee*