View Full Version : Help! Jedi Council - known names and species?

18 February 2002, 12:54 PM

My game is going in front of the Jedi Council tonight, and due to trouble connecting to the internet I ran out of research time.

Can anyone help by listing the known names and species of the members of the Jedi Council on Corscant circa Episode 1?


18 February 2002, 01:50 PM
Here is what i have ... I used the starwars.com databank , and theforce.net's encyclopedia . does anyone know if i missed some .. i think i did ...

Yoda - ??

Mace Windu - human

Yaddle - ? female of yoda's species

Ki adi mundi - cerean

plo koon - Kel Dor

adi gallia - human ~ its apparently just a head-piece she wears....

eeth koth - zabrack

Oppo Rancisis
Rancisis had no legs, and moves about on a repulsor chair. He had green skin, long fingers tipped with sharp nails, and a mass of flowing white hair.

Saesee Tiin - Iktotchi

Poof, Yarael - Quermian

Piell, Even ~Lannik ~was a small humanoid with pink skin, large drooping ears, a topknot and a scarred face

Billaba, Depa ~ Chalactan