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18 February 2002, 03:36 PM
I have a few questions about the species : Anzati

I realize that they are a vampiric alien race thaat fed upon the " soup " - Brains/force essence of others. , however what i do not know is are they born this way or - like vampires - are they infected with this parasitic pseudo-vamparisim ??

and exactly what would be the in-game results of being an Anzati ?

any info is welcome , thank you in advance :)

19 February 2002, 07:14 PM
I believe that the Anzati are born into the hunger for "soup." Essentially, they have an instinctual need for the soup that develops into a sort of addiction to it, but Anzati are supposed to be able to control their hunger for it.

There is an example of such an anzati in the Star Wars comic series that took place about one mini series ago within it. He was an Anzati Jedi (I believe a Master) who learned to resist the hunger for the soup. Unfortunately for the Jedi, he became curious about the "soup" and eventually could not resist the temptation no longer. With his increasing needs for the soup, the further he fell to the dark side until eventually the Jedi Council caught wind of his transpirings. They captured him and placed within a "prison" that (as I recall) placed him in a device that suspended time until Quinlin Voce's (sp?) padawan released the Anzati Dark Jedi. (I do not believe that he considered a sith...)

I hope this helps you. (If I find any more info on them, I'll let you know.)

Donovan Morningfire
20 February 2002, 04:52 AM
There's a decent chunk of info in Gamer #1 on the Anzati. They are extremely long-lived (millenia), come from an unknown world, and for game-play purposes, they are treated as normal humans with a special ability that lets them "feast" on a character's "luck" In d20, this is level drain, in d6 i'd imagine the Anzati can drain away Force Points, then Character Points, then maybe even life energy itself.

I've got an old Polyhedron issue from way before WotC got involved in RPGs that has a d6 Force Vampire, I'll dig that up and post how that worked, since it could be used to represent an Anzati's "luck-feeding."