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Wulph Ryshode
20 February 2002, 07:50 PM
Hey guys, I have a few questions for you.

First, exactly how does the holonet work and exactly what is it. I've always run it as kind of a hybrid between the internet and cable TV. You can use it to communicate via e-mail type documents, find public information and it's used for entertainment purposes. Is this accurate or is it something more or something less.

Second, I'm running a NJO campaign and Corscant is about to fall. What are your theories on what will happen to the holonet once Coruscant is taken and the NR basically collapses.

Third, how is real-time voice communication achieved across great distances in the Star Wars galaxy handled. I've always wondered about this. Up until now I've just assumed that the PC's have whatever equipment nessecary to comminicate aboard their ship. Just wondering how this works.

Thanks for your help


20 February 2002, 09:37 PM
this has already discussed - look here:


Wulph Ryshode
20 February 2002, 09:50 PM
Thanks for pointing that thread out to me, kermit. It answers a few questions about the holonet but it doesn't answer my second question about what happens to the holonet once Coruscant is conquered and the New Republic is all but gone. So I'd still appreciate some ideas on that subject.



20 February 2002, 11:25 PM
well, not much i would think - except maybe for the control over the local repeater stations, because the stations are automated, taking a single planet wouldnt have much effect on the network


FlipDog 2000
21 February 2002, 07:17 AM
If you're talking about directly after the Emperor was killled. The HoloNet was still up and broadcasting propaganda that the death was not true and that the Rebel Fleet had been destroyed at Endor. After the Rebels took Coruscant, the HoloNet still broadcast messages mainly because like Kermit said, they were automated, most of the time, it was a hardcore...uh....um..toe clipping channel, yeah that's it.
As a GM its fun to just have fun with the HoloNet and have either false messages, propaganda, or other non-Rebellion / Empire stuff floating around on it.

21 February 2002, 12:09 PM
NR about to fall..i would assume that the vong would have thought to disable the communications if it is widely used...transmitters and the like would be the perfect target for disabling communications...

so if coruscant is about to fall and the holonet is widely used, it would stand to reason that after the fall, only parts of the holonet would still be operational if any of it is at all.

if the holonet is not widely used i would assume that the vong would leave it alone or spend as little resources as possible eliminating the various broadcast stations and transmitters. in this scenario they would not spend that much time eliminating something that is not used at all by their opposition, but they would still attempt to destroy it as (and i know nothing about them beyond what i have read in the corebook and star wars gamer magazine) they are anti-technology types

21 February 2002, 07:37 PM
Well, from what I have read of the NJO Series so far, the Holonet is pretty much buggered up even before Coruscant is taken because the Yuuzhan Vong are going around and destroying the relay stations etc ... and no one is willing to take the risk to go out and repair em because they lie in Yuuzhan Vong occupied space.

They Holonet was predominately a major news channel .. where people got information about various things .. such as who won the latest tourny :D and who has a bounty on their head .. although there were "secure" areas of the holonet that the genearl public could not access (only military or some "organisations").

Anyway, when the Holonet bascially goes bye-bye, a messages will take time to be sent across the galaxy through hyperspace (obviously .. distance is a key player here). Real-time conversations across the galaxy never really took place .. the only time a real-time conversation would happen is when communicating in the same system.

Wulph Ryshode
21 February 2002, 08:03 PM
Corsair, I disagree with you about communicating across great distances. In ESB, Vader talked to the Emperor in real time and I seriously doubt that the Emperor was in the Hoth system at the time. Anyway, thanks for your input, I'd forgotten that the Vong were tearing down the holonet as they went

21 February 2002, 08:09 PM
Corsair, I disagree with you about communicating across great distances. In ESB, Vader talked to the Emperor in real time and I seriously doubt that the Emperor was in the Hoth system at the time.I think what Corsair was saying (and correct me if I'm wrong) was that communicating across great distances would take a long time without the HoloNet.

In that scene you pointed out, Vader and the Emperor were using HoloNet transmitters to have that conversation in real time. If the Vong come and bust up your HoloNet, then hyperspace transmissions become little better than our version of snail mail. It'll get there, eventually.

21 February 2002, 08:13 PM
Thanx Gully. That is what I was trying to say.

Just reading over what I posted I can see how it could be easily misinterpreted .. I'll try to be clearer next time.