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21 February 2002, 10:14 AM
I've recently been thinking about entering the world of GMs myself, and have been pondering over some missions that I could send the players on. One, by my reckoning, will involve the stereotypical "Rescue the Damsel" type mission, where the PCs are sent to recover a Twi'lek crimelord's daughter, who has been kidnapped by a rival crimelord. At any rate, in the course of their mission, especially when inside, I'm planning on having numerous booby traps ready and waiting for the players. Anyone here have any suggestions for good traps to use against them?

Jak Knife
21 February 2002, 11:45 AM
On of my fav's of all time is inspired by a WEG write up conserning shipjackers but will work for anyplace. It is a Repulsor/grav plate: as a person steps on it, a repulsor field is activated except this field works in an opposite manner in the fact it pins a person to the floor. The quality determines the strength. A poor quality one would have a STR of 20, fair a STR of 26, a excellent a STR of 32. When a person is pinned then to escape they make opposing STR rolls. If they make 2 rolls, then they escape. To be a pain you could include a Foritude check if they struggle to long. As for a Reflex check to avoid it I would say no cause it is an area effect field, if they do make a Reflex save then they would only have to make one opposing STR check..

There is also a stun step. 2d6 shock damage with 15DC stun. Reflex Save to take half and avoid the stun.

Stun Field 2d6 shock damage with 15DC and reflex save if not stunned to escape the field. If stunned no Reflex save.

Those are just a couple I have used and the way I used them.

21 February 2002, 12:00 PM
thing about booby traps is that they need a way to deactivate them in case the guards that are supposed to be there get caught by the trap.

that being said my favorite is an airtight room that seals upon entry and leaches the air out, alternatively it could fill with a gas that will eventually disable even the toughest opponent rendering him unconscious..

nonlethal is often the best way to go with characters for two reasons 1) the characters survive the encounter and 2) after you have captured the characters you get to do mean things to them..

21 February 2002, 01:03 PM
Originally posted by Jak Knife
It is a Repulsor/grav plate: as a person steps on it, a repulsor field is activated except this field works in an opposite manner in the fact it pins a person to the floor.

These work rather well, hehehehe... I used one on Nerpine the Verpine, hehehehe... Never saw it comming.

Basically set it up that they were trying to disable a power planet to cuase some trouble in the town, so the looked around, saw an empty field with a trench surrounding the station, about two meters wide and about six meters deep. Ner, goes I can just that... Rolls up his Jump check and falls in the trench, should have seen the look on this face... hehehehe... These work rather well.

Durian Keldrona
21 February 2002, 04:53 PM
there was a nasty trap in Children of the Jedi that involved a stairs and some kind of blaster thingy. perhaps someone could remind me....

21 February 2002, 08:00 PM
Y'know .. for some odd reason booby traps had never entered my mind .. I must have a memory leak or something. Been thinking about different things I can use agains my players ... this looks like a good wait to go. Kudos to Jak Knife.

Another trap you can use:

Basically, you have your players walking down a hallway, along the sides of the hallway are small crevices which hold things such as statue/ water fountains / etc ... at one point (or few points) along the path .. have a trigger on the ground that causes 10 blasts from an automated E-Web mounted in one of the crevices to let loose.

Your PCs will never fail to do spot and search checks again.


22 February 2002, 04:03 AM
The weapon your on about from COTJ, is the Escilcion grid, in where several Dozen blaster like weapons, fire in a startrek like beam (not blast), which forms a spider-web like net, that hits anything in it's path many tiemes.....

My fave trap is one set to knee and upper chest level., so that any who try to dis-arm it while ducking are hit, and those who try to avoid the lower one by jumping get hit by the upper one...

Jak Knife
22 February 2002, 04:07 AM
Originally posted by blitzkreig
thing about booby traps is that they need a way to deactivate them in case the guards that are supposed to be there get caught by the trap.

There is a couple of ways you could work this angle. The traps could have a passive sensor and the guards have and active signal coming from them or vis versa but this lends it self to detecting the traps. The other would be a remote that turns them on and off or just temporarily deactivates them to allow the guard to get by them. I prefer this methods vs the keypad to engage a security system, cause the keypad gives the players a target to attack the trap instead of out thinking the system.

But there is a lot to be said about traps that can't be turned off easily, they are just sooo hard to bypass and causes the players fits. ( thats the mean GM talking)

22 February 2002, 05:20 AM
Another good one that I'd used was the group was wondering around in the sewers so they couple enter a building, but they came a cross a grate, made of monafaliment wire (I also made it a little sharper, so that if your tried to cut it odds are after breaking a couple strands if would cut through your knife). Hense someone pulls out there blaster and decides to take a shot. He forgot about two things: Sewer = Methane Gas, and Blaster Bolt = Plasma Energy. There was a rather large fireball, but since most of them were wearing armor at the time no one got hurt too bad...

Durian Keldrona
22 February 2002, 12:33 PM
Just so you know i work for Diebold in access control/alarm annunciation systems. here are som sensors we have today

1. glassbreak
2. pressure
3. magnetic switch
4. balanced magnetic switch
5. IR
6. Ultrasound
7. photobeam

and incase you guys want so know how we keep people from monkeying with the wires to the sensors. the sensor is Normally closed. Ie there is power flowing at all times. when you open a door etc. you are flipping a switch that bypasses 1 resistor in a 2 resistor system. therefore you can't just bypass the sensor either. :)

Durian Keldrona
25 February 2002, 09:14 AM
some senser i forgot are.

1. Microwave
2. Capacitance proximity
3. Radar

25 February 2002, 09:39 AM
traps? i like traps. i, with experience as a DM and a GM, have learned to create many diabolical traps....
1)foot plate which triggers lightsaber-quality beam to acitvate at about chest level... beam continues as long as pressure is on plate.
2) classic foot plate with poison needles... step on it, trigger the needles to be fired into your foot. puts athlete's foot to shame.
3)gas. no, seriously... releasing poison gas into a room is always fun.
want more? ive got alot. email me, im me... you can get in touch.