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27 February 2002, 02:03 AM
Iím researching information for my dissertation which is looking at the popularity of Star Wars and would very much appreciate responses to some questions.

What do you think are the main themes of Star Wars?
Are these themes applicable to your own life?
Do you relate to any particular character and if so why?
As a fan does the internet play an important part in your quest for more info/updates/knowledge etc?

Please feel free to add any of your own comments about Star Wars and thank you for your time.

If you would like to email me your responses feel free at edwardjamesstokes_uce@yahoo.co.uk

27 February 2002, 04:08 AM

What do you think are the main themes of Star Wars?
I think there's a lot of themes weaving throughout Star Wars. Adventure, excitement, self-growth, strength through friends and the two most important ones that a friend of mine made me realize. Innocense lost and redemption. With the prequels coming around you can see that a simple slave boy grows up to become one of the galaxy's most evil people. He falls to the dark side through the same sins that many of us may face; greed, love, anger, hatred. Only at the conclusion do see him turn away from the dark path his life has taken. Now look at the innocent Jar-Jar. As much as he is loathed by people who saw Episode 1 not many people realize that he was intended to be a teenage Gungan. In Episode 2 he has grown up to become a senator in the Republic and is slowly corrupted by the politics of the crumbling Republic. He may eventually even help bring about the Rise of the Empire through his own young naivete ("The road to hell is paved with good intentions"). So now we see that a once awkward, bumbling person (like many of us in our teen years) has grown up and taken a mantle of power but not yet fully learned what responsibilites it carries. With age comes wisdom.

Are these themes applicable to your own life?
Of course, there's a lot to digest in the movies/fiction that can shape a moral impression. The movies are quite comparable to the fables and mythology of long ago in that they are almost object lessons teaching the ways to live a better life and not fall towards corruption.

Do you relate to any particular character and if so why?
For myself I would say Luke Skywalker. We start with a common farmboy, just your average guy, who is taken from the life he's known for 20-some years and thrown into a galactic civil war. Now while I've never been chased by a Star Destroyer when I'm cruising down the road in my beat up Ford Thunderbird I have had my life turned upside down quite a few times and much like Luke I've had to learn to adapt and grow with the responsibilies I now have.

As a fan does the internet play an important part in your quest for more info/updates/knowledge etc?
Definately. This site alone is a great community network of people who share the same interests and a huge number of varying opinions. I always have enjoyed reading what ideas,stories and adventures other people are having in that same "galaxy far far away" that myself and my friends have. In that same way I am happy to share my own opinions and ideas with everyone and know that maybe somewhere I've helped someone else out.

Ghost In The Holocron
27 February 2002, 05:36 AM
Hello. Interesting questions, you have there student1u. I regret, however, that I can't really ellucidate that much on my answers -- so much has already been said about "Star Wars, The Myth" by some very good people. So, briefly then:

(1) The main SW theme for me has always been "The Hero's Journey". There's a good article by JD Wiker over at WotC about exactly that (meant for the RPG, but you might find something you can use) -- the link is here (http://www.wizards.com/starwars/article.asp?x=sw20011108c_epics&c=rpg).

(2) Yes, I can relate. The reason, I think, why SW is so appealing for a lot of us is that it's overarching theme -- see (1) -- strikes a chord with all of us on a deep level.

(3) Luke, Vader -- again, see (1).

(4) Yes, the internet does play a big role for me in my SW "life" -- I live in a place "far, far away..." and don't really have easy access to much SW material, so the 'net has helped keep me a ravenous fan for many, many years now.

Good luck with the dissertation, and... May the Force be with you!

27 February 2002, 06:55 AM
I like star wars for the same reason I loved the lord of the rings books.

both are the classic "modren myth" (that was after all GL's goal in making the SW movies:) they touch you on so many levels. I myself belive over anylizing the movie can cheapen it... it has something of a magical effect, know what I mean?

27 February 2002, 03:13 PM
Well, I'm going to have to think this over some more before I can answer your questions so you'll most likely see an e-mail from me in th near future.

But i think you'll find this website useful. It's called the Jedi Academy (http://www.jediacademy.com/) The thing about this website is that they're a religous organisation (sounds a little more formal than it is) that follows the Jedi Code.

Anyway, I hope the website will help you, and hopefully I will be getting an e-mail sent to you sometime soon.