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28 February 2002, 11:59 PM
Im going to incorperate a premade adventure into my campaign and I need some info on the planet Moorja. Like what system its in and where I would locate it in the map in the DD20 core book or the map that came with star wars gamer.
I know its in the inner rim and it supplies food for the core worlds from the time frame of the old republic to the end of the galactic empire. Any info would be a great help to me. You can post the info here or send it to me at theoden@earthlink.net

Ghost In The Holocron
1 March 2002, 09:22 AM
The CUSWE (http://www1.theforce.net/CUSWE/default.asp) (Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia) by Bob Vitas is always a good resource to turn to. It's now at version 4.0 and is supposed to include most of the information (but not stats) from the old WEG sources aside from all the usual LucasBooks guides, comics, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum...

The encyclopedia is searcheable and has recently made some useful changes to its interface -- like quick access to entry categories (eg: planets, weapons, characters, etc. -- even food and drink! -- so now you know what grog's available at your local hive of scum and villainy). The entire huge database can be downloaded as well in a variety of formats.

The CUSWE has helped me with many, many aspects of my current campaign. Now, I'm not sure if all the stuff you need will be there, but believe me, the encyclopedia is rather good. I've been loosing entire days to it. Do check it out, and good luck with your game.