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4 March 2002, 05:38 AM
In my SW game we are playing a few months after episode one, I have two Jedi Guardians as players and this campaign is going to turn into a Dark Side campaign.

Currently the padawans have been assigned as bodyguards for a noble who's negotiating a labor treaty on a colony world. There has been some union violence and they've had to intervene a couple of times so far. On this world they also encountered a dark force user who has offered to teach them some of his 'unique' skills.

Last session a ship had to make an emergency landing on the planet and the Jedi went to check it out. There were two survivors, one of whom had been stricken with some sort of wasting sickness that senses of the force. (dark of course) The two padawans called in backup for that one, but they also learned of the place where this illness was contracted. I have an idea for what will happen when the two jedi go to check out this planet, but I need to figure out a way to get them off of bodyguarding duties for a while.

Would it be fair to have the Jedi council send replacement guards to cover for the characters while they undertake this 'secret' mission (The council doesn't want word of this sickness to get out until they have more data) or does that seem like an artificial plot device?

I wouldn't mind keeping them on the planet with the Dark force user, but it would get really boring to roleplay bodyguarding and studying.

Anybody have any plots inspired by my set-up so far? (I already have an informant on planet who works for the council, but they don't know that yet.)

Thanks for any help!

4 March 2002, 06:31 AM
Do you want the Union negotiations to go on thru the story arc? If so would they then be returning to the colony world after they run off to discover about the illness?

If no, I would have wrapped up negotiations when the sickness stricken ship made an emergancy landing. Then off they go!!!!

If yes, you could use sector rangers, or even send a Knight to either replace or investigate the illness. But if they have to return to the Union colony world then maybe you can split them up, one goes one stays. Break up the obstacles and goals of the planned adventure and make both players at different locations encounter these situations. At the same time, it stinks waiting for another player to finish up combat so you can enter a room. So if you do split them up in-game make sure to run combat at the same time even though it is at different locations. Then the one can return or what have you.

I'm not exactly sure where you want to take your adv. so I hope this gives you some Ideas.

4 March 2002, 06:43 AM
Well, the main reason I want to give them an excuse to come back to this place is because I am trying to seduce them to the dark side. Since there is a dark-sider on planet, it's very tempting.

These two have undertaken some very non-Jedi-like behavior while on planet, it's not enough to warrant a DSP, but when your padawan enters a wet T-shirt contest, it will definitely make Holonet news. The council may want to replace them on their assignment to make an attempt to save face.

Part of the problem is that I want this game to be more character driven, and I feel like I am steering everything thus far.

Rick Vogt
4 March 2002, 06:46 AM
I got a suggestion.......On this site there are some neat little things called "dark spheres". You could incorporate them into the new little plot twist if ya think it would further your plan. I recently saw them and as a result I had to re-write an adventure in our latest campaign.

Anyway, I'd have the council send them to check the place out. After which they could come back.....totin' a couple of surprises....hehehe

4 March 2002, 01:38 PM
I would wrap up the negotiations and send the padawans to investigate the new planet. Unless there is some reason you want them to continue, I would move the story along.

If you want the padawans to come back to the colony afterwards, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I have found the jedi in my campaign to be very curious when it comes to the dark side, though they won't embrace it, it definitely peaks there interest. The knowledge that a dark force user exists would be enough reason alone for one of my PC's to return to the colony. However, not every PC is the same, and your PC's may run their jedi differently.

If you really want the negotiations to continue, you could send a couple of knights to replace the padawans. Telling them that the council has learned (assuming that the padawans have not told them) of a dark force user on the colony and have sent more experienced jedi as a result.

I don't know if any of this helps, but it's better than a poke in the eye!!B)

Reverend Strone
4 March 2002, 04:50 PM
An extreme solution, but a possibility- kill the Noble they're guarding. These guys are new Jedi after all, so they are bound to slip up once in a while. Have them fail to protect the Noble from some kind of exceptionally nasty assasination attempt.

They go home to the council all dejected and forlorn, and feeling hard done by because they couldn't stop what happened they get a down-dressing from their superiors (beginning a process of alienation from the Council).

In the dog-box, they get sent off to investigate this plague thing they've discovered, which the Council feels might be better suited to their talents after their bodyguarding screw up.

Then reintroduce the Dark Force User at some point on that mission, making renewed overtures, perhaps offering them something which enhances their combative abilities or such like, dropping some more dark-side temptations and stern responses from the Jedi Council at every opportunity to continue their disenfranchisement.

At some point in the future, we may learn that the Dark Force User actually engineered the whole assasination inorder to distance the characters from the Jedi and make them more available to his advances. in fact, ghe's been pulling strings for a while. They may turn on him, but in so doing only further hastens their fall into darkness.

Just some thoughts. I hope they're helpful.

4 March 2002, 06:16 PM
revstrone had some good ideas, though they involve the alienating of the characters (or at least tearing down of their self esteem).

A slight derivative of this could be for them to be kept on as guards of the noble, with another team of Jedi dispatched to check out the planet where this "disease" is from.

During their duties, they discover a plot to assassinate either the noble they are protecting or a group of nobles. The clues indicate something more nefarious than a "regular" assassination. This is where you can throw in some more threads leading to this planet where the disease comes from, or artifacts laced with the Dark Side (whatever you think would peak the interest of your players more). Regardless, the plot to kill the nobles is foiled, and everything seems successful.

When the padawans make it back, they learn that the team dispatched to the planet hasn't checked in. Since the players are the only other force users who have seen the effects of the disease, or know information about the planet, they are dispatched to investigate the planet.

This would give the players a little bit more knowledge to go on, as they may have gleaned a couple of extra clues from the foiled assassination attempt, and they know that another team of Jedi (or padawans) have failed to report back from the place they are going.

Just some rough ideas....hope they help.

Reverend Strone
4 March 2002, 06:30 PM
I like Grimace's thinking.

The success or failure of an storyline such as my earlier one I guess rides on how your players would react to a loss. It may also be recieved badly if they percieve that there's no way to win.

I'm trying to create situations for your characters to have small crisis of confidance and to be forced to questiuon their direction. Those are the kinds of prime times for the lure of the Dark Side to come knocking.

Grimaces idea does have a much nicer flow to it though, and as you have said, you are trying to drive the characters less and let them steer themselves. His idea would probably better fit that philosophy than mine.

4 March 2002, 06:37 PM
All these ideas seem to be good!!!!!
This should be more than enough to slap some adventrues for your padawans!!!!!

Maybe by blending elements from a couple of the best ones will get your desired results.

5 March 2002, 05:15 AM
Well, I used some of this stuff in my session last night, I decided that since this was a brand new colony world, there was some stratification in the labor side of the dispute, one faction decided to try and take the chance to kill the newly appointed planetary governor at a dinner meeting, so there was an assasination attempt that ended up nearly destroying one of the Padawans, I am definitely going to use some of this stuff, though.

I really appreciate your help thus far!