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4 March 2002, 06:21 AM

Well, its that time again....UPDATE TIME!!!

But this aint your run of the mill update...it has been one year since Raptor Squad hit the net, so to celebrate we have one HUGE mother of an update for ya!

What can you find this time around? Heck, practically a brand new site! That is how much new stuff we have included in this update. New write ups, a revamped Fragements section, TONS of new artowork, and BRAND NEW FORCE AND LIGHTSABER SECTIONS! This update has it all! And while many have switched over to the D20 system, dont let that stop you from checking our site out. I'm sure if you cant find stats to fit your bill some of our original write ups or artwork will strike your fancy!

Well, enough of my "used car salesman" babbling, if you want to see one of the best campaign driven SWRPG sites on the net,head on over to our page. For those who havent changed their bookmarks, the new address is
[URL=http://WWW.RaptorSquad.Net[/URL] ,
and as always we LOVE to hear your feedback, either through e-mail or here on the holonet.

Oh, and dont forget to bring your party hats!:D

4 March 2002, 07:49 AM
Congrats on your 1st Birthday!!!!

You've produced an excellent site, that I and many others enjoy!

BTW, nice update and keep it up


6 March 2002, 05:28 AM

Thanks for the kind words Deano. The update was extensive and exhausting but then again thats what "labors of love" are all about I guess.:D

6 March 2002, 05:38 AM
Ah! Almost forgot....

added a great new pic to the Wroonian Thieves Guild write up by one of our resident artists, Tracy Hart ...also revamped the Rogues Gallery section....

just some FYI!

14 March 2002, 05:35 AM
Included a new pic for Kick Farlander...you can find him in the RS Sourcebook...and for those who havent checked it out..there is a ALL NEW Netfali Arms Catalog included with the latest update! Thats right peeps, new blasters and weapons, ALL PHOTOREALISTIC!

You can find it in the Fragments section..along with our new feature..BOUNTYHEADS! Yup, if ya need a bounty to throw at your players, Bountyheads has what ya need!

So, if you havent checked out our site in a while, head on over, I GUARANTEE you will find it worth your while!

And hey! Dont be shy! We would love to hear your feedback either here or through e mail! COME ON YOU SWRPG'ERS! LETS HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK!

And as always, enjoy!:D

darth maim
15 March 2002, 01:04 AM
Any chance of the homebrew force skills and such being D20 at some point?

15 March 2002, 04:55 AM
Kinda depends,
as it is there is no one in our gaming group who uses/understands the D20 system completely. So for us to have D20 stats would require one of our lazy a** players to learn the system and then begin to convert the stats. Given that we now have about 250 stats on our page the task would be daunting to say the least. It is possible, but it would be a ways in the future, as whoever did it would have to give it 110%. Im a BIG stickler when it comes to websites being "half done" and inconsistant(try to find one incomplete section on our site..I dare ya!!! :)). For my own peace of mind if someone wanted to do it they would have to have a significant amount of stats converted before I would even consider putting them up, because I think it would be total crap to lure people to the site with "ALL NEW D20 CONVERSIONS!' and only deliver like, 6 stats.

As it is, what we try to do for the D20 fans, is give as much background info and artwork as possible for what stats we do have...any GM worth his salt should be able to home brew up stats for anything on our site, so we try to help them along as much as we can.

However, if there were some interprising soul out in the community who has , oh, a few months to kill and would like to completely convert everything on our site to D20 then by all means we would be more than appreciative and of course would give full credit.

Ill be over here holding my breath.:D