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5 March 2002, 08:54 PM
Alright now I have some plot endings I need to wrap up and start thinking about the complete and total end of the campaign...

First off we play in the Rebellion Era...the group consists of one ex imperial human male, two force adept brothers who will eventually do battle with the older of the two falling to the darkside, one scoundrel male with a mission to rescue his lost and kidnapped lover, a rather sick male Trandoshan, and a rebel scout recently assigned to the team.

The force adepts split from the rest of the group for a few sessions, the darker brother began to learn usage of a lightsaber, while the younger one became a Kilian Ranger. The brothers will fight in the end...to whatever means as I've discussed in a thread awhile ago...problem is what the hell are they fighting about?! And I mean aside from older brother going dark and younger brother staying good.

The Trandoshan is sick and as will eventually be revealed, through a long drawn out ordeal, he will be sick because he is actually not Trandoshan. Once a shapeshifter...of what type I'm not sure, he was captured by Trandoshan militants who ××××ed with him biologically after discovering his true nature. Designed as a killing machine and expert hunter for their race Femmik (his name) was implanted with false memories but prior to his complete conditioning he was rescued by a young human male who liberated him (this man died btw). The result of not completing the process?...a drone of sorts with a sense of judgment, no real remorse for killing, and occasional slips of barbaricism. Right now the character is sick and on the shelf until he returns to the group at the end of April (he has to take a long hiatus but will eventually return)...thus in the meantime all of the long ordeal will function while he's in a coma and the other characters can watch him as he vomits blood, and his skin literally begins to crawl. The Rebels, whom they have hooked up with, will have no idea whats wrong with him.

As to what will happen with the other two humans is up in the air...presumably the one with the girlfriend will either rescue his woman or she will be hopelessly slain and he killed valiantly trying to rescue her (although the player it seems doesn't care anymore about her...*SIGH* :rolleyes: ) The ex imp is a good player with a pretty standard ex imp background...theres not much I could really pull up from his past unless I started really soon.

As for the rebel scout anything is really possible as we've not developed a story at all really for him...he just joined the group last session to make up for the loss of our Trandoshan shapeshifter friend...any plot advice? Long message I know...sorry.


Terras Jadeonar & Raven
5 March 2002, 09:14 PM
The brothers: the dark one perhaps resents the extra attention his younger sibling always got from childhood. Maybe he always resented that to current time. (resentment of sibling, a classic i think) insert specific reasons and incidents here: ___________ , _______, et al.

The scout: maybe he digs up some info about the sick trandoshan while on a mini-quest or something... Perhaps teams up with the ex- imperial durring the mini quest to find this info...

The Ex Imp: helps the scout with getting more info and using some of his former talents to persuade a few contacts... I dunno... The Ex Imp can also be the one who gets word through his connections about the scoundrel's g/f ... offers to help the scoundrel rescue her

the scoundrel: gets a scant message delivered to him from some desperate means of limited comunication... his girlfriend is sick & dying from the torture... or perhaps pregnant?

the non-trandoshan: hangs in the balance, until a cure is found to stabalize him... perhaps the group does one quest to get the cure and another to save the g/f ... or whichever order...

well, thats all i got in mind at the moment.. not sure if they'll be of help or not... was worth a try at least! :)