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Dark Lord Drax
7 March 2002, 05:49 PM
After reading the post on the rule of two, I decided to list the powers I have found for the Sith. None of this material is official from any source, but it was found on a website, I believe it was www.fallenjedi.com but I am uncertain of that. I found these powers to be extremely interesting, and give the Sith that extra edge that really make them... well... Sith.
All powers are given in game terms.

Infectious Wound
Feat: This power may be used once per round. When the Sith deals wound damage, he/she may apply the Infectious Wound to it. This prevents the wound from ever healing by any methods including Force Healing. Using this power gives the user 1 DSP

Black Gaze
Skill (Int,Alter based): Make a ranged attack using your Skill modifier instead of your attack bonuses. This power allows the Sith to fire dark beams from his/her eyes. Theoretically, the beams could be invisible. If the Sith hits, the target loses 1d4-1 (minimum of 0) wounds per day. This damage cannot be healed until the gaze is removed. Only a Sith can remove the gaze. Use of this power gives the user 1 DSP
In real terms, this ability causes a growing patch of blackness on the victim. Whatever was hit by the eye beams slowly withers away, and the withering spreads throughout the victim's body. This is more painful than Force Lightning and can incur a FS (15 or 20; GM's discretion) or leave the victim stunned each time the save fails.

Corporal Translocation
Skill (Int,Alter based): This ability is not considered Dark Side. This allows a person to teleport physically to another place. This person must have prior knowledge of the location, and know where it is in relation to themselves. To teleport to another location on the same planet, DC is 15. To teleport to another planet, DC is 20 +5 for each sector away (Inner Rim, Mid Rim, Outer Rim). Failure by 1-5 means no teleportation has occured. Failure by more than 5 will send the person to another place entirely, and if the GM feel's really devious, a natural 1 will kill the person by scattering their molecules across the cosmos. This ability is a Full-round action and costs 8 VP for localized teleportation and 30 for interplanetary.

Astral Translocation
Skill (Int,Alter based): This ability is not considered a Dark Side power. It allows a person's spirit to leave the body and wander unimpeded by physical obstacles. If a person is killed while in this state, their spirit is forever trapped on the Astral plane. The base DC is 10, and requires a Full-round action. A check must be made to enter the astral plane, and for every kilometer the spirit moves away from the body another check must be made with +1 to DC per kilometer. Failure simply prevents your entry to the astral plane, or returns you to your body. This power uses 2 VP per minute. While in the Astral plane you can see, hear, and speak as normal, but only other Force-sensitives can hear you.

That's all for now, I shall consult my list and post more later.

7 March 2002, 06:36 PM
Good stuff thanks for this dude.

darth maim
7 March 2002, 09:35 PM
These are VERY overpowered... come on wounds that NEVER heal... A creeping black death that cannot be taken away by anyone but an evil bastard that'll probably just speed it up by hitting you with a little more... interplanetary teleportation... this would destroy game balance very quickly.

8 March 2002, 06:28 AM
I have to agree with dm... these are some interesting ideas (except for dark gaze, which I find too comic-booky for my tastes; "dark beams shooting out of the eyes" and so forth), but they are entirely over the top.

Even if you were to introduce a power which inflicted wounds that could never be healed (which I think is too much; scale that back to "can only be healed by Force healing" and you might have something), I think you'd need some serious prerequisites and VP cost -- not just a free power that costs 1 DSP.

Dark Gaze also has some balance issues. A ranged attack using skill modifier instead of ranged attack bonus is far too much, I think. A 7th level Jedi maxing out this skill would get a +10 attack bonus, for which he pays 1 DSP and does permanent progressive damage? Why ever draw your lightsaber? Just walk around looking at people, and in a few days they all die. All this at no cost or effort to you. I think it could work, but it could really benefit from some serious scaling back.

I think the Astral Translocation has some potential, although personally I think it's powerful enough that it should be a feat, not a skill. I think that's the strongest of the four.

I don't have any gripes with the teleportation skill, although I personally wouldn't use it -- teleportation doesn't seem very Star Wars to me, the Force notwithstanding.

8 March 2002, 06:37 AM
actually infectionous wound I think is based on the tales of the Jedi Comics, where Urlic was wounded by a Kamakazie bomber and the wound didn't apper to wanna heal.. not sure what the story behind that is...

personally I never much cared for the way they handled the force, ESPECIALLY the darkside, in tales of the Jedi

Dark Lord Drax
10 March 2002, 05:11 PM
At first this may seem unbalancing, but let me make a few points.
First, I have been using these powers in my campaign since it started, only one character has been killed by one of them, and that was a Crystalyze that an apprentice used to make a Jedi back down from a fight.
Secondly, if you use it in your campaign, these powers are very rare, and probably unknown to anyone in the galaxy, save maybe the uber sith lord, who doesn't want to use them for fear of showing his opponent too much of his power.
Third, you haven't yet let me post the remaining powers. There is a Light Side power: Light Wall. (stats posted at end of post)
Fourth, the Sith in my campaign that uses these powers is part Noble, and is (if you pust it in D&D terms) lawful. He will always keep his word (however, he sometimes words his promises so he can put a loop hole in it. He was fomerly in desiguise as a senator.) He uses his Sith powers rarely, usually only to intimidate.
Fifth, I can't remember if I listed prerequisites or not, but any feats listed require (unless otherwise stated) Jedi level (or Sith level) 3rd+, and of course require the appropriate Feat (Alter, Sense, Control). Infectious Wound requires Level 6+.
Also, you notice that there are severe penalties for failing the Corporal Translocate. Also, I have recently ruled that the Black Gaze doesn't use beams of black energy, but just shows glowing black eyes, and a growing patch of darkness on the target to make it less cartoony.

Light Wall
Requires: Jedi Level 6+, Alter, Force Defense 7+, 0 DSP
As a Full-round action you may attempt to trap a Dark Sider within a light wall. This power uses 30 Vitality. The Jedi may substitute a Force Point in place of 15 Vitality, or use 2 FPs instead of the full 30. Any other Jedi within 20-40 meters (GM's call) may add 1 FP to the light wall. The target must be within 30 meters of the Jedi. The targeted Dark Sider must make a Will Save (DC 20+ 5 per contributing Jedi, not counting the one initiating the wall). If the Dark Jedi fails the will save, he loses all Force Points, and takes a -X penalty to Force Skills (and cannot use Dark Side force skills) X= number of DSP possesed by target. After the Light Wall's success, the Dark Sider may make a Will Save once per round any time afterwards (DC 10. Jedi may use 10 vitality to increase the DC by 5. Each Jedi may not increase the DC more than once per round.) If this save is successful, the Dark Sider regains 1 FP and no longer takes the skill penalty. Also, if the Dark Sider can get farther than 60 meters from the Jedi, the penalties are cancelled, but no Force Point is recovered.
(Note: It is possible for a Jedi who has learned this power previously to use it after he has gained a DSP. If this power is used by any Jedi possessing DSP, instead of the above results, all Light Jedi within 40 meters of the wall initiater takes 1d8 damage per DSP of the user.)

Dark Lord Drax
10 March 2002, 05:15 PM
I forgot to mention, another thing to counter the Infectious Wound is the fact that the Sith must deal wound damage in order for it to work. This is most commonly used with a Lightsaber, which means that the wound would not bleed, so even though it cannot heal, the victim will not bleed to death. Also, the Black Gaze has another counter. I used it against one of my Jedi, hitting him in the upper arm. He called upon the dark side to pump up his strength, and he promptly ripped his own arm off to prevent the gaze from spreading. Drax was so impressed by it that he used Heal Another on the poor Jedi to prevent bleeding.

darth maim
10 March 2002, 08:56 PM
Originally posted by Dark Lord Drax
I forgot to mention, another thing to counter the Infectious Wound is the fact that the Sith must deal wound damage in order for it to work. This is most commonly used with a Lightsaber, which means that the wound would not bleed, so even though it cannot heal, the victim will not bleed to death. Also, the Black Gaze has another counter. I used it against one of my Jedi, hitting him in the upper arm. He called upon the dark side to pump up his strength, and he promptly ripped his own arm off to prevent the gaze from spreading. Drax was so impressed by it that he used Heal Another on the poor Jedi to prevent bleeding.

how about a coup de grace with a knife.... id4 wound damage is generally not enough to kill your opponent so they would just bleed out from infectious wound...

Dark Lord Drax
11 March 2002, 11:36 AM
Yes, that is true, however, even though the wound will not heal, you can bandage it and the blood would eventually dry, thereby preventing any more blood loss.

Another thing, most of these powers should be strickly regulated by the GM. I had one of my characters turn to the Dark Side momentarily and was trained by Drax. He learned the Corporal Translocation before returning to the Light. Oh, a restriction on CT, you must be able to sense where you are teleporting to. You must either locate a familiar presence and then inform the GM that you wish to teleport to (example) 4 meters from that presence, or you must know the exact location of a planet (or place on the planet) you intend to teleport to. Even if your check is successful, if you don't know the exact spot you are going to, you could still end up in disaster.
Player: I want to translocate 30 meters to my left.
GM: Are you sure?
Player: Yes. (makes check)
GM: You materialize in a hunk of rock.

I would discourage GMs from doing this, unless you already had a full map of the area drawn off.

A way of handling interplanetary translocation is for the player to use a nav comp (astrogate check) if they can't find a presence to lock onto. This would be the only way of ensuring the planet you are going to hasn't moved in the past few days.

Found my original notes on Sith Powers. Infectious Wound causes 2 DSP. Corporal Translocate can be used untrained (I don't recommend it) Other skills listed cannot unless otherwise noted.

Well, here's the next Sith Power:

Skill: Alter based (Dark Side; 1 DSP)
Your skill check sets the target's Fort Save. If the save fails the target ages X years per year (X= your skill ranks in Blight when used). Vitality cost: 6

Dark Side Feeding
Requires: Control, Sense, Alter, Sith level 8+
A character with this Feat can do things that require Force Points without losing any. Basically, if any characters around you (other than yourself) have DSP, you can use their DSPs as FPs (they don't lose their DSPs). Once they have been "used" you cannot use them again until 24 hours have passed. You take 2 DSPs when you do this. (Note: the 2 DSPs gained only apply when you decide to feed on the darkness of others. You do not gain 2 DSPs for each pseudo FP used. However, you do gain the DSPs each day you do this, or if new characters arrive after you have used this and you want to feed on their darkness, you must take 2 more DSPs.)

Sith Cloak
Skill (Control, untrained)
The Sith disappears from sight and cannot be seen in darkness, and can barely be seen in bright lights. If the Sith makes a check of 15 or better, they have successfully activated this power. In darkness, all attempts to spot the character fail automatically (treat as full concealment), and under bright lights a spot check must be made greater than the Cloak check. (the Cloak check must be remade each hour). See Force can detect the Sith, but the standard DC of See Force is increased by (Cloak check -10). Vitality cost: 4 per hour

Change Appearance
Skill (Control)
The Sith can alter his/her appearance (as long as it is humanoid). A successful check of 10 allows the Sith to pass as any humanoid of his/her choice (even the opposite sex). However, only the Sith's appearance is changed. If anyone engages in a discussion with the Sith, the rouse can be uncovered. This skill works about the same as Disguise, except that non Force-users take a -8 penalty to their opposed roll, Force-users take a -4 penalty, and with a successful See Force check, the penalty is negated. (In fact, if a force user uses See Force against the changed Sith, and the Sith is not imitating another Force user, the opposed roll gains a +2 bonus or a +4 bonus if the Sith is imitating a light sider.) Vitality cost: 4 per hour

(Note, vitality costs per hour must also be paid with the initiating of the power)