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Dan Kyrinov
7 March 2002, 08:09 PM
Hey, everyone. I've been kicking around an idea in my head for a SW roleplaying mission. Inspiration hit me hard enough I bled, and I've written down tons of notes for the mission premise. My players from my group, however, are already on a different path through the GFFA, and I really can't incorporate my idea into their current arc. The idea is as follows. The Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4 has always been small enough and personal enough that the first batches of students have come out fine under the instruction of Kam and Tionne. As the students get older, they end up getting into adventures in groups, or apprenticing to traveling Jedi to get experience in the Jedi way. But it occurs to me that perhaps there are students who are getting less than the starlike treatment the Dramatis Personae received.

Therefore I have a mission called 'Outsiders.' It's about Jedi students with different backgrounds, less influence, not as much burning talent, and a lot of diversity. They haven't gotten everything they wanted out of their time at the academy. They can't convince anyone to apprentice them, they don't fit in with the very young Jedi remaining, and they aren't sons and daughters of heroes. Their training stalls as they slip through the cracks.

But there's more involved here than just Yavin 4. The Yuuzhan Vong are going to rock the galaxy's foundations, and all the Jedi that are ready are dispatched. Despite the fact that the academy does not think them "ready" circumstances pull them from Yavin and into a dangerous and conflicted sector.

Jensaarai characters will be highly encouraged. Some of them, training for short terms at the academy on Yavin 4, will be given secret instructions from the Saarai-Kaar of the Jensaarai. We would use Moridin's "I, Jensaarai" article as source for these characters. Anybody wanting to play a Jensaarai will like the twists. But if that's not your cup of tea, don't sweat it.

Except for the encouragement to have a Jensaarai or two, and the academy storyline, there are no other worries for your character's background. A character may be not even Force-Sensitive, but as happens occasionally, one mistaken for a possible force-sensitive. So any type of character is welcome.

The point is, I'm dying to try this mission out. I'm hoping that there are some interested people who would do it over the Roleplaying forum. I've not done forum, but I do PBEM, and I think I can adapt. Anyone interested?

10 March 2002, 11:09 AM
If this is gona be a D20 game than i am SO in. Sounds like a great premis for a great game, and i've been dieing to play a Jedi charachtor. i'll try to get a hold of you over AOL or by e-mail and talk to ya more about it. Your ideas sound GREAT!:D

Dan Kyrinov
10 March 2002, 02:28 PM
Hey, StrikerKC, I got your e-mail, and in the event you read this first, I sent a quick one back.

I suppose I should note here that I've GMed both systems, and enjoy both. I guess I am better at d20, but that's due to playing other d20 games and running d20 more regularly. But like PBEM games, however, I'm not going to slow anything down by bogging it down with too many stats. My vision for "Outsiders" is for characters around 4th level for d20, or for d6 characters with some abilities in control, sense, and alter.

11 March 2002, 05:25 AM
Hey this sounds like a great concept for a game. I would love to play. BUT i have never played a PbeM game but if you give me a date and time ill work up a character:D :D :D :D

11 March 2002, 04:15 PM
PBEM isn't hard at all, really the only odd thing is getting it started, but once it's going it GOES. If you do a PBEM game, just check your e-mail regularly, folow instructions and promptly respond. Simple as dat :D

Dan Kyrinov
11 March 2002, 07:57 PM
Thorin, it'd be great to have you. As Striker said, PBeM isn't hard. It's very much like a forum-based game, or a game over a chat room. It's not got the speed of person to person gaming, but it picks up quickly.

I need to note here that we may need to shoot for level 6 characters if you're going by d20, or if by d6 characters who have spent about forty-fifty character points (I think that's nearly equivalent.) I hope that nobody started on a character lower than that level, and I apologize for this oversight. But hopefully nobody will complain. (Oh, man, Dan forced me to be more powerful? More skilled? I don't believe this!)

That's all for now. Things are moving ahead, and Outsider is gonna get off the drawing board and into play.

12 March 2002, 11:56 AM
Yabba Dabba Doo!

I would love to play a Jennisari/something else. Count me in baby! I'll send you a character soon. I have never played a Force user before, but I think that may translate well to the character type you're looking for.

12 March 2002, 12:32 PM
If your gona play a charachtor as a Jensaari then you NEED/HAVE to have the article "I, Jensaari" by Mordin. You can find it just by going to the SWRPG main page (not the holonet's main page but the SWRPG one) and just use the search the site option and search for I, Jensaari. It is FULL of information that you HAVE to have to make/play/understand a good Jensaari PC. :D

PS: Dan, i did read over I Jensaari and have made my charachter who is a lvl 6 that finished up his 6 lvls of Jedi gaurdian training at the Jedi academy and has started learning the Jensaari prestige class. I'll send you his stats (lots of them) in an e-mail some time tonight (3/12/02) or mabye tomarow if for some reason i can't :D

12 March 2002, 02:26 PM
:D well there may not be a REALLY good reason to have this on here but i finished him and I am very proud of him, with him being my 2nd favorite charachtor after my Very 1st charachtor
:D be warned... its long

well, i looked/studied ;) the I, Jensaari charachter creation stuff and have got my guy ready to go. He is done with his 6 lvls of Jedi gaurdian required to start a lvl of the Jensaari Jedi Defender. He also already has constructed his ownlight saber and Jensaari armor, like the article said a person at his stage should have done. He is a very stealthy person, with the animal his armor is built after being the three headed piosinus snake the Divto. Since bothe he and the Divto are so sneaky and stealthy, he altered his uniform to make him more silent. His armor still causes the -2 penalty to move silently, but it has been covered with a sound dampening material (like the imperial storm commandos in the rebelion era source book) to give him a +4 to move silently and hide checks. He has also placed poison dart launchers on bothe gauntlets that can hold up to 2 darts coated with paralizing poison (found in the core rule book). i still need to play with the picture of the armor some to get a better idea of what his will look like, and i need to come up with a name ;)

but until then here are all of his other stats, I hope you enjoy cause i know i did.

Name: ?
Species: Human
Size: Medium
Charachtor lvl: 6
Class lvl: 6 jedi gaurdian
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Hight: 5' 11"
Weight: 195 lbs
Eyes color: Red
Hair Color: Red
Skin tone: light tan (like a good sun tan)

Str: 15
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 14
Wis: 13
Cha: 12

Saves and Defence
Defence: 18 (+6 armor, +2 Dex) or 20 with an activated light saber
Fort save: 8 (+5 base, +3 Con)
Reflex save: 7 (+5 base, +2 Dex)
Will save: 4 (+3 base, +1 Wis)

Initiative: +3 Dex
VP/WP: 70/16
Atack bonus: +6/+1
Force points: 7
Dice (Light/Dark): 2d6/3d6
DSP: none
Credits: 800

Light Saber: +9 (+6 base, +2 Str, +1 Personal light saber)
Dmg: 3d8 (2d8 base, +1d8 class lvl)
Critical: 19-20
Blaster Pistol: +8 (+6 base, +2 Dex)
Dmg: 3d6
Critical: 20
Range: 10m
Stun: 1d6/DC 15
Poison Dart Gauntlets (one on each arm, each launcher holds 2 darts): +8 (+6 base, +2 Dex)
Dmg: 1d6 (DC 15), secondary = parilized (DC 15)
Critical: 20 (they are still sharp needles)
Range: 10m
Melee: Just plain old melee atacks

Skills [Skill mod (+rank, +ability mod)]
Computer use +4 (+2, +2 Int)
Hide: +8 (+2 Dex, +4 armor, +4 Feat [stealthy])
Jump: +8 (+6, +2 Str)
Knowledge (Jensaari): +8 (+6, +2 Int)
Move Silently: +10 (+2, +2 Dex, +4 armor, +2 Feat [stealthy])
Afect Mind: +5 (+4, +1 Cha)
Battlemind: +9 (+6, +3 Con)
Enhance Ablility: +12 (+9, +3 Con)
Force Defence: +4 (+1, +3 Con)
Force Stealth: +9 (+6, +3 Con)
Heal Self: +11 (+8, +3 Con)

Basic: read/write/speak
Squib: speak
Wookie: Understand

Armor proficiancy (light)
Exotic weapon proficiancy (light saber)
Force sensitive
Weapon group (blaster pistols)
Weapon group (simple weapons)
Weapon group (dart launchers)
Light Saber Defense
Deflect Blasters

Light Saber
Blaster Pistol
5 energy cells
all temperature cloak
Med Pack
Jensaari Armor

Dan Kyrinov
12 March 2002, 08:15 PM
Hey Striker! I like your character a lot. I got a chance to look at it earlier, over e-mail. The armor idea is good, with the dart gauntlets, the snake stylings, and the sound damper. But there is one catch. You need a few ranks in the skill Craft (Jensaarai Armor) to reflect your ability to have created the armor. I'd say you need at least an overall +8 to have made an armor with that design. If you can tweak your skills, maybe take a rank or two from other skills and relocate it, you'd be perfect.

Dr. Worm, it's great to have you! My e-mail address is
should you need to e-mail for anything. You're right, there's no need for diehard Force-user experience to play this one. Times have changed since the Old Republic, and not all Force-users are similar, most of all now.

After everyone's characters are in, I think we have enough people to start. Not everyone interested has posted here in this thread so far, but I've gotten e-mails and notes. The characters are all great, they'll really carry the story. My GM's module and notes are finished, too, we can begin whenever everyone's ready.

13 March 2002, 03:15 AM
AS YOU COMMAND....... today during some down time at school i'll tweak him around a bit he'll be just dandy by this afternoon, and i'll come back and change the stats for him to. PLUS, by then i should also have a picture of his armor (and mabye a name :D) but it will just be an altered version of the one from "I, Jensaari."

13 March 2002, 10:12 AM
Krithim Nala: Adult Male Barabel, Jedi Guardian 6; Init +1 (+1 Dex); Def 21 ( +1 Dex, +7 Class, +3 Species); Spd 10m; VP/WP 62/15; Atk +10/+5 melee (1d3+4, punch), +10/+5 melee (3d8+4, crit 19-20, Lightsaber), +7/+2 or +3/+3/-2 ranged (3d8, Blaster [Heavy Pistol]); SQ +3 Dodge bonus to Defense when fighting defensively, +6 Dodge bonus to Defense when executing total defense action, Claws, Darkvision, Ferocious attack, Lightsaber Damage +1d8, Primitive, Radiation resistance, Tail; SV Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +4; SZ M; FP: 0; Rep: +4; Str 18, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 13.
Equipment: Blaster [Heavy Pistol], Camouflage Poncho, Field Kit (Contains 2x condensing canteens with water purification, 1x sunshield roll, 1x week's worth of food rations, 2x glow rods, 2x breath masks, 24x filters, 12x atmospheric canisters, and an all-temperature cloak.), Lightsaber, Macrobinoculars, Utility Belt (Contains 3 days rations, 1x Medpac, 1x Tool kit, 1x Power pack, 1x Energy Cell, 1x Glow rod, 1x Comlink, Couple Empty Pouches)
Skills: Climb +13, Jump +15, Read/Write Barabel, Speak Barabel, Speak Basic, Speak Shistavanen, Speak Shyriiwook, Tumble +10
Force Skills: Battlemind +11, Drain Energy +11, Enhance Ability +11, Force Defense +11
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber), Force-Sensitive, Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, primitive weapons, simple weapons)
Force Feats: Alter, Control, Dissipate Energy, Sense, Summon Storm

History:Krithim nala was discovered by the Jedi Dorsk 81 approximately 3 days before Dorsk died. He was then shipped off to the jedi academy to train under Luke Skywalker. who discovered the boys nearly innate abilit to summon storms with the force as if from nowhere. At the age of 18 he began traveling after in his oppinion the Jedi Code was useless. He left just in time to meet the Yuuzhan Vong.......

13 March 2002, 03:22 PM
ok here he is with the edited stats :D

Name: ?
Species: Human
Size: Medium
Charachtor lvl: 6
Class lvl: 6 jedi gaurdian
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Hight: 5' 11"
Weight: 195 lbs
Eyes color: Red
Hair Color: Red
Skin tone: light tan (like a good sun tan)

Str: 15
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 14
Wis: 13
Cha: 12

Saves and Defence
Defence: 18 (+6 armor, +2 Dex) or 20 with an activated light saber
Fort save: 8 (+5 base, +3 Con)
Reflex save: 7 (+5 base, +2 Dex)
Will save: 4 (+3 base, +1 Wis)

Initiative: +3 Dex
VP/WP: 70/16
Atack bonus: +6/+1
Force points: 7
Dice (Light/Dark): 2d6/3d6
DSP: none
Credits: 800

Light Saber: +9 (+6 base, +2 Str, +1 Personal light saber)
Dmg: 3d8 (2d8 base, +1d8 class lvl)
Critical: 19-20
Blaster Pistol: +8 (+6 base, +2 Dex)
Dmg: 3d6
Critical: 20
Range: 10m
Stun: 1d6/DC 15
Poison Dart Gauntlets (one on each arm, each launcher holds 2 darts): +8 (+6 base, +2 Dex)
Dmg: 1d6 (DC 15), secondary = parilized (DC 15)
Critical: 20 (they are still sharp needles)
Range: 10m
Melee: Just plain old melee atacks

Skills [Skill mod (+rank, +ability mod)]
Computer use: +4 (+2, +2 Int)
Craft(Jensaarai Armor): +8 (+6, +2 Int)
Hide: +8 (+2 Dex, +4 armor, +4 Feat [stealthy])
Jump: +7 (+5, +2 Str)
Knowledge (Jensaari): +8 (+6, +2 Int)
Move Silently: +9 (+1, +2 Dex, +4 armor, +2 Feat [stealthy])
Afect Mind: +4 (+3, +1 Cha)
Battlemind: +9 (+6, +3 Con)
Enhance Ablility: +12 (+9, +3 Con)
Force Defence: +4 (+1, +3 Con)
Force Stealth: +9 (+6, +3 Con)
Heal Self: +11 (+8, +3 Con)

Basic: read/write/speak
Squib: speak
Wookie: Understand

Armor proficiancy (light)
Exotic weapon proficiancy (light saber)
Force sensitive
Weapon group (blaster pistols)
Weapon group (simple weapons)
Weapon group (dart launchers)
Light Saber Defense
Deflect Blasters

Light Saber
Blaster Pistol
5 energy cells
all temperature cloak
Med Pack
Jensaari Armor

I will also accept any help or sugestions you all have about names or preferably WAYS to make a good name for him. I was thinking somthing like "Slithe" or "Sypher" "Psypher" Cypher" etc other spellings. what da ya think?

13 March 2002, 03:49 PM
I like PSYPHER Kinda like a Psyker from Warhammer 40,000 but still featurin' a decent amount of originality. :D :D :D

Dan Kyrinov
13 March 2002, 08:09 PM
To quote Kyp Durron whom we all know and love, "I need some Barabel Jedi!" Krithim Nala is an excellent character. His combination of Jedi ability and his stance on the Jedi code are perfect. It looks like he's prepared for what the galaxy tosses at him. I confess, however, that I do a lot of borrowing with other GMs, lending books and SW Gamer articles. I've read in the DSSB about Summon Storm, but for the life of me I can't remember what it does! (starts pulling out hair) I should just stop being thrifty and buy it, I know.

Striker, you're all set to go. You have polished your character perfectly. I don't know what advice I can give you about the name except this little piece. I have a book of names, the same one my parents used to look at names for my younger siblings. I oftentimes flip it open and wander the names until one with a really cool sound or a really appropriate meaning pop up. If there's one at your house, might be worth a look.

I've got just about every player's character. Tomorrow or early the next day I will send out the 'prologue' story to each player, and in a couple of days, everything should be organized perfectly.
- Dan

14 March 2002, 05:20 AM
Ok, this is the final touches on Psypher. First of all, His name is Psypher :D

also i have a breif history of how he came to be at a jedi academy and what not.

Psypher was born on the planet/moon where the Jensaarai are centered. He was found to have force abilities as a young chilled and started training as a Jensaarai Defender. At a certain point in his training (im gona say lvl 4 jedi gaurdian) he was sent to Luke's Jedi academy to finish his Jedi training and to show the Jensaarai's good will towards the Jedi. Once Psypher completed his training and was ready to begin his life as a Jensaarai Defender (he was a lvl 6 Jedi gaurdian, with his own Light saber and personalized Jensaarai armor) he went back home but keept in contact with the Jedi academy to help keep the bonds of the Jensaarai and Jedi together.

after that Dan, do what you please to make the story fit in and work :D

And I got an edited picture of his armor :D in the atachment

14 March 2002, 07:49 AM
Summon storm can make a storm 1/2 your force level in kilometers up to your force level in kilometers it is pretty straight forward.

14 March 2002, 11:57 AM
Ok I tried to do this yesterday, but kept gettin kicked off. Here goes.

Since y'all are posting your stats here I will do the same;
Tael Afar
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 25
Class/Level:Force Adept 1/Jedi Guardian 5
Hair Color: Thin Black Dreadlocks
Skin Color: Toffee Brown
Eyes: Apple Green
Home Planet: Vion III
Str 14
Dex 16
Con 15
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 12
Init +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Bonus)
Def 19 ( +3 Dex, +6 Armor)
Spd 10m
VP/WP 62/15
BAB: +5
+7 melee (-+2, Stun Baton)
+7 melee (1d3+2, punch)
+7 melee (1d4+2, Knife)
+7 melee (1d6+2, crit 19-20, Afar Armor Spines)
+8 melee (3d8+2, crit 19-20, Lightsaber)
+8 or +4/+4 ranged (3d6, Blaster [Pistol])
SQ: Desert dweller (+2 to Survival checks in a desert environment), Lightsaber Damage +1d8
Fort +7
Ref +8
Will +7
FP: 5
Rep: +2
Dachu Armor*
Blaster [Pistol]
Knife x3
Stun Baton

Climb +4
Computer Use +2
Craft (Jensaarai Armor) +8
Hide +7 (+9/+11 with armor)
Knowledge (Jensaari Lore) +5
Listen +5
Spot +5
Tumble +5
Force Skills:
Battlemind +5
Enhance Ability +6
Enhance Senses +5
Farseeing +5
Force Push +3
Heal Self +4
Move Object +4
See Force +5
Telepathy +6

Armor Proficiency (light)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber)
Improved Initiative
Weapon Focus (Lightsaber)
Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, primitive weapons, simple weapons)
Force Feats:
Burst of Speed

*Dachu Armor: The appearance of the armor is generally neutral tan in color, and covered in 20cm long spines that lay flat. The helmet is elongated in back to give the apearance of a fox like head, and on either side of the mouth piece are long saber teeth, that are largely ornamental
(as smoothed out by Dan)All-purpose camouflage, +2 to hide checks in most circumstances. Wildly shifting conditions do not jibe with the armor blend system, causing a -2 penalty. Spending a full-round action to acclamate doubles the positive bonus to hide.

Spines/scales, raise at command of wearer. Bestows the SQ 'Spikes.' Any unfriendly creatures or characters attempting to move past or through the armor-wearer's square must make a reflex save (DC 15) or suffer 1d6 damage. In addition, all combatants in melee combat with armor wearer suffer a -2 to all attacks (unless weapon has reach greater than 2m.) due to avoiding impalement. Unarmed attacks with the suit's spiky weave deal d6 damage, d8 with the martial artist feat.

Armor is inwardly lined with sensors that monitor life signs and temperature of wearer, bestowing benefits of an "all-temperature cloak" only internalized rather than wrapped around wearer externally.

There is one last part that we are ironing out, but I will post an update when I get it.

14 March 2002, 05:54 PM
hey i'd like to play can I use the jedi prestige class from gamer 9???

Dan Kyrinov
14 March 2002, 07:52 PM
Hey, everyone,

Jaguar, you're welcome to play. I don't have SW Gamer #9 yet, I seem to remember something about a prestige class called "Jedi Weaponmaster." You're welcome to play a Weaponmaster character or any other prestige class, if it fits into a 6th level character. I don't have much info on the prestige class, so I'll trust you to check if it fits. If you come close, then make it 'just about there'. The Jensaarai players are after all not yet able to take Jensaarai Defender classes, but are hoping for the XP needed to reach it within one level.

Great character, Dr. Worm. I'll keep e-mailing you about wrapping up the final matter. Sadly, the e-mail program (AOL) had a slight problem, so it may take a while to pick out what you wrote from the scramble.

Here's a quick rundown on the characters thus far. Take note everyone will receive a prologue chapter setting up the campaign via e-mail tonight. It may seem Vong-o-centric, but rest assured, this is not a Vongfest. They play a role, just as many other fun species and cultures will. But anyway, we have so far:
Tael Afar, Jensaarai and gritty survivor
Krithim Nala, Barabel Jedi with lots of Force Talent
Pyspher, Heir to traditions both Jedi and Jensaarai
GimpyJaguar's character
Nileeta, Twi'lek dancer, close combatant, and traveler
Terras Jadeonar, who runs the ship NightRaven
Raven, the AI personality aboard NightRaven
Kadence Sebestyen, GM character with uncertain fate

The final installments of the prologue to the story will be sent out as we finish small details and polish things up. All characters will get coverage in this prologue, be patient. By the time the prologue is done, everything will be finished and the roleplaying will begin!
- Dan

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
14 March 2002, 08:11 PM
This is gonna be a great game!

Btw, I just barely picled up a copy of Gamer #9 tonight... interesting stuff in there!

Dan Kyrinov
14 March 2002, 08:28 PM
I lied. AOL is giving me grief, so, to avoid hassle, confusion, pain, and suffering (AOL e-mail tonight is leading me to the dark side) I will post the prologue installment (part one) here. It features only lightly on some of the characters, and others are not yet mentioned. I have written something for everyone, I'm just spreading it out. Take note, this is pretty heavy on the YV. But the YV is one factor among many in the upcoming game, so if the Vong aren't your favorite, rest assured there's still something for you. Without further adieu, here's the prologue.


No flash of light heralded the return to realspace. Granted, there were no infidel sensors to record the transit, and no infidel eyes to see any light, but had there been any, they could not possibly have seen or detected the priestship’s return to realspace. Black shadow on black night, the yorik coral vessel drove on, aged dovin basals struggling to pull through the system’s many gravity patterns and into another darkspace pathway.
Aboard the ship, it was Niira Lah’s pleasure to be present during the meeting of priests and warriors. She had thought that when she fell from the warrior caste, her worth to the gods had ended. But indeed favor still rested on her. Her advancement to the priest caste, as well as her recent training, proved it was so.
Commander Ranang Sorm was first to arrive. His flowing cape twitched and jerked periodically, the sign of a new graft. He was still not used to the glorious shoulder implants and their ever growing implanted armored plates. It showed when he grasped at villips or to calm his cloak.
The most familiar person, at least to Niira, followed immediately after. He stood over seven feet tall, yet carried no coral in his body to stretch him to the height. His face was intricately marked with tattoos and burn marks, showing his rank and caste. On his neck there twisted a tattoo of a great serpent, for indeed, he had been the priest to dedicate Tu-Scart on the day of it’s shaping.
He was Ardag, priest of the priests. Among the holy and the chosen he had particular favor. He was one of the few priests to come into praise from the Supreme Overlord, and no priest’s stature and mind could compare to his. Even more favor was granted him by his acquaintances with Harrar and Tsavong Lah. There was no way to guess who was more powerful, between Harrar and Ardag. Harrar too often was concerned only with warriors, despite his rights of a great priest. Ardag held favor in the eyes of even the intendants.
And as Niira thought about this, Harrar’s subordinate, Sgara, arrived. Sgara was a lesser priest, and one who traveled often on a personal I’Frill Ma-Nat ship. Harrar couldn’t be everywhere, leaving the daunting job to Sgara to do much of the micro managing. Sgara and Niira had known each other before they were each promoted to more specific tasks in the priest caste.
Va’seek, chief of the ship’s handlers, entered next, followed quickly by Commander Gitaja. Gitaja was guest aboard the ship, and Va’seek had been assigned to head the accommodations and entourage for the commanderess. Gitaja’s commander’s cloak rested on her shoulders, more docile than Ranang Sorm. She’d worn it for many years longer. She might soon ascend to Supreme Commander.
And lastly, a shadowy man, tall and slender, well muscled and sheathed in a glistaweb cloak, entered the chamber. He was Executor Nom Anor, the agent provocateur who had been stationed in this galaxy for years among infidels. The pale flesh on his hands indicated he’d just been purified of holding some kind of mechanical device. It was rumored he was becoming handy with infidel blasters, abominations that created deadly coherent light. Perhaps that was why he’d been cleansed, for having the unholy machines in his palms.
Ardag, her master, nodded to her. “Shield the door.”
Niira turned her back sharply on the polished yorik table and stood in the doorway, no weapons in her hands but every bit as deadly as anything that could come this way.
“Please, sir, allow my entourage to provide warriors to shield the door.” It was an offer made by Commander Ranang Sorn, who commanded the priest’s entourage. All the priest’s bodyguards, except Niira herself, were under his domain and came aboard with him.
“Niira will be sufficient.” Ardag said, the voice drifting over Niira’s shoulder to her ear.
“I wasn’t aware you had a bodyguard aside from Ranang’s warriors.” It was the raspy voice of Gitaja.
“Niira is on loan from Harrar. She is a member of the assassin caste, and is trained in the deadly arts by Harrar’s own staff.” Ardag explained. Niira felt a twinge of hidden shame. Others of her type, the assassin scout, were genetically enhanced from birth to be Harrar’s experimental bodyguard scouts. Niira was the only one to come into the project without the extra genetic programming.
Nom Anor grumbled, “Is it not enough we have warriors? Must we put Yun-Harla in submission to Yun-Yuuzhan?” He was clearly touchy about crossing duties and offending deities. Or maybe he’d just been under the eye of too many warriors as of late. He could have prefectship if not for Tsavong Lah’s disapproval.
“Niira is not a warrior, she is a bodyguard, and an assassin. I find her useful, and it is the right of the priests to decide what is useful.” Ardag’s tone made it clear Nom Anor was off the mark.
Niira hoped they’d stop talking about her behind her back. She could not turn around while watching the entrance, it was forbidden. She got her wish when Sgara steered them all to business. “We’re here to discuss the desires of the priesthood to consecrate a planet from which priests can be sent to meet to demands of cleansing a galaxy.”
“Indeed we are. And it is most certainly a dire need. We need a planet that can be consecrated quickly and without long struggle. Most of all, it needs to be easily inhabitable and full of life.” Ardag said.
“I know the world you’re wanting,” Va’seek said, “but its sanctity is not unspoiled. A variety of infidels have set up a camp there, a colony.”
Ardag laughed, a deep booming sound that filled Niira and the rest of the conference with fear and yet confidence. “The shapers trust me to consecrate servants most wonderful. I recently consecrated the Yuna-Laara, and have been given two of the great beasts. I hope to have the shapers grant me yet another honorary tattoo for the service of the consecration. With but two Yuna-Laara we will effortlessly destroy the infidel’s havens.”
Awed silence filled the room. Until now, the secret project the shapers were working on, the Yuna-Laara, had been only rumor. Pride swelled in Niira. If the shapers had truly done it, it would be a great accomplishment for the Yuuzhan Vong people.
“Well, I shall not be sleeping well, knowing there are two Yuna-Laaras aboard.” Sgara’s dry comment borke the silence and propelled the meeting forwards.
“So we’ve decided on this planet, our zhaelor canbin-tu?” Sgara asked.
“Yes, we have. It will be this planet from which we plant a fire of purity among the craven infidels. There shall be no problems in tha taking. Yun-Yuuzhan himself has ordained this planet to us. The faithful are within grasp of their reward,” Ardag said.
“And you’ve called my fleet here to help hold the planet, right?” Commander Gitaja asked.
“Yes. I realize Tsavong Lah has you tied up at Talamia. But this is a small operation. We could hold with but three small ships.” Ardag said.
“When I return to my battle group I will make my plans, then,” Gitaja agreed.
“Executor, you have expressed to me a willingness to accept a side mission for me, as Gitaja has, in order to receive favor from Yun-Harla and become a prefect. Do I surmise right? Do you want me to intercede for your advancement, as I shall do for Gitaja?” Ardag asked.
“My desires are an open qahsa before you, my priest. It is a truth.” Nom Anor replied. His humble tone was likely hurting him more than even the installment of his plaeyerin bol could have.
“Excellent. You will need to infiltrate the communications bearacuracy called JarimWeb, on Arkania. It supplies communications to this colony planet. I trust you can find some way of isolating the planet.”
“Easily. The infidels will be deterred. I will make sure of it.”
“And lastly, Sgara, I will need more of Harrar’s specially equipped teams.”
“You’ll have them. I’m eager to see this world cleansed.”
A squishing sound indicated a villip in the room was everting. Va’seek swore, it was apparently one of his.
“Va’seek, an infidel ship has entered the system. It’s spotted us! It’s strafing us!” The villip-speak was that of a subordinate bridge officer.
“I better see to this,” Va’seek said.
“I believe that was everything. We’ll meet here again in the coming weeks and discuss how we will thread everything together. Glory be on you all,” Ardag said, and the meeting adjourned.
Sgara’s ship was docked alongside the massive priestship. In addition, a heavily armed spawn ship was docked on the opposite side, Gitaja’s ride. The two women split up and headed to check on their ships and crews. Ardag rose but went nowhere. Nom Anor stalked off after Gitaja. Va’Seek and Ranang were already headed to the bridge.
Ardag drew alongside Niira. “Harrar taught you to fight, but I taught you to listen. What’ve you heard?”
“I hear ambitions, mostly. Nom Anor and Gitaja are ambitious, very much so. I pray Yun-Harla will grant them their ambitions so they might focus outward,” Niira replied.
“You listen well, Niira. I must see to this infidel threat as soon as I can, but I ask you a question. Are you prepared to lead others of your kind onto the planet we seek?” Ardag asked.
“Lead? Sir, the other assassin scouts despise me. I do not look forwards to their coming, and wish Sgara were not bringing them,” Niira said.
Ardag chuckled. “You are one to speak your mind. I am glad you have not lost that in all your trials. But let me tell you why you will lead the assassin scouts Harrar sends.” He tapped the green armor on her chest. “This green armor, the yasag vonduun, is a unique armor Harrar crafted for only his elite scouts. Everyone who wears it was born into it, shaped from conception to be Harrar’s private force. But you, Niira, are unique to the ranks. You earned it; you were not given it by birth. Your experience dwarfs your peers. You are the one I pick to lead them onto Zhaelor Canbin-tu.”
“I am honored, but is not birth and caste more important to the gods than age or armor?” Niira asked.
Ardag laughed heartily. “You indeed are one to speak your mind! There are some who are given special callings by the great ones. You, I feel are one of them. I myself know what it is like to be fallen and yet return to glory.”
He spoke of her drop from warrior to intendant, then her transfer to priest caste and assassin sect. “You have been in another caste, Ardag?”
“Tell no one, my assassin scout, but I was once a Shamed One.”
Niira gasped. The spiritual leader of the Yuuzhan Vong could not ever have been anything but a grand priest.
“Were you not just as surprised when you became an assassin scout? Niira, I see greatness in you. You will lead your peers, and gain a place of respect in their minds you deserve.”
Niira bowed. “I would be honored to serve you, however you ordain.”
“Come, Niira. I want to see this infidel ship everyone’s in a fuss about.”
After a climb up one of the ship’s spinal ladders, they came into the command deck, where Va’Seek managed the ship in the absence of the priest.
“Could you please simply blast that annoying fly?!” Va’seek yelled at a gunner as creature-viewports showed the ship, an infidel starfighter, coming around for another run.
“The plasma cannons are old, Va’Seek. Let the younger ships take care of this. Sgara’s ship alone will do the job,” Ardag said to calm his subordinate. “And Ranang, give me a damge report.”
“The priestship’s hull was holed in three places by strafing runs, in unimportant areas. We are projecting a darkspace-blocking field, at the suggestion of Commander Gitaja, so she can prevent the infidel’s escape,” Ranang reported.
Ardag nodded. It was satisfactory.
“There goes the I’Frill Ma’Nat,” Niira said. She pointed to where the ovoid coral lump was picking up speed, hurtling towards the agile starfighter.
Plasma flared and grutchins deployed. “Sgara’s got it under control. Make sure no grutchins reach us, but cease fire on the infidel ship,” Ardag instructed.
The infidel fighter bravely skimmed down towards a barren, black rock planet, lifeless and small. The I’Frill ship followed. It was the only planet in the system, perhaps the pilot intended to use the gravity as a slingshot, lose the I’Frill, and run until darkspace travel was possible.
And it was clear Command Gitaja had anticipated this as well. The spawn ship descended over the starfighter, giving it nowhere to go. Up would take it into the agile ship, down into the rock ball. Gitaja’s dovin basals matched the ship’s maneuvers with deft pulls on gravity. Plasma flared. The pilot was no longer fighting back, but fighting to live.
A wing of the mechanical abomination was blown completely to pieces by the onslaught of Gitaja’s ship, and it started tumbling. A graze from another plasma blast, and the ship broke underneath the strain. What little of it remained fell towards the rock ball, striking hard and skidding to a stop.
And then all was still.
“Well, that was pleasing to watch. Ya’seek, see to repairs. At least now we have something to do until we move on to our target. And Ranang, give my regards to Sgara and Gitaja, and wish them a safe journey on my behalf. I am going to my quarters to pray for favor.” With a smile, Ardag left the command center.
Niira remained for a moment on the command center. She wondered what it would be like when she was the heart of something large than herself, just as this specially shaped room was for the ship.
After the moment passed, she went to guard the priest’s door.

One day earlier

Dim glowlamps and dialed-down overhead floros illuminated the ancient Great Temple at its lower levels, where not many students lived and peace and silence were easy to come by. The lights were dimmed for the nighttime cycle on Yavin 4; to provide for Jedi trainees the Coruscant mean time-cycle most students were accustomed to.
All too often, though, the peace was broken by the sound of a ship taking off from the hangar just inside the temple walls. Frenzied flights from parts unknown, takeoff for Jedi masters and students who were needed everywhere at once, and sometimes just angry students who were fortunate enough to have the means to leave.
Tonight, it was an arrival. A Susevfi-custom small transport, all graceful curves and polished edges, landed softly on repulsorlifts and set down.
Not many were on hand to greet the arrival, but he didn’t mind. The Jensaarai named Psypher replaced his flight helmet with the reptilian-styled headgear he’d lovingly crafted. With a click, it sealed onto the rest of his handbuilt armor, and he was ready. Lightsaber on belt, armor comfortably in place, Psypher opened the hatch and leapt the scant foot and a half to the rocky ground.
Kadence Sebestyen immediately smothered him in a fierce embrace. “You’re back!”
Psypher returned the hug, glad to see his friend here. “Great to see you, Kadie.”
Tael was next in line. “It’s been far too long, Psypher.”
“Tael!” Psypher’s grin widened even further. It had been a long time. Tael had been on different missions for the Saarai-kaar than Psypher since the Jedi academy and the planet Susevfi started exchanging students and information. But despite all the chaos and the struggles the years had held, there was nothing that could change the deep bonds that growing up together and training under the Jensaarai had given the students.
Kam Solusar waited for the younger Jedi to finish then threw an arm around Psypher’s shoulders. “How have you been, Psypher?”
“Not bad, but not great. The last few close calls…” Psypher trailed off.
“We kept the galley open for you,” Kam said. “Somebody’s in there keeping a hot pot of caf and some leftovers warm for you.”
“Thanks, Kam. You look a little tired, Master.” Psypher commented.
“I have been fielding communications from stranded Jedi, warring planets, and updates on the Yuuzhan Vong for days. Everything’s stretched so thin around here, it’s hard to keep up.” The Jedi Master gave a sleepy grin. “Tionne will wonder what’s keeping me. Good night, you three.”
Kam headed for the turbolifts. “Poor guy,” Tael commented, “having to coordinate all the Jedi and train the young students.”
“At least he has Luke and Mara, and Leia, to help him. The Saarai-Kaar’s been working overtime trying to keep everything together,” Kadence noted.
Psypher noted with admiration the latest enhancements Tael had made to her Jensaarai armor. “You’ve been busy.”
Tael patted down the armor she had painstakingly crafted to be the identical version of a dachu, down to the ever-shifting camouflage coverings and small spikes, that at her command could rise from their flat positions into a prickly skin of needle-sharp projections. The fox-like helmet was under her arm, decorative fangs giving it a decidedly mean look.
“I finally managed to marry the all-temperature system to the inner controls. And I’ve added some forearm spikes, just for fun.” She made a fist, and then twisted her wrist. Long spikes, thick as Psypher’s fingers, sprang up from their retracted positions on Tael’s wrist, forearm, and hand.
“Amazing,” Psypher commented. His own suit, styled after a divto snake, had gauntlets crafted to fire darts tipped with paralytic poison. Both he and Tael has spent a long time perfecting and modifying their armor. It was a beautiful, time-honored method of the Jensaarai. The Saarai-Kaar called it “The soul breaking through the flesh,” and it was an apt description.
Which made Psypher wonder whay Kadence was not wearing hers. Instead, the beautiful Jensaarai pilot wore a simple gray jumpsuit, like something a spacer might wear.
“Why aren’t you wearing your armor?” Psypher asked. The armor Kadence had made for herself was the most visually stunning he’d ever seen, a perfect representation of a bluegray falcon from Cristag, the planet Kadence had been born on.
Kadence, an orphan from that planet, was proved to be Force-sensitive and taken in by kind Jensaarai Ring Defenders. Her hunger for greater understanding of the Force had taken her through her training quicker than many other young prospects. She had become a Ring Defender in little time at all, and had spent a year on Yavin 4 training. During all this, she was never without her armor, which had become for her a symbol of her own strength.
The heavy sigh Kadence gave lay in the air as they walked. Finally she responded. “I’ve never been, in my entire life, looked at as anything but a Force-user or a Jensaarai, ever. Even since the cradle, I had some kind of grasp of the Force. I was born with it in me.
“But I fear that my time is coming. I see things in my dreams that scare me; things that pressure me, that make me wake up in a cold sweat. It happens almost every night now. I feel very strongly that I will be called upon to make a sacrifice, to trust the Force down a very dark road.”
Kadence swiped at a small tear in her eye. “I will be ready when the Force calls me, but until then, I want to be just Kadence. And I feel that when they look at the armor, people see a warrior Jensaarai, a protector, and a fighter. I want to be just Kadence for a little while. For just a little while.”
Clearly he had been gone too long. Psypher put a hand of reassurance on her shoulder, and Tael did the same on her other side. Kadence gratefully accepted the gesture and smiled at both of them.
“I’m glad you understand. Some of the Jensaarai I’ve been in contact with have called me ‘polluted by Jedi ideals.’”
Tael shook her head. “We may have learned some of our tricks here, but you are our sister in the Jensaarai.”
“Thanks, guys.” She turned to Psypher. “Psy, have you heard any word from Krithim?”
Krithim was a Barabel Jedi who trained at the academy for a time, under Luke Skywalker and Kyp Durron. The lizardlike Krithim was a natural force talent but disagreed with the Jedi code that Luke Skywalker preached so heavily. The Jensaarai students and Krithim had gotten along pretty well, and Psy had become a particular friend of his, but after having a fallout with Skywalker, Krithim had left.
“I’ve seen not scale nor tail of him. I wonder where he’s been. I half-expected he’d be with Kyp Durron’s squadron, but I ran into Master Kyp a few weeks ago, and Kyp hadn’t heard anything yet.”
Tael laughed. “Wherever he is, he’s probably making the Vong wish he was never born… err… hatched.”
“I just wish we knew where. Even if he doesn’t like Luke, I’m sure the Saarai-kaar would sponsor him, and Kyp Durron might take him into his operations. We’ve got to stick together,” Kadence commented.

Coming next installment: Krithim on the run, planets in turmoil, and the NightRaven...

14 March 2002, 09:55 PM
Tael nodded at the last comment. "The Rahoon have a saying 'When the desert winds blow, and the light is gone, hold tight to your brothers and they will hold tight to theirs. This is the life line to survival.' If we are to survive this storm, we must hold tight to any allie we can find."

Nice Prolouge. When are you going to move this over to the "Role Playing" section? When should we start responding?

15 March 2002, 04:14 AM
i think it's gona be a PBEM game, not a PBP, like he said he had trouble with AOL so he only posted the first one here

15 March 2002, 05:39 AM
Great Prologue looks like a good time I cant wait to see what you have in store for the mighty Barabel Jedi

IC: Time to DIE vong sssscum

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
15 March 2002, 07:26 AM
check your e-mail before posting / e-mailing part 2 of the prologue ... :)

15 March 2002, 07:38 AM
Name: Kairos Baiwall
Species: human
Gender: male
Class: Jg5/Jwm1
Character Level: 6
Class Level: 6
Experience Points: 0

Force Points: 6
Lightside: 2D6
Darkside: 3d6
Darkside Points: 0
Initiative: 3
Speed: 10m
Defense: 20 (22) with lightsaber
Armor Check0
Vitality Points: 47
Wound Points: 14
Vitality Die: d10
Base Attack: 6/1
Reputation: 3

Age: 18
Height: 6'1
Weight: 195
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: peach

Strength: 14
Bonus: +2
Dexterity: 16
Bonus: +3
Constitution: 14
Bonus: +2
Intelligence: 14
Bonus: +2
Wisdom: 12
Bonus: +1
Charisma: 15
Bonus: +2

Battlemind 11
Tumble 12
move object 10
see force 9
pilot 10
astrogate 10
craft (lightsaber) 11

Weapon Group (Blaster Pistols)
Weapon Group (Simple)
Martial arts (bonus)
Force sensitive
Exotic weapon (lightsaber)
Weapon focus (lightsaber)

Force Feats:
Lightsaber defense

Dual phase lightsaber 3d8+3 two handed
(built by kairos)
punch 1d6 +2
Blaster carbine 3d8

Armor: none

Bantha hide jacket
smugglers clothes
6 power packs
utility belt
field kit

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +7
Reflex: +8
Will: +4
Melee: +8/3 9/4 lightsaber
Ranged: +9/+4

Languages: Basic,rhyl, shriiywook

Kairos Bailwall was brought to the academy young and slowly found he had no talent in the jedi mind tricks. He found that the force flowed through him so clearly and quickly in combat and in other such situations taht he continued to practice becoming a master with the lightsaber. His insructors confronted him they said he was going to close to the darkside in his almost constant state of battle he talked to his father via holovid who was a lesser known a wing ace whom told him his family where well known through the clone wars and where called defenders. His great ancestor Kas Bailwall who fought in the sith wars was said to have stood in a door way defending jedi and prisoners on board a sith battleship while they escaped then he made his way through and defeat the leader and his retiune in single combat.

Kairos left the academy he search the galaxy far and wide for jedi holocrons detailing his history he found one in a asteroid field near arcania fromt his holocron he learned the secrets of the jedi weapon masters a long forgotten string of jedi whom kairos is preparing to bring back to the galaxy to defend against the yuuzhan vong. For this Kairos is marked as a radical as he would stand and fight the vong to a bloody stalemate if he had to.

15 March 2002, 07:48 AM

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Hey if you could send stuff to both of these so i can see thema t home and at school it'd be great

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
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We're starting as new chars yes (or recycled old ones) , though i think we're starting with the exp thats atributed to a lvl6 char...

Acording to the sw rpc char gen program says a lvl6 char has a starting amount of 15000 exp ...

To build up the exp from 0 to advance to lvl7 requires reaching 21000 exp

All in all, it's Dan's call... :)

15 March 2002, 10:19 AM
Please on weekends E-Mail me at vectim_thorin@yahoo.com

15 March 2002, 11:25 AM
Here is Tael's background, Dan has it, but I thought I would post since Psypher would have some knowledge of where she came from, from casual conversation

"The Dachu waits. The Dachu watches. The Dachu prepares. When the wind is right the Dachu Strikes"-Sisar Afar speaking to he young orphan that he adopted.

Near the end of the Reign of the Empire the Jensaarai sent out Ring Defenders to scout out the current political climate. Their fear was that the Empire might finally crush the Rebels, and then be free to tame the outer regions of the galaxy. One such Ring Defender was Veena Tael. She followed rumor and news to the fringes of the war, and watched as the Rebellion was crushed. She witnessed no victories, only massive loss of life. The Emperor continued to send armada after armada to decimate unwitting vessels. In her mind the Rebellion was finished, and after a year of scouting and living out of her fighter she set a course for home. Halfway through her jump home she was caught in a Imperial ambush. She was not the intended target of course, but the Interdictor pulled her in to realspace just as easily. Fortunately for her the intended convoy dropped out only moments after her and the battle that ensued focus mainly on them. However she fighting was fierce and she was damaged badly. The Rebellion ships were destroyed, and she hid in the wreckage. Once the assault force jumped into hyperspace, she attempted to do quick repairs to her Nav system, and jumped for home.

The quick repairs of her Nav system were botched, at best, and when she was pulled out of hyperspace 10 hours later she had no idea where she was. The desert planet that she hung over was not on any of her charts, but there was technology down there and she needed repairs. As she entered the atmosphere she was hailed by some kind of Imperial vessel. Not wanting to get caught, she switched on her jammer and sped for the surface. The Empire tracked her trajectory and blasted her with ion cannons. Veena's ship was disabled and fell to the surface with a sickening crunch. Were it not for her skills in healing herself, she would have perished in the first night. She did not die, however, and when night came she pulled her mangled body from the cockpit and attempted to build a shelter.

As the night crept on Veena began to be increasingly aware that there was something in the night watching her. She yelled out a couple of times, brandishing her lightsaber, but nothing made itself known. As dawn appeared she prepared herself for assault. She could not stand, and her arms were weak, but she was prepared to fight. The light however revealed nothing more than sand and stone. The heat rose and the thermostat in her armor was stressed beyond it's limits. It became clear that she must remove her armor or die. Putting down her weapon and keeping a keen eye out, she unstrapped her armor.

At a point where she was unable to free her arms quickly, a nearly black skinned humanoid man stood up not twenty meters from her. His clothing blended in to the environment so perfectly that he seemed to melt away from the sand rather than stand. With a wide bladed sword in one hand, and a water flask in the other, he stood and watched without moving.

That much is known, for this story she related.

What is not known for sure are the motivations of Veena once she came in contact with the Nomadic Rahoon tribe on Vion III. It can be assumed that she was taken in, be it captive or companion, by the scouts that found her, and given healing. She never again was able to walk well, but was given a repulsor sled to move around on. Why she stayed and never went back to the Jensaarai is unclear. Her weakened physical condition caused her great stress and depression, but she continued to train her mind. She became a contributing member of society and was taught, by the Desert Seer, the art of sensing storms and finding water. By the time she was pregnant Veena was an integrated member of society.

The circumstances surrounding her pregnancy were shrouded as well. Veena never gave a name to the man that had fathered the child, nor did anyone come forward. At this time she was a member of the hunting and raiding parties, as her physical skills were extraordinary. Frequently she would be in the desert for weeks at a time. When she gave birth to the child, she gave it over to Sisar Afar, the Desert Seer, to raise and train. Veena would come back and spend time with her daughter, to be called Tael Afar after the two people who raised her, but her manner was much more like that of a teacher than of a mother. When the child was 13 summers Veena went out on a raiding party and never came back. They were ambushed by an enemy tribe and slaughtered.
From the Written History of the Rahoon
Collected by Caleb Fontelroy
by order of the New Republic Anthropological Corps.

This much is known.

Those words rang hollowly in the ears of the young daughter that was left behind. Tael Afar was not an unhappy child, on the contrary she grew up in one of the nicest caves in the village. The Storm Seer was a gentle man, and delighted in teaching a child who took to the paranormal skills quite easily. Tael seemed to have a natural ability to sense the world around her, and to change it to meet her needs. She was quiet and serious, but her apple green eyes burned with passion and vigor.

Tael was well aware of her odd position in the village. For one thing she looked different than the other girls. Where they had deep mahogany skin and a slim stature, her skin was a lighter brown and her build much more like her mother. It never posed any kind of problem however, and she moved through her adolescent social circle much like any other child. The real difference were her supernatural abilities, which she was taught to guard and use sparingly for "there are those," her mother told her, "who would kill you for what you can do."

Her mother, Tael knew, had similar abilities. Veena had told her that she came from a planet far away where she served the Jensaarai to protect her people. During these training periods, her mother taught her the lore of the Jensaarai, and the arts that served to prepare her for battle.

When Tael was ten years old Veena took her out in to the desert. "The greatest skill that I can teach you is the art of building your armor." Tael had seen her mother wear the armor in to battle, and had always wondered where it came from. Noting Tael's interest, Veena went on. "Some day I pray that you will go and learn what it means to be Jensaarai, but until then I will prepare you as best I can. Every Defender creates their own armor to suit their own personality and fighting style. This desert will serve to teach you what you need to be strong and survive. You must spend two nights out here alone. Listen to the desert, and she will tell you your heart." After kissing Tael's forehead and leaving two jars of water, Veena left.

The next two days were brutal, but Tael stayed on that spot. Her mind raced with questions: What were the Jensaarai? What did it mean to be one of them? Did they all have the same powers that her mother and her did? It was during this time that Tael witnessed a Dachu, a desert hunter similar to a large fox saber toothed and covered in spiny armor, stalk one of the giant hunting lizards that ruled the sand. Earlier she had watched as the lizards huge feet crushed the den and children of the Dachu. Now the lizard rested in the late evening light, warming itself on a flat rock. Every few minutes the lizard would change positions to warm some other part of it's body. When a weak part was uncovered the Dachu bolted from it's hiding place and struck out with it's large fangs. The teeth sank easily into the exposed flesh and the lizard only convulsed a few times before it died.

Tael was surprised. The lizard out weighed the dachu by about five times. If the dachu had attacked the lizard outright it's teeth would have never penetrated the thick skin. However with patience, a keen eye, and quick legs the dachu was able to down the beast and revenge the death of her children. When her mother came back to retrieve her, she told her mother that she knew her heart.

That was the beginning of her training to build her own armor and to build her own lightsaber, which her mother was the weapon of the Jensaarai. For the next three years her mother was more present than ever before, but the learning was slow, and there were many failed attempts. Tael was extremely happy with this time, and her heart was destroyed when she found out about he death of her mother.

For weeks she mourned, until Sisar came to her and asked her "What is in your heart?" She knew what she had to do. Sisar pledged to take her to solaraveldt and pay for her transport. Only Tael knew the location of the Jensaarai, for her mother had kept that secret to her death. Her mother had given her one more thing. It was a beacon from her own ship. Tael needed only to get close to the system and turn on the beacon and someone would find her. With the beacon in hand and her chest of memories, Tael set out to find her destiny.

That was 10 years ago. Once she was picked up by the Jensaarai they welcomed her in to the order, but her training had huge holes in it. While her mother had schooled her in the making of armor, her force skills, especially those pertaining to battle, were lacking. However her talent and her drive were great and soon she was sent to Yavin 4 to complete her training. Her goal is to become a Ring Defender, but as yet she has not learned to pilot.

Dan Kyrinov
15 March 2002, 03:14 PM
I'm glad you're all posting your backgrounds here. I've been too swamped with the prologue and tweaking it to match the story as seamlessly as I can. I had hoped to get those to everyone, part of a character bio, but thanks to you guys that's one less thing to write.

I am going to, most likely, start the e-mailing for the game itself late Saturday/early Sunday. That's the best start time, at least for me.

AOL problems have cleared up such that the prologue will be sent out tonight to e-mail, not posted here.
- Dan.

15 March 2002, 04:03 PM
ok, i'm coming up on srping break for my high-school here in about a week (the 25th to the 1st) during that time, I will be visiting family in New York. I may still be able to play through a temporary e-mail (hot mail, or somthing like that) or i may just have to turn my charachtor over to you(Dan) till I get back. but eigther way, I just wanted to let you know this WAY a head of time.

15 March 2002, 05:58 PM
Just send it to vectim_thorin@yahoo.com and i will get it ok :D I am really excited to see what you have in store for me

Dan Kyrinov
16 March 2002, 07:34 PM
Due to some problems, some of you may not be able to get your e-mail tow rok with my e-mail, and I apologize for the inconvience. Here are the wrapups for the prologue. You'll get an e-mail tonight as well with info on the game. Again, sorry for the e-mail trouble, and see you in game. - Dan

“This is quite the debacle,” Terras Jadeonar commented as he gazed out over the pirate warehouse. It was evening on the planet Vandagante Hall, and the icy chill that came with the dark permeated even the warm clothing and heated thermal suit that Terras wore.
“So, explain how this happened, again? I’m still not following.” Nileeta, his Twi’lek companion, glanced from Terras to the warehouse, then back to Terras.
A long sigh escaped Terras’ mouth. “I don’t follow the whole thing either. Apparently, it started when New Republic scientists hired a company called Tarip Designers to build them some special swarm of probots. It was back when wishy-washy Fey’lya decided he needed a ‘survey’ of the Yuuzhan Vong before he started fighting them.”
“But the Yuuzhan Vong started attacking before his pathetic survey got off the landing pads on Coruscant,” Mileeta pointed out.
“Tarip built the droids anyway and sent them over to Coruscant. By then, they weren’t wanted, so the Republic put them up for sale.” Terras explained.
“So how come, if nobody wanted the droids, we’re here to steal them back from pirates?” Nileeta asked.
“Well, somebody spoke for them. A planet on the outermost outer rim, Ictoth, called Coruscant up and asked them for the droids. They sent over some kind of transport, an Ikto-Teppa, I think they called it. They paid a very reasonable price for the swarm probots and started for home.”
“Pirates attacked them next, right?”
“Yeah. Ikto-Teppas are slower than the Republic senate. Atop that, they’re armed with chain guns. They don’t even have lasers,” Terras added.
“What in Vader’s name are people doing in space without turbolasers? It’s no wonder they got pirated!” Nileeta exclaimed.
“The Ictoethians are relatively new to the galatic scene, or so I hear,” Terras mentioned.
He pointed to the warehouse. “They aren’t equipped to take their droids back, so they want us to do it. They’re offering a five percent finder’s fee. I told you there would be credits involved.”
Nileeta twitched a lekku and tilted her head to one side. “How may credits?”
“The crate of probots is worth one hundred thousand to the Ictoethians. That’s five thousand credits.”
“We’ve done bigger for less hassle!” Nileeta exclaimed.
“I’m sorry! I thought this would be easier. I expected to have you do your distraction game while I blew something up and attacked the other side,” Terras explained.
“Except that someone didn’t check the starmap and pick up on the fact that Vandagante Hall here is colder than Hoth! I try the usual ‘ryll den dancing girl’ routine, I’ll freeze solid!”
“I’m sorry. I should have checked with Raven before we accepted the contract.” It wasn’t like Terras to forget this sort of thing. But something had prompted him; something had driven him to accept the Ictoethian’s contract. He felt things dragging at him sometimes, and he’d found that following the pull always worked for the best.
A sigh from Nileeta brought him back to the moment. “Well, any ideas?” he asked.
His aqua-skinned companion shook her head.
Terras sighed. Time to break out the old ingenuity. “I’ll cause a distraction, a really grand one. You head inside and find the crate.”
“I can’t move a crate, Terras.”
“Don’t move it yourself. Open it. Bartholomew should be able to help, if what I know about the droid series is right,” Terras said.
Nileeta smiled, briefly. “This is crazy.”
“Yeah. See you later,” Terras replied.
“Later,” she echoed, and headed off towards the warehouse.
Terras watched the skilled thief blend into shadow and darkness, and smiled. There weren’t many with skills like hers. Her experience alone spoke volumes. Her earliest days had been punctuated by fear and filled with slavers. Being passed from ryll den to ryll den hadn’t been a good start in life, but she’d crawled out of that, eventually becoming one of the top thieves in the business.
Years ago, they’d had a falling out, and each disappointed in themselves and in each other, had gone their seperate ways. And a while after that, they’d ran into each other again, when Nileeta had pickpocketed him on the street. Terras had tracked her down after a few deductions, and after another painful encounter, they’d resigned to getting along for a single trip on the NightRaven, Terras’ ship-who-wasn’t-just-a-ship.
Off-again and on-again travels together over the following months proved they could still work together in a professional fashion, and Nileeta and Raven got along well enough. Still, Terras could not deny the spark of attraction for Nileeta, even after all the things he’d done wrong and all the things Nileeta had done wrong.
He had been counting the seconds since the Twi’lek thief had left. Now he acted, figuring he’d given her enough time to get close to the warehouse. Vandagante Hall’s small warehouse district, in the midst of an ice floe, was a perfect place to dredge up some kind of distraction.
With a rogueish grin, Terras found a landspeeder truck with systems so old that any child could have disabled the alarm and started it. He fired up the repulsorlifts, checked the back of the truck to make sure there was nothing of value back there, and started driving. While coasting between buildings, he cut the restraining harness off the clasps at shoulder and waist and fashioned a sling to hold down the accelerator. He stepped out alongside the speeder, pointed it in the right direction, set up the harness cords, and gave a firm yank.
He watched in glee as the truck shot off down between two alleys towards the pirate’s warehouse. It moved out of Terras’ sight and hit with a loud crash.
He unholstered the blaster at his side and stalked down towards the warehouse. Nileeta would probably need a hand after she got to Bartholomew, the probot droid.

Nileeta was stealthy as a manka cat as she crept towards the warehouse that the pirate gangs of the area maintained for storage.
This sort of thing was not hard to do, not usually. A Twi’lek female made an excellent distraction. Pirates would react in such a fashion that Nileeta could swiftly dispatch them. Like many in the universe, they did not believe a woman so beautiful could be yet so very effective.
But at the moment she was in a very heavy coat, and would be distracting nobody. That was fine, she was a woman of many talents.
It took a minute to find a side door, but after circling the building, she found a small entrance that was most likely for staff. A keypad, a laser-detection unit, and a silent alarm protected it.
The laser-detector and the silent alarm were easily disabled. But whoever had added the keypad knew what they were doing. Nileeta could not get at its innards to trip the system without setting off a second alarm.
Hmmm. This would take a second to figure out. She gave herself a moment to think.
In that moment, the truck hit the other side of the building. She knew it was a truck, her keen ears had heard the whine of a replusorlift engine being ripped to shred.
“Unsubtle as ever,” she groaned. She knew that Terras could be a very subtle man, but she was thinking of the rocky times they’d had and how unsubtle he’d been during those times.
Well, nothing she could do would faze the guards now, so she ripped out the heart of the keypad and put everything back together in such a manner as to open the door.
A guard was in there, making his way out. When he saw the door open before him, he blinked once, and then made for a laser rifle.
He gave Nileeta far too much time. Nileeta leapt forwards, gracefully making a landing on one leg and sweeping her other leg down towards the man’s feet. The man received the blow to an ankle and went down on one knee, almost falling over.
Clearly he didn’t have the balance and agility she had. She gracefully twirled, keeping the momentum of her leg sweep, and came up on her feet for a backhand blow to the side of his head. That took care of him.
Apparently, she’d been silent enough to not attract attention, and so she crept onward. This part of the warehouse, the staff entrance, was set up as a break room. Another door, five meters into the building, was the actual entrance to the warehouse.
Once she opened the door, she could hear signs of commotion, but she couldn’t see much. The floor was not organized in the least, random crates and other stolen goods piled high atop each other. She threaded her way along the floor, headed for the loading area. They’d only just stolen the droids, so they couldn’t be far from there.
She turned past one row of crates and came across a guard, back turned to her. She crept up silently, and when she was within reach, she reached across his midsection with one hand, and with the other, attacked a pressure point in his collarbone area. She struggled for a second, but Nileeta had surprise and superior balance in her favor, and eventually, the man fell. A swift kick rendered him deeply unconscious, and Nileeta moved on.
Terras had described the crate, and Nileeta found it with her eyes not long after she emerged from the clutter of the warehouse’s back rows of goods. It was green, about her height, and on its side there were two things: a logo that read “BaR-1000L-MU”, and a computer screen.
The doors to the warehouse had been opened. Apparently the pirate guards had left and were making sure nothing caught fire from the crashed vehicle Terras had plowed into the side of the building.
She ran to the crate. Recognizable on the side of the crate was a restraining bolt. It was slightly modified, but it still made no sense. The bolt needed to be on the droids, not their box!
She took it off anyway, and instantly the computer screen winked to life. A small speaker underneath thrummed as it booted up, then a pleasant-sounding voice came out.
“Hello, ma’am. I am a Break and Reassemble 1000-count Laserguided Macro-unit droid, from Tarip Designers. Please call me Bartholomew. How may I help you?”
She pointed outside. “You’ve been pirated, and I’ve been called to take you back to your owners, the Ictoethians. We need to get you out of here.”
“Oh, my, I remember now. Yes, the Ikto-Teppa was boarded, the atmosphere breached, and in all the commotion some horrible brute put a restraing bolt on me. On me! Please stand back.”
The top of the box opened, and a deep thud sounded as seams down the sides separated. The box opened such that the entire top half was open, revealing neatly stacked small probe droids, brick-shaped, perfectly atop each other. There were literally hundreds. Lights started appearing on the sides of each droid, and a noise representing powering-up. The electrical buzz filled the room.
The bow released untold numbers of droids into the air. Small bricks floated, electronic eyes coming online and miniaturized repulsors firing to cause the droids to hover in a cloud around the box.
The boxtop folded in on itself, and when it was done, the crate was half its original size. The computer screen and vocabulator rested on the top now, not at chest level.
“Please have a seat atop the box,” the crate intoned. “I believe I see a way out of this.” The little brick-droids swooped down to the box’s sides. Metallic clanking noises sounded as they affixed themselves to the crate with magna-seals.
And the crate started hovering.
“Hurry up and get on now,” Bartholomew said. “It’s past time to be going.”
Amazed, Nileeta sat down on the top of the box, alongside the computer screen. “Let’s go,” she ordered.
The box started floating towards the open loading doors, gaining speed and altitude. Nileeta and Bartholomew flew out the doors, a swarm of bricks surrounding them.
“Hey, what the Kessel…” someone below them yelled. Suddenly, the air lit with laserfire, and two probe droids fell from the sky, burning bricks of charred slag.
“Oh my…” Bartholomew muttered.
And then Terras opened up on the pirates, clustered around the loading doors. He moved fast, ducking from cover to cover, behind the corners of buildings and behind parked landspeeders. The pirates quickly changed targets.
“Can we pick him up?” Nileeta asked, pointing to Terras.
“I suppose,” Bartholomew said.
The box swooped down behind the same landspeeder Terras was ducking behind.
Terras slammed a new energy clip into his blaster. “I see you’ve met our friend.”
“Good sir, please hop on, I would hate to see my rescuers damaged.” Bartholomew ordered.
Terras shrugged and leapt on behind Nileeta. Bartholomew was a lot slower this time, but Terras bought time with a few bursts from his blaster. The pirates, incredulous, weren’t able to hit at range and stopped shooting.
Nileeta and Terras broke out laughing. “We’re riding on a crate!”
“Is there something the matter?” Bartholomew asked.
“No, of course not,” Terras said. “Take us towards the north outskirts. Raven’s waiting.”

Psypher was famished from the long trip in hyperspace, and when he, Tael, and Kadence reached the galley, they found the amiable Jovan Drark waiting for them. Drark was a Jedi Knight, as well as an accomplished Rodian sharpshooter. He was usually silent and reserved, but he got along well with the Jensaarai. He was keeping a watchful dark eye on the food, resting under a heat lamp.
“Jovan! I didn’t realize you were here,” Psypher said. Jovan sometimes traveled with the Solos, the academy’s favorite and most spoiled students.
“I was called to another mission, and just finished it yesterday,” the Rodian replied, snout twitching in a Rodian smile. “I hope you like ground nerf. Peckhum hasn’t been finding great deals on the commodities market.”
“It is fine, Jovan, thank you. Stay for a little caf?” Psypher asked.
“I guess,” Jovan said. The caf they drank at the academy was without the common stimulant in most caf. Corran Horn, when he was around, called the imitation caf “worse than nerf sweat” and told the students “if you really want a learning experience, get some of the stimcaf mix CorSec brews.”
They sat down at a table, mugs before them. Psypher chowed down on ground nerf-steak. It wasn’t bad, good for academy fare.
“So how are things on Susevfi?” Tael asked.
Pyspher swallowed a bit of nerf before speaking. “Everyone’s good. They send everyone a greeting. They’re a little suspicious the Yuuzhan Vong may have sent a disguised agent to the moon last month, but if so, he’s left now.”
“I hope that’s not so. It is so easy to see Vong around every corner. Just last week I was on Vollker, hunting down rumors of a Yuuzhan Vong agent,” Jovan replied.
“What did you find?” Tael asked.
“Well, the local tribal leader had a bucket of anti-technology propaganda, but I got close, and I could sense him through the Force, so he was no Vong,” Jovan said.
“Sure he wasn’t a collaborator? I’ve heard Kam mention a ‘Peace Brigade’ that’s been preaching this sort of thing,” Psypher said.
Jovan shook his head. “He was a native Vollier. I checked him out. A Jedi weaponmaster was actually around to help me, Kairos Raiwall. He was studying the local customs and dueling techniques of the region. They have some very flashy combat techniques, I hear.”
Something on Kadence’s wrist beeped. She drew back a sleeve of her flight suit. “It’s an incoming call,” she muttered. “I wonder who?”
“Better go see who it is, Kadence. Might be someone from Susevfi.” Psypher pointed out.
“Yeah, I’ll go check the relay in my quarters. Good night, Tael, Jovan. Welcome home, Psypher.” Kadence rose and walked back off towards her quarters.
“I should go get some sleep also. Good night,” Jovan said, finishing his glass of caf and placing the mug in the automatic dishwasher unit.
That left Tael and Psypher. “So what was it like, being off on a mission all your own, like a Ring Defender?” Tael asked. Tael had aspirations of being a Ring Defender, and her keen Force senses and excellent reactions made her a prime candidate for the position.
“Eh, it was not much. I flew to two systems and back, that’s all. The Saarai-Kaar is eager to have you back on Susevfi. I think we’re going to get our first Jensaarai assignments soon.”
“What will Kam say?” Tael wondered in response.
“Probably nothing. We’ve been almost unsupervised for months. The Solo students and their merry band have commanded a lot of Jedi attention. I’m glad we stayed our lot with Susevfi,” Psypher observed.
Kadence strode back into the mess hall, and this time, her armor was on, a close-fit stylish armor in glossy blue-gray. Her falcon-like helmet lay under her arm.
“That was the Deployer.” The Deployer was a Jensaarai coordinator who managed flight details for the Saarai-Kaar and the Jensaarai. “Something’s broke loose on a certain new project on Talamia. The Saarai-kaar needs a Defender there on the double. We’re closest, so she called me up.”
“You’re going alone?” Tael asked.
“Fow now. The Saarai-kaar has something else planned for you, but the Deployer didn’t tell me what. I’m going to need your ship, Psypher.”
Psypher rattled off the access and startup codes, and Kadence punched them into a datapad to remember them. “Thanks. It’s an emergency, and I have to go quickly. I’m sorry I didn’t have more time to welcome you back, Psy.”
“Safe journeys, Kadence,” Tael said.
Kadence looked down at her armor, then hit the clasp on her forearms and slid her armored gloves off. “I have… a premonition, and intuition. There’s something about this mission that’s going to change me… I can feel it. Here, please take these.” She held out the blue and gray gloves.
“No way, Kadence, that’s your armor, your soul burst through the flesh. You keep them,” Tael commanded.
Kadence forced them to take them. “You have been at my side for as long as we’ve been Jensaarai. You’ve steadied me one on each arm when things were tough. Take them.”
Tael and Psy reluctantly acquiesced when it became clear Kadence could not be dissuaded. “Goodbye, and the Force be with you,” Kadence said, throwing off a wave and a smile and then turning to head for the flight deck.
“Bye!” The other Jensaarai waved as she went. A few minutes later, they heard a ship take off.
And no sooner had they started for their quarters, than another ship noise reverberated in the temple, an incoming noise.
“Did Kadence forget something?” Psy wondered. He and Tael made their way to the hangar.
But it was not Kadence’s ship returning. It was a Jacobi pleasure cruiser. Psy and Tael reached out and felt Krithim Nala’s presence.
A side hatch opened slowly, revealing Krithim’s head and wide fanged mouth. “Hey, Krithim. What’s with the new ride-what the Kessel?”
Psypher’s greeting was cut off as the hatch revealed a battered Jedi Barabel, with a singe on his scales that looked as if the flesh itself had cought afire. Plasma burns, missing scales, and blood marked the wounds of some kind of battle.
“Psssypher! Tael! I need to get something for thessse burnzzz,” Krithim gasped.
“What happened?” Tael asked, moving to the big lizard’s side to steady him. Pyspher and Tael probed the wound with tendrils of Force, judging its severity.
“I was on Talamia… the Vong hit the capital ssscity…” Krithim reported.
“Talamia? Emperor’s black bones, no!” Tael cried.
“What’sss the matter?” Krithim asked.
“Kadence just left for Talamia!” Psypher explained.
Krithim hissed fiercely. “Fire up the comm. We have to get a messsssage to her.”

The cofferdam opened onto a damp alien. NightRaven’s side of the cofferdam had a small puddle of water on the floor, leftovers from transitioning the environment of the Ictoethian ship to that of NightRaven. Ictoethians were amphibious, but preferred to live underwater.
The alien was quite a sight. His torso was a hunchbacked oval or scales and bone plates, mottled blue, green, and black. His head was attached to the front of his body, his thin neck extending horizontally into his body. Spikes lined up behind his head, and on his forward-oriented face, two large green eyes covered the upper half of his face. A quirked mouth finished the facial features. Two large fins with very primitive grasping fingers dangled at his sides, and underneath him, two thin sticklike legs held him up. To prevent him from falling forwards, a footlong muscular toe extended from slender feet. On his posterior was a biological propeller/motivator, adapted for underwater travel. It intook water and shot it out, much like a Mon Cal octopus.
He was Iktor Paha Sam, and in Basic, Iktor meant captain. The NightRaven had come across the Ictoethian ships while passing through the Vollker system, on the way to Ictoth.
“I greet you. May water be ever-present for you, Captain Jadeonar,” the Ictoethian said in a soft, gravely voice.
“Welcome, Iktor. I was surprised to see your Ikto-Teppa cruisers in this system,” Terras noted.
“The Yuuzhan Vong made a short bombing run a wekk ago on Ictoth, dropping spheres of biological weapons into the oceans of the planet. We had to evacuate three percent of the population while we cleaned up the toxins. We had no room on Ictoth, we are a crowded enough people already,” the Ictoethian explained.
“We have the droids your people ordered from the Republic. We got them back from the pirates.” Raven had been quite stunned when Nileeta and Terras had flown into the hold on a flying transport crate. She had berated Terras for every time he had joked that he ‘was the captain of an old crate.’
“We’ll be glad to pay you for them, after our landing on Vollker. We intend to set up temporary camp until Ictoth is cleansed of the Yuuzhan Vong’s terrorist act against our world,” Paha Sam explained.
“We’ll follow you in, then. See you down there.”
“Goodbye for now, Captain.” The Ictoethian walked back into the cofferdam and Raven sealed it shut behind him.
Terras turned to Nileeta. “Looks like to pick up our credits we’ve got to take Bartholomew planetside.”
“Fine by me.”
“Alright, then, Oh Raven?”
“Yes, Terras?”
“Start the landing. We have a delivery to make.”

Coming next time: A Jedi Weaponmaster’s tale, the fate of Kadence, more about the AI Raven, and the beginning of the role-playing mission itself!

Kairos Raiwall sat in deep meditation in his tent on planet Vollker. He’d come here in search of knowledge and answers to many questions. And at long last, he’d found what he sought.
Before him, resting on a throw pillow, lay a Jedi holocron. It was a simple one, for the most part. The personality matrix of the Jedi inside was very basic, not at all like some of the ones Master Skywalker had come across. It was a record of the life of a Ghere Melaney, a Jedi Weaponsmaster from ages past. Kairos’ ancestors had been heir to the grand tradition of Jedi battle mastery. Few Jedi walked the path, even in those days. Kairos feared that without his devotion and discipline, the galaxy might never regain the excellent art of Jedi war superiority.
Ghere Melaney, an Arkanian Jedi from before the time of even Arca Jeth, had been a friend and mentor of one of Kairos’ family members from hundred of years ago. She had been an accomplished battlemaster, a powerful force to be reckoned with. She and three other Jedi had won the Battle of Seven Sith on the planet Sas-e Gotha, losing none of their number.
Kairos found inside himself the balance of peace and bridled power that he sought, and scarcely opening his eyes, he switched on the holocron.
It hadn’t been turned on for seventy years, so far as he knew, and it would take a while to power up. A soft electronic hum sounded, and then a hologram of an Arkanian woman appeared.
“I am Master Ghere Melaney, of the Jedi.”
“I am Kairos Raiwall, of the Jedi.”
“Jedi… It’s been quite some time since a Jedi awakened me. Let me get a look at you.” An electronic eye turned on, glowing and scanning over Kairos’ features.
“You are indeed a Raiwall. You have your ancestor’s eyes. I could never forget that glare. I was once, when I was not as I am now, a good friend of Hikor Raiwall.”
“Tell me about him,” Kairos asked. He knew the stories of many of his relatives, but Hikor Raiwall was one he knew very little about.
“I haven’t all the answers, Kairos, but I will tell you what I know. After the Battle of Seven Sith, Hikor Raiwall began to seek out one who could train him in the arts of Jedi weaponsmastery. He first sought out me, but he had a wild talent, strength I didn’t have. I trained him as best I could, and then made sure he found another mentor, an accomplished battlemaster named Tjorn Aya. Tjorn was a Saraban, a species that has gone extinct, as far I know. Tjorn trained Hikor for six years, then proclaimed to the Jedi of the era that Hikor Raiwall was the strongest Jedi in combat ever. Hikor grew to surpass his master’s skill, and together Tjorn and Hikor made the Sith feel true fear. It was at that time this holocron was made, and I have no more to tell as the result.”
“And you can train me?” Kairos asked.
“Not really,” the gatekeeper said, “but I can instruct you, and I am programmed with the tomes of six different fighting styles developed by the Jedi masters of my day. With time, you will pick up some of Hikor Raiwall’s stlye, as well as mine and Tjorn’s.”
“I am eager to learn. In this era, there are no Jedi weaponsmasters for me to learn from, but you and the holocrons of other Jedi.”
“No weaponmasters? Are there Jedi at all?” Ghere asked.
“More every year,” Kairos responded, “but none of them masters of the blade.”
The holographic woman sighed silently. “Your era of Jedi will be hard-pressed if they are ever threatened by a re-emergence of the Sith.”
“We don’t face the Sith anymore, but we do face the Yuuzhan Vong.” Kairos informed.
“I don’t know anything about the Yuuzhan Vong,” Ghere replied.
“A race of conquerors, from beyond the rim of the galaxy. They kill without thought of remorse. They serve abhorrent gods. They despoil entire planets. Worst of all, they cannot be sensed in the Force.”
“That isn’t possible. The Force flows through all living things.”
“I’ve given you the facts. I have faced them, three times before. I have barely survived each time. When they attack, my danger sense tells me nothing. When they move to stab me in the back, I only notice when the blade is in my flesh. When they strike, I cannot determine their strategies or their tactics,” Kairos said.
“Astounding. I’m not sure my program matrix can wrap itself fully around this. But let me ask you this, does not your Jedi weapon still cleave these attackers in half?”
“No. Their weapons are hard enough to resist a lightsaber cut. They wear armor that turns the blade. You have to get a perfect stab, or hit a weak point, to penatrate their armor.”
“They can fence with you?” Ghere asked incredulously.
“They are quite the foe,” Kairos replied.
“You clearly live in a deadly era, Kairos. I wish I were around to teach Jedi the way of the battlemaster. But this will have to do. Have you trained with other weapons?”
“The natives of this planet, Vollker, carry polearms called Deemos. I have studied how to use a Pri-deemo, the most basic of their weapons,” Kairos explained.
“That’s a start, Jedi. The weaponsmasters of old were proficient in many weapons. Some carried doublebound staffs. Some carried twin-bladed lightsabers. Some had weapons that were very exotic and hard to describe. If you learn the disciplines of many weapons, you will have greater focus.”
The sounds of a riot started going off outside. “Sithspawn. They’re at it again,” Kairos muttered.
“What’s going on?” Ghere asked.
“The natives of this planet, the Volliers, are upset about something. I found you here, on Vollker,” Kairos explained.
“Uspet about something you did?” Ghere asked.
“No, probably something else. I better go see what’s up.”
“Remember, Kairos, your ancestor Hikor Raiwall found his own path in the Force. Be assured you’ll find yours.”
“Thanks. We will speak again.” Kairos switched the holocron off, slipped it into a magnasealed chest, and locked it.
He stepped outside the tent and appraised the situation. His tent was one of many tents pitched outside the Vollker colony. It was a miniature city, with a few buildings, a spaceport, and the whole package of housing units. Not anyone who lived there was Vollier, of course. It was mostly humans, Arcona, and Vors who made up the population of the colonists. Volliers were more primitive, not technologically inclined.
Other tents littered the outskirts of the colony, people who had not yet received housing. Everything on the colony was prefabricated, assembled straight out of the transports they came on. The colony had ordered fifty more prefab housing blocks, but they were late.
The native Volliers were present, living not far from the colony, in the deserts that surrounded the city. They were shaking their deemos and yelling, a large mob of them.
Kairos started on a jog around the town towards the Volliers. Some Volliers were friendly towards the colony, and had been teaching him deemo technique, but others were under the sway of a Vollier named Sab, who taught that technology was evil.
Jovan Drark, a Jedi Knight, had been around a few weeks ago, investigating Sab for signs of being Yuuzhan Vong. Kairos had helped as well as he could, and the two of them had determined that Sab was just a misguided Vollier, not a Yuuzhan Vong.
Kairos kept scanning the area, and the first thing he noticed were five ships parked on a desert hillside. It looked like a YT-series transport of some sort, and surrounding it were four large, spherical ships, perched on three large legs extending from the sides. The hull was black, unmarked except for two chain gun turrets.
Chain gun turrets? That meant Ictoethians. They were the only people in the sector with that kind of pre-modern technology. Surely this was some kind of Ictoethian convoy. Ictoth wasn’t far from Vollker.
The Vollier mob was marching towards the transports, not the city, and different types of deemos were being shaken in air. Riding a lizardlike beast, Sab himself led them. The anti-technology Vollier carried a hefty crossbow, primitive but still able to leave a large and messy hole in you.
As the mob drew alongside the transport, they started clanging their weapons against the hull and shouting. Crossbows were fired. Soon the whole hill was mired in Volliers.
This could get ugly. Kairos broke into a run.

Raven, the artificial intelligence that was for all intents the YT-2400 freighter, had only barely set down along the Ikto-Teppas before the mob arrived.
Raven’s external lifesign scanners were quick to tell her that the mob was made of Volliers, the indigenous natives of Vollker. According to her files, Volliers were not terribly interested in technology, and had gotten along with the colonists just fine. Obviously, this data, five years old, was no longer accurate.
Terras opened up the boarding ramp to peek down. He took one step down, and then jumped back with a yelp as a crossbow bolt clanged off the edge of the hatch.
Raven started retracting the ramp, but too late. A Vollier, running and carrying a large polearm weapon, leapt onto the boarding ramp. He wore a pair of short pants and a dusty-colored shirt. Face paints covered his eyes and ears. He had multiple horns on his head, many small ones and two large ones extruding from his forehead. His skin was ruddy red, and he had a humanoid frame.
A hydraulic piston broke under an assault from the Vollier’s weapon, and the hatch stopped traveling upwards. More Volliers started climbing up.
“Sithspawn!” Terras swore, fumbling at his side for a blaster. “A little help, somebody?”
Nileeta drew in from a side hallway leading to crew quarters, and shrieked as a deemo swept forwards, close to her face. Her blaster was in her hand as soon as she realized what was happening.
Terras got his blaster out and started shooting. Bolts crackled in the air as Volliers fell. Nileeta opened up from the side. The Volliers who weren’t already shot gave a cry of dismay and headed back down the ramp.
Terras kicked out the still-ambulatory Volliers and started twirling the hand crank to reseal the hatch. “I feel welcome.”
Nileeta holstered her blaster. “Did we land somewhere we shouldn’t have? I can’t make any sense of this.”
Raven turned scanners outwards again, now that Terras and Nileeta were safe. “There are almost a hundred Volliers, swarming around me and the Ikto-Teppas. They’re being led by a guy on a big riding lizard.”
“Any ideas, Raven?” Terras asked.
“We should wait them out, hope help comes. We’re safe here, for the moment. I am getting tired of them banging on my hull, though.” Raven replied.
“We could turn on the shields,” Nileeta offered.
“I’d rather not. That would create a mess nobody should have to see,” Raven commented.
Terras smiled. “If they start getting through your hull, you have options, at least.”
Raven laughed and focused scans on the Ikto-Teppas. “Oh, blaster bolts. They broke into Iktor Paha Sam’s ship.”
“What?” Terras asked incredulously. He stalked into the cockpit and looked out the broad tranparisteel window. He could see the hunchbacked Ictoethians being hussled out of a gaping hole in the bottom of their ship. Water tricked down around the Volliers, but they kept grabbing the Ictoethians.
“Why didn’t they turn on their shields?” Nileeta wondered aloud.
“I don’t think these fish-out-of-water have shields.” Raven said.
“Some species should never get into space travel. No wonder those pirates made them a target. Alright, what do we do?” Terras asked.
“Oh, no. It’s about to get kind of bloody,” Raven said. Her sensors recorded activity in another Ictoethian ship.
From another Ikto-Teppa, a panel on the side was folding out. A wave of water poured out, revealing seven Ictoethians, armed with some very nasty-looking weaponry. The glint of day bounced off assorted metallic objects, some looking like guns, and some looking like throwing weapons.
Ictoethians started attacking. Some of them started throwing bladed rings that sailed down from the side of their ship. Spear guns fired, sending thick bolts of death into the Volliers. One of the Ictoethians was manipulating a large gun that looked like a cannon. It spewed slug after slug of destruction, an archaic automatic slugthrower.
Volliers responded with crossbow shots and by throwing their trident-like deemos. An Ictoethian suddenly glistened with black blood as a thick trident slammed into his torso. The other aquatic aliens fought all the harder.
The Volliers started manhandling their Ictoethian captives, dragging them away.
Raven got a communications call. “It’s Iktor Sam.”
“Put him through,” Terras ordered.
“This is Iktor Paha Sam, aboard the damaged Ikto-Teppa! Captain Jadeonar, you simply must help me, there has been a raid on my vessel, and some innocent refugees are in the hands of those madmen!”
“Iktor Sam, were just boarded as well, and there’s only two of us and the ship.”
“But perhaps your ship can do something?”
Raven thought that one over. “I may have an idea.”
“Who was that?” Sam wanted to know.
“Iktor Sam, meet Raven, the artificial intelligence in charge of the NightRaven,” Terras explained.
“Paha Sam, can you have the Ictoethian fighters carve a swath to your captives?”
“I can fight my way there, but the Volliers are too numerous, I’d lose everyone.”
“Trust me, Paha Sam. I can make this work.”
Raven turned off the commlink and burst-clicked in binary to Bartholomew, who sat in the cargo bay. “Hey, Bartholemew?”
Clicks responded. “Raven? What’s going on?”
“We need you,” Raven informed the swarm droid, “and fast.”
“What do you need me for?” Batholomew inquired.
“Your swarm probots. They’re fast enough to be the perfect tool for the job. You’re going to help me rescue some hostages.”
“Hostage situation? Raven, I am not a commando droid. I do not even have a body, so to speak!”
Raven would have smiled if she could have. How many times had she reflected on her earlier existence, her time as a R2-F8 astromech, when life was simple, there was one purpose, less to think about? So many people underestimated the simple droids, but Raven was never one to judge a droid by it’s plating.
“You rescued Nileeta and Terras by flying yourself back to the NightRaven. You can do that, you can do this,” Raven assured.
“But this is certainly not in my program!” Bartholomew protested.
“Let me help you. I’ll interface with a remote hookup to some of your droids. We’ll work together, and we’ll do this.”
Bartholomew gave a whuffing noise in binary, and then the crate that held his swarm of probots opened. Within minutes more than nine hundred probots hovered in the air, tiny mechanical eyes blinking awake. Nine hundred flying metal bricks hovered with a droning noise.
Raven opened the roof hatch. “Fly them out as fast as you can. I have something to line up first.” Raven manipulated the turbolaser turret and fired over the heads of the Volliers. Their lizard-riding leader ducked in surprise as a bolt passed less than five meters above his head. The retreating Volliers stopped as Raven started pelting the ground around them.
“Raven, what are you doing? You might hit the troops, or the hostages!” Paha Sam roared.
“Iktor, trust me, I’m keeping the bolts away from your men.” She switched to binary. “Go, Bartholomew!”
The swarm of probots, acting with a radio-based hive mind, swooped down on the Volliers. Raven and Bartholomew partitioned them into three groups, Bartholomew, Barabbas, and Bartimaeus. Barabbas swept down on the Volliers, slamming into heads and shoulders.
“Go, Iktor!” Raven commanded as the Bartholomew and Bartimaeus squadrons hit. Vollier howled in rage as bricks with replusorlifts started slamming into them. Some Volliers knocked the probots to the ground. Sometimes the brick flew back into the air. Some did not.
Ictoethian troops raged into the fray, a team of twenty-one amphibians with slugthrowers and spear guns. Volliers, in turmoil, shrunk back from the approaching force, and the soldiers reached their fellow Ictoethians. Volliers started closing in around them, ready to come down with their polearm weapons.
Raven felt Bartholomew sieze control of the probots, and suddenly, half the Volliers were stuggling to control their weapons. Through probot eyes, Raven realized what had happened.
Bartholomew had used the magnetic clamps to attach probots to the metal polearm weapons. Suddenly the weapons were offbalanced by repulsors. Seizing the opportunity, Ictoethian soldiers cut a swath through the Volliers with automatic bursts.
A couple Volliers thought about following, but suddenly a blazing white light appeared between the Ictoethians and Volliers. It was a Jedi, brandishing a blade that gleaned even in daylight like a sun.
“I don’t know where he came from, but I’m glad he’s here!” Terras commented from the cockpit.
The probots disengaged. The Vollier shrunk back from the Jedi. As they retreated, Raven let them go. The Ictoethians, now shadowed by the Jedi protector, easily made it to the closest Ikto-Teppa.
“Did we win?” Bartholomew asked.
“Win? Bartholomew, you saved the day!” Raven congratulated.
“Me? No, uh, that was just… uh… oh my. I suppose I did. But don’t go expecting anything else heroic or anything. Oh, my, oh my, oh my. Quite outside my programming.” Bartholomew was muttering to himself more than to Raven.
An explosion deafened out the clicks Bartholomew was using. Raven tuned her sensors on the Ikto-Teppa nearest the retreating Volliers. The spherical design the Ikto-Teppa carrier displayed had been cratered. A huge blast of boiling water had been flung in all directions, and a shockwave knocked probot and Ictoethian to the ground in a hail of red pain. Plasma fire hurled itself outward from the carrier. One of the landing struts on the ship shattered. Smoke curled from melting metal. Flaming and fragmented Ictoethian bodies dropped from firey vestiges of the passenger compartments. Whatever had hit, it had hit in the passenger compartment.
Fires were put out as the water-filled ship drained completely out, leaving a scene of chaos and grisly death. The unstable landing gear of the Ikto-Teppa started coming apart, and with a metallic groan, the ship fell over, crunching it’s scorched forwards sides and one of the chain gun turrets against the ground.
Communications were disrupted as the shockwave passed over everything, then it was all restored. Raven quickly processed all the information and inwardly panicked. The blast had shattered a transparisteel window of the cockpit. Nileeta and Terras had been in there!
Life sensors revealed unconsciousness, but no mortal wounds, on the captain and the Twi’lek. Outside the ship, the life readings were so varied Raven could not make sense of them. Bricks of molten metal, former probots, lay on the ground next to smoking Ictoethian bodies, their dried bony husks a gruesome remains.
Paha Sam was on the comlink. “What the paramazoomi just happened?”
Raven’s language programs identified paramazoomi as a popular Almanian curse. “It was a plasma explosive, as powerful as a thermal detonator. Iktor, you better get people over to that toppled ship; pull out survivors while they’re alive. I’ll make sure the bacta tanks at the colony are ready to handle the wounded.”
Bartholomew was reeling. “We won! This isn’t fair!”
“Are you alright, Bartholomew?”
“No, I’m not! Why, I just lost almost five hundred probots! Half of myself died! Oh, those poor Ictoethians! We’ve got to help them!”
“Start triaging them, Bartholomew. Whatever droids you still have running, start picking out which Ictoethians are alive. Send a few into the wrecked ship, get some readings so rescuers know what to expect.”
“Of course.” Bricks started flying to do their tasks. “We made a good team, while it lasted,” Bartholomew commented.
“Yeah, we did.” Raven then opened a commchannel on an open frequency. “This is the NightRaven. We need some help, there are two wounded people on board.”
It took a second for someone to pick up. “This is Kairos Raiwall. You’re the YT in between the Ikto-Teppas?”
“Yes! Can you help us?”
“Of course. The Ictoethians are sticking pretty close together, they won’t let me help them.”
“You’re not Ictoethian?”
“Jedi. I’m a Jedi. Hey, I’m under your hull, but I need the hatch open.”
“Oh, that’s been broken, I can’t open that.”
“Got a roof hatch?”
“Yeah, but how…”
“Keep it open, I’ll be inside in a moment.” Two thuds, twin boots, landed on her upper hull. Help was on the way.

Krithim had brushed away Tael and Psypher’s efforts to get him some help. He’d be fine; he would not need help just yet. Yes, he had been caught on fire. No, it didn’t hurt as much as it looked. Yes, that was an amphistaff wound. No, it hadn’t hit anything vital.
The three of them were seated side by side at the communications terminals, and Kam Solusar and Tionne looked over their shoulders as they ried to raise Kadence. The Jedi masters had been quite surprised to see Krithim and the human family he’d brought with him, and to learn Talamia had been attacked.
Kam slapped an information datapad down on the desk. “I dragged this out of the archives we’ve been getting from informants in New Republic Intelligence. According to them, the Yuuzhan Vong near Talamia are led by a Commander Gitaja, who commands a small fleet of spawn ships and corvette analogs.”
“There were ssstill plenty of Vong, Sssolussar,” Krithim snarled.
“I’m trying to stay hopeful. Talamia is Almania’s sister planet. It’s well guarded, has defenses,” Kam added.
“Kadence must be in hyperspace,” Tael concluded, “because I can’t reach her.”
“What kind of mission did the Jensaarai send her on, anyway? And why the sith didn’t you let me know before she just shot off into the blue?” Kam asked.
“The Deployer said it was urgent. Kadence wouldn’t have moved so fast if it wasn’t important,” Psypher told him.
“I thought Kadence would know better than to go off alone,” Tionne spoke softly.
“Kadence has been worried sick about some project of the Jensaarai’s all week. If this was the call she was worried about, can you blame her that she wanted to be ready?” Tael asked.
Kam looked at a star chart. “Try raising Peckhum.”
“Peckhum? Aren’t he and Streen-“
“Picking up supplies. They should be headed back right now, and they’ll be coming close to the systems Kadence has to pass through. Maybe he can intercept her.” Kam said.
Psypher nodded and opened the link.
A sleepy-eyed old man appearad on the screen, white hair scruffy and face haggard. “Whaaaaat do you want?” he muttered, apparently not totally awake.
“Streen? It’s Kam.”
“Oh! Hello, Kam. Peckhum and I thought we agreed right now was the sleep cycle.”
“Sorry to wake you, but Kadence, the Jensaarai girl, has headed off for a planet under attack by the Yuuzhan Vong. She’s going through the Seven-six-beta-kappa-say-four system. Can you get there ahead of her and make sure she doesn’t get through?”
“Uuh. It will be close, Kam. We’ll switch course and get there as fast as we can, but she may make it through the system just before we get there.”
“Then get moving. Report in when you’re done.”
“Affirmative, Kam.” Streen signed off.
Tionne put a hand on Tael and Pyspher’s shoulders. “You two should get some sleep. It won’t do you any good to be up all night worrying.”
Kam looked Krithim over. “Nala, you’re likely to need some bandaging up. You’re going to the medical room.”
Krithim snarled. “You, Sssolussar, do not tell me what to do.”
Tionne tried a different approach. “Krithim, the Yuuzhan Vong set your skin on fire. You should at least slap on a bacta patch.”
Krithim finally nodded and rose, headed for the medical room. His tail swished restlessly behind him.
“That Barabel scares me sometimes,” Kam noted.
“He’s harmless. Unless you’re a dark Jedi or Yuuzhan Vong.” Psypher said.
Kam smiled. “I’ve put the human family Krithim rescued to bed in some of guest rooms. I think whatever you two do, I’m going to bed. I’ve got a beeper to wake me when Streen calls. If we learn anything, we’ll find you.”
“Alright. Good night, Kam.” Psypher switched the communications equipment into standby mode, and turned off the lights in the comm room.

Va’seek, the captain of Ardag’s priestship, cast a critical eye on the still warm wreckage on the small planet below them. “Without Gitaja here to defend us, we should leave the system in case this was a scout,” he instructed Ardag. Ardag had come to the bridge to ask a few questions of the ship’s status after the ship had shown up.
“I must agree, great priest,” Commander Ranang affirmed.
Ardag nodded. “Very well. We will transition over to another out-of-the-way system. Prepare the darkspace dovin basals.”
“By the way, Ardag, we received via villip a report from a stronha spy ship in orbit around Zhaelor Canbin-tu. The canyon they’ve been watching has suddenly pulsed with life signs.”
Ardag raised an eyebrow. “That’s fascinating!” The canyon, a dry, desert gash on the surface of the planet he wanted, it had remarkable signs of life for such barren surroundings. He saw it as an omen, a growth of life in barrenness, which represented his people bringing truth to this infidel galaxy. No machines… he shuddered to even think the word… polluted the canyon.
“I think,” Ranang smiled, “that it senses its true owners, its masters the Yuuzhan Vong, coming to claim it, and it pulses with anticipation.”
Ardag laughed. “That could very well be it. After we get out of darkspace, have the spy ship contact my personal villip. I wish to know every detail.”

Peckhum and Streen, both Jedi in their older years, were in pilot and co-pilot chairs as they entered the system. They’d been found by Luke well into middle age, and had never had the youthful exuberance for training the young Jedi had. But they were still quite powerful in their own ways, having known something of the Force even before Luke found them.
“Was that a ship?” Streen asked, pointing towards some point in the bleak space around them where he thought he’d seen a shadow.
Peckhum checked sensors. “The only ship I’m reading is a shipwreck down on the surface of the only planet around here.” He ran another sensor sweep. “It’s still warm.”
Streen’s heart fell. “We’d better make sure. I’ll put on a spacesuit. Take us down.”

Kam had been contentedly asleep for only an hour when the beeper went off. He got up, yawned once, and turned on the vocoder box. “Solusar.”
“Kam, it’s Peckhum. I’m afraid we have some bad news. The Jensaarai girl, she was shot down by the Vong just before we arrived.”
Kam let out a long, hard sigh. Daeshara’cor, Wurth Skidder, Miko Reglia, now Kadence. “Alright. Come on back home, Peckhum. I’ll… I’ll tell Psypher and Tael the news.”
He got up, mentally furious. The war kept taking younger and younger victims. Miko had been young. Wurth had been in his late twenties. Daeshara’Cor was only a little older than Miko. But Kadence was younger than all of them. The Yuuzhan Vong did not discriminate when they killed. Down to the youngest child, the entire galaxy was full of infidels. But of all the dead, Kadence was the youngest Kam had known. So many dead, with so much life they had left to live. Kam felt sick. He went to tell the news, a duty he would never get used to and never wanted to do again.

As the sun came up on Yavin, Tael and Psypher sat together, side by side, in a deep hallway of the great temple. Kam had come in the early morning to tell the news, and for many hours, they had just sat in the quiet hallways, with many tears, holding onto each other for warmth and comfort in a galaxy just had just become very cold and harsh.
Psypher wiped his eyes for the thousandth time. “It doesn’t seem fair, you know? She saw it coming, and she had so little warning that it would be that very night… I don’t know what we’re going to do without her.”
Tael nodded. “Let me share something that helps me. You remember I told you about my mother?”
When Psypher nodded, Tael continued. “Even though everything fell down around me for a little while after that, I was adopted into a new home, with a father that loved me just as much as a birth daughter. It helps to remember that no matter how bad it is, we will not be alone, not for long.”
“But there won’t ever be another Kadence,” Psypher pointed out.
“I know. Kadence was like my older sister. But when my mother died, I didn’t get another mother figure, I got a father. There won’t ever be anyone to replace Kadence’s place in my heart, but that means I’ll always remember her. And miss her,” Tael said.
Later that day, they got a call from the Saarai-kaar herself, a woman in her elder years with flowing white hair and intense eyes.
“I heard about Kadence,” the leader of the Jensaarai told them. The woman’s eyes softened, for she considered the Jensaarai her children as well as her students. “I’m sorry, I know you three were close.”
“Thank you, Saarai-kaar.” Psypher said.
“I am truly sorry to intrude on your grief,” the woman continued, “but there are things you need to know, about why Kadence went off on her mission. She was headed for Talamia, to help another Jensarai carry out a mission of great importance. There have been Yuuzhan Vong infiltrators trying to find out the home system of the Jensaarai. Somehow, they consider us just another type of Jedi. Misguided fools.”
“How does Kadence going to Talamia help with that problem?” Tael asked.
“Well, we planned to make Talamia appear to be the Jensaarai home, so the Yuuzhan Vong would not realize it was Susevfi. We’ve assembled some equipment, and we have a good ruse planned. But the Jensaarai on Talamia could use some backup, to pull it all together.”
“So, Kadence was trying to protect Susevfi?” Psypher asked.
“Yes. If we make the Vong think they already have our home planet, it will buy us some time to get the Jensaarai ready, to draw off the heat on the planet. But obviously, the Vong have the route to Talamia trapped. You’ll need to go a different route,” the Saarai-Kaar answered.
So Tael and Psypher would be stepping into Kadence’s shoes. Suddenly the gloves she’d given them took on great significance. “Kam isn’t likely to let us go anywhere, not yet.”
The Saarai-kaar laughed. “Kam Solusar, and Luke Skywalker. Sweet young men, but not suspicious enough to do them good. You simply needn’t tell them anything yet.”
A long moment passed. “Are you two going to be alright?” their leader asked.
“Yes, ma’am,” Tael spoke, and Psypher agreed.
“I’m sorry it has to come to this, but the Peace Brigade is watching Susevfi so closely, you’re the only ones who can do this. I pray that by asking you so soon after Kadence left us, I am not twisting the knife freshly laid in your hearts.”
“We’ll do what we must, for our brothers and sisters,” Psypher said.
The Saarai-kaar’s holoprojection seemed on the brink of tears. “I am very proud that you are Jensaarai. I will see you soon.” The holosignal ended.

Krithim Nala was in Kam’s office, with Streen and Peckhum and Tionne. Kam had a favor to ask the Barabel Jedi, and he wanted all the backup he could have while he asked it. Krithim was not one who got along with Kam, Kam was a strict follower of the code, and Krithim insisted that was for a different time.
In fact, they’d had shouting matches in the past over it, including Krithim’s commentary on the codes’ saying “If a Jedi feels no passion, why the heck did you marry Tionne?” Kam was stumped on that one, and had to award the Barabel a point, but he certainly wasn’t going to ‘un-marry’ Tionne for the sake of the code.
Kam ruefully thought he and the Barabel Jedi might have more in common that they realized.
“Krithim, we got word from an old friend of ours, the weaponsmaster Kairos Raiwall. He told us about a problem that was starting on Vollker, a planet not too far from Talamia. There’s some kind of local propaganda that’s suspiciously Vong-like,” Kam explained.
Nala snarled. “I ate breakfast with Jovan Drark. He sssaid he’d handled that one. I will not do a misssssion that sssomeone elssse hasss already done.”
Kam shook his head. “Yeah, sure, Jovan checked it out, but no sooner does he come back, than the natives blow up an Ictoethian transport with some kind of heavy plasma explosive. We missed something, Nala. Jovan’s not the man for the job. We do need more information, and we need someone who can go claw-to-claw with the natives to take what we need.”
Krithim laughed. “I ssswear that wasss almossst a compliment.”
Everyone laughed at that, even Kam. “Call it what you want. Even if it’s nothing, you’ll get to meet Kairos, and I think the two of you will get along well. He’s a weaponsmaster, left to find his own guidance, like you did. He’s brushed up against Luke before for wanting to learn aggressive fighting techniques.”
“Sssoundsss like my kind of Jedi,” the Barabel said.
“You came in that pleasure craft. I unleashed Lowbacca on the plasma damage. It’s all fixed; you can ride to Vollker in style. Peckhum and Streen will drop off the family you rescued on the next supply run.”
“Sssoundsss good, Sssolusssar. I’ll be leaving before the day isss out.”

Krithim had heaped a lot of food onto his plate as he went through the Great Temple’s kitchens. He always ate a hefty meal before space travel. He knew very little about ships, but Luke and Corran Horn had always made sure the students knew where all the important buttons were on a spaceship, so he was sure he could get to Vollker.
Tael and Psypher sat down at his table, picking lightly at some greens. Krithim was concerned for them. He knew they hadn’t been at breakfast.
“I’m ssssorry about Kadensssce. I wish I had been fasssster, ssso we could have ssstopped her.” Krithim said.
Psypher patted the big reptile on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, big guy, you couldn’t have done anything.”
Silence reigned over the table for a few minutes, then Krithim brought up his upcoming trip to Vollker.
“Vollker? That’s close to Talamia, isn’t it?” Psypher asked.
“It isss,” Krithim replied with a nod.
“Do you want any company?” Tael asked.
“I could ssscertainly usse someone who wasss more sssspace-travel inclined than I,” Krithim agreed. “But are you ssso sssure you want to be pressssed back into ssservissce sso quickly?”
“I know we only learned the news last night, Krithim, but doing something would help,” Tael noted.
“Alright. I will help you asssk Kam. You will need to pack, I want to leave sssoon,” the Barabel Jedi noted.
After lunch, they found where Tionne and Kam were sitting over their mid-day meal and explained their request.
Kam was reluctant, but Tionne seemed to understand and sent Kam a look that made his acquiesce.
“I’m just worried that with all of you gone, there won’t be anyone left at the academy who’s got any real experience.”
“There’s you two,” Tael pointed out.
“Yeah, but we have to train all these students, we can’t go off on our own,” Kam replied.
“There’s Streen, Peckhum, and you’ve also got Lowbacca and Jovan. Just sic Lowbacca on any problems that get thrown your way, he can handle whatever comes up,” Psypher noted.
A Wookie growl came from the kitchen. “Well, he hasn’t beaten that defective food processor yet, or so I hear,” Kam quipped.
“Keep yourselves safe, and don’t overdo it,” Tionne instructed.
“We won’t. Goodbye, Tionne. Bye, Master Kam.”

It was a day later when Kairos got the news there were three Jedi, or rather, one Jedi and two Jensaarai on the way.
It was something of a relief. More Ikto-Teppa cruisers appeared every day as Iktoth lost its fight to beat the Yuuzhan vong biotech poisons. More riots started, all because of that Sab who led the anti-technology front of Volliers.
The friendlier Volliers, the ones who had trained Kairos in the pri-deemo, mentioned to him that Sab’s charisma and fiery rhetoric won more and more followers from the tribes every day. He had a great following of people who would die for him if he commanded it, just as the Volliers during the first riot had done.
At the moment, he was staying on the NightRaven with Terras Jadeonar. It wasn’t safe to stay in his tent. He took daily lessons from the holocron version of Ghere Melaney, which he locked in the cabin Terras had given him.
Most of the day, though, he flew with the NightRaven in short hops, monitoring the periphery for attacks like the one that had ended with the Ikto-Teppa’s destruction a few days ago. He marched around the colony, checking for attackers. He occasionally found and fought them.
Terras and Nileeta, who had been unconscious when Raven had led him to them, were also doing the same. For his help and for his probot droids, the Ictoethians were paying him quite a bit for security. The Ictoth ships were also paying Kairos, a sum that was comfortable and fair considering the wartime shortages of money. Kairos would have worked for free as long as he was defending the innocent, but to the Ictoethians, it was a grave sin to let someone help them without repaying them.
Terras and Kairos had struck up a friendship. He’d enjoyed hearing Terras tell about how he’d stolen Raven from an impound yard, and some of exploits he’d had with the ship. Raven was also fun to talk to, her perspective and grit proving to Kairos that she was just as alive as any other sentient.
Terras still had a slight limp at the moment. When that window had blown, a shard had landed in his leg. It had taken a deep cut from a surgery droid to get it out, but that night he would have one final bacta treatment in the colony’s main med center, and the limp would be gone. Nileeta had fared a little better, one dunk and she had been fine.
“Hey, Terras. Good news. Some Jedi are coming from Yavin to help us out. They’re going to work with us to figure out what that Sab is up to,” he commented as the captain drew near.
“Wow. We could use the backup, couldn’t we? Of course, Nileeta is doing an awesome job already. I suppose it’s because she’s naturally suspicious.” The Ictoethians looked up to Nileeta as a fine strategic mind, and were constantly asking her security questions.
“The Jedi leaders must think this is serious, to send Jedi here to such a backwater planet,” Raven commented from a nearby speaker.
“Well, five hundred Ictoethians died, so yes, it’s serious,” Kairos noted. “The Jedi will be here this afternoon.”
It was almost time to eat dinner when the three of them arrived. First off the pleasure craft they’d come in was Psypher, who wore a green-colored suit of armor with reptilian stylings. Following him was an attractive dark-skinned woman, Tael Afar, with a sand-colored robe that blended perfectly with the desert ground underneath them. A Barabel was last to leave, a massive reptilian being with a frame that screamed ‘power!’ to anyone who looked. He was Krithim Nala.
Kairos greeted them, with Nileeta and Terras at hand. “I’m Kairos Raiwall, and this is Captain Terras Jadeonar and Nileeta.” Handshakes and introductions started all around.
“Well, if you’re hungry, my ship is quite a cook,” Terras commented, motioning up the repaired hatch onto the NightRaven. The three new arrivals gladly accepted.
Raven cooked up something specially tailored for each of the guests and then checked in with Bartholomew while they ate. The Ictoethians had decided that purchasing the crate and swarm droids was not worth it, since so many had been damaged. They had paid Terras anyway, to be fair, but had let Bartholomew and his droids stay on with Raven. Raven and Bartholomew had worked out a routine for droids to fly around, spotting for trouble.
But something caught Raven’s attention after she had checked with the swarm droids. She had audio sensors everywhere, so Terras and Nileeta could speak to her at any point on the ship. One happened to be next to the two armored Jedi who were dining in the galley.
“I know we don’t have much time to take off for Talamia, but we have a little while, and I don’t want to leave anyone in the lurch!”
“I agree, but we don’t have much time.”
“Terras, Nileeta, and Kairos have treated us pretty well so far. I’d feel like I double-crossing them.”
“Lives are at stake on Susevfi, too.”
“Can’t we do both and be faithful to both commitments?”
“I hope so.”
Raven pondered that for a second. The Jedi were thinking of ditching them right after they got here? She’d have to introduce herself and ask them why.
Raven took a mental note of the people in her galley. Terras, her captain, and Nileeta, a woman Raven had come to call friend. Kairos, who had been quick to come to her aid and Terras’ aid. The weaponsmaster was a true defender. Two mysterious armored Jedi, who, the mose she thought about it, seemed not quite the same as Jedi, but as something different. A Barabel, who seemed to face anything with confidence. She would look forwards to working with this group. It was an honor to be a part of the Ictoethian’s defense and to meet so many Jedi.
If there hadn’t been so many threats and so much violence out in the galaxy lately, she might have enjoyed it a bit more…

Prologue over. It’s time to roleplay. For tomorrow, Sunday, you guys can get to know each other and pick up any equipment or information you want from the colony and the Ictoethians. Monday or Tuesday I will start the first plot hook. I am looking forwards to this; I know I’ve been privileged with some topnotch players. I’ll see you during the game!

16 March 2002, 08:37 PM
Kairos has came to many different locations during his journies. Kairos is usually in deep thought about his experiences. Kairos made his way to Lake Krul where the maruder Kaox Krul and a jedi knight fought in a heated battle both calling upon the darkside to defeat the other. Kairos went here to meditate he feels the connection to the force he has in combat leaves him teetering close to the darkside. He meditated by practing his form the only way that ever helped he found his way he now is formulating the jedi code for what he hopes for soon will be the new weapon masters. Still he knew he lacked the mental disicipline of the mind he left for Dagobah. On Dagobah he looked for any form of written or recorded advice from the jedi master Yoda a great mind and warrior. He found nothing in the now anchient hut. On his way back to his ship he slipped falling in to a cave. He felt the emotions of anger,fear and hatred. He thought had some anchient darksider sustained themselves for so long here with the presence of Masters Yoda and Skywaker. He ignited his golden lightsaber moving in slowly then he saw it a man in a deep black cloak who turned the other side red and incased in a armor of silver adorned with skulls and a twisted grin on the face of a ghost.... His own. He relized this was his deepest fear himself falling to the darkside becoming the next sith lord.

Kairos was able to confront his fear he knew there was one way to escape this fate. To harness himself like he did his skill with his lightsaber. He spent another month on Dagobah in the old Master Yoda's hutt. He spent days trying to focus himself.

tomcha the ewok tie pilot
26 March 2002, 08:56 PM
hey i'm a friend of jaddoner's. sounds like fun i'm gonna need some help though, i've never played the sw rpg and as a result dont have the rpg books. but i'm in if your willing to teach