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Mad Tech
8 March 2002, 10:07 AM
Any GMs out there running a campaign based during the time of the Jedi Purge? I am considering running such a campaign (actually I'd be extending my current campaign into the time of the purge) and am looking for ideas.

Mad Tech

8 March 2002, 10:56 AM
I ran one online for a while. I actually had Vader, with the assistance of a special variety of stormtrooper, hunting down Jedis and killing them. Basically, I considered the special brand of stormtrooper to be the predecessor to the Royal Guard. Though I had the guys be attuned to sensing the Force, therefore they were good hunters. Some of them could even use a couple of nifty tricks that Vader had taught them.

What kind of ideas are you specifically searching for?

8 March 2002, 03:40 PM
I'll be started a purge era campaign quite soon. I plan to stay away from the main continuity, so I don't mess things up. The action will all be focused on one planet. The group (all Jedi) will be sent to a planet to help negotiate the end of a civil war. Little do they know that the whole scenario has been engineered by Palpatine. The Jedi Council will change the plans a bit, early in the mission, throwing Palpatine's carefully orchestrated deathtrap off, but the characters will still get their ship shot down and find themselves stuck on a planet loaded with cloned soldiers. The whole campaign will be surviving and getting away.

8 March 2002, 04:14 PM
I created a secret society of Jedi Hunters that spans eras. While that isn't exactly a purge, especially in the later eras where they've sort of settled on hunting darksiders, it does provide a conveneint complication for Force Sensitives in my games. Plus, players really like being part of this society, espeically those who are sick and tired of seeing other peoples' jedi characters.

Reverend Strone
8 March 2002, 05:30 PM
Minor Possible Ep II Spoiler Alert in some parts of this post-

I'm running a campaign that's kind of Rebellion era and kind of Jedi Purge. I guess you could call it a Jedi Purge cleanup campaign or aftermath adventure. It puts some more Rebellion Era characters in a position of dealing with implications and leftovers of a Jedi Purge hunt that was left incomplete many years before.

Called "The Fateful Sands," it's set about four years before the Battle of Yavin, on Tatooine (as those familiar with my posts will know). While ostensibly the campaign focuses on a group of non-Jedi farmlads and their adventures in the wilderness of Tatooine, there is a dark thread running through the adventures that's gradually working it's way to the surface, with origins in the Jedi Purge. I mention it here incase it sparks ideas for alternative ways of handling Jedi hunt style adventures.

The backstory outlined below might inspire ways of having a Jedi purge themed adventure without necessarily having to set it during the time of the actual Purge. See what you think. I warn you this is verbose, so skip to thje next post if you can't be bothered with a big long story.

The guys have recently met up with an old, scripture-quoting, proud desert wanderer called Azrael Strone, or as most label him due to his rantings, The Reverend (hence my username and signature). The reverend is an enigmatic character. they all suspect him to be high levelled, but none of them know quite what to make of the old zealot quite yet. The Force Adept in the party knows only that long ago the Reverend schooled his own deceased Master, so they all suspect him to be a Force user of some kind. As such, the FA sees their meetings as an opportunity to learn from him.

Now, what none of them know yet, but will discover as time goes on, is that the Reverend fled to Tatooine during the Jedi Purge (what he calls the Great Burn). Strone was a student of one of the Lost Twenty, a group of disillusioned Jedi who left the path to pursue their own force philosophies (Count Dooku is one of these I believe). He learned about the Force not with a Jedi philosophy, but one deeply rooted in a strange, fundamentalist religious context drawn from the beliefs of a thousand worlds, mixed together into a rather hardline orthodox doctrine.

This did not save the Reverend and his Master when the emperor began his Purge however. His Master killed by a Dark Side Marauder sent by Palpatine, Strone fled, tracing a path across the Galaxy until he was lead to hide on Tatooine in the remote outback wilderness. here he made an aging Bull Dewback his only companion, and together they tread the sands, preaching to those that will listen, and always looking back for fear of what follows.

And follow something did. A good ten years before the time of the guys' campaign and about six years after Strone first came to Tatooine, the Reverend was tracked down by the same Dark Side Marauder that killed his Master. For several weeks they played cat and mouse across the tracts of sand dunes and rocky messas until the weariness of the chase grew too much. In a deep cave in the Jundland Wastes, the Reverend Strone resigned himself to run nolonger and laid a trap for the Marauder who dogged his backtrail.

Surrendering to the inevitable cataclysm that he was sure would engulf him in his enemy's demise, the Reverend Strone brought the roof of the cave down on top of them both, but to his surprise, was spared when the rocks fell. Badly injured, but alive, strone dug his way out of the collapsed cave into the sunlight and gave thanks.

But as the years passed and he lived out his continued days of hiding in the wilderness, Strone became increasingly uneasy. A tingling in the back of his mind warned him that all was not yet over, and that though he saw his enemy destroyed, yet still some evil thing had escaped and continued to hunt him.

Cut to ten years later and the Reverend has encountered the Player Characters. While they spend time journeying with him they learn more and more about his past, gradually piecing together the history of his flight, hunt and escape. In the young Force Adept Strone sees the possibility of a new accolyte to pass on the mantle of his strange faith, though the young Adept may not initially have this in mind himself.

The truth behind it all is that Strone's faith teeters dangerously close to the dark side. His actions and words are not motivated by the will of the Force, but by pride and self-righteousness. He calls Jedi 'Wizards', but the term more truthfully befits the preacher himself.

Strone's fateful act in the cave drew heavily upon the dark side and left him a tainted character. In the years between that day and the present, he has continued to tread the fine line between a dark and tainted soul. The tingling in his senses is his own conscience, but the Reverend is so layered in doctrine and pride he cannot read it for what it is. His interest in the FA is rooted in his desire to be a Master himself and have accolytes to serve him, though he won't admit this to himself.

The darkness that he drew upon to destroy the Marauder lingers in the cave he left behind, and grows.

At some point after the guys have been hanging out with the Reverend for a while, he will begin to show signs of fully falling to the pull of the dark side. They will eventually come to realise that they must act to protect themselves and prevent the rise of a new Dark Lord of the Desert. This will take the form of a climactic battle between the Player Characters and the Reverend Strone, quite possibly at the site of the cave.

The Reverend will be slain, though he may take a PC or two with him, and in that battle he will come to realise what he has become, when his own pupils as he sees them, take arms against him.

This will mark the penultimate climax of the campaign, but there are threads that can be extended if my players are into it. The darkness in the cave lives on. One thought I had would see the players hear about a single Tusken Raider tribe that is ravaging all others and sending terror through the outland communities. It will turn out that the tribe is being lead by a Tusken Witch named Threatening Sky.

Originally the shaman of her people, as a holy woman Threatening Sky was the only one of her people allowed to drink from a special spring in the Jundland Wastes. Turns out that spring bubbles out through a labyrinth of caves including one familiar one, the collapsed dark side cave and consequent tomb of the Marauder killed by Strone. The shaman has drunk from this evil ooze for years, gradually being infected with its corrupting influence until she grew in power and darkness to become a full blown Dark Force Witch (I adapted the DFW PrC from the Dark Sides Sourcebook to suit Tusken Raider culture). The characters will have to deal with her, her tainted tribe whom she has drip fed the dark waters to make more ammenable to her designs, and finally, expunge the dark side cave itself to prevent more evil from spreading.

Of course if you reallly want to spin things out even more, all this force using might even attract the attention of an Imperial Inqusitor, providing there are some around at this time. He could come to Tatooine, possibly even on the trail of a certain famous Jedi Knight that he may have traced thiding out on the backwater world, and end up getting sidetracked and going after the PCs instead.

Hopefully something in this ramble might inspire you. At the very least it's been fun to write.

Good luck Mad Tech.

Good luck.

9 March 2002, 12:13 AM
I ran a campaign a few years back which had a Dark Jedi, who was a comissioned Imperial Colonel. He led a team of specialized Stormtrooper called JETs (Jedi Eradication Troopers), which had all sorts of specialized gizmos used to track Jedi and any other illegal force users. My players had a fun time, but still a hard time running from these guys. Colonel Folec Anagax only answered to Vader and the Emperor, so he was kind of like Grand Inquisitor, except he did not ask questions or try to turn Jedi, he just killed them.

If you are interested in stats for Colonel Anagax and his elite group of Jedi hunters, I can send them to you over e-mail. I posted it all a few months back, actually I think it was last April, so let me dig around for the copies. I may even be able to give you some NPCs which were good guys who were running from Anagax.

9 March 2002, 12:25 AM
Here it is. It is a recipe for non stop action. Enjoy.Jedi Purge Campaign, along with bad guys, good guys, and the nifty weapons and tracking items in D6 (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2754)

Ghost In The Holocron
18 March 2002, 08:49 AM
from revstrone:
Called "The Fateful Sands," it's set about four years before the Battle of Yavin...

Rev.Strone: Now I know what that interesting sig of yours is about, and I must say, "Good job, dude!". I really like that "haunted desert" Stephen King-ish feel that seems to run through your plot. I'm sure you and your players are enjoying your campaign a great deal.

Mad Tech, and others with some interest in the Jedi purge "era": I recently started my own Jedi Purge - Seeds of the Rebellion - Shadows of the Empire campaign called DARK INFINITY. One of the back-plots of the campaign hinges on the now much diminished, and fallen from grace Jedi. If I may, here's the campaign's "opening crawl":

A long time ago, in a galaxy far
far away...

Episode IV

The last vestiges of the old Republic have crumbled before the political and military might of the new GALACTIC EMPIRE.

Having established the Imperial Senate and the powerful Rule of Moffs, Emperor Palpatine imposes a cruel but much-needed NEW ORDER across a galaxy left in turmoil by the devastation of the Clone Wars.

It is a move supported by many beleaguered galactic leaders and hailed by the unsuspecting populace as a daring effort to keep the galaxy together despite all odds. There are few detractors from the cause of the Empire, and these are slowly but surely being silenced.

Remnants of the JEDI ORDER -- once the noble protectors of freedom, now fast becoming a fading myth -- must tread softly in the shadows or face the secret and terrifying Imperial Inquisition that sweeps the galaxy.

Meanwhile, whispers of the Empire's atrocities are beginning to reach a selected few, who must keep their opinions veiled and work in hiding to preserve what little freedom there is left in the galaxy.

The Emperor is tightening his iron grip. The dreaded Lord Vader is on the hunt. The New Order is unstoppable. And the galaxy spirals towards a terrible, dark infinity…

Without the jedi council to guide them, and suffering terrible loses (both in terms of men/women and resources, but also in morale and social standing), the jedi are now in disarray. Naturally, they fall away from the center of galactic politics and back to some sypmathetic worlds (such as Pelagon, in the Colonies region) -- where they hope to hide and work in secret to further their noble ideals and combat the Empire. They learn that such a thing is impossible without the involvement of the galaxy's less reputable elements (ie: the criminal underworld, ex: Black Sun, etc). Thus, in the search for new ways to fight, they tread a fine line between sacrificing their ideals of (peace, order, and justice) and combating the Sith threat. It is in these shady areas of the galaxy, and also in the arena of backroom politics, that they begin planting and nurturing the seeds of what will become the Alliance to Restore the Republic -- it is no accident that the jedi belssing, [/i]"May the Force be with you,"[/i] was adapted by the future Rebel Alliance.

To simulate the Jedi Order's "fall from grace" and their supposed involvement in the events of the Clone Wars (Episode II and III), I've given the jedi characters in my game the Infamy feat for free -- only when they reveal themselves to be jedi, of course, which might bring down the celing hard on their heads if they're not careful (the context is d20 SWRPG, I'm not sure what Infamy equates to in d6).

Hope this gives you something to work with. Good luck with your campaign!

Reverend Strone
18 March 2002, 05:44 PM
Hi there Ghost !

Thanks for the compliments. We're having a blast in my adventures at the moment. I've got a great bunch of players- without a doubt the best I've ever been so fortunate to play with.

I must say your Campaign sounds every bit as interesting. I love the opening crawl. The imagination being exhibited on these forums never fails to surprise and inspire me.

Good work man.

PS- (I'm chuffed you actually read my long-winded signature! I was considering canning it for being overly self indulgent)

27 March 2002, 10:35 PM
I played in a jedi purge game some years ago that was excellent in my opinion. The GM used the idea of Vader being the leader of an elite unit of stormtroopers that tracked down and disposed of jedi across the galaxy. As a consiquence, he also had a loose collection of masterless padawans who were half trained at best. They were desperately seeking out masters to complete their training, but many of them had already fallen to the dark side and sought out the elite Troopers for revenge. It was a very sobering view of what could happen if the lore of the jedi was not preserved.
Our characters eventually spent more time locating lore and relics of the old jedi order to preserve for future generations. It was a really fun and exciting concept for me.

I like the opening scroll. Have alot of fun with it.

darth maim
3 April 2002, 01:05 PM
Originally posted by revstrone
Hi there Ghost !
PS- (I'm chuffed you actually read my long-winded signature! I was considering canning it for being overly self indulgent)

I like your signature man... Though I thought it used to be slightly longer at the beginning.

Reverend Strone
3 April 2002, 02:23 PM
Thank you Darth. It's still the same length it always was. May I say that I love your backstory too, having recently read all about it on another thread.

The creativity and originality of the writing on this site never ceases to amaze me. Holonetters rock.

Mathis Kharr
3 April 2002, 02:49 PM
I did where Luke was in chararge of everything with the emperor it went well sadly the pcs got wipped out