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10 March 2002, 07:32 AM
.. ships. cruisers, fighters, freighters, capital, bulk, whatever.

wich are your favorites?
fighter: TIE-Interceptor (with the V38 on a close 2nd)
freighter: GHTROC
capitol: VSD (MC80 is almost sharing this position due to its magnificent)
super structure: DS#2 ... hehehe

Grand Admiral Jason
10 March 2002, 08:32 AM
Here's my favorite

Fighter: V-38 and TIE Defender (they're both my favorite :D)
Freighter: Dash Rendar's ship
Capital: Soverign SSD (folowed closwe by the Carrack)
Walker: MT-AT
Stormtrooper: Seatroopers
Transport: Assault Transport

10 March 2002, 12:56 PM
This is a very popular topic. That's why there already were some of these threads. Fortunately they are now in they are now archived, and so we can continue this thread. :)

If you want have a look at the archived thread, access this link: <a href="http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=964">Fav Starship</a>

Here are my favourites:

<b>Capital Ships</b>
<li>Empirel: <i>Victory</i>-class Star Destroyers, <i>Bayonet</i>-class Light Cruiser</li>
<li>Rebels/NR: <a href="http://www.highadmiral.de/sis/starships/light_frigate.htm" target=_blank><b>Rebel Light Frigate</b></a>, Corellian Gunship</li>
<li>Others: <i>Marauder</i>-class Corvette</li>

<li>Empire: Scimitair Assault Bomber, Skipray</li>
<li>Rebels/NR: Y-Wing and its variants, E-Wing</li>
<li>Others: Z-95 (modified)</li>

<li>Military: <i>344</i>-class Light Cruiser, <i>Sentinel</i>-class Shuttle
<li>Light Freighters: YT-450a, YT-2000, Ghtroc 580, ...</li>
<li>Medium Freighters: HT-2200</li>
<li>Bulk Freighters: <a href="http://www.highadmiral.de/sis/starships/a-class.htm" target=_blank><b><i>A</i>-class Bulk Freighter</a></b>, Gallofree Transport</li>
<li> All Scout Ships!</li>

12 March 2002, 10:18 AM
My favorites?

Well since you asked:

Trooper: Speeder bike troopers (they had the coolest helmets)
Capital Ships: ISD (big and bad)
Fighter: Y-Wing, Tie Interceptor
Light Freighter: YT-1300 (milenium falcon of course), or YT-2000
Walker- AT-ST

13 March 2002, 07:46 AM

royal life guard (gha, have forgotten what theyre called :/ ) .. i dont think people understand exactly HOW hard they really are! the rpg stats is a joke, theyre waaaaaaay better than that :).

second place..
it must be either scout, storm commando, rad trooper (only because of their weapons.. muahahaha)..

13 March 2002, 12:29 PM
In order to provide more replies to the thread, I moved it to a more popular forum, the <i>General Discussion Forum</i>. :)

13 March 2002, 12:39 PM
impressive, most impressive

Ash DuQuennes
14 March 2002, 03:39 PM
My criteria is primarily aesthetics, with functionality and capability right behind. I'm not a min/max monster, so the biggest/toughest doesn't automatically get my vote.

Big Ship: Imperial Star Destroyer II. Nothing says "Don't @#$! with me!" better than an ImpStar Deuce.

Medium Ship: Nebulon-B, mostly for its angular, functional looks.

Lil' Ship: Corellian Corvette. Ubiquitous, flexible. It's the go-anywhere-do-anything ship. And it looks cool, too.

Freighter: Another Corellian design, the Barloz-class freighter, described in WEG's Stock Ships.

Fighter: Guess. :rolleyes:

Trooper's a category? If so, I like the Imperial Royal Guards. Nice sinister look about 'em.