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10 March 2002, 08:31 PM
I ran my players thru something yesterday that I thought I'd share...

Due to a "clerical error" and a few misunderstandings, Our Heros had to blast off from Rodia in a big hurry, being pursued by a Firespray and 6 CloakShape fighters (the PCs have an upgunned Ghtroc720 and a Headhunter TR). Just when they were about the be in the clear to hyper out, an Imperial Interdiction cruiser shows up, disgorging a dozen TIE Interceptors! Immediately after soiling themselves, they receive a comm signal... ordering the pursuing fighters to stand down. The look of consternation when they realized the Imps were assisting them was priceless!

What kind of surprises have youpulled on your players? (Yes, I'm fishing for more ideas... ;) )

11 March 2002, 06:52 AM
Some suprises I tossed at my players:

Aliens (like from the movie aliens). Execpt these aliens were being bred by the empire to be force sensitive and used to hunt down the remaining jedi. Also, the empire used cybernetics to construct a control rig for a HUGE alien that was gestated inside a gammorian.

Droid Colony: Abandoned mine/factory that now pumps out droids with special instructions to wait for a signal and then start killing everyone.

I have players on the holonet so I can't give too much info here, but if you want more, email me and I'll give you all the info you want.

The Admiral
11 March 2002, 03:49 PM
Had something crop up a few days ago that was never supposed to be a surprise.

The party were selling off some cargo they'd picked up. They got offered a price too good to be true by a character named 'Shavadi Dilla'. Shady Dealer. I really didn't think they'd miss that,,,
In additon to the cash, he offered them a prize winning show nerf, 'Errol'. They picked Errol up, and took the cash. After utterly failing to examine the rather boisterous Nerf, I made 'em roll to see if they happened to notice his name tag, which read 'Errol the Exploding Nerf'.
After completely failing said roll, they were subsequentlly massively surprised when the surgically implanted Ion Mine inside Errol detonated, crippling their ship right in front of Relkorn the Homicidal's Cal class battle cruiser and attendant fleet.

The party now have a new motto;

"Always look a gift Nerf in the mouth."

11 March 2002, 05:07 PM
one of my player's roomate from the academy turns out to be a dark lord... and the academy has no record of him.