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11 March 2002, 10:01 PM
This is a fan fiction adapted from a campaign. There's a lot more if you want it, but due to the length and format, it isn't really practical to post it outside of a zipped document file.

These first two chapters introduce the two players' characters. I'd welcome any feedback.

First chaper notes:
This chapter was easy to write. Once I had the opening line, the rest just flowed into place. The setting is a planet of my own creation in a sector of my own creation. This is probably the most polished chapter. I've been over it dozens of times. It is meant to be an adapted version of the character's background. What was written wouldn't be very interesting fan fiction, so it's been spiced up and rewritten. I like it. I hope you do, too.

Second chapter notes:
This chapter introduces the second main character, Reed, and one of my favorite NPCs from this series, Lenoi. The pronunciation of Lenoi is sort of french, although if it is a french word, it is not intended to be. The setting here is Coruscant. I think I did okay on the setting, but I wrote this beofore I'd seen episode one, so the only images I had were those descriptions from the books. Anyway, I don't think it's too far off.

More will be posted upon request.

14 March 2002, 08:05 PM
These are chapters three four and five of the same story.

Chapter 3 Notes:
This chapter continues Gaed's background and introduces two very important NPCs. A duo I really liked. Tachaas and Gornarr. Tachaas is a Barabel, and Gornarr is a wookiee. Although the two are friends, travel together, and have saved each other dozens of times, I emphasized in the game that there was no life debt. I've always seen that angle used with wookiees, and I've never seen it done as anything more than a Han\Chewie clone. Anyway, that doesn't come up in the story, so I just thought I'd mention it.

Chapter 4 Notes:
Back to Reed again. Yes, Gaed and Reed are the two main characters, although you probably figured that out by now. In this chapter, you get a glimpse of Reed's Jedi training. Also revelaed here is Lenoi's dirty secret! I should have made that the title of this post... 'LENOI'S DIRTY SECRET REVEALED!!!' Tabloid headlines catch your attention, even if they are a hoax. Anyway, it's nothing TOO alarming. I probably just sabotaged any interest I was building there... but since I don't know if anyone has read this anyway, what does it matter?

Chapter 5 Notes:
You're probably thinking at this point, or will think at some point while reading this: Is Gaed a punk? And the answer to that is: Yes. At this point in his life, Gaed was not very secure. Understandable, maybe? He had a lot to prove. Besides, the players like the combat. I wish I were better at writing it. In this chapter I got a lot of practice. This chapter concludes the background, and the next chapter(s) are where the actual adventuring began.

16 March 2002, 11:00 AM
I downloaded both of these and read them today. It's a very engaging story.

Carcerax is a great villain, and I hope we get to see him developed more in the future. I would have liked to see him in more action on the planet before his "defeat."

I also really liked Nysori, for what little time she was in the story -- I do hope she comes back at some point (assuming she survived).

I definitely like Taachas and Gornarr. I like the idea of a smart-aleck Wookiee.

Anyway, I still have some more to go, but I hope you put more up. I want to see what happens.

16 March 2002, 06:06 PM
Thank you for the feedback! It's very encouraging. Thanks to those who read without giving feedback, too. If you have anything to say about this story, please feel free to post it.

In the Elsewhere story, much of the 'future' is linked to the past. The beginning chapters were meant to be fairly chaotic, to a degree, and with a lot of loose ends.

Although I won't reveal too much, it's fairly clear that Iona wasn't the end of Carcerax, so you can be sure that he will be seen again in the future.

As for Nysori.... I didn't mention the character in the previous posts. She is very important to Gaed, being the one person in his background who truly accepted him even though he was an outsider. Moreso than Thoterr for reasons you will find in chapter 7.

Chapter 6 Notes:
This chapter deals with Reed, his first lightsabre, and the beginning of a new set of troubles for him and Lenoi. The character of Reed has (I hope) matured (not too much, though, because Lenoi is his role model) however this is because he had undergone several years of training at this point. There were some very fun scenes in this chapter, like Reed's mind trick failure. Mind trick failures ALWAYS make for good laughs in a mission.

Chapter 7 Notes:
Back to Xidomerr and Gaed plus three years of training. He is at this point more like the way he was played in the game. Tora is developed as a character. If you remember Gaed and Tora's first metting, you can guess where they've gone from there. There's a lot of explaining in this chapter, about Xidomerr and about the Hunters, mostly. I've always felt I had to justify their existence to players, until recently when the Vong entered the galaxy and the Xidomerrian ability was no longer unique. Anyway, I didn't want anyone who read this who wasn't familiar with my work on the RPG to stay in the dark, so I added some of the explaining I had to do into the story. I think it fit all the same. I ended up rewriting chapter7 almost entirely once. It was... well... even more like a bad martial arts movie than it is in its end state. If you can imagine. But I happen to like bad martial arts movies... Just FYI, I abbreviated the trials Gaed had to go through in the actual game as well as the verbal abuse. Otherwise it would have been two very similar chapters. Oh, and in the big final duel at the end, a lot more time passes in the story than does as you read. This is because some of the combat scene was omitted. Did you really want to read more combat scenes? This one is long enough.