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Fred Getce
14 March 2002, 11:20 PM
I have an adventure for you GMs who either want a challenging adventure for your players or want to really scare the scarns out of their players and put the fear of the GM back into them. The synopsis goes as follows.

A little over a year after the destruction of the first DS the Rebel Alliance is making many allies for the war effort. They are getting more troops, equipment, funds and starships as well as supplies. Everything is going good for them, but during this time there is a report of civilians from a planet that is beyond even the grasp of the Imperial Empire. The world is not only self sufficient, but would be a worthy addition to the Alliance, with there thousands of factories and millions of skilled workers, plus their scientists and engineers on propulsion, starship design and shield harmonics are among the best in the galaxy, it is also an opportunity for the Rebel Alliance to show what they stand for and that is for the people. Mon Mothma will make an appearance to give a speech to the assembled rebels and officiers.

"The Imperials have made a bold, but irrational move in the Oppo Sector. Civilians from Mendertrianii world have been pulled from their colony worlds and crammed into bulk transports like Gornts and are being transported to only the Force knows where to face a lingering death at the hands of the Empire. However, thanks in part to our brothers and sisters of Kalamr and their continual raids and ambushes, the local Imperial Fleet is divided and a window of opportunity has opened. We plan on rescuing these civilians who can offer much in the way of funds, personel and ships to our efforts of removing Emperor Palpatine from office and restoring the Old Republic."

Then a high ranking officer will give the briefing on the mission. It is a very big space battle with ISDs, Nebulon Bs, Corvettes and MC80s with a schitbul of fighters. At points in the mission they will have to board other craft to attack the Imperials inside in order to either capture or disable other ships and to rescue hostages.

Afterward the players will be approached by the commander who will begin assigning duties for th upcoming mission, but will specifically talk with the Player Characters. There are infact two missions. The first mission is to attack the Imperials and rescue the civilians. This will be a multi-task force operation which will pull in considerable resources and people. Approximately 20% of their current forces will be used which means if they fail it will mean an almost crippling blow to the Rebel Alliance.

The second mission however is of even more signifigance than the first one. Several engineers and designers have been tracked down and captured by the Empire. They have been taken to the Imperial Garrison on Gall deep in Imperial territory. They must be rescued. However one of them is an important representative of Mendertrianii and the survival of this individual could be the difference between them joining the Alliance or walking away.

These adventures are very dangerous and if the players are careless or make mistakes there can be a few dead PCs. It also has very cool moments and situations similar to the movies.

If any GMs would like the notes and adventure information (including Stats) PM me to say you want them and I will send you a Word DOC with my notes.

PS: These adventures work better if the characters are Rebels, but can be used even if they are independents. They are just approached from a different angle. Also if there is a Jedi in the group than the second mission has a few optional stuff just for such an occassion, including temptations and a duel with a dark Jedi. ;)

Ash DuQuennes
15 March 2002, 08:36 AM
In fact, using "independants" might make more sense than actual Rebel spec. forces or operatives. If the mission fails, or worse, goes horribly wrong, the Rebellion has plausible deniability with the Mendertrianii.

If it succeeds, the Rebellion can claim the credit. Win-win: Rebels.

Oh: and I believe the word you were looking for in your thread title was "Annals."

Fred Getce
15 March 2002, 01:48 PM
They could use independents but the mission is far to large for them. Second the Rebels want to fly their colors and be the ones who perform the rescue of the civilians so they can see them and what they stand for. Would the US hire the spanish to fight Germany during WWII?

Also my word use is fine.

Definition: happening once every year, or relating to a period of one year.

I plan on giving out information on adventures ranging from romantic to comedy for GMs on Star Wars RPGs either once a month or whatever people would like. I know I have seen manner requests for adventures since being here and I have many adventures for many different game systems. I have a passing knowledge of WOTC SW so I will only put in basic info on level and abilities.

Just to point out.
(from Cambridge International Dictionary of English)
plural noun
yearly or historical records of the activities of a country or organization, or history in general.

20 March 2002, 09:43 AM
** Thread hijack alert **
Also my word use is fine.

Definition: happening once every year, or relating to a period of one year.To be fair, you're both right, you're just talking about two different, closely related things.

As to Annual, my highschool yearbook used to be called an Annual. Same principle - yearly record. Now take a look at Annal.
\An"nals\, n. pl. [L. annalis (sc. liber), and more frequently in the pl. annales (sc. libri), chronicles, fr. annus year. Cf. Annual.] 1. A relation of events in chronological order, each event being recorded under the year in which it happened. ``Annals the revolution.'' --Macaulay. ``The annals of our religion.'' --Rogers.

2. Historical records; chronicles; history.
The short and simple annals of the poor. --Gray.
It was one of the most critical periods in our annals. --Burke.

3. sing. The record of a single event or item. ``In deathless annal.'' --Young.

4. A periodic publication, containing records of discoveries, transactions of societies, etc.; as ``Annals of Science.''

Syn: History. See History.
Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.The only difference is frequency. Annual is once per year, Annal is periodic, or possibly only once.

Maybe Ash was just hoping that Fred wouldn't only propose an adventure idea once per calendar year? :D

Anyway, we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread topic....

20 March 2002, 06:30 PM
Hmm. Things starting to get a little "Anal". :D :p

Anyway, the synopsis looks ok Fred.

I guess you could play it in the NJO Era ... but the dif×××lty aspect of it would be much higher.

Could make it they are rescuing refugees from either Yuuzhan Vong captivity or from Yuuzhan Vong sympathisers who do transport refugees for the Yuuzhan vong.

Pretty sure there are other ways you could play it, but either way, it would be harder in the NJO era. Probably only play it with characters who are at least level 6.

21 March 2002, 08:34 PM
This looks like a great adventure, the kind of stuff my players like to tackle once in a while.

Mathis Kharr
24 March 2002, 06:05 PM
it does indeed sound like a killer adventure