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15 March 2002, 10:33 PM

This is a half-serious idea of mine combining the plot of 007:Goldfinger (and any other aspects of Bond-films) in an adventure for Imperial player-characters (I.S.B agents or even an Emp`s Hand).
If u remember the film; Goldfinger broke into Fortknox to detonate a nuke & hence remove much of the USA's gold from circulation...making his gold deposits far more valuable...
Hence Glitterfinger intends to destroy (or atleast contaminate)
the Empire's glitterstim mines on Kessel, making his mines (in the C.S.A maybe) all the more valuable.

Throw in a gamorrean version of "Oddjob" (partnered up w/ a "Jaws"-like wookiee?)...loadsa cool I.S.B gadgets, babes etc...

I was thinking it should all start w/ the PCs being sent to investigate rumours of a planned jail-break. A group of rebels (being backed by Glitterfinger; outwardly just a meddling CSA exec) are planning a raid on Kessel to free some comrades.

PART 1: the PCs must infiltrate a rebel cell to find out about the jailbreak. This is when they learn it's being backed by the wealthy CSA exec "Glitterfinger".
The PCs are then found out by the rebels (as they hack the rebel's computers) & they have to escape...cue the ubiquitous speeder chase!

PART 2: having frelled up & alerted the rebels (who have immediately gone to ground) the I.S.Bs only lead is...Glitterfinger...who now knows that the ISB is after him.
The ISBs are sent into CSA space, to break in & kidnap Glitterfinger.
He must be taken alive for interrogation.
This, again, is frelled & after a starship chase, Glitterfinger & his henchmen escape.

PART 3: We need
a casino scene, right? Hence the PCs head to Bespin to put the pressure on one Lando Calrissian (who's had dealings w/ G-finger
in the past). They learn that 'Finger has been playing high-stakes sabacc at Cloud City's casinos w/ an Imperial TIE Bomber pilot from the (nearby) Questal garrison...& Glitterfinger (a well-known cardshark) has been losing!
The PCs can learn that the corrupt pilot is part of a test crew, using a new high-yield proton torp...the test-firing of which is scheduled to take place in the Questal system in a few hour's time! The PCs have to hurry before Glitterfinger steals project "THUNDERBALL" ;) ).

Naturally they are waylayed by 'Finger's cronies on Bespin....arriving at Questal just as (corrupt bomberpilot) flies his ship (& the missile) into G-Finger's waiting ship.

The PCs rendezvous with an ISB ship (an Enforcer cruiser) where (if they haven't figured it out) ISB command figures out G-Finger's plan.
Seeming to assist the rebels, G-Finger's people intend to attack Kessel (somehow, not a direct assault due to the garrison moon!) & smuggle "Thunderball" into the mines...destroying the Empire's prime source of Glitterstim.

Hence the PCs mission is to go to Kessel & stop Glitterfinger. To prevent a prison riot; no one on Kessel has been told (hence the PCs are "on their own")...

(throw in typical races-against time, Indy-style mine cart chases, etc)

Any further ideas?

15 March 2002, 10:49 PM
This is an awesome idea. Just mind you don't get a Cease & Desist from MGM or something...

Oh, and don't forget, you need to knock over a fruit cart somewhere along the line (muja fruit?)

That, and maybe a Star Wars equivalent of Jaws.

15 March 2002, 10:54 PM
Good work Ronin :) It sounds great!

All you need now is a prologue "end of the last adventure" and some suspiciously suggestive Star Wars name for the gals :p

15 March 2002, 10:57 PM
As for gadgets;
wrist lasers naturally (like a hold-out blaster, but built into a wrist-commlink), plus a grappling-hook thrower and thermal detonator.

A SoroSuub DB-7 ;) speeder w/ sub-capabilities, ejector seats, repeating blasters, PLEX-missile launchers, sensors and...oil slick!

I guess a Disruptor would be a good equivalent for Bond`s PPK.....small, powerful-as-hell and smeg-all ammo!

15 March 2002, 11:01 PM
Of course, we need nods to "You Only Live Twice":

1. Glitterfinger's base? Extinct volcano, baby...
2. NINJA TRAINING CAMP!!! (or the SW equivalent...)
3. "Little Nellie" - a Diminutive starfighter that can be broken down and stored in several trunks!

Donovan Morningfire
16 March 2002, 08:20 AM
Looks pretty darn good Ronin. While I typically don't play on the Imperial side of the fence, this could work fairly well for New Republic Intell/Security PCs, pre-NJO, with some tweaks. (Namely switching the spice for some other extremely valuable substance.)

As for the PPK, just a hold-out blaster, maybe tweaked a bit to do an extra +2 damage. The real-world PPK uses fairly small rounds. I can't recall the exact caliber off-hand, but it is low-powered. Reason it's nasty in Bond's hands is he knows where to aim :)

As for the luscious ladies, considering this is Star Wars, there's a huge window of opportunity for both names and species :D

Odd-Job (or Random Work) as a Gamorrean is good. Maybe a Houk (big strong aliens, ugly as heck, GG12 I think) would work for 'Jaws'

One other thing. From what I can recall, Bond always seemed to have a run-in with the underworld, which in Star Wars means one thing ... Hutts!

16 March 2002, 11:09 AM
Great idea, I like it alot. The PPK could be a hold-out blaster with a 4D+2 damage code. You also have a Swiss (or Chiss ;) ) Army knife that has a mini-lightsaber (good if your using a Emperor's Hand). But who would you use as SEPECTRE? The Hutts? Perhaps even the Alliance? :D (Images now appear of Mon Montha sitting in a chair petting a big fluffy white cat.)

16 March 2002, 11:21 AM
ISB?? :) heh. dont execute me for treason ;) but theyre a standing joke ^^

well, most imperial troops are, but still :)

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
16 March 2002, 12:18 PM
I'd try to deviate from some of the more 007-esq type stuff such as a car in suitcase... maybe a mini-speeder in a suitcase rather than a mini-starfighter in several suitcases ...

for most of the gadgets , they're already avail in some form in the sw universe ...

The hardest part would be striking that perfect balance of both worlds in tech, characters and atmosphere ... once ya got that all done... well,
Yep, this will be a way cool game for yer players :)

17 March 2002, 01:54 AM
It just started off as a daft joke...but I like it more and more!
Problem is...I don`t have any players here!
If I do run it, it`ll be over the holonet....and you guys all know the plot!
If anyone`s interested in playing it (or GMing it) sometime (I`m waaaaaaay too busy at the mo`) for laughs then I might give it a try...

keep the ideas flowing!

Donovan Morningfire
17 March 2002, 08:36 AM
Hey Ronin, if you mean as a thread down in the Roleplaying forum, I'd be interested. Even if it meant jumping the fence and joining the Empire for a spell.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
17 March 2002, 08:45 AM
Be creative and twist some things around... maybe figure some "what-ifs" to throw in there to stir , err , shaken it up :D

The Admiral
19 March 2002, 05:25 PM
Ooh! Bond! My second most favouritist movie series!

Quick list of Bondisms;

Dr No (Given with cybernetic hands?) Off setting Imperial Galactic data-probes, and steering 'em into suns.
AT-ST in a Rancor skin?

From Yavin with Love, um, cultured assasin, defecting girlie, Alliance Training Camp! Exploding luggage!

Goldfinger (Done, but I think you missed the snubfighter display team of Felinoid Abundance,,,)

Thunderball, did we miss something? Hmm. Cross-dressing Spectre assasin, Jedi healthfarm? "It's a woman's blaster." "Do you know a lot about blasters?" "No, but I know a little about women." High speed yacht become very high speed highly armed yacht.

You only live twice, if you're a JEdi, nah, that's covered. Except for getting married, "Is she pretty?" "She has a face like a pig!" "Well forget that."

OHMSS Um, school for hypnotised chick assasins, family motto, "The Galaxy is Not Enough" Skiing! Underworld bosses, shady deals,,,

Palowikkian Firegems are Forever; Smuggling! Death Star laser crystals? Gay assassins! Plastic surgery, bambi and thumper,,,

Live and Let them become one with the force,,, Sith lord drug dealer! Cyber-arm man! Evil voodoo sithy stuff, Solitaire, tyia adept? J.W.Pepper the Sector Ranger?

The Man with the stabilised ytterbium blaster! Nick nack the Jawa? Black Sun assasin? "My six shots against your one?" "I only need one, Mr Bond."

The rebel Agent who loved me,,, Stealing cruisers?! Nasty baddy with cyber-teeth. Submerging speeder?

Moonraker. Nicking transport cehicles, nasty virus! Commune of 'the beautiful people' Boat? Plane! poisonous snake!

For your primary visual organs only,,,Missing control unit for Imperial Star Destroyers? Crime lord! Another crime lord! Innaccesible mountain retreat!

Er, eight-legged beasty,,, A stolen planet killing bomb? A circus! Mysterious crime lady! Annoying major domo. Mad rebel General?

A view to a passing in the Force,,, Mad baddy! Clone! Eccentric assasin! Destroy the Industrial Automaton main labs?

Living daylights, Mad arms dealer, repetitive defector, er,

Imperial Sanction to Terminate! Mad crime lord, (again) drug smuggling, religious cover? Jedi cover? Jedi donations holo-show?

Ytterbiumeye! Former Imperial Intel agent, returns! Destroying Coruscanti banks! At-AT chase!

Tommorrow never becomes one with the Force. Media mogul gone mad? CSA Inteligence agents? Cloaked ship! Better toys in the CSA. Gigantic fleets! Remote controlled speeder!

The galaxy is insufficient! Completely sane lady mogul! (In a very mad way of course.) Kuati princess? Stolen SSD? Blowing things up! Yay! Perhaps Kuat yards.

I'm not mad.

19 March 2002, 06:36 PM
Dont forget:

Octawookie.!!!! :p